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    info about 15v15 match FAME vs KOPM2 if anyone is interested

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    2. DirtyACE7


      Yeah that's true. Straik does seem like he is just burned out big time.

    3. Kolni


      That said FC_DYNAMO and rulez1k weren't exactly doing well last season on NA where they expected to stomp everyone, not sure I agree with those picks. 

      FAME player pick looks as good as it can get, and very similar to the roster that beat UNITY last year anyway

    4. DirtyACE7


      Oh really? FC_DYNAMO played on the NA server? Is there a video or stream of this? Why didn't they do so well?

      Also, how about MERCY, another top clan from RU? They have some incredible players too like Stanlock.

  2. creator31

    9.19.1 - The Great Russian Rebalance^TM

    RU tank buffs


    silver match vs nmr2 and this happend MingLee


    we won 5-2 in the end

    1. TheMarine0341



      You guys got practice accounts and could stream your own battles. NA, we had to use our own accounts and if we were caught streaming, we forfeited said battles

    2. creator31
  4. creator31

    Which Mods for a purist?

  5. creator31

    E-Penis Enlargement and how its bad for w/r

    dafuq is this aaveq get gud and do dmg and win
  6. i'll fuck you aaveq and siimcy
  7. @aaveq @Siimcy nice recents bots
  8. I think schockisch might be the one learning from shishx
  9. creator31

    Expected Values Updated to v29

    Hm is all i have to say