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  1. turning into our Discord channel in here!
  2. you still did well mate..but could have been a monstrous game ..seeing as we were playing side by each i saw the misses...and you aren't the type to miss a VKb from 20 feet... Though i appreciated you saving the damages for me...
  3. that really sucks mate...probably explained that T-54 game too.. will be on again tonight if you want to give it another try....?
  4. lol..ya that was insane...apparently you're not alone....all good mate! Did it ever settle down for you later?
  5. At MIT its not all learning and tank school..its also kickin butt and taking names. Great replay by WIKD and Sgt. King Gunner BIA, 9 kills, 3k + damage each! http://wotreplays.com/site/3217808#windstorm-sgt_king_gunner-is-6 come get sum!
  6. Great night of stronks last night guys...think we were about 90% WR... Not sure what was better: One of our own getting the 1 hr ban for repeated "close fire support" of team-mates.. Or when Tomhwk who was a legionnaire confessed that he might have unknowingly been firing only HE in his Scorpion...and was wondering why his RNG was so poor. Either way you really cant beat a 5Line SH... Want in on this action? 1850 Recents, not being a douche and sense of humour is all you need! Oh and you might need to have some patience with Insurgus...hes our special needs player.
  7. Hanz like just fine... and getting Gal in any SH is the best...shes one of the few people that when the caller says PUSH! She actually pushes! One of those rare ones! That time were starting some mentoring and we literally just jumped on TS and said "hi" to each other and we were dragged unceremoniously into a T8 SH...lol. you know...? 5Line style! Next time were in!
  8. Don't worry about it Dirty...i probably should have let you know..but we generally dont take SH too seriously...CW definitely..but our T6 SH meta is KV2s for the giggles and team bonding. Though normally we still win most games... must have been cause i was absent...as im kinda the greatest Kv2 player on the server (in my own head) All good mate!
  9. Who me? make fun of our illustrious leader? Never, instead i give you insugrus and snow dude conducting high level 5Line bidness.
  10. you can do better!
  11. What its like to listen to 5Line TS when Insurgus is calling: TRIGGERED!
  12. Were happy to have you Dirty! Glad you checked us out! Our SH is legendary! ONE OF US! Interested? Requirements: Don't be a douche. 1850 recent 54% recent > 200 battles in the past 30 days Have a working microphone Have KV2 (or at least acknowledge its superiority) Were a gaming community as well as a WOT clan so lots of people online to play BF1, PayDay2 or DOTA if you dont have enough cancer in your life. Check us out.
  13. Let me put it this way... We did about 4 hrs of T8 and T6 SH...when we did T6? Nuthin but Kv2s!! Oh and one Su100 cause someone was clearly a dissident didn't have one...? he dead now. TK #WorthIt and the creme de la creme was Insurgus playing the Russian national anthem over TS. Repeatedly... You could say...feelz like home FAM....
  14. True is does kinda make me want to invade liberate some eastern European state...and since our T6 SH Meta consists of KV2s en mass...it has it place...but its still too much power for Insurgus..
  15. Gotta say Insurgus with a sound board? ...i think were right at limits of the amount of power he can safely handle.. Unless every T8 SH should begin and end with the complete Russian National Anthem?