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  1. You are the cutest thing since sliced cookies.

  2. Here is my thoughts on my short time in the new patch. For some context, I'm not much of a WoT player anymore, but haven't quite quit. I play once a month or so and keep an eye on whats going on. Arty: The actual changes are a mixed bag - I don't agree with making arty even more capable in close quarters, especially when it makes them competitive with many of the light tanks that should eviscerate them. Another thing I'm iffy about is that arty plays more of an assassin roll than before - their ability to accurately take out very low HP targets is a little absurd for a class that is supposed to be about area denial, chip damage, and as a counter to immense armor. On the other hand, I do think they feel a lot more tame when you're not in one of these situations. I haven't had a problem with stuns. The BIG plus to the new arty is that you're going to see a lot less of them. Their lack of oneshots and increased skill/effort requirement will make them a lot less appetizing to many bad arty players - without a meta change they will be very rare within a few months, especially below 9/10. MM: Overall good - there's some glaring issues with how it matches top tier tanks, but a micropatch is fixing that very soon. It's even more retard friendly than before though - even a terrible player can have some really good games if he's in one of the new overpowered heavies/superheavies and gets placed top tier enough times, and the new 3-5-7 makes that even more of an advantageous position. Whether that's an actual problem is up to you. Lights: Disappointing performance on the T10s, but that's just how the cookie crumbles. To make them competitive with T10 mediums would require some really absurd stats in this sort of meta and would break the game if map design shifts at all towards more open maps. I'm alright with wargaming taking the safe route and erring on the side of caution. This patch really obliterated how unique some lights are though. They all start blending together when you have so many similar tanks - some of the 6/7/8 lights feel analogous to what wargaming is doing with the T-44/Pershing clone spam. While it's a step in the right direction, I think it's a very small step compared to what was possible with an arty/MM/LT overhaul patch. Sort of disappointed, but it's better than the one step forward, two steps back design theory I've come to expect from wargaming.
  3. Got the Rival myself, recommend making sure you buy the (above linked) Rival 300 instead of the original Rival - earlier iterations of the original Rival have grips that will literally disintegrate within a few months. Otherwise it's a really nice mouse. I wouldn't recommend it if you have small hands or need more than two thumb buttons, though.
  4. Things will get better, stay strong <3
  5. [tangent]It's not that the chariot needs buffs, it's that everything else needs nerfs. Everything that wasn't absurd a few years ago is now mediocre at best, and the chariot is no exception. They can keep buffing tanks all they want, but all it's doing is feeding the cycle that continually makes their game less enjoyable.[/tangent]
  6. Yeah, they have the same ideas. It's just there to give you the chance to nab the Muscovite ideas if you form Russia as another nation than Muscovy. Anyway, new expansion/patch dropped! Mandate of Heaven, big focus on east Asia, obviously. Kinda buggy, Ming is absurdly powerful, but that's fun to watch/fight in its own way. AI is much more aggressive now, so that's probably a good thing (although you might see the Ottomans touch the baltic...), and the QoL features introduced are absolutely heavenly. Not needing to scour the map to find where to build buildings efficiently or who will accept a diplomatic offer like an alliance is huge. The best feature is being able to tell your diplomat to automatically improve relations with a set of countries, though.
  7. Really was hoping it'd be like standard battles, just bigger. Respawns and repair points are no fun to me
  8. Congrats hallo! Really nice! I'm proud of just now getting into platinum XD
  9. I'm certainly doing alright! Thankies ^~^ Give me a poke sometime, we should talk more :3 Yea XD I haven't quit, I swear! I finally got some decent internet and I'm enjoying some other games right now, it's a lot of fun
  10. Not right now! I'm not doing tanks stuff, and I think we've had too many elim threads lately. Not gonna stop anyone from making it, but I'll throw one together when I think the time is right I disagree <3
  11. Hey guys! Just thought I'd let you know that I'm currently on hiatus from WoT - just doing some other things right now, will give the game another go next patch. Hope y'all are being adorable!
  12. Whatever you need to do to stay strong, lovely <3
  13. The main "brawling" area. Just drove straight through where heavies would be on every map.
  14. dualmaster be like