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  1. Tier VIII Lorraine 40T premium tank gun = 100 mm SA47 A Damage: 300 / 300 / 400 Pen: 252 / 278 / 50 Clip reload speed: 34.52 s Inter-clip reload speed: 2,5 s Clip size: 4 Accuracy: 0,36 Aimtime: 2,59 s shells in tank 48
  2. Bat Presently as at 9.19 Damage: 390 / 390 / 480 Pen: 259 / 330 / 53 Clip reload speed: 38.6 s Inter-clip reload speed: 2,73 s Clip size: 5 Accuracy: 0,36 Aimtime: 2,59 s 36 rounds can be carried Super test Damage: 300 / 300 / 400 Pen: 252 / 278 / 50 Clip reload speed: 34 s Inter-clip reload speed: 2,4 s Clip size: 6 Accuracy: 0,36 Aimtime: 2,5 s
  3. Quote from Anton Pankov Q&A 6/19 Question posed by some random Russian player =Supertest already had a Tier 6 Tiger tested. I don’t really understand the need to test the same tank: Heavy Tank No.6, Tiger 131, Tiger 217 … and the conveyor belt keeps going. Answer = "217, we have a cunning plan, it is very insidious". Source = Now what the hell does he mean by that? TAP translates it slightly differently; – On supertest, another Tiger has arrived, but I don’t get why you have to test identical tanks… Jap. Tiger, Tiger 131, Tiger 217… The conveyor is there already. – For 217, we have a very insidious plan. – We know about your plans already. You’ll just strap on a different looking log, and that’s it. – Aren’t you a shrewd one : Source =
  4. Special modes of the past; (edited thanks to @garryallen) 1. Karl. 2. Eight bit winter mode (blocks map three tanks). Christmas 2014. (one is “Mammoth” – boxy T110E5, second is “Raider” – in English it’s called “Arctic Fox” for some reason and it’s based on T-50-2, third is “Berserker” – in English “Polar Bear” and it’s based on Foch 155). Patch 9.5 3. Chaffee racing. 4. Football game. 5. Trench Warfare. Celebrating 100 years of tanks. First world war escort. Convoy. 6. IS8 ball - April Fool's 2016. (added at edit) (Blitz - did a Hallowen ghost mode). (xbox360 - did a lunar chaffee mode). Did I miss any? Valkyrie chronicles tanks, could clearly not look out of place when placed against some of those special modes. For that matter any fantasy/ steampunk/warhammer tanks could also be played in a special mode. But normal server. Just NO. On that point I agree with the above points made by @GehakteMolen. Can I afford to buy any premium tank I want to buy? Yes a few hundred pounds on a game is trivial money for me. Did I buy Patriot, Mle.C0ck, or Defender? No (mainly because I hated the skins when they were first released). I would not buy Nameless/Edleweiss either, no matter how OP.
  5. I have yet to play much tier VI light tanks, and so do not feel able to comment on the tech tree ones. Type 64 was untouched and now able to mount vert stab = nice silver earning machine. I would be tempted to keep the 59-16 due to being able to train Chinese crews in the Type 64 and also I have the Type 62. Tier VIII of the tech tree ones, my feel so far is that wz 132 remains the best alround scout, altho I enjoyed a few games in the bat chat 12t, judgement reserved on the others. LTTB seems good, but not really enough post patch games yet in it for me to say more. M41 90 GF aka Blackdog, untouched from patch and still for me at least a good way to earn silver. AMX 13 57 GF has gone from being complete garbage, to actually being rather amusing in randoms.
  6. (1) WG and the Bovington museum have quite along commercial association over various projects since 2011, (2) Bovington own some of the image rights for the Fury, (3) The 131 was captured (after being abandoned by it's crew) by the British in North Africa, and as the first captured Tiger was immediately sent back to the UK for evaluation. At some point post war the ownership of the vehicle passed to Bovington. But I could be wrong it was merely an assumption based on the above.
  7. Source: I am assuming that Tiger 131 will be put into the game on the weekend of 24th - 26th June 2017 as that is the Bovington Tankfest weekend, when the Tiger 131 gets driven around the arena for the general public to watch and listen to. Source (video is the 2014 event) BUT Two questions; (a) Will the Tiger 131 come with a zero BIA hermaphrodite/Berlin crew? (Ingame UK already has one such crew that could be purchased with the Cromwell Berlin.) (b) Will the Tiger 217 come with a zero BIA hermaphrodite/Berlin crew? (Ingame Germany has not had a Berlin/hermaphrodite crew.) I assume Tiger 217 is the equivalent of the USA Thunderbolt, a "hero" tank, and will thus get a similar hermaphrodite crew, as that is what the Thunderbolt was sold with. I bought the Thunderbolt with missions for the crew. I will run all the Thunderbolt missions and then transfer the crew into a top tier tank. If the 131 comes with an hermaphrodite crew I will buy it ready for the UK light tank line, if no crew then no purchase. If the 217 comes with an hermaphrodite crew I will buy it and use the crew for one of the German tier Xs I have, if it does not sell with an hermaphrodite crew then no purchase. I assume that WG has to pay image royalties of some description to Bovington for the ingame use of the 131. As the 217 does not exist in a museum I assume WG get to keep all the money made. There seems to be some suggestion that Otto Carius' tank pictured in his book "Tigers in the Mud" actually has the numer 213 on it rather than 217. Does anyone own the book and are they able to confirm this alleged discrepancy?
  8. FCM 36 Pak 40 premium already trains crews and sealclubs? I do not own one. tier IV= Somua SAu 40 - I hated it tier V = S35 CA - the bathtub, poor tier VI = ARL V39 - I couldn't wait to sell it, so derpy tier VII = AMX AC mle.46- I rage sold it, and gave up on the line. Made me very happy. Why does this benighted line need another crew trainer?
  9. Well CT did not have a rental feature. At least not in this iteration. But it is fairly common on CT for players to try out tanks that they do not already own. I know I have done it in the past. On CT you start with 100 million silver credits and 30k gold, so most tanks are within reach of free exp. But the whole bonds and chevron ranks looks like a retention policy for long term players with tier X tanks already. Especially those ones serious about Clan Wars on the bigger servers. Bonds/ranks/chevrons "looks" like a way to extend grinding beyond the present tier X limit, without introducing tier XI.
  10. I have only played a small number of games, so remember small sample size. Given that particular caveat, yes looks almost exactly like normal random games. The first few I played without premium account and would make a silver loss on a lost game, and a very small profit on a game I was on the winning team. I then used a few of the 30k gold to purchase one day premium. From then on a small profit on lost games (1k-3k) and a 25-30k silver profit on games on the winning team. I was in the top six places of every game I played, and top three of every single lost game. Food consumerables I have 200-300 of depending on nation as I buy them when they are 50% off on a weekend special, so that might contribute to my profit margin, as food is just replaced from the depot on tanks where I run it (czech tier X auto loader for example). I did not bother running rations on T62a and Object 140 during CT. I did not spam 100% premium rounds, despite having 100 million silver credits, because (a) I was looking at the economy, and (b) given I like playing fast mediums, didn't feel the need to play any different than on normal server. The one way you can tell that CT is different from normal server is camo. I have all my tier Xs painted with permanent camo bought for gold on normal server. This carries over onto CT so all my tanks on CT have camo. The number of tanks you see on CT with no camo was for most of my games the majority. So alot of the players in these battles may well have used part of the 30k gold and 100million silver credits to free exp their way to tier Xs that they do not have on the normal servers. That might mean (a) lack of familiarity with the tanks, (b) possibly low perk crews, (c) less than optimum equipment load outs. Which might be part of the reason I can, as a just above average player, have good results on the CT.
  11. I played ranked on CT. I used the first available 5,000 bonds to put improved vent on Skoda T50/51. I own about 23 tier X tanks, and this was a fairly random choice for the CT as OP autoloader, to reload and interclip slightly faster. As said above, anyone half way decent can get bonds, the only issue will be that a better player will get more bonds faster than a less than average player, and is more likely to turn a profit in tier X gameplay. To an extent this is a silver sink, as players will have spent silver on the equipment (rammer, vstab etc) which is being replaced by the advanced version, and less than average players will need to buy silver for real money or play low tier games to earn silver. On the CT at least the ranked battles play pretty much like standard randoms. Advanced equipment can be abused by better players against less than average players in randoms, but actually they do that already by (a) skill, (b) premium consumerables, (c) high perk crews (d) proper loadouts. The issue with bonds/advanced equipment will be Clan Wars. At least in EU and RU servers with their large populations. Competetive clans seeking positions and rewards in campaigns - and by that I mean for reward tanks, will expect team members to have tanks equipped with advanced equipment and advanced consumerables. Maybe this will not worry the top ten clans who can rely on skill alone, but from my perspective, the battle to be in 50th slot on EU is pretty fierce, and clans around the 40th-60th mark will look for any edge to help them. I imagine I will need to equip at least three tanks, probably six, and have enough consumerables for several battles per night over a campaign period. If WG keeps the campaigns starting with a period in tier VI, followed by a period in tier VIII, before finishing with tier X tanks, I can see where my advanced equiment will be going (Cromwell, WZ 132 and/or IS3, Object 140 and/or Bat Chat). So I will need to grind bonds in the same manner that I needed to grind tech tree tanks that were viable for Clan Wars. Generally prior to a campaign I need to ensure I have a pile of silver ready, as during the campaign I have far less time to play randoms or grind for silver. So gaining bonds in advance is no different to that it's just another form of preparation. Take the Cromwell B as an example. I put the crew through the grind to the tier X CAX, and so they have their 5th perk. So already my Cromwell B in a standard pub tier VI match is at a considerable advantage. How much more of an advantage would it have with three pieces of advanced equipment in it's slots? How many games would that advantage be noticeable?
  12. Does anyone have a copy of wn8 expected tank values v28? If so could you pm it to me?

    I already have a json version, but it uses the WG internal numbers for each tank and I would prefer one with the tank names.

    The one with the ID numbers only is here

    If possible an excel version.


  13. In the game search for the channel "forumites". Sometimes it will have the password "play4fun". Plenty of decent EU players to platoon with.
  14. Pz.IV H is one of those low tier gems. This was the tank I kept, and if an evening in everything else had gone to hell, I would play the H at the end of a session just to relax. I three marked it one evening in my last battle, and was so tired just before bed I almost missed the notification. I wasn't even trying for it. In conclusion, please do not broadcast it to widely but the Pz.IV H is good.
  15. Personal experience with former clan PFU Heavies IS3 T32 (Ruinberg map choice) Mediums None Lights WZ 132 LTTB Bat Chatillion 12t? TDs PFU virtually never took TDs in any setup. Not sure UDES will change this except maybe Lakeville map, which might need a TD? Possibly a Skorpion G. Arty USA or french, depends on map. Quite frequently none. Last time around we did a few tricks on certain maps with Patriots and Pershings. But it was a single tank, on certain maps, on certain sides, so nothing regular. Defenders tend to get raped by IS3 with good focus fire and speed, they just take too long to reload. I would be surprised to see the Lorraine 40t even on mines. Surely if a team took that they would soon be countered with T69's? On most maps PFU took mainly lights (last time swarms of T54ltwt), and I cannot imagine not taking fast mobile setups, even on Himmelsdorf landings.