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      So as some of you may know, today a bug on CloudFlare's proxy service was revealed that caused random data that passed through CloudFlare to leak on request. CloudFlare is a service used by the WoTLabs Forum to set up DNS for the whole domain and cache information in order to reduce the load on our own servers. With this bug, people could potentially get random bits of data that happened to be passing through CloudFlare at the time of the request. So far there is no known public leak of any data originating from WoTLabs. Since this attack could only get random data, it can't be targeted at any website in particular, so the chances of a single website having significant data leaked is small. Even so, I ask that you change your passwords just in case. Better safe than sorry.


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  1. ITS HAPPENING! TOMORROW NIGHT! 5Line Community Night! Saturday Night Feb 25th from 8 pm est to 10 pm 1250 Gold up for grabs, event will be live streamed as well... come out and kill your favorite 5Line members! Events include: BT7 Races, Hunting Snowdude and many more! Twitch Streams of Event: www.twitch.tv/RNGunderscore www.twitch.tv/snowdude21325 www.twitch.tv/insurgus
  2. hmm...after long consideration....
  3. ITS STILL HAPPENING! 5Line Community Night Saturday Night Feb 25th from 8 pm est to 10 pm 1250 Gold up for grabs...come on out and kill Snowdude or your favourite 5Line member. Lots of activities like BT7 races and hunting Snowdude...will be live-streamed as well if you cant make it but still want to hurl verbal abuse at 5Line...were here for you! Twitch Streams of Event: www.twitch.tv/RNGunderscore www.twitch.tv/snowdude21325 www.twitch.tv/insurgus
  4. ITS SORTA KINDA STILL HAPPENING! 5Line Community Night has been "POSTPONED" IT'S HAPPENING~! NEW DATE: Saturday Night Feb 25th from 8 pm est to 10 pm Hey all due to REAL LIFE issues...5Line community night has been moved to Feb 25th...sorry but stuff happens. As a consolation prize i will make myself available this weekend Feb 18th from 8pm to 10 pm for TKs in training room. So while there's no gold this weekend you can take your frustrations out on me!
  5. Ya my bad...found a pic of you from the last Minion Alumni game. you STILL GOT IT mate! Once a minion always a minion... just like herpes.
  6. Oh..i see...a couple of MM alumni comedians eh? Don't encourage former Minions Dirty...you should know this....you're one of them! And if you dont get a KV2 soon... its off to the 5Line Former M--M member Corner of SHAME and Bad Feelz! with you!
  7. Maybe... but you'll have to answer the "skill testing question". How many Kv2s do you have in your garage? If your answer is anything less than one...then you are: Excluded and Banished to the 5Line Former M--M member Corner of SHAME and bad feelz! Its a long and exclusive list...though at least the corner is tastefully decorated.
  8. Dont forget to bring all HE...cause it always does damage...well not if its a small calibre...fortunately KV2 is a discriminating Tank...and only fires the highest quality 153mm High Explosive! See you there mate! 5Line Community Night is HAPPENING~! Saturday Night Feb 18th from 8 pm est to 10 pm 1250 GOLD up for grabs!
  9. ITS HAPPENING! 5Line Community Night is HAPPENING~! Saturday Night Feb 18th from 8 pm est to 10 pm Wtf is 5Line Community Night Hanz? Glad you asked voices in my head! 5Line community is for everyone: Current, past members, friends and people just curious about what 5Line is all about! Were all getting together to do play some grab-ass, poke fun at each other and shoot Snowdude all night. But whats in it for me Hanz? Well other than the chance to shoot Snowdude, one person each community night will win 1250 gold! No not that useless real gold but 1250 straight from the gulags in Minsk! What we will do? Depending on the night we will do a variety of silly activities such as: Nuclear Platoon Drop-ins SH Legionnaire Foolery (aka Drown all ARTY) but for this first night we will be doing training room shenanigans like: BT7 races KV-2s hunt the Ru (aka murder Snowdude) E100s hunt the T49 (aka kill murder Snowdude) And a crap load of more ways to take your frustrations out on Snowdude! All of the Community nights will be streamed so if you cant make it...feel free to pop-in and hurl verbal abuse at your favorite 5Line member, I'd suggest Insurgus but feel free to pick your favorite. The 1250 gold prize will go to the player we vote as the most 5Line-ish (just kill snow its really what this clan is all about) One note of caution...5Line is an adult (by age anyway) clan so TS will be full of age inappropriate language. So if your date with the Palm sisters falls through, or you're just a little 5Line "curious" come on out this Feb 18th.... Ill leave this video here so you have some idea of the type of "fun" 5Line likes to have. Here's a T8 5Line battle from the other teams perspective, you'll note we focus on whats really important! Watch this thread for further details as the day approaches!
  10. Thanks for the carry on the first one...your new name shall be "SnowClutch21325_42". Which is a heck of a lot better than some of the other "snow names" that appeared on TS last night.. its cause we love ya...honestly.
  11. Do you really want to miss this kinda 5Line SH ACTION? No.... no you do not.. Thanks to NTB for being good sports about it!
  12. Ya this ship is frustrating to me: Strong guns, AP and HE really great, good mobility and rudder shift., but made of cits, and spotted from the moon. I have found as long as you are not spotted, its great..but it literally can be cit from almost any angle. Getting hit even once by any BB can send you home in a single salvo...and i dont mean side on eating 8 shots..i mean being hit at any angle. If you look at server stats for this ship..they are pretty much 1/2 damage of the other T7 CAs, its not because of its guns which are some of the best, its that it simply cant take a hit without giving up a cit. Its in some serious need of some love...mostly just give it normal concealment and it would improve it 175%..but its citadel needs looking at ...as its far too weak for a ship at this tier. Recently added concealment expert to Cap'n and thats helped a ton..but its a ship that really only works if you dont get hit. Even when using its great mobility and matrix dodging shells...even one hit can send you back to port. I'm sure better players can make it work..but for me..its not enjoyable to play at all and is a real grind to get through. Just unlocked Moyoko and its 10,000 times better in every single way. Feels like maybe the Pepsi was uptiered? I think i read something about that.. Meh..there are usually a few dogs in a line..hoping this was it for USN CAs...?
  13. I explained that mate... ...we were just making sure our guns were zeroed at start so we all had to pick a point... it was totally coincidental that the point was the back of your turret...I swear.
  14. Yeah mate, really enjoyed this game...highly addictive but the one down side is that there is a bit of a learning curve you need to reach before the game really gets good...at first you'll literally have no idea how to build anything and the tutorial is far too basic ... But watch a couple vids and read some reddit posts and you'll be cracking out to this game all night. Game strongly appeals to anyone with OCD as the try to design the perfect factory to take raw materials into final products without you having to do anything is a very addictive circle! Definitely a game you can get lost in..but as you mentioned there really isnt much "end game"...its more about base building. Been cracking out to Rimworld recently..which is different but has a strong base build/people management side to it.