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  1. Funny post timing since there is at least 3 recent status updates roasting reddit
  2. HEAVYHIT120 Wz120G



    RAPIDTIGER Jagdtiger






    RELENTYPE62 Type 62


    DERAVAL Ravioli

    BUSTIS6 Is-6

    VERSAT26 T26E5

    QUIKKBULL Bulldog

    LORLETHAL Lorraine

  3. T-34-3 feels comfy as hell now, the major weaknesses supposed to balance the tank are marginal now, now you have a mobile, seriously armored medium with a punchy gun that isn't cancerous to play with. Borderline too good for a pmm tank.
  4. Ok to justify my shit poast: T26E4 can do 40km/h on flat ground now + armor buffs, the play style is about as retarded as a 268v4 Whats the one thing a 268v4 wishes it had? Black hole arty proof armor that can somehow absorb a Soviet 183mm shell from a SU-14-2 After my shit poast I played a game to prove my point: presenting you with the most 268v4 stat line possible 3.7k damage with 6 spots and 3.4k blocked in a tier 9 game because fucking speed demon
  5. T 2 6 E 4 S P E E D D E M O N
  6. 75 x5 xp missions on sale... Thats enough for 750,000 xp with boosters


    1. ZXrage


      What speed does it hold now post-buff? it used to be like 20-30

  8. Someone under cut me playing basketball, got an ankle sprain but some bone got ripped off in the process, no idea what its called but it fucking sucks

  9. Leave it to WG to put cover in the cap sites on province but not make them arty safe

    1. Zinn


      I can already see SerB laughing and being incredibly smug about doing this to people trying to win the game. "i'll create obiovus bait zones to make it even easier for arty to guess their postion! XAXAXAXAXAXA"

  10. Ham_

    What's Everyone Been Up To?

    Good old appealing to the lowest common denominator. See the difference is in games like cs:go, any silver shitter gets told to fuck off and play Minecraft, Valve actually talks to pros about map balance. World of tanks doesn't have skill based progression which means theres no proper hierarchy of insightful opinion. What I mean by this is that in CS:GO your end goal is to climb the epeen ladder. When a shitter wants to improve his epeen he values and repeats the insights of high epeen players, and thus maps are critiqued with a skill based point of view by most players, even scrublords, and people who have "this is too hard unfaiRrRr" views are easily disregarded as simply not being skillful. We have this to some effect in Wotlabs because we can see everyones skill level etc. On the official forums, however, all you see is a name and permanent ban because you pointed out someones opinion was retarded. The issue with that is, WG looks for feedback on the official forums not wotlabs so go figure who is going to be catered to.
  11. Ham_

    What's Everyone Been Up To?

    I'm doing general eng at the moment, no clue what to specialize in
  12. Ham_

    What's Everyone Been Up To?

    Remember to avoid the error of parallax when measuring epeen
  13. Kanon 105, same tank just with the Leopard 1 gun instead, 330 HEAT but I would rather play the 416 with real 330 HEAT

    1. hazzgar


      It's still bad. Low alpha, low hp, low armor, not amazing traverse. 

    2. tajj7


      Yep still bad

  14. Ham_

    Polish tanks wn8

    WN8 is XVM's job now, we offloaded our labour to some gulag in siberia where the intellectuals are forced to calculate WN8 all day, but WiFi is slow there, it takes time man.
  15. WG are trialing "flexible" premium account... CONSUMER FRIENDLY IDEAS WHAT IS THIS JOKE

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Hellsfog


      WG realized that they could sell more premium time.  This change does not effect every day players, WG still gets their money just as fast. Occasional players now have a reason to buy premium time so WG gets their money too.  

    3. Assassin7


      Hey thats a good thing either way frankly.

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      At the current listening to players vs. player loss rate we should get arty removed right about the time there are 5-10 people left on the server.