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  1. 13 57 or EVEN 90 worth it? On sale atm

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    2. Ham_


      This is the first time the vanilla version is being sold I think

    3. ikitai


      1357 is pure digital fun. I enjoy the Even too though.

    4. hazzgar


      @Ham_ you could get it before. I remember a few streamers 3 marking the vanila ones and making me feel less special about my 3 marking a few months ago

  2. WG has some quality memes lately this is amazing, this is to the left of your tank in garage. Anyone know the Russian? The deer is olen which is noob thats all I know. Also reference to /r/dragonsfuckingcars is brilliant.
  3. Just won a 2v7 in my Luchs with a Hummel in a tier 6 game with 0:08 on the clock. I think I can quit WoT happily now.

  4. Ham_

    Help me pimp out Obj. 430u

    Smooth ride improves dispersion on the move only by 0.01, kinda meh
  5. Fire extinguisher for sale. Expensive Come back noobs (олени - from modxvm - which is called оленемер). Top gun is mine ! (as if asking team to let you do 6th kill) I researched IS-4. Kolya Aaaaaarty!!! We were dancing under arty. Tickets??? Memes. (claw machine is above) Cockroach rules ! (E25) Borscht is not lit (RHM Borsig is named after Ukrainian soup). These are the Russian translations from reddit. There is a 257 cross-section blueprint with bullshit side armor, the WTF E100 is from the cartoons, La Cone is a AMX 40, S-51 is a sawed off shotgun parody. The dog house has TOOOOOOGGGGG in Korean beside it. Even WG are memeing the IS-4....
  6. Everyone going for 3 marks new Yasenkrasen shows MoE progress after battle beside wn8

    1. Errants


      Solo's has had that both after-battle and in-game for a few patches, now.

  7. Ham_

    1.1 Update

    They likely have a big balance update planned and will do it with the prem tank changes
  8. Ham_

    Help me pimp out Obj. 430u

    It isn't useless when you get rid of stun and then your loader gets creamed by another arty etc while on cool down. When you want to max out in every situation with that many crew skills, its worth having JoaT. Getting caught on a tank where every crew memeber is needed is not fun. OP: Always keep medkit, drop auto if running food. The whole disadvantage for such a big boost is the fire risk which is rare, and thats the balancing feature for food. Its a risk/reward consumable and you should think about it in a way that will your performance in most games make up for the loss in some. Also, always repair fuel tanks when running food.
  9. Curious what people think about this, most toxic thread in a long time but entertaining read none the less. Edit: Thread locked for being too toxic as I typed this.
  10. Except max camo on a Maus etc barely adds even one percent, when meds have 480 VR it doesnt help in the slightest when the most you can reduce their VR to is 460, Super Conq fares a bit better but still.
  11. Go for JoaT rest is good, heavies don't have as much importance on crews, throw food in when every you feel like it or want to max out.
  12. Ham_

    Help me pimp out Obj. 430u

    I think hes talking if you're running food. Fire directive and extinguishing is useless if you use auto, so is PM because most fires are fuel tank fires. Get JoaT for commander next because you don't play vision games as much as the other Russian meds. Gunner, retrain for a perk or pick armorer. Driver, always off road before CB, PM last because it is only for engine fires. Loader retrain for intuition if you like to switch to HEAT often or adrenaline rush just for the rare end game it comes in useful.
  13. Some dude on Reddit shared a replay and he idled and camped behind heavies for the whole game and and I pointed it out and said what he should have been doing and I shared two replays of constantly being active in the battle as a bottom tier and as a top tier, what do I get "stop bragging dickhead" :/

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    2. Ham_


      5 hours ago, Fabunil said:

      The T34-85 only gets overmatched on the rear armor, not the side/front ya pleb.

      It still is trash armor mind you but still.

      Yep lol thought it was 45/40/40

    3. Hellsfog


      I watched his replay. You are right he got lucky and can't count.

    4. 8_Hussars


      Unfortunately an all too typical response while highlighting the gap between those who want to improve and perform well and those who think they will get better by just playing.

      Kudos for doing a replay review!

  15. I think Never is only supporting NA at the moment so wheres the best place for us EU pubbies? So WoT Life is pretty good but there is no last 1000 battles only day/week/month. I don't know any site that does 1000 battles at the moment except for Noobmeter which is out of date. Wotstats has a recent WN8 here but I have no clue what it is in terms of battles/time if anybody knows.
  16. Ham_

    Best stat sites at the moment?

    Its a pity none of them look as sexy as wotlabs, props to never for that.
  17. Ham_

    Best stat sites at the moment?

    Tanks.gg has last 1000 battles thank god, and 24h stat is the same as recent wn8 on wotstats so thats what that is. Think ill use tanks.gg from now on.
  18. T5 is very competitive with the KV
  19. Will the 60TP be a CW tank or hard pubbie carrier to justify buying a 50TP? Won't bother if it doesn't change meta.

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    2. TheMarine0341


      I say maybe, but probably not. I think it'll be a great pub tank, but unless its a Type 5, Super Heavies just arent being used (VK72 an exception)

    3. mati_14


      The new tier 10 is pretty meh I'd say, there's no reason to pick it over a VK if you have one, hull is cheese for 340 HEAT, slow af, and shitty HEAT rounds that will struggle to deal with S. Conquer

    4. leggasiini


      HEAT is fine vs Sconq because all you need really is to have HEAT, no matter the pen, and you can just pen the cupola. Rest of the pennable places are pennable with AP, anyway, pretty much.

      60TP will be strong in pubs but with poor mobility, 317 HEAT and unreliable armor I fail to see it being relevant in CW. Like Marine already said, superheavies dont really have a place, unless its a Type 5 or maybe the VK. So a pure pubstomper it is.

      That gun feels so sweet, though

  20. Gotta get that maus yo
  21. Just wait until they make a good balance update, were fucked then
  22. To justify our investments*
  23. I have the icom disabled because clutter, note how the M12 on my team also hit me while screaming REEEEE and the M40 wouldn't have killed me otherwise. Thats why friendly arty must be removed.
  24. Just look at this shit, theres a reason they must be cleansed
  25. Skorpion G is my first waffle tank and Im struggling to beat 1.8k dpg, I have 2.4k in my other tier 8 td the ISU, pls someone help

    1. ArrogantWorms


      Distance and boosh is your frend. But lately I have found great enjoyment running full HE for the lols

    2. DirtyACE7


      I just roll with heavies or mediums when the situation calls for it. Just need to take extra care of yourself since you are made of wet toilet paper.