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  1. Ignore XVM - you will tend to (and obviously have been) giving away more of your personal tactical advantage than gaining. Trying to focus down a skilled player will rarely work - they will expect it, will not give you anything decent to shoot at or will just head somewhere else if you do manage to tilt the area in your favor. The tactics which beat skilled players will beat everybody - map control, vision control, early-game area denial and effective force concentration are very difficult to counter. In some cases, you will be at a vehicle, team, map or skill disadvantage which will lead you to lose by failing to accomplish these objectives. However, if you give these up willingly to try and play "whak'a'purple" you are going to be in for even worse of a steamroll. I always assumed that I had a skill edge over anyone on the enemy team, and tried my best to dictate the battle in the way my vehicle and the map/team composition suggested was optimal. Sometimes it wouldn't work - somebody besides you has to be doing something with their tank. There were a few map/tank/team combinations (especially in a 3 man platoon) where you could basically do it all yourself, but most of those have either been patched out by well-deserved nerfs (M4 derp anyone?) or are rare enough to not affect statistics. TL:DR, uninstall XVM, play better as a result - It worked for me. Note I am retired from tanking (playing WOWS), so if I am dating myself then laugh at the old man yelling at a cloud.
  2. I think the current WTR is using raw win rate in a ship, so by default divisioning can pad it while all other stats seem equal. However, besides this everything is per-ship so role changes won't be a big issue. Things like tanking damage, capture/defense and spotting damage should really be included as well, but they are not at the moment. The WTR system can be improved, but it is the best I have found out there as a currently existing stat metric.
  3. Have you tried to correlate your win rate fluctuations (and potentially DPG and XPG using a finer scale) to a weekly or diurnal cycle? Theoretically, both of these factors will influence the playerbase and therefore the relationship between individual statistics and win rate. The playerbase may not necessarily be worse at any point, but it would not take a huge shift in metagame or population to have the slight effects you are observing. I would personally do a frequency domain decomposition of your moving-average (say 1000 game) win rate, checking if any statistically significant periodicity does exist. It is quite possible that random chance is sufficient to explain everything. You could also just get fatigued and play worse (or more farmer-like) then usual once a week or so, I distinctly remember having days when I played like a shitlord and other days where I would make Kewei complain that I was stealing his damage. Stick with it and it will even out over time - you are well above average already, with nothing to be ashamed of.
  4. You can pad any metric in existence - through long experience I know that your own personal evaluation of your play is more important than any number you can come up with. Are you happy with your skill progression within WoWS, WoT or anything else? Answer that based on your own experience and it's "smooth sailing/steaming ( and maybe even streaming if that's your thing!)
  5. I'll be back tomorrow to sink ships and take names, or at least get a few pens before being detonated by a torpedo. To be fair, my learning curve is shorter than most due to my 35k games in tanks. I'm nowhere near my stats in WoT yet. I always did manage to pull off carries once in awhile even before I knew what I was doing - my style leads to high risk but high reward, gradually exhibiting a higher success frequency as I got more experience. It's much harder to be a positive influence consistently than to luck into a 3k base game.
  6. I'm still at the stage where I shoot whoever I can while trying not to get deleted Omaha is not an E-50! I Keep forgetting that.
  7. I am not sure how accurate the WTR system is, but it does appear to do some normalization based on ship and tier. It has me as a low level smurf, which seems about right. I tend to either play purple or red depending on if I overextend/get torped, often due to being new to the maps. It is not complete BS, but likely worse than WN8 for tanks. Capping and defence will be heavily ship based.
  8. WN9 has my old stats as a shitlord - although apparently I played pretty bad tanks.
  9. These guys are cool - they were willing to help an old tanks veteran like me adjust to intentionally driving through water. Even slummed at low tiers when I broke out the ww1 era boats. Even if they have no space (or you are a low tier seal like me) join their discord and have good times while driving boats into islands.
  10. High Floor, Low Ceiling glass cannon autoloader trash is NOT the direction WoT should be heading in. I played assault waffentrager just to protest the mechanics. I'm going to stick to WoWS.
  11. Doesn't it extend significantly higher under a turret?
  12. Shooting battleships with superfiring turret pairs from close range, Aim under them for barbette citadels, or stick to waterline under the superstructure? Does it vary based on the ship?
  13. No, based on color those are deep purples who also happen to be assholes.
  14. Hey, sometimes a maus was brought to block a bridge or something!