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  1. Quickybaby still sponsored by G2A lul 

    1. PityFool


      Lmao, not surprised.

    2. Gr1nch_1


      Dunno if you guys saw it but looks like he uploaded video where he won by capping. 

      Incoming fastcap games i guess :/

  2. thanks for the warning
  3. Lion is the one that does the shooting, I'm the one that doesn't.
  4. Your problem is that you still play world of tanks
  5. @Zinn
  6. I don't even play this game anymore
  7. So, People still play World of Tanks?
  8. good work, you can still refund.
  9. It will happen eventually, I hope.
  10. So, how is Suicide Squad?

    1. Tarski


      Fun. Good enough to be worth seeing once. Adequate. 

      It has the kinds of downsides you might expect from a DC superhero ensemble movie.

      • "grim" lighting so dark the action occasionally becomes indistinct
      •  a poorly motivated villain
      • character development hamstrung by the number of characters vs. the time limit
      • no in-movie description of most superpowers and the threats they face, so that lots of action doesn't make much sense without a comic book background
      • demigods do battle while mortals are reduced to scenery, life is cheap, we're supposed to feel sorry for a character being separated from their child while they thoughtlessly orphan hundreds of other children, etc. 


    2. KenadianCSJ


      It's mediocre. Not a train wreck, but not good in the least. Slightly less disappointing than Superman vs. Batman. Watch Assault on Arkham if you want a good Suicide Squad movie.

    3. Wanderjar


      +1 to both of these replies.

  11. Google does it on its one
  12. Well, they are not wrong.