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  1. I think Dragon Ridge got one stealth upvote!
  2. While it might be easier to compare the Leo and Super Conq today, it's important to remember that back then, the Leopard's advantages would have amounted to far more than they do today. Giving a 2013 purple the choice between your listed advantages and the Leo's 200% more mobility, several orders of magnitude more camo, 10m higher view range, and 40% more shell velocity would have been a far tougher call, predominantly because they were all usable & abusable on almost every map. And like you mentioned, the SConq is probably the most advantaged tank to compare the Leo to, considering it's overpowered even by today's standards. Compared to something more tame, the choice would have been even more difficult. It's really hard to really overstate how powerful vision dominance was in the vision meta. It was often possible to win entire flanks (or even games) without ever risking a hit, something the Conq's lack of mobility and neon-sign of a camo value would have held it back from. If vision ever became as powerful as a tool as it used to be, I can absolutely ensure that the Leopard would need very little help to become relevant again.
  3. Remember these old maps? While some maps were reworked or rebalanced, these maps were given up on entirely. Which did you truly despise? Which do you dearly miss? Let's find out! If you're new to Elimination, the rules are simple - increase the most fun map on the list by 1 and decrease the least fun map on the list by 3. You're allowed to do this once per day, until only a single map remains! Try to explain your choices, even if very briefly. Highlight your increase with GREEN and your decrease with RED if possible. If you cannot use colors, use BOLD for your upvotes and ITALICS for your downvotes. If you've forgotten what these maps are, you can find them on the wiki. I do want to mention that some of these maps had multiple iterations and even some current maps have been reworked heavily enough to almost be considered new maps - for simplicity's sake, we will be voting on the last iteration of the map before it was removed, and I will be ignoring heavily-changed current maps. Feel free to mention what you think about previous iterations, though! 8 MAPS REMAINING Dragon Ridge Hidden Village Komarin ELIMINATED Northwest Pearl River Port Province Severogorsk South Coast Elimination Order:
  4. It just doesn't mesh with the map meta - if they buffed it to the point where it's a good medium generally, it'd be gamebreaking on the few remaining open maps. It probably needs some small buffs either way to keep up with power creep, but I don't see them amounting to much. Biggest buff the tank could get is new open map releases. There's not a whole lot of hope for the tank because of that, WG has long since been dead-set in their map design philosophy.
  5. Quick reminder that pubbies averaged under 2k DPG in the Waffle! <3
  6. The upgraded turret on this is more of a trap than me. Seriously, swap those things around, what wargaming did here makes absolutely no sense. It'd be pretty bad either way, but if they transferred the stats over to the stock turret the thing would at least be competitive with the worst T8 heavies. Right now we're all just playing a tinfoil Liberte. I dont know about worst T8, but if you take some TDs out of the picture it's a serious contender. The only good thing I can say about it is that it's up there with the Emil for "most annoying ridge peeker". The Liberte turret is a really messy target, especially on a slightly faster tank, and unlike the T32 it can actually pen you. That's basically its only gimmick though, and it isn't even that impressive of one.
  7. Oh boy that posting lag. Post appeared ten minutes after I hit send and left the page. Going by all the hidden double/tripleposts in the purple sections today, it looks like it's been like this for everyone for the past few days XD

    1. Haswell


      Past few weeks you mean. Might be the server timing out on the responses, posts and threads appear basically instantaneously but you don't get any indication of such unless you view the page in another tab/window.

    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      Yeah on the T49 thread replying generally takes at least 4-6 minutes to reload the page after clicking "Submit reply" but if I open it in another tab the reply is already there.


      It also breaks gfycat embeds something fierce but I think that's the forum software itself and not the server

    3. Raj


      ziddie, I haven't told you that you're cute in 3 or more years now.

  8. That has more or less always been the case, but yea, the boosters are all I'm referring to. The ability to turn any day into a "x2 xp every game" day, while simultaneously activating a crew booster to make credit-retrained crews hit 100% in less than an hour of play is a godsend. 2015-era standard account play was such a nightmare if you actually wanted to get things done.
  9. Today I came back to play my first real session of WoT in about a year. The game still has some charm, I'm thinking of sticking around for a while to give the new toys that I've missed a try! My terrible tank fetish has sparked up too; I'm heading towards the 65t. The new CN TD line looks terrible too, but gosh darn am I a sucker for how pretty wedge TDs are. This has been the case for a long time, but one thing that really hit me today is how much less necessary a premium account has become. XP Boosters are really good and Wargaming likes to stuff hundreds down my throat, so I've been having a pretty smooth time playing with a standard account. I don't think I'd even think about playing this game again if the economy was as cutthroat as it was a few years ago.
  10. So true that it needs to be said thrice!
  11. I think you're right, this tends to be what happens when you fire HE. HE's module damage radius is quite large, but most of that area will not deal enough damage to modules to hit yellow status. When your E-100 was getting critical hits, it was very likely you were dealing some damage to opponents' tracks, but not enough to count as you actually damaging modules.
  12. 110

    It's so sad to see how far this tank has fallen. Back when I played it (shortly after the line was released), the tank was exceptionally good. Nothing with that much armor still had mobility or anything resembling an accurate gun, the only hitch was that you had to be very mindful of your LFP. Now it's trash, and nothing has even changed about the tank itself. The pen is bad, the armor is somewhere between disappointing and unremarkable, and tanks like the Defender thrash it in every way imaginable. It's been this way for a while, but I suppose the release of the 111-5 has gotten people to take note.
  13. How is WoT going these days? Havent played in a long time!

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Fulcrous


      people have made 100k+ gold for $200.

      people now own types.

      there is a t49 cult.

    3. leggasiini


      and the O-Ho is still my waifu <3

    4. Assassin7


      And the STB is still mine despite the fact WG gave the Patton a retarded buff that makes it better in every way except camo, and the AMX 30 a rebalance which makes it better in every way except pen.