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  1. Skycancer still an issue in this thing but otherwise it is just sick atm. A question- I am considering running with spall-liner due to the clickers... anyone got strong opinions on how to rig it?
  2. Crom is one of few tanks I play at such low tiers, ELC another. For fun I used to play tanks like Hetzer back in the days, but its more about 'did I learn smth from this match' or 'did anything interesting happen in this match' that matters to me nowadays. Sealclubbing can come as a necessary spinoff in situations when you walk up a new line, train crews etc but in general I find the fun factor too low to find much of interest at tiers IV, V, VI. The teams are also atrocious enough at higher tiers these days. At such tiers it feels like 'war of the ants' at times.
  3. I didnt know about the leo1 rack in front but that just shows how little I play and how lazy I am these days. The rack rules from earlier days still prevail I believe. If you get shots on Russian(and therefore also Chinese) tanks from behind I always aim on the quadrant on the back right hand side of the turret. Usually that is where the turret rack is located. This rule of thumb I use both on heavy and especially med tanks. The old school classic of aiming on the headlight on the IS7 aligned so that you hit slightly downward and more or less into the center of the tank still give you an occasional sweet ammorack blow-up now and then. As for German tanks a rule of thumb is to aim dead center on the flat strip under the turret if you got side shots on them. They dont blow up nearly as often but statistically you should inflict rack damage on them at times. Loaders in German tanks are also usually to the right so rack shots in the right back part of the turret should in theory be possible. I feel I get more success with this approach on Russian tanks though
  4. If your recent stats are around 2.4k wn8 thats pretty decent. Why dont you try enter a clan that claims at least deep teal as yurself to be considered as clanmember? There you will probably be scrutinized by better players who will take you out for a spin. You will get a lot of what you ask for with some luck and the clan will feel they gain smth also. You ask a lot without really contributing much in return. Most super-unis have their agenda pretty much filled and cant waist a lot of their time. You could also try to be a bit more specific.. Are you teal at all the mentioned tanks or do you heavy better, pretty shit at bchatting etc? This 'SUPER UNI'S HELP HELP approach' isnt very constructive
  5. The advice you got starting to read yourself up on Wot Wiki regarding base mechanics was a good start. Basic knowledge of terms like 'sidescraping', 'Weakspots' 'Pen' etc needs to be mastered on a subconscious level. You have gotten 4k games under your skin so youre not a total greenhorn anymore, but still you are pretty fresh. I suggest you try to systematize your play a bit more. You have done what every unskilled player naturally does-rush up the lines to get those sweet looking tier x gems. This is what I would seriously consider if I were you: #1 go down back the Russian heavy-line to the tier V KV-1. This tank has lost some but not all of its former glory. In KV-1 you will learn the most basic skill set needed in WoT- the art of heavily armored heavy tank brawling. It is also a good money-maker. It should be the first tank you really feel the ability to dominate a battlefield when top tier, the tank where your actions and decisions are crucial for your team. To be effective you will have to master sidescraping, how to hide your weakspots like the LFP, to take hits for weaker teammates on your team due to a relatively generous HP pool to generate effective trades, how to lock down one flank with inferior numbers. Perhaps the most important skill you learn here is the ability to scrutinize team comps more so that you are pretty sure you place your slow-moving tank at the most effective place for your team. If you do wrong here you will probably not be able to flex much, reset cap, help other flank etc with strong chances for your team to loose as a result. This skill is paramount for effective heavy tank play almost regardless of tank and is smth that even very experienced and great players underestimate at times especially if they predominantly play med tanks. This list actually goes way further. If you do a thorough job in this tank ,maybe even 2 or 3-mark it you have one tank class you can fall back on and be secure in. When the huge RNG factor hits you in the face there is always nice to have some sort of safe haven and conserve your sanity. With the exeption of IS-8 at tier IX the rest of the tanks in this line have pretty much the same playstyle. You can progress in the tree somewhat faster knowing that you master most(but not all due to increasing difficulties in higher tiers) basic skills regarding stronk tenk play. #2 do the same with the tier VI Russian med t-34/85. In this tank you will learn most of the skillsets to what experienced players refer to as Russian hover-med play. I do not bother to make a list here- med play is more complicated than heavy play. The point is that if you do a thorough job here, a lot transfers directly to the rest of this line ending in the 2 most versatile and dominant top tiers in the game, t-62A and obj 140. When working on #1 and #2 try to focus on whole sessions where you just use one single tank to learn as much as possible with it and to finetune your skills in it. How fast are the different types of shells? whats the reload time? turret traverse/hull traverse/the combo of both. VR? soft stats? etc etc If u get nuked by arty- bad shit. Use the time till the game ends to reflect around some of these basics and cool down in the process. Hate the clickers but not to the extent that it has significant influence on your mind. Try to enter every game as balanced as possible. In this process, an effective way to help this is to turn XVM off. It only messes with your head. Play vanilla ingame. All the lovely colors look intimating at first but your eyes relax more without this christmas tree of color impressions if nothing else. Stats are important, but not ingame. AFTER a full session, it is time to review a lot of your games, compare them with better players to recognize weak decisions in your play etc. Then you also look up stats in the hope that you have improved somewhat. The most important stat is WR, after that DMG output. You will learn how to weigh these 2 stats against each other almost instinctively. WN8 is also when looked upon during a whole session a good indicator regarding your progress(when I say session I use this term subjectively, it can mean anything from 10 up to several hundred games.) I would recommend to not play longer sessions than around 2 hrs before you take a significant break. WoT wears you down, it is literally a battle of attrition and you need frequent breaks to be on top of your game. As a beginner, watch streamers like Zeven(NA) and QB(EU) The latter is great for newcomers of this game while Zeven has smth to give to all categories of players. GL with your progress
  6. The Swede with the nick Yung/Kolni has a thread dedicated to reviews in the review section. You could put them out there and ask him.
  7. Right, ok. Tnx for the reply mate always a joy to watch you
  8. When you are relatively new in this game, I cannot think of any better streamer to look at than Zeven. Zeven's mastery of this game from a bird's perspective is unparallelled. He has an exceptional ability to avoid tunnel vision and use the intel both in front of his barrel and on his minimap so that he never looses the big picture. Sadly, Zeven does not stream that often. Therefore I recommend all to visit his youtube channel where he goes through some player's games. He tries to give them both tactical and strategical advice. The first a lot of streamers are capable of but very very few are able to do the last. Still I can find immense joy and learn smth new about maps etc even when Zeven talks a greenhorn through a game. For the advanced player in the WN8(1600-2400) area Orzanel(EU) I believe along with Anfield(NA) are the streamers that should be considered if nothing else for very stable uptime. I talked with Orz and he said he streams 8hrs regularly these days(on EU) so he has streaming as a full profession atm. As a steady 3500WN8 player playing more or less everything in the tier 8- tier X region there should be smth to pick up for you here. He sometimes runs toons with his followers, have some comps where he shares a little gold etc and last but not least he comments continously what he is doing in fluent English(Orz is from Romania) For the typical teal player you should be able to get valuable tips regarding micropositioning, how to use specific tanks, great initial spots on maps for different tank classes etc etc For those who allready has a great knowledge of this game and aspire to get into the top clans on NA or EU servers, you probably should spend a good amount of time watching players in clans like FAME both when they play solo and when they do strongholds etc The larger parts of these players keep their microphones off and do not comment while they play solo. This demands more from the viewer. To actually understand all the subtleties a player like Decha incorporates into his game you have to be pretty decent from the beginning to acknowledge, Among my bookmarks I have Fyreon, Decha, creator31, cresp1ks, analliator, x1ts, Swift_m0ti0n, 1.Warlord etc who all fall into this category. They have in common that they dont necessarily stream that often but when they do you will probably experience 4k+WN8 play
  9. Encourage him to do so. Maybe some of this salt is well deserved but I still miss him. He was a big contributor when very few understood the subtler parts of this game. This thread reminds me of young poker players claiming to be way better than Dolly Brunson in poker. That might well be the case, but did you actually discover anything or contribute to poker society in any miniscule manner? Garbad for sure did, and I especially admired his will to win, often in conflict with the usually sound principle of maximizing your dmg output
  10. At least you admitted that your statement was wrong And for myself I believed excactly the same as you. I dont know if this 'knowledge of cap mechanics' goes back to far earlier versions of WoT and that WG has changed the mechanics in secret just as they do with soft stats all the time. That might well be the case
  11. Is he banned on labs atm?
  12. ^^ this. First game for me after buff I got Radley and the ultimate stomp feel. Actually played pretty bad- mongo sidescraping due to lack of feel- but did a couple of shots on half-distance not fully aimed in that would have been clear misses for sure before buff. It has to be said MM was maximum confort zone though. Tier 9- the best stomp tier at times and E75 feels more like old times. Armor still veeeery nice when you are top dog. Its a monster then
  13. Tnx boss. Hm.. as inconsequential as it will be.. I mean wtf enter yankee tonk trees. My inner WoT fascism inclination, what the hell will my JaegerU crew think of me.. Well played, interesting little bastard of a tank
  14. ^^ Mr, I hope you take this advice literally. Let me try to mention another couple of small things too because you still appear somewhat greenish tween your ears. -XVM is an excellent tool for comparison, how your progress is, how you match other players etc. But not ingame. Most Uni's turn it off for good reasons. Crab, who I quoted here, is one of the few Uni's I know of that is at peace with himself to such a degree that he could run it if he wanted and not be influenced by it in a negative fashion. But still he runs WoT vanilla. Some of your statements in this thread indicate to me that XVM messes with your head and make you draw false conclusions. Please, try to turn it off. After a while you will notice that you will pay much closer attention to team comps, team dispersion and how a player performs ingame. (This guy is top tier, his tank matches mine perfectly, I should be inclined to pair up with him, support him if he acts promising, etc) The intel you gather this way is actual, from your own experience. XVM ingame is very rough general estimates of player performances that easily can make you act biased on false presumptions. I can mention that for myself I run vanilla apart from one little cheat. I still use the oldest Jimbo's contour icon mod, which essentially is the vanilla but with soft colors added on different tank classes. I am an old guy and I feel this gives me a faster impression of the team comps. Rest is vanilla. In addition, I turn of ingame chat. In general it is just BS and it stops me from being really salty and pour out bad comments, which in turn helps me stay calm and balanced. These small steps alone has lifted me from dark green to light teal and to fade out there. I am perfectly happy with that. I do not have the interest or time to try to enter the uni levels, which demand much more systematic approach, to be able to micropos on a completely different level, to know everything there is to know about tank stats like a nerd etc. Its actually easier said that done but its important to have fun when you play WoT. For you to have fun chances are big that you will have more fun when just focusing on ingame activity and not add a number of more or less worthless variables that messes with your thought processes