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  1. Asus makes some good stuff. They have a ton of options that are pretty thin and light, and the build quality has impressed me (currently using an Asus Q550L (I think)).
  2. my god chieftain is a fucking shitter

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    2. Marty


      Eh, he's doing what he likes and getting paid for it, all he has to do is do some occasional stuff around the game. Seems OK to me.

    3. cavman276


      Not saying he's a bad guy but if it were up to him we'd have +/- 50% RNG and arty would auto oneshot tanks.

    4. EndlessAgony


      @leggasiini Murazor is a sellout :doge:

  3. Fuck arty Wargaming
  4. wtf


    1. cavman276





  5. Hit by arty six times in the first two minutes of a game.  Get fucked you shit eating faggots.

  6. Why do you fucks say the FCM is bad?  The pref mm alone makes it so nice to play.  It's an actually good CDC.

    1. Pinkamena_Kerensky


      When people say the FCM 50t is bad, what they actually mean to say is that it's not on the same level of borderline P2W goodness as the Liberté and Defender. It is fine by most other standards. This community in particular used to sing the praises of the FCM back when mobility and good penetration were unusual features for a tier VIII Premium tank, especially so one with preferential matchmaking.

    2. Assassin7


      Frankly, in the list of pref MM tanks, the FCM is the best. Especially for actually credit grinding. And its better than the CDC. 

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      It ain't hard being better than the CDC 

  7. He fired Comey.  Holy shit.

  8. I have it and the IS-7, and do alright in it, but 9/10 times I'd rather be in an IS-7. The gun handling is absolute shit tier - tier 10s should be banned from having a gun this dysfunctional. The IS-7's gun is derpy as fuck and the IS-4 makes it feel like a Patton. Not to mention the god awful DPM - its reload is .1 seconds faster than the Maus with 50 less alpha, and about 1.6 seconds slower than the 113 with the same alpha. The armor is trash against 10s unless you're sidescraping; it's flat and people will not hesitate to load gold immediately. Angled at 60 degrees a Russian medium will pen your upper plate 50% of the time. It has 2 things and 2 things only - all around decent armor and hit points. If it weren't for the little bit of speed it would be total garbage. That said, I don't regret buying it. I still take it out, but it's just.... not good compared to other 10s. It's been powercreeped hard.
  9. I traded the VK for a lowe, it's trash M10 is great
  10. Only tanks up to tier 8,and no higher than the tier you're trading it for Should be able to trade them for a 260
  11. I traded the VK45 for a Lowe Werth
  12. I wanna trash my JT 88 and IS6 but I'm scared
  13. To trade or not to trade JT 88 and T34

    1. SgtKnispel23


      dont have jt88 but i traded my t34 in,no regrets

  14. I'm ready to get rid of the Jt 88 and get a Lowe, but I'm worried about that megabuff that could always happen. The VK45 though, that trash is gone.