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  1. I went inter railing as well, had an absolutely wild time. We went up to Denmark, into Germany and then almost on a whim decided we needed sun and sea and went to southern Italy unplanned.
  2. The whole of the summer holidays before going to university?
  3. WG in NA are doing a free give away with steelseries for WOWP2. The premium time will carry over into WoT, the rest will not. Keys are time limited and here;

    1. Errants


      It's almost as if I've seen this status before...

  4. arthurwellsley

    Best tier 8 LT (tech tree only)

    I play quite alot of tier VIII SH matches and some CW. So I rate the tier VIII lights on the basis of those battles, where all the enemy vehicles will be tier VIII only and the FC wants the scouts (a) to out camo/view range the enemy scouts at the beginning of matches, and (b) possibly eliminate an enemy scout if two on one advantage occurs, and (c.) add some dpm to fights towards the end. For SH where premium tanks get a fair bit of use the Blackdog is the goto light tank. For "tryhard" SH and CW goto light tanks tend to be wz 132 and bc 12t. I play both of those two in pubs to keep the crew perks ticking over and they both work fine. I already have the tier IX and X, but play the tier VIII's for crew exp. I like light tanks.
  5. arthurwellsley

    M4a1 vs Strv 103B

    Did you consider loading an HE round at the start of the encounter when you were looking to get to the tds flank up that steep slope, before he moved? Are those bars on the front modelled to eat HE and HEAT rounds for no damage on the tier X or is it against HEAT rounds only?
  6. Tanks I already own; Tier X 62A [was 200,000 experience] Object 140 [was 206,000 experience] Object 430 [was 260,000 experience] IS7 [was 189,000 experience] IS4 [was 189,000 experience] I have just re-bought to put some exp on; KV-13 (tier VI) [put on about 22,500 exp for a tier VII?] IS (tier VII) [put on about 77,000 exp for a tier VIII?] T-10 (tier IX) [put on about 189,000 exp for a tier X heavy?] Object 430 II (tier IX) [put on between 200 - 260,000 exp for a tier X medium?] Did I miss anything or do I have it covered? On the td line I am still at SU 101M (tier VIII) [ I have 65,850 experience from 150,000 needed for tier IX].
  7. Those stats are clearly going to get buffed. They might do for any other nation, but in Soviet Belarussia USSR Stalinium tanks should be built to dominate all other nations!
  8. arthurwellsley

    The Last Jedi (pls no spoilers)

    I agree with much of what Errants says. However, I am not a huge SW nerd. I went to see it with my wife (left the kids at a party). We had dinner, a glass of wine, she liked the movie, I relaxed. A good night was had. My expectations of the movie were baseline. I liked it overall. Too long. Should have cut the Rei/Kylo link crap. DJ likely to be a fun character for the future instalments. Not sure if Phasma was offed or is comng back with scars? Would watch it again on home TV to see what I missed on the first view, as a casual watcher.
  9. arthurwellsley

    ST VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher

    Looks more like a bulldozer in real life?
  10. Over the years 2013 through to 2017 it suffered quite badly from power creep, both newer tech tree and premium tanks had begun to eclipse it. In 2017 it received a series of buffs that have made it more competetive. But the reason it has the reputation is it does is when it was first on sale it saw -3 MM but only +1MM. So it could bully tier VIs like mad, and only ever get a few tier IXs. Nowadays it sees tier IX in virtually all battles (albeit generally only the top three), and occassionally tier VIIs. So it is never as rampant as it used to be. One advantage the Type 59 still has is the normal 181 penetration shells are cheap, so if you can make that penetration work (and 181 is now relatively modest for penetration in 2017 tier VIII mediums) the Type 59 will make good silver profits.
  11. I just put a mod into my game file so that my Type 59 looks like this. Only I can see it and not the rest of the team (or enemy arty). But the gun is so funny I couldn't resist.
  12. arthurwellsley

    Modern Super-Heavy tank concepts...

    yes there are two candidates. The Scorpion with the 75mm at tier IX, and the Scorpion 90 or Scorpion 2 was a version armed with the long-barrelled Cockerill Mk3 M-A1 90mm gun designed for the export market as the tier X.
  13. arthurwellsley

    Modern Super-Heavy tank concepts...

    It's interesting because alot of recent stuff has been asymetrical. In 1982 the UK took a few Scorpion light tanks with the 75mm to the Falklands, despite the fact (a) the enemy had no tanks, (b) the enemy had modern anti tank missiles, and (c) the Scorpion is made of aluminium ie useless armour. But as direct support for infantry they were very useful. But in Afghanistan the UK was going to take no armour and light "snatch" landrovers for moving troops. However, again vehicles able to provide large gun direct support fire to assist the infantry, and heavy armour were found useful. In particular vehicles with V shaped under hull armour such as Foxhound. So due to IED I would suggest that any super heavy tank you design is also V shaped underneath Here's a Foxhound as an example For similar see Stryker, LAVIII, and Pirhana etc
  14. EDITED Should have read the whole Armoured Patrol article prior to posting. My apologies. I liked the Object 416 RIP.
  15. arthurwellsley

    [PFU] EU CW

    Agreed. But from the long forum thread, it seems to be that RU is going to be penalised due to clans rigging, and that different rules may apply to EU. But we will find out soon