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  1. Adding an OP premium tank is a sin. As if it is not enough, added tank is an anime tank, so it adds to the insult. I think I should sell all of my tanks including premiums and just leave 2-3 handful tanks for fun and play once a week.
  2. Skorpion has the worst 0,29 accuracy I have ever seen
  3. 0,19/0,19/0,15 is not good gun handling
  4. Burn some crew xp reserves (or wait for usual crew xp bonus weekends) to get 6th sense ASAP. The rest will slowly accumulate as you play. This tank can be best tank with a potato crew as accuracy, penetration and gun handling values are excellent.
  5. some of my tanks have 4k wn8, some others 1k wn8. I am the same player.
  6. can someone explain me what is difference between 0.4 and 0.3 accuracy?

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    2. CarbonWard


      accuracy is the radius(r) of your aim circle, so 0.3 would mean the aim circle, when fully closed, would have a SA of 0.28 meters at 100  meters, while 0.4 would have 0.51 meters at 100 meters.

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      check out carbonward  tryharding status updates grinding for that 3rd mark @forums


    4. favorius


      So when I shoot 400 meters, it will deviate maximum 1.12 meters.

      Which is a ****** lie! Also even worse is, the tank i aim is larger than my reticle, yet when i shoot (fully aimed) no hits, not even a bounce. ffs where my shell goes?

      WG completely finished sniping. Pick a defender and brawl comrade da.

  7. I have %30 discount from WG. Last 3 days. How to use it best? I already purchased 30k gold with %15 discount. I liked T9 swedish TD, should I buy Strv S1?

  8. When I try to play the game, take some unusual spot, move forward, try to support best heavy tank (and etc.) I die horribly, maybe dealing 2 shot worth of damage. When I camp at the base like a noob I deal handsome damage but boring af.
  9. Playing UDES. Hits cupola of T110E4 at 450 meters. Memories of 2013 recalled. A single teardrop flows over cheeks. Damn accuracy changes.

    1. favorius


      a single teardrop can only flow over one cheek, i am correcting.

  10. Finished grinding by spending reserves so the torture was shorter. Only good things are speed and camo values. Rest is absolute trash.
  11. Team melting in 2.5 minutes.

  12. Nerf idea for arty:

    Make siege mode mandatory for arty!

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    2. Hellsfog


      This is actually not a bad idea at all.  I like the 10 sec transition too.  WG won't do it.

    3. Dodge94HUN


      IMHO with this change arty is bearable. Siege and/or real bad camo would still be a good idea, but if this arty stays, I might go more than 2 weeks without chatbann.

    4. leggasiini


      They also should give them invisible hitbox in front of gun so they can only splash themselves :trollface: 

  13. playing swedish td without 6th sense is AIDS+cancer

    1. Matross


      Just wait for the Ikea returns department female voice's, then, the real cancer will come. 


  14. Anyone tested S-51 in 9.18? I have a bad feeling about this.

    1. Android25


      Yes. The big gun is pretty useless imo but the little gun makes the tank feel like the 261 pre-patch with the damage of post patch.

  15. This is now the best T6 LT right?