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  1. Not right now! I'm not doing tanks stuff, and I think we've had too many elim threads lately. Not gonna stop anyone from making it, but I'll throw one together when I think the time is right I disagree <3
  2. Hey guys! Just thought I'd let you know that I'm currently on hiatus from WoT - just doing some other things right now, will give the game another go next patch. Hope y'all are being adorable!
  3. Whatever you need to do to stay strong, lovely <3
  4. The main "brawling" area. Just drove straight through where heavies would be on every map.
  5. dualmaster be like
  6. Grabbed myself a 35-85M too, first time actually getting something out of tankrewards.
  7. Thanks for voting guys! Here's the final elimination list: Jagdtiger 8.8cm Kanonenjagdpanzer AMX CDC T-54 Mod. 1 59-Patton FV4202 T34 Panther 8.8 IS-6 FCM 50t leKpz M41 90mm T-44-100 T-34-3 KV-5 WZ-111 Type 59 T26E4 Pz. 58 Mutz STA-2 M46 KR M4A1 Rev. Skorpion 112 AMX M4 49 Lowe Patriot (Victor) I'll see what I can do about ye olde opinion piece
  8. how is 140 alpha worth far inferior turret armor, less gundep, a shitty UFP, less side armor, even derpier gun handling, less pen, and no APCR round t-34-3 is "worse everything else", not better.
  9. you have never seen a dead forum then
  10. Had to warn my boyfriend I'm leaving him for Cliff.
  11. Yeah, Ana never ended up happening, but Zenyatta rocks. He's not as good as a skilled Ana, but way easier to play & blows Mercy out of the water. Being able to work on my aim is gunna help a lot more than spamming Mercy games will, too. One thing that is really bugging me is Symmetra. She's insane. Her gun is absolutely bonkers, you'll see tons of PotG's where she's just walking through a team holding left click. Which I wouldn't mind on an Offense hero, but she's a support that can create turrets, lay down teleporters or shield generators, and can throw shields around to block ults and provide cover. She's just good on more open locations, but as soon as the map closes off she turns into a god. I feel like a hero that flexible should not have an autotracking gun that kills tanks in four seconds & everyone else in two. My winrate against teams with her is probably a good 10-20% lower than against teams with anyone else.
  12. The IS-5 and IS-3A were removed because they weren't voted on. I'm not saying that the elims aren't super lax, but I think that removing things before they impact the thread kinda makes more sense than the alternative. Mentioned why the 252 isn't added already - it's too new and I'm not adding things this late into the voting process. No plans for another T10 elimination yet.
  13. Not after this patch. Go for the E5 or 113 if you want a similar heavy, the IS-7's 303 pen APCR round cannot deal with the current meta heavies, especially on such a derpy gun. Im sure you could still make it work, but it isn't something I'd recommend.
  14. Neither is adding a new tank 75% of the way through the voting process. It's something that very few people here own, those that do have played like a dozen games in, and the rest of us have virtually no experience fighting. It makes no sense whatsoever to add the 252U in.