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  1. The Swede with the nick Yung/Kolni has a thread dedicated to reviews in the review section. You could put them out there and ask him.
  2. Right, ok. Tnx for the reply mate always a joy to watch you
  3. When you are relatively new in this game, I cannot think of any better streamer to look at than Zeven. Zeven's mastery of this game from a bird's perspective is unparallelled. He has an exceptional ability to avoid tunnel vision and use the intel both in front of his barrel and on his minimap so that he never looses the big picture. Sadly, Zeven does not stream that often. Therefore I recommend all to visit his youtube channel where he goes through some player's games. He tries to give them both tactical and strategical advice. The first a lot of streamers are capable of but very very few are able to do the last. Still I can find immense joy and learn smth new about maps etc even when Zeven talks a greenhorn through a game. For the advanced player in the WN8(1600-2400) area Orzanel(EU) I believe along with Anfield(NA) are the streamers that should be considered if nothing else for very stable uptime. I talked with Orz and he said he streams 8hrs regularly these days(on EU) so he has streaming as a full profession atm. As a steady 3500WN8 player playing more or less everything in the tier 8- tier X region there should be smth to pick up for you here. He sometimes runs toons with his followers, have some comps where he shares a little gold etc and last but not least he comments continously what he is doing in fluent English(Orz is from Romania) For the typical teal player you should be able to get valuable tips regarding micropositioning, how to use specific tanks, great initial spots on maps for different tank classes etc etc For those who allready has a great knowledge of this game and aspire to get into the top clans on NA or EU servers, you probably should spend a good amount of time watching players in clans like FAME both when they play solo and when they do strongholds etc The larger parts of these players keep their microphones off and do not comment while they play solo. This demands more from the viewer. To actually understand all the subtleties a player like Decha incorporates into his game you have to be pretty decent from the beginning to acknowledge, Among my bookmarks I have Fyreon, Decha, creator31, cresp1ks, analliator, x1ts, Swift_m0ti0n, 1.Warlord etc who all fall into this category. They have in common that they dont necessarily stream that often but when they do you will probably experience 4k+WN8 play
  4. Encourage him to do so. Maybe some of this salt is well deserved but I still miss him. He was a big contributor when very few understood the subtler parts of this game. This thread reminds me of young poker players claiming to be way better than Dolly Brunson in poker. That might well be the case, but did you actually discover anything or contribute to poker society in any miniscule manner? Garbad for sure did, and I especially admired his will to win, often in conflict with the usually sound principle of maximizing your dmg output
  5. At least you admitted that your statement was wrong And for myself I believed excactly the same as you. I dont know if this 'knowledge of cap mechanics' goes back to far earlier versions of WoT and that WG has changed the mechanics in secret just as they do with soft stats all the time. That might well be the case
  6. Is he banned on labs atm?
  7. ^^ this. First game for me after buff I got Radley and the ultimate stomp feel. Actually played pretty bad- mongo sidescraping due to lack of feel- but did a couple of shots on half-distance not fully aimed in that would have been clear misses for sure before buff. It has to be said MM was maximum confort zone though. Tier 9- the best stomp tier at times and E75 feels more like old times. Armor still veeeery nice when you are top dog. Its a monster then
  8. Tnx boss. Hm.. as inconsequential as it will be.. I mean wtf enter yankee tonk trees. My inner WoT fascism inclination, what the hell will my JaegerU crew think of me.. Well played, interesting little bastard of a tank
  9. ^^ Mr, I hope you take this advice literally. Let me try to mention another couple of small things too because you still appear somewhat greenish tween your ears. -XVM is an excellent tool for comparison, how your progress is, how you match other players etc. But not ingame. Most Uni's turn it off for good reasons. Crab, who I quoted here, is one of the few Uni's I know of that is at peace with himself to such a degree that he could run it if he wanted and not be influenced by it in a negative fashion. But still he runs WoT vanilla. Some of your statements in this thread indicate to me that XVM messes with your head and make you draw false conclusions. Please, try to turn it off. After a while you will notice that you will pay much closer attention to team comps, team dispersion and how a player performs ingame. (This guy is top tier, his tank matches mine perfectly, I should be inclined to pair up with him, support him if he acts promising, etc) The intel you gather this way is actual, from your own experience. XVM ingame is very rough general estimates of player performances that easily can make you act biased on false presumptions. I can mention that for myself I run vanilla apart from one little cheat. I still use the oldest Jimbo's contour icon mod, which essentially is the vanilla but with soft colors added on different tank classes. I am an old guy and I feel this gives me a faster impression of the team comps. Rest is vanilla. In addition, I turn of ingame chat. In general it is just BS and it stops me from being really salty and pour out bad comments, which in turn helps me stay calm and balanced. These small steps alone has lifted me from dark green to light teal and to fade out there. I am perfectly happy with that. I do not have the interest or time to try to enter the uni levels, which demand much more systematic approach, to be able to micropos on a completely different level, to know everything there is to know about tank stats like a nerd etc. Its actually easier said that done but its important to have fun when you play WoT. For you to have fun chances are big that you will have more fun when just focusing on ingame activity and not add a number of more or less worthless variables that messes with your thought processes
  10. Very interesting games. I have found a particular fascination for assault mode play in meds. Assault generates bias, with a potential advantage to the defending team on most maps. Whenever a player like you is given Sand River defence in a tier x med it is not a question about winning. Its almost a give-away. Not so the other way around. In attack mode on Sand River you do a 9k dmg game in Leo. All the damage done is with positive expectation, you take huge risks for your team and spot for them in the only viable but very risky central part of the map while dishing out dmg. In addition it has to be said that the team comps were extremely favorable for a Leo. No shit barns, no deathstars, no clickers. Yet with an almost flawless 9k game you were on the verge of loosing. Due to clumsy teammates and the critical time limit of 10 mins who 99% of the players greatly underestimate. Illustratingly enough, the only player that really is helpful to you is a tier 8 110 of all candidates. He is the first to enter gully and take hits for his team, he is the first to enter cap when you ping it in the closing stages and makes it possible for the team to win. If WG bothers to gather intel about why Sand River assault is broken, I believe this game illustrates it perfectly. Your Erlenberg assault games were also interesting and they show the essence of time problems both when attacking and defending. In one defence game of yours the game was essentially won after 2 mins due to extremely clumsy and hestitant enemy play. Your problem again was to try to rack up some decent dmg without overextending due to enemys lack of will to control any part of the map. IMO the most interesting game were one where you are in Erlenberg attack mode. To me it seems that you have an inclination of going 1-2 line when attacking and do the job from there. The major part of your team went there so you cannot be criticized for going there. I have a personal theory that both teams at least when the comp is favorable regarding hill fights should duel it out on cap side and not 1-2 line. For the attacking team this can be especially favorable because you can potentially save so much time. If you manage to actually clear out enemy on cap side you have the luxury of controlling the cap and can if necessary start capping. When you win 1-2- sooner or later you have to do the dreaded river pass one way or another and even some tanks down I have found this pretty easy to defend against. In defence you always chose to stay at cap side btw. You lost simply because your team ran out of time. Dmg-wise you did fine but you didnt have the time to finish the work. Lately with that team distribution I am pretty sure I would have played the tail-back role on cap side always ready to retreat. Sure, most likely with so few of your team on cap side they will eventually die-but not you. And with some luck you get some free dmg and even manage to invite enemy over the river so your kemping collegues in castle can help. In that game you must take part of the blame for loosing because you spent too much time scavenging and looking for sniping shots. In a regular game or encounter that might have worked out fine. But in this case you simply didnt have the time. Could be interesting to hear your views on that. Again , thanks for sharing these games. Apart from streams they are my personal gems these days
  11. Well, the formulations from a Fame-player regarding your actual game-play should be enough. The message is pretty clear-a surprisingly large number of games even for great players will in WoT be total fuck-ups in retrospect. A number of parameters are the cause of this but we can generalize and put a lot of them under the umbrella 'WoT-a game with high RNG-factor' Regardless of server, the absolute top-notch players when playing tanks of significance in top tiers will fade out with a WR at about 75% in solo play maximum. RNG is the common factor in the remaining 25% lost games. Lets look at your game a little but before that I will list up a couple of statements both of personal but also of general character. #1 You play Ruinberg assault, with your team in attacking mode. You have picked an excellent tank for this on this map- fast, great gun depression on a hilly map, great VR, hard-hitting gun with good dpm, especially with liberal use of APCR. (Personally I like assault mode a lot but I only play it in lights and in meds that can be characterized as carry-tanks. This is somewhat restricting- ofc it can be done in heavys also but then it better be a good generalist with speed, of the type e5, 113, 50b, IS7. My personal thesis is that most ppl even unicas underestimate the fact that a game lasts 10 and not potentially 15 mins. Speed is a paramount factor for carry in Assault- especially when u are on the attacking side) Now regarding team comp it looks very favorable for the defending side. They got monstrous yankee turret armor and hard hitting guns with great gun depression. The T30, a T32 and T34 in toon, 2 T29's in toon with an IS-2. You trade 2 T29's for 2 jagdpanthers, T32 and T34 for KV-4 and IS-6 respectively. On the positive side you got a little more speedy scouts with a RU and LTTB. As top tiers you and IS-8 are formidable attacking instruments and I would be inclined to try to pair up with him if he seems to be a reasonable player.(I play vanilla with the exeption of jimbo's beta contour icon mod. I am an old guy and get a faster impression of team comps with those soft colors) So in short- this battle look to be an uphill struggle. Maybe it can be compensated somewhat if bat arty is a competent clicker and the scouts do good work but how often will especially the first be the case? #2 Team dispersion 30 secs into the game- Lately I prefer to go cap side both when attacking and especially when defending Ruinberg. The sole reason for this is again the time factor. When you attack via 1-2 line your team still has to find a good solution for the dreaded river passing even if they should be up with some tanks. I prefer a lemming situation on cap side where you 1. clear out forward spotters around f5/f6 so that you have freedom of movement on both sides of hill along 9-line and methodically clear out 2.forward players around E0 3. players around the critical point of D9 and 4. the rest Your team largely goes 1-2 but unfortunately the low-tiered TD platoon goes cap-side with RU. Sadly, they are doomed to die in this situation, I would have preferred that whole team goes lemming on your side. This indicated that both Ru and low tiered platoon did not pay much attention to team dispersion and as such are weak players. You wisely went with IS-8 in this scenario and the rest the FAME player has analyzed. Your dings and negative RNG were horrendous, although it has to be said a couple of your shots werent fully aimed-in. Its not the 10.5 to the E50 so your shooting appeared a bit snappy to me when firing on mid and long distances. Sir, I cannot see any other outcome of the game due to especially unfavorably RNG elements(Dings, team comp, team dispersion) Therefore, after some game analysis- trust the FAME player's statements and throw this one in the garbage bin
  12. You are ofc right. E-100 is still WAY faster, by 1/3 to be precise- 30km/h top speed forwards(theoretically) compared to 20 km/h forwards. So excuse me for that. They have the same back speed now though, 15 km/h They also got the same power/weight ratio now
  13. Well, as others have mentioned- the skycancer focus has not changed with all these buffs and it is still very vulnerable as such. It is also true that on the few open and large maps left, you will have to improvize. But on city maps/corridor maps you now have have mobility like an E-100, with way better dpm and armor. All you lack is alpha. Your statement suggests me to think that you enjoy meds more and are much more efficient with them as well? With slow heavy tanks but with lots of armor you must look for ways to move the fight to you. The need to plan where you go almost from the start is much more prevalent. The outcome of the game will stand and fall with this decision.
  14. As I said before, IMO Maus is clearly overbuffed as it is right now. If you have some sidescraping capabilities and remember to rotate turret some this tank is a true monster on city maps. To make it work I liberally spam APCR. Not so much due only to pen but to get the right feel for the shell speed. I got my first Kolobanov ever in it yesterday without playing particularly well. On tier X. With 7kills 6k dmg this didnt even make Ace. So clearly some superuni's are out there taking advantage of this beast. As I said to Fyreon- for a platoon of super-unis with 2x Maus and a 50b or smth like that in this meta with some luck 85-90% WR sessions should be within reach
  15. For you superuni's this must be a mere laugh right now if you toon up in say, 2 50b's and a Maus or 2x Maus and a 50b. I got my first Kolobanov ever on my sheriff-acc yesterday. Best map helps ofc, Himmels encounter. I didnt even play particularly well, my team was total shayt but still I prevailed. IMO Maus is clearly overbuffed at the moment
  16. @Fulcrous Do that. After your break you will build up some urge to try WoT again and with your mind more focused before you play. Its more or less equal in any activity that can be described as a 'mind-game'. When I was a rifle shooter on a decent international level I needed my bubble, my own cubus to build up the necessary mindset and squeeze out the last bit of concentration. My best rounds happened on an almost subconscious level. To 'overthink' and 'overfocus' was also wrong. Look at players like Decha, Fyreon and their likes when they cruise around. Everything happen in a beautiful fluent sequence, almost like a continous math function with many variables. At their best I am pretty sure they are in an almost trance-like subconscious state of mind
  17. WG couldnt care less, as usual. $ is what matters. Tempt the Russian kids to stronk tenk in type5/4, tempt ppl to use their free xp and $ on the LT branch. If gameplay gets fucked up they adjust some in a couple patches. Now dont distirb mi bicaus I am getting my tan here on Cipris Love, Serb
  18. As I mentioned on another thread, this sledge appear to be a bit too pubbie-friendly now. Even I managed to do ~4k dmg on a little mini-session in it now on my sheriff acc. If you have the slightest idea on how to sidescrape and move turret around you cant really go wrong with it. Clicker attention and pain didnt change much though
  19. The click factor always there. But I have a suspicion this got a bit too pubbie-friendly. Like Grille before nerf. You cant really go wrong in it and even I as a light teal got around 4k ~dmg a couple of games in a row on my sheriff acc. I did spam apcr though
  20. Jpe with gold = fekk dis shayte same with kranwagen. Penned a dude 3x in his turret. A little bit of crybaby after the game- I can live with that
  21. I can confirm that Xena's approach isnt unusual. I was a big fan of the finn Poltto, and he once said that he sometimes watched his countryman EmbryonicJourney (EJ for the community) quite some time before his sessions and others also to get himself 'in the zone'. (EJ was a 4k+ guy on EU back in the days) He hardly ever switched tanks either. He was in there for one tank only. If he got clicked in his Leo early, he sat the whole game out no matter what. If you watch some of the better streamers around even now, most of them take breathing spaces in between games that can last quite some time,whether they got clicked in the first minute or it was a grueling 15min game. No thoughtless click on 'battle' on tilt. Sure, they can empty themself Garbad-like, grumbling about clickers, meta, map etc. But when they do they allow for a cool-down process because everybody can tilt in this game. (Maybe not Crab because he is able to see the positive in everything :P) I'd say its pretty easy to define what 0.001% play implies. Its a state of mind more than anything else
  22. ^^ this and ^^this At Cyprus nichts neues
  23. Try the link over. Decha is a 17 year old polish kid with the smoothest action you can get. There is about 70 clips on his channel. He is top 3 if not top 1 on EU at the moment when driving med tanks any nation. Typically he can switch to heaviums like 113, 50M and such tanks also when he feels for it. Vision is much more than a million sentences from my part I am just a light teal sucker. Regarding lemming- if you follow the lemming you generally have one task- to make sure that the lemming dont stop. Surprisingly often 10 pubbies will stop dead in their tracks if one potato points his barrel on them, This is ofc slightly tank dependant on your part. If you drive a 50 100, you would prefer that a 103 or an e75 shows some initiative and takes charge so that you can finish your clip behind him and so on. Same with a med when you choose to follow the heavys. Look at some streamers with the feel for it and try to get into their brains. At the moment your unceartainty is lack of routine-that fair enough. You are starting to sense why you fuck up. You still need a couple k games to finetune it but the good part is that you realize you do stuff wrong
  24. An impressive run for sure, taken into account the mix of the tanks.