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  1. I have a 480 and there are no problems in game whatsoever with it.
  2. I gotta agree with them on the Taichi. Ive had some pain with my 3200 B-die memory and the timings. But for the most part it’s real good for the standard non extreme overclocker.
  3. Not sure if it’s the right place to post it but you can get an 1800x for $318 with free shipping from these guys right now. https://m.ebay.com/itm/NEW-AMD-RYZEN-7-1800X-8-Core-3-6-GHz-Socket-AM4-YD180XBCAEWOF-Desktop-Processor/272599572981?rmvSB=true&_mwBanner=1&epid=235162167
  4. @Folterknecht since it's running smoothly now is it still possible to be attributed to a hardware issue fixing itself or is it more likely to be a software/driver issue? The only thing I did to fix it was leave it turned in for a few days?
  5. Taichi x370 is in stock on superbiiz if anybody is looking for one: https://www.superbiiz.com/detail.php?name=MB-X370TAC&c=CJ

  6. So good news is that I haven't had any crashing since I last replied, but during that time I haven't turned off my pc once. I'll try and see what happens when I turn it off and leave it off for half a day or so this weekend to see whether or not it still crashes after starting a game after booting up. I've set up auto notify and check daily for the Taichi but still no luck. I may just end up buying a different high end x370 board if I can't get it in the next week just so my 30 day return period on this one doesn't run out. Any tips for Taichi alternatives? Edit: I was able to buy the Taichi on Superbiiz so I should hopefully not have anymore problems. Also it's going to be a fun experience overclocking my CPU for the first time when it comes in.
  7. I was looking at the taichi initially but it's always out of stock sadly. Also not sure how accurate it is but my observation basically shows that the longer I have the pc turned on the less likely it is to freeze.
  8. Yeah I should be able to I've had the board for less than two weeks. Any suggestions for a different board?
  9. Now should I go through msi to return it or go through who I purchased it from(amazon.) I'm assuming amazon since it's going to ship quicker through them?
  10. That's what I got installed currently. I made sure to use those when I reinstalled windows. what do I do next? Do I buy a different ram kit and test that out or do I just rma the motherboard? Or something else entirely?
  11. Same issue after a clean install and drivers being downloaded. Tried with default timings for the ram and it defaults to what speed you asked me to try out. I just enabled xmp in the bios and am now running it on profile 1 at 2933 with 16-18-18-36 timings (profile 2 is 3200 and doesn't post.) Could me not using Samsung b die chips cause any freezing problems? It seems unlikely but Ryzen is known to work better and be able to run at higher ram clocks with them. Hynix by what I've heard are near impossible to get to run at 3200 atm(and possibly in the foreseeable future) I'm hoping it doesn't freeze up with xmp enabled but I'll keep you updated
  12. Currently in the middle of a clean install. Installed win 10 and the chipset driver but then I had to go to work. When I get off in 5 hours I'll finish the rest of the drivers I'll test and see if any things changed. If not then I'll see what changing ram timings/speeds influences. Do I need just the chipset, Ethernet, sound, and gpu drivers or anything else as well?
  13. I tried setting my memory timings you suggested. The first game I went into it full on froze instead of just a 5-20 second hang up. That's the first time it has ever froze like that.
  14. I believe it also happened when I had it set to 2133. I might have found the problem. MSI Afterburner is showing some pretty high usage on my GPU. Should it really be using 100% of my GPU at times?
  15. What I find weird is that if I enable the game boost feature in the BIOS my VID considerably goes down even though my cpu goes up to 3.6MHz