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  1. Looks more like a bulldozer in real life?
  2. Over the years 2013 through to 2017 it suffered quite badly from power creep, both newer tech tree and premium tanks had begun to eclipse it. In 2017 it received a series of buffs that have made it more competetive. But the reason it has the reputation is it does is when it was first on sale it saw -3 MM but only +1MM. So it could bully tier VIs like mad, and only ever get a few tier IXs. Nowadays it sees tier IX in virtually all battles (albeit generally only the top three), and occassionally tier VIIs. So it is never as rampant as it used to be. One advantage the Type 59 still has is the normal 181 penetration shells are cheap, so if you can make that penetration work (and 181 is now relatively modest for penetration in 2017 tier VIII mediums) the Type 59 will make good silver profits.
  3. I just put a mod into my game file so that my Type 59 looks like this. Only I can see it and not the rest of the team (or enemy arty). But the gun is so funny I couldn't resist.
  4. yes there are two candidates. The Scorpion with the 75mm at tier IX, and the Scorpion 90 or Scorpion 2 was a version armed with the long-barrelled Cockerill Mk3 M-A1 90mm gun designed for the export market as the tier X.
  5. It's interesting because alot of recent stuff has been asymetrical. In 1982 the UK took a few Scorpion light tanks with the 75mm to the Falklands, despite the fact (a) the enemy had no tanks, (b) the enemy had modern anti tank missiles, and (c) the Scorpion is made of aluminium ie useless armour. But as direct support for infantry they were very useful. But in Afghanistan the UK was going to take no armour and light "snatch" landrovers for moving troops. However, again vehicles able to provide large gun direct support fire to assist the infantry, and heavy armour were found useful. In particular vehicles with V shaped under hull armour such as Foxhound. So due to IED I would suggest that any super heavy tank you design is also V shaped underneath Here's a Foxhound as an example For similar see Stryker, LAVIII, and Pirhana etc
  6. EDITED Should have read the whole Armoured Patrol article prior to posting. My apologies. I liked the Object 416 RIP.
  7. Agreed. But from the long forum thread, it seems to be that RU is going to be penalised due to clans rigging, and that different rules may apply to EU. But we will find out soon
  8. Next Campaign EU November 2017 for four weeks Rumours for the RU Campaign (note intervention by EU mods to say EU maybe different from RU); Recruitment thread; Previous Years Results; 2015 CW (Black Gold) positions = http://forum.worldof...4#entry11840734 2016 CW (Birth of Titans) positions = http://forum.worldof...7#entry13095777 TS; [PFU] will play the four week campaign. At the moment the RU rumours only refer to tier X tanks for December 2017.
  9. The point is will it be sold with an hermaphrodite/Berlin crew? If yes then it's a free tank when you buy a super crew, if no, then no reason to buy the Loza if you have a T34-85M already.
  10. In Strongholds I exclusively play the Blackdog. I cannot see the AFK Panther taking over the Blackdog role in SH. But the ELC EVEN 90 might usurp the Blackdog in SH battles? ELC EVEN 90 may have (a) better camo value? and does have (b) auto loader clip. Five round mag of 240 each is the delivery of 1,200 in 10 seconds. IS3 =1,400 hp, and Defender = 1,450 hp so not a kill in one mag, but certainly enough to be at end game a good finisher of already damaged enemies. What would you take into SH battles given the choice Blackdog or ELC EVEN 90 and why?
  11. @Sapros that sounds about right. But what if like me you went to T55A without doing the arty missions, and then wanted a girl and so went back and did SPG 1-15 for the stug? I did a normal completion on SPG 15 without the secondary, just to gain another lady.
  12. Plus the whole thing has become a completionist wet dream. If you complete all 75 missions with honours (secondary or whatever it will be called) in a set you get a set of camo paint!
  13. here is the link in Russian if anyone can make it any clearer, because frankly it's pretty usual WG talk;
  14. It's written in the usual WG style, and I for one am unclear just how it changes things.
  15. Ignore the fact that the interface is being changed (probably for the worst). WG seem to have decided to change the token system with regard to Personal Missions, both for completion of the primary and the secondary. As a result with enough tokens it becomes possible to skip missions. Source;