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  1. Same issue after a clean install and drivers being downloaded. Tried with default timings for the ram and it defaults to what speed you asked me to try out. I just enabled xmp in the bios and am now running it on profile 1 at 2933 with 16-18-18-36 timings (profile 2 is 3200 and doesn't post.) Could me not using Samsung b die chips cause any freezing problems? It seems unlikely but Ryzen is known to work better and be able to run at higher ram clocks with them. Hynix by what I've heard are near impossible to get to run at 3200 atm(and possibly in the foreseeable future) I'm hoping it doesn't freeze up with xmp enabled but I'll keep you updated
  2. Currently in the middle of a clean install. Installed win 10 and the chipset driver but then I had to go to work. When I get off in 5 hours I'll finish the rest of the drivers I'll test and see if any things changed. If not then I'll see what changing ram timings/speeds influences. Do I need just the chipset, Ethernet, sound, and gpu drivers or anything else as well?
  3. I tried setting my memory timings you suggested. The first game I went into it full on froze instead of just a 5-20 second hang up. That's the first time it has ever froze like that.
  4. I believe it also happened when I had it set to 2133. I might have found the problem. MSI Afterburner is showing some pretty high usage on my GPU. Should it really be using 100% of my GPU at times?
  5. What I find weird is that if I enable the game boost feature in the BIOS my VID considerably goes down even though my cpu goes up to 3.6MHz
  6. I haven't had the time to try it yet but I should be able to try it tomorrow. My mounting kit for the cryorig h7 came in today as well so I'll install that tomorrow and then reinstall windows
  7. Random question since I don't know much about this stuff. Could the gpu heat effect the freezing at all if it's located like a centimeter above the b350 chipset on the board? The gpu fans don't run at all until the gpu reaches 60 Celsius(or 70, I'm unsure on that part) Would the constant heat coming from the gpu heat sink have that effect or not?
  8. I was wrong, I still keep freezing, although it seems to be way less often now.
  9. I tried unplugging it all. The issues seem to occur when I'm using the internet and not when I'm opening anything when not using it(makes sense since it froze when being connected to online games, streaming music through iTunes, and when I had the internet open.) Although I could be wrong and haven't really tried opening/using anything that tends to freeze it while testing offline. I've tried redownloading the network drivers, using a different network cable, using a different port on my modem, and restarting modem just in case it was any of those. It seems to have worked. I think when I installed the driver something may have caused it to mess up then, definitely something network related. The issue seems fixed after reinstalling drivers. Could it be because I installed that first over any other drivers on the pc that it messed it up somehow? After that I've plugged the peripherals into the back and still haven't experienced any further problems. Thankfully it looks like the i/o shield didn't cause problems to the motherboard. Edit: I've also looked into the 1.55 VID and it seems like there's a few Reddit posts about it and it seems like their Ryzen also shows that on hwinfo
  10. I still have the freezing problems. I don't think it helped much, if at all. Although I did notice that as I played more matches the freezing issue seemed to be less pronounced(this behavior happened before and after changing vcore ) I also noticed that the VDD current went up quite a bit at times. Is it normal for it to go up to 41.67 A while gaming and 69.882 A when doing a stress test? Here's the voltages both while gaming and while performing another stress test Theres also the case of the sixth core showing a bigger spike sometimes when it freezes while in tanks(noticed it once will keep monitoring to see if its the norm.) http://imgur.com/a/djF5a
  11. Yeah I powered it on and then I realized the problem about a day later. Does this mean I may need to possibly replace the motherboard or will it be good once I lower the vcore, etc? @Folterknecht I put the Vcore down to 1.3 and the max with prime95 was 1.296, although the min was higher at 1.288. The VID is still at 1.55 Should I attempt to get it even lower now or what's next?
  12. I'll change it and see what happens when I get home in an hour or so. However I think I might know what messed up the voltages, etc now that I think about it. When I installed my i/o shield I messed up with it and only noticed when I tried to put in my network cable. A couple of the metallic pieces from the shield weren't in the right spot and one of them was in a USB 3.1 slot with the other being in the network spot. Maybe that caused a short or something with the USB slot and the bios to change the voltages to something higher than it needed to be at when I first booted it?
  13. 1&2. Pic included of temps, etc after 2-3 minutes of a prime95 stress test running 3. Yes its stock 3.2 frequency with boost up to 3.6(even under load it only boosts to 3.39 max) 4. The 95W AMD Wraith Spire cooler that came with it. Using NXZT S340 Case(both case fans plugged into PSU instead of motherboard) 5. I may have a fan from my old pc lying around would have to check. Also note: PSU is running on hybrid mode where it's fan doesn't continuously spin. Seasonic SS-650KM. Same thing with GPU. link to case pic and voltages/temps: http://imgur.com/a/i4s5x Edit: The only things I've changed in the BIOS would be my Memory speed and timings. That's currently running at 2666 and 16-18-18-36
  14. Downloaded and it looks like theres 2 things that seem to happen. 1. When I load into a game the I/O spikes up a lot(I assume that's fine and that's just because we're loading in, etc) 2. When the hangs happen it looks like the CPU completely disregards any running applications and reduces its usage to 1-2% with the largest process being audiodg.exe unless I'm streaming while it shuts off and then its amddvr at ~1.5% and the total cpu usage being 3-4%. Two pictures attached showing the drop in CPU usage with imgur since file size is too big. It looks like instead of using too many resources the CPU doesn't use much of anything. http://imgur.com/a/6YYwV
  15. I also noticed a sound issue while testing out tanks again. The sound issue can be heard from 4 minutes into this video and then it fixes itself 11 seconds later. The freezing also once again happens during the last 20 seconds. Would the sound issue signify that it's a driver problem? Here is the link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/137034900