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  1. If you have a question about core mechanics that doesn't justify its own thread, ask and ye shall receive. Keep the questions short and the answers shorter. This is a community thread, anyone can answer just as anyone can ask.
  2. Rexxie

    What happened to this game: my opinion

    It completely failed to interest me. Arcade flight games are always a huge snoozefest in my opinion, and it seems like their customers agreed. I can't agree at all that the lack of support for high end players made a difference - WoWP could have had the most advanced clan wars and "esports" scene in existence and it still would have flopped. Sealclubbing is terrible, but I'm under the impression that it was more a symptom of a dead game than the cause.
  3. Rexxie

    Farwell Yue Yang, you beautiful bastard

    I'm not aware of a single advantage the PTA has over the Leo; it's slower so I guess that might help the bloom? But then it also has worse base accuracy, so its a wash. The titanic difference in DPM alone is all that really needs to be said, though. I don't understand why balance teams pull things like this. How is dissuading people from spending gold and time on a T10 a good business move? The only reason I can see this happening is if they have plans to change the T9 relatively soon.
  4. Rexxie

    What affects mobility?

    If the BP is going 21km/h, it is exceeding its top speed just like the other vehicle. It's just that the additional max speed you get from declines is a fraction of your top speed, making fast tanks able to go 5-10 kph over their limit and slow tanks only capable of 1-3. I certainly haven't noticed my T95 cruising down hills, so it's not like the BP is any different from every other miserably slow tank.
  5. Rexxie

    What affects mobility?

    p/w, terrain resists, traverse speeds, top speed, and the difference in horsepower between your stock and elite engine. I'm not sure if there's any more - I haven't noticed any, but there could certainly be something hidden.
  6. Rexxie

    Rating the Premium Tanks (Tiers 5 through 8)

    It's pretty awful, but the armor is mostly 60-80mm, which should do fine against T2/3 and some T4 lights. APCR is obviously a problem though, and even the protection it does have is full of holes. Anything can pen a Valentine with a shot to the mantlet, LFP, or lower sides. It's really miserable to play though, the amount of sacrifices it makes to have perfect MM is more than I'm comfortable with. Playing anything that's intentionally gimped to the point where many of the tanks you fight are better in literally every way is just depressing, regardless of shallow rewards like MM/credits/xp.
  7. All these years of WG fucking up and WoT is still a better tank game than anything else on the market. AW feels amateur (and dead) and WT is awful as an actual game. Is there any upcoming vehicle combat titles?

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    2. NightmareMk9


      Fallout 76 Beta starts tomorrow.

      WOT is SEVERELY like/hate relationship

    3. hazzgar


      The problem is other companies try at the same time imitate wot and be different on principle instead of trying to create their own unique game. Plus you know wot had years of iterations to make it playable. 5 years ago it was wonky as hell. 

    4. Haswell
  8. WoT's client is way too busy nowadays. I log in and am greeted with two advertisements, a survey, a patchnote recap video, and event notifications. My garage UI is plastered with links and pages that take me to entirely separate UIs. Many pages like personal missions, are complete downgrades in usability compared to a few years ago. Whoever was in charge of UI design really wanted to hit that overdesigned F2P MMO aesthetic.

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    2. StormCrowReaperManyHats


      Old depot design didn't make us broke, so they fixed it.

    3. hiipanda


      use adblock :^)

    4. TheMarine0341


      Im begging WGNA to let me work on the UX design :(

  9. 55A has always been inferior to the T-54, it was an insignificant amount gunhandling vs having an actual hull before the T-54 got buffed. At no point was hitting one in a few hundred shots more often worth the tradeoff of being frontally immune to a whole extra tier's AP. The 55A just has a serious case of the SU-122-54: it's sexy as hell so who cares. I see WG isn't quite done making more tanks proof against -1/-2 tier standard ammo.
  10. It's linked in the opening post of Part II
  11. It doesn't fix it, no, but it does help many of the tanks with the worst stock grinds. Stock grinds would get a little easier when several of the tanks that would crush you have been uptiered either out of your range or become infrequent sightings. Stock grinds have been awful since the game's inception, but at least a tree rebalance would make that hell somewhat more bearable. Stock tanks are another issue entirely though, and I think there are plenty of ways to make them more playable that don't involve re-balancing the entire game. Introduction of another tier would solve a host of other issues that can't be solved by simply increasing numbers. I think WG has made it clear that they are happy with the status quo when it comes to how unbearable some of these grinds can be, because a couple of interns could have done the work in a few days.
  12. As nice as that sounds, it would never happen. I honestly don't think there's another option; across the board nerfs is exactly what is needed, but the pub outcry would straight up rip the game off its life support. T11 accomplishes much of the same without quite as much outrage.
  13. Every year the idea of a Tier 11 becomes more and more reasonable to me. The fantasy tanks, ridiculous armor designs, and powercreep posterboy balancing nightmare could be at least postponed by pushing problem tanks up a tier and restructuring the trees. Many of these pref MM tanks wouldn't have so many problems if this ended up happening. Back half a decade or so ago this would of sounded ridiculous to me ("what, you want to add an abrams?"), but powercreep has gone so far that I'm pretty sure we could make it to 11 tiers without actually introducing anything more powerful than what we have already. There are absolutely problems with the idea, but I think it's the healthiest solution to the game's problem that wouldn't cause an absolute uproar (i.e nerfing everything). Even beyond powercreep, it would solve a lot of problems. Economic inflation, grind incentive, pref MM, too many top tier tanks, etc. Plus the ridiculous xp/credit requirements could fund like, six more yahts for WG.
  14. Rexxie

    SEA CW is ded

    Almost anything Nexon touches gets turned into a korean grind p2w dumpsterfire, so they've probably got WG beat in terms of annihilating MMOs they acquire. Runescape is a bit notorious too, but Jagex redeemed themselves by going back six years in patches. That would be like WG suddenly deciding to go back to when the Chaffee was end-of-the-line and throwing everything they've done since out the window. Ballsy.
  15. Rexxie

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    I dont know anything about the 257, but they aren't mutually exclusive. There's other ways for vehicles to be broken than to win too much. There's an entire class devoted to being broken but not OP.
  16. Rexxie

    What's Everyone Been Up To?

    i've been nurturing my harem
  17. Rexxie

    On Allchat

    It has been a little over a year and a half since WG removed allchat. Looking back on it, what do you think? Did it help or hurt your enjoyment? Do you think it was a good decision?
  18. Rexxie

    T-50-2 Returns

    Aren't track traverse speeds still modified by the difference between the stock and elite engine horsepower? I think the old T-50-2 had a 300HP stock engine, making it way more agile than this. (that has to be the most stupid mechanic in the world though)
  19. soon i will be a furry smut artist

    look at what classy individuals wot creates

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    2. SkittlesOfSteeI


      if only I could draw. I would be rolling in that filthy furry porn commission money if I could

    3. Kolni


      So you’re basically no mustache Roku?

    4. Raj


      Rexxie I was broken way before WOT. <3 you 

  20. You should post that on their discord server, wotlabs and don't have anything to do with each other.
  21. I don't know if you want to be noticed by the clans around NA these days :x Welcome back sweetheart, daddy WG still has your favorite belt <3 you're just imagining things~
  22. It took me until you said that to realize this isn't about warthunder.