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  1. Ham_

    And the best MLG name is...

    Belittling other players- x1.5 If your name makes absolutely no sense- x1.5 Improper spelling- x2 "Im God shitlords, Concrete Cheese!!!"
  2. Ham_

    And the best MLG name is...

  3. Ham_

    Playing with a Purple on your team

    Supporting a unicum most the times is like how to lose a girlfriend, being clingy (In this case following and taking hits) is fcking annoying (since you dont know what they are thinking and you can just as easily get in the way by trying to help).
  4. Ham_

    Which tanks compare to the T-34's playstyle?

    Nah that was one session lol, 3 marks was like 50 battles in.
  5. Ham_

    Which tanks compare to the T-34's playstyle?

    Tbh, your gonna have a hard time finding a tank similar, since T-34 is actually ehh lacking any sort of major weakness.. Its just right. Check out RBS's video on it too. You see, T-34 is fast enough, agile enough, gun is just right, accurate, ok alpha for tier, fast reload, great APCR all while retaining enough armour to bounce some stuff. A-43, T-54, Cromwell, M7, Crusader all come close in their own way, but never just right, Albeit T-54 is superior tier for tier, its somewhat not the same. Run Vents/Rammer/GLD, no point in try hard vision control. Check out the spots per game for a indication of how aggressive I played. Also If I remember right 3 of those games were tier 7.
  6. Ham_

    TayTay's Q&A

    How be 46% pleyer?
  7. Ham_

    PC getting slow

    Would you be sure its not just feeling slow from you simply getting used to it working fast? Like if you drive a T-50-2 for 3 years straight you would eventually start feeling a bit slow just from being used to it. Or else; do you have a comparison to how it worked new? ie. fps running any app at all vs you running the same version now.
  8. Ham_

    So how many of you play zee coc

    Dont worry TEL u out of like every war
  9. Ham_

    So how many of you play zee coc

    Installed on phone Played for 2 days Uninstalled Thats enough other coc for me... Right arm muscle tone increased by 10
  10. Ham_

    So how many of you play zee coc

    Why u mek me google tet
  11. Ham_

    So how many of you play zee coc

    Well we kinda have a abundance of space. I dont think any one is getting kicked as long as we dont get 51 labbers