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  1. Okay, that makes sense to me! I didn't even think about the relative rarity of the 8400 currently, review copies of the chip could totally be of a higher standard. Looking throgh anandtech's benches, there's a few things that favor the 8400, but your implication is totally correct, the Ryzen is much better in basically everything that can put those threads to use. I'm new to this whole CPU thing and was totally wrong there, looking at the wrong things and making the wrong assumptions.
  2. Looking at tests the 8400 seems to get better frames than an OC'd 1600 in the majority of games along with better benches outside of gaming. Is there a reason having a low base clock would be bad regardless of that? Basically every source I can find makes it look like the i5-8400 is clearly superior atm.
  3. Would you not get bored of this? The vast majority of both teams in every single match of any individual tier would be in the same 10-15 tanks. If the game feels repetitive now, I'd hate to see what it would be like with +/- 0.
  4. I don't play tanks anymore, so I couldn't say! I'd think the new MM is the biggest change to the tank; having much fewer T7s and T8s in your games would make the 1600 burst autoloader a fair bit less effective than it used to be. Tanks have gotten a bit better armored, but 300 HEAT should still be enough, and the maps are identical to how they were back in January. The entire line has gotten weaker, but the Emil 2 is probably the least affected of the T8/9/10 just because it is the only one without major pen issues.
  5. I probably will be upgrading my CPU when Black Friday sales start up, and between the two brands I'll personally be going for a Ryzen 5 1600. Intel's new offerings seem to be slightly better when it comes to performance at this price range, but I dont want to worry about buying whatever specific mobo Intel is going to force me into & being completely locked out of overclocking. Getting an extra few years out of an OC Ryzen seems like the smarter choice to me, but I have to admit the i5-8400 does have a siren's call.
  6. Havoc on small objects is implemented, you just have to enable it in the settings.
  7. Exactly my thoughts too, as soon as I saw what they did beyond the boundary I was instantly impressed. Does more for the visuals than anything else, in my opinion. Game looks like a proper title now.
  8. hypu top 10 NA
  9. I gave the new MM a chance, but I do have to agree that the matches seems even more samey and stale than they did before due to nearly identical team/tier comps put together by MM. I was on board with the result they were hoping for, but I dont think it panned out like I wanted. Old MM with some fixes would be better, absolutely. The only thing that keeps World of Corridor Maps somewhat varied was the amount of unique situations the MM could force onto you.
  10. Finally moved to Oregon. Spooning ziddy on his bed, 10/10.

  11. Oddly excited for this? NA was a lot more interesting back when it wasn't split.
  12. PMHcWTk.jpg

    1. Hellsfog


      When I was in junior high, we found a baby raccoon.  Our neighbors up the street raised it and it was cute for about 3 months. It would climb up your back and dig through your hair looking for snacks. It was playful and snugglely and cool.  Then it turned into a savage, finger biting, lunch stealing, cat-murdering fucker that eventually left the house to live in/under the garage. Until it didn't.

    2. Spartan96


      Rexxie we all miss you 

  13. Portugal especially is really nice! You don't have to do anything, just ally Castile, but there's a ton you can do if you desire. Since you aren't directly involved in affairs outside of Iberia, it's a nice way to just let the game play out and get an idea of how the world develops and the AI tends to act.
  14. Picked up my missing DLC for Age of Empires 2, grabbed all of Civ 5's DLC, bought Shadow of Mordor like everyone else, Rocket League, and Black Desert Online. I think that was $45 or so? There's a lot more I wanted to get, but I'd need to work some more street corners if I want it...
  15. Hey guys! It has been a while, how are things going? I've been out of the loop for a little bit, so how is 9.19 treating you guys?