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  1. Yeah, Ana never ended up happening, but Zenyatta rocks. He's not as good as a skilled Ana, but way easier to play & blows Mercy out of the water. Being able to work on my aim is gunna help a lot more than spamming Mercy games will, too. One thing that is really bugging me is Symmetra. She's insane. Her gun is absolutely bonkers, you'll see tons of PotG's where she's just walking through a team holding left click. Which I wouldn't mind on an Offense hero, but she's a support that can create turrets, lay down teleporters or shield generators, and can throw shields around to block ults and provide cover. She's just good on more open locations, but as soon as the map closes off she turns into a god. I feel like a hero that flexible should not have an autotracking gun that kills tanks in four seconds & everyone else in two. My winrate against teams with her is probably a good 10-20% lower than against teams with anyone else.
  2. The IS-5 and IS-3A were removed because they weren't voted on. I'm not saying that the elims aren't super lax, but I think that removing things before they impact the thread kinda makes more sense than the alternative. Mentioned why the 252 isn't added already - it's too new and I'm not adding things this late into the voting process. No plans for another T10 elimination yet.
  3. Not after this patch. Go for the E5 or 113 if you want a similar heavy, the IS-7's 303 pen APCR round cannot deal with the current meta heavies, especially on such a derpy gun. Im sure you could still make it work, but it isn't something I'd recommend.
  4. Neither is adding a new tank 75% of the way through the voting process. It's something that very few people here own, those that do have played like a dozen games in, and the rest of us have virtually no experience fighting. It makes no sense whatsoever to add the 252U in.
  5. Played it today. Monster is a good way of describing it. Tank is easier to play than me! In terms of balance, all it really needs is the prem round removed/changed to be the same alpha as the standard round. Plus, I'd appreciate not feeling like I have to spam 100% gold in it - here I thought WG learned their lesson about super HE rounds from the 183. In terms of anything else, this was a seriously stupid buff. I dont even feel like I'm even playing the game when I play this tank. The Maus is more to blame, but this is a big contributor to obliterating T10's balance. 9.17.1 should of never happened.
  6. Prob the worst patch WG has released since their "rebuff the arty" initiative. T9/10 completely ruined.

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    2. Siimcy


      And in T8 you see Defenders everywhere so you can go fuck yourself there as well :)

    3. Audax_Bellator


      Maybe it's finally time to try BF1

    4. TheMarine0341
  7. ~200 less DPM, 6kph lower top speed, slightly better aimtime and accuracy.
  8. It's not the same because WG actually designed the camo mechanics. They are made to be used the way good players use them. WG did not design boosts. The mapmakers probably gave 0 thought to most of the boostable areas by assuming no one would get to them anyway, so you've got everything from gamebreaking boosts to completely useless suicide outposts because they've not been balanced for actual use whatsoever. Winning via boost is not cheating, but it certainly is cheesing. Removing them is a bit harsh, but WG definitely has to do something about them. I'd like it if they just accepted that players will find ways to get places and put in the effort of designing maps around that, instead of artificially limiting where we are allowed to go.
  9. Cardinal, the 252 isnt going up, upvote something else or we'll have to ignore your downvote.
  10. So I sold my soul to the overwatch devil. Wasn't expecting a lot, but I actually like the game. I'm trash, though. My aiming is bad enough in WoT, in OW I'm just throwing the mouse around wildly. Been playing a lot of Mercy and Winston, for the obvious reasons of not needing to aim. I find I can kinda make up for my badness by just doing what needs to be done instead of trying to outplay anyone, which is a little boring but works out pretty well for winning games. Hoping I can learn to play Reinhardt and Ana pretty soon too, they seem pretty unique. I'm absolutely horrific with all the standard run-n-gun heroes - McCree, S76, etc. just don't work for me because I cant land shots. Playing these random matches with other bads is a little rough though. A lot of teams end up making the same mistakes over and over that seem obvious even to someone who has only had the game for a couple days. Most common one seems to be walking in one at a time, dying, and then trying again. It's just like a constant train of reviving heroes walking out of base into the grinder. Waiting ten seconds to group up tends to work much better, and it makes this weird situation where I want my team to all get gibbed at once just so they'll revive together. But yeah, RIP free time.
  11. IIRC the Blackdog is one of the worst performers in the game, so it surprised me too. But I havent gotten to try it in strongholds, so maybe that really does make it worth it.
  12. Ziddy, [20.02.17 20:47]
    i like girls


    1. Va1heru


      If I'm allowed to play both sides of the fence, ziddy should be allowed to fantasise :epicsaxguy:


      Maybe try wearing a dress and a wig for him, and post pics for scientific purposes :kappa:

  13. It wasn't excluded, but people kept removing it on their own so I just dropped them so I didn't have to deal with it anymore.
  14. Updated OP, removed IS-3A and IS-5.
  15. We can remove the IS-3A and IS-5 if there's no complaints. I just thought it was odd to remove them while we have tanks far less people have played still on the list.