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  1. any news about the implementation of the new values to the website?
  2. WG reached the new low with these post-patch bugs. 9.20.1 was bad to say the least, but is a fucking joke... What a bunch of amateurs, amazing.

  3. I have a question regarding the spawn places on the Siegfried Line and it's the same for Bases 1 and 2. Sadly, I have only three screenshots, but believe me, every game is the same. Here are the screenshots: Why on earth do light tanks get a spawn place that is the furthest from the field area of the map, which makes them basically useless since you can't spot anything because you are 20-30 seconds late. What is the role of the scouts on this map? Can somebody explain me the logic behind this? I know they said that spawn places are random, but not once I got the spawn close so I can go and actually spot something. How do you play in this situation?
  4. Exactly like me. 14 done with honors, none of the 260 missions(and HT 15 fot T55A). Complete two more and apparently that would be enough to unlock 260.
  5. Turned on personal reserves yesterday, went on a little test: T6/7 Light and T9 HT,100% top tier, most of them with -2 MM, all on EU1. Too bad the teams were shit, so i gave up after 90 minutes. Good for DPG, bad for everything else... And yeah, i'm bad and i can't carry games
  6. Last patch totally wrecked the usual setups for tier 8, and as the upcoming event approaches, I'm wondering what are the tanks to use in tier 8 clan wars. Basically, T8 clan wars has become PayPal championship where all competitive tanks are the premium ones. What are the alternatives that are available in-game? IS-3 never gets old, but what about the rest of them? Which tank will replace the T-54 Lightweight? Considering arty damage nerf, are they still viable choice in cw? Maybe make a list of two/three best tanks per class (premium or non), so I can see where do I stand. I have old-school cw/esl tanks (IS-3, T32, Pershing etc), but it seems that they are obsolete now...
  7. Nope, i'm running torrents perfectly fine Everything is unrestricted,it's gotta be something else...
  8. WTF, i'm not going to run Ubunto to acces the wot forums Why does it matter koja firma je The connection is fine, everything opens normally..It happens only on WoT site + forum and on speedtest. I've cleaned the cache and all data, it didnt work as it should, then suddenly it was working until i've refreshed the website, now is all back to the shit it was before... kewl :/
  9. My work PC has some issues and I don't know what else to check... It's running Win 7 and I've installed Java (although I got message that it's not supported) plus new version of the Adobe Flash. I have the admin password. The problem is the same in all browsers (Mozilla, Chrome + IE if I have to). Here is the SS:
  10. I've found the expected values for VK 100.01, Wotlabs has WN8 data for my recent battles but when I search my per tank values, it's is not on the list... is it a bug or it also comes with 9.18?
  11. Well, it definitely is fun to play in tier 8.
  12. I've just finished the grind for the second time (because fck oyu WG), and I can tell you straight away that your biggest allies are experience reserves and your armor. It still gets quite a lot bounces. You are too slow, so flanking takes about 2 or 3 minutes The gun is in meh category, not bad but also not very good. There were times when I would miss three times in a row tank in brawling range. Premium shells are a must. Also, turn on assault and encounters, you can farm dank damages and spots in that modes. 3rd mark is around 1950-2000 so it's very achievable. Also be sure to know where are you going and who would you meet there, because you are so slow.... And yea, you have very little usable gun depression.
  13. nisam, imam net preko moba, 6GB paket al jebote da mi se tako krene kreveljit u partiji, stero bi ga u pm, jbt iss, koji invalid.
  14. btk, onda ti ni ne treba klan
  15. ma joj, poslao mi neki dan poziv u klan, jbt komedija živa. i još mi kopira dvije iste poruke u različito vrijeme... pa jebote c/p, sad namjerno necu u klan