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  1. Yeah I run vert/rammer/optics and food with a 5 perk girl crew. 2k and 3k games are ezpz since the patch, not sure how WG could let this go.
  2. I have 485 vr
  3. fuck the wz-120.

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    2. cavman276


      dat aim time tho



    3. FurryLionBalls


      because it's so pretty?

    4. neziho


      tfw you're playing a vastly inferior T-10.

  4. What's the general opinion on the clan yolo?  Heard a lot of shit talking.

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    2. Assassin7


      Conversly, if they arent sure they can win, they dont try. 

      Source: we found them in advances today. They brought the same comp all 4 games, and (ironically) Yolod in and got farmed. The most tanks they killed was like 2. 

      Its the fastest we've ever won an advance. 

    3. cavman276


      We got our shit kicked in by fusion after failing to find a full team 2 games in a row.  Then OP spends the whole match with his usual "oh my god, bullshit bro, that's retarded bro, bullshit bro, are you fucking retarded, bro bro bro bro?"


      He drowned at full HP in a team battle and spent the whole match blaming everyone else for losing.

    4. Assassin7


      ^ he did that in one of our games as well. 

  5. I have an LTTB with no crew, a 54 ltwt with a 4 perk female crew, a BC 12t with no crew, and a WZ-132 with a 5 perk female crew.  Are any of the tier 10's worth it/are any of the tier 8s keepers?  What to keep/sell?

    1. Assassin7


      the BC 12T is not very good.

      I really like the new 13 90, surprisingly. and I haven't tried the LTTB. 

      the 13 105 seems pointless to me, dunno about the T100 after they changed it

    2. cavman276


      I was about to totally dismiss the T-100 and then I looked at the dispersion values

  6. So I had a good night


    1. SchnitzelTruck


      Lucky bastard. 44% for me lol

    2. cavman276


      55A heatspam and the best MM I think I've ever had

  7. When it just says "researched", does that mean that you get the new tier 8 even if you don't have the current tier 8 in the garage?
  8. I keep saying it; WG is going to have to uptier everything tier 6 and up and add a whole new tier 6 eventually.
  9. I sold the JPE and Leo 1. Regretted it hugely and bought them both back. Now I'm 6.1 million behind where I started. As easy as it is to earn credits these days, I've decided not to sell any tier 10/premium, period.
  10. All tanks must have 400mm of armor, comrade. Is good gameplay.
  11. Is the Lowe worth $37?

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    2. cavman276


      If I buy the KR bundle and already have it, do I get 15% less gold due to the sale?

    3. leggasiini
    4. Matross


      I think another question has to be asked, what is $37 to you?

  12. So if I buy the KR bundle and already have the KR, do I get 8,700 gold or 15% off of that?


    And should I use that gold to get a Lowe for $37?

  13. 30k battles just got called a reroll


    I'm not even purple

    1. Fifty_Shades_Of_Socks


      ye but is it true tho?

    2. DirtyACE7


      An average pubbie brain struggles with simple logic.