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  1. stewiejp

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    Not just NA.....
  2. From memory EU simply said they have "no plans" ---- "for now" - which tells me it'll be for sale again, they just wanted to gauge player response first. Hype 59 will be next, though arguably that was sold via the Christmas boxes already.
  3. Mate of mine lives in Japan and says "Auto" certainly does log him onto AU - he says the difference is negligible. Suits him as his mates he platoons with are in Aus.
  4. "you" often gets censored in general as well as clan chat - no idea why.
  5. Yes looking forward to grabbing this one myself!
  6. The merger of the east and west NA server to the central one in Chicago = worse ping for some so a move to Asia may benefit players who were 50/50 either way (NA West vs Singapore) - but now Singapore is the closer option.
  7. stewiejp

    9.20.1 Personal Missions

    My thoughts exactly, Personal Missions 2.0 coming soon - it has been mentioned on and off for about a year and I'd guess WG are tossing up whether to make it exclusive to Obj260 owners, or make it an option to give up on Personal Missions 1 to go for it - time will tell.
  8. LOL - believe it or not I get that a bit with the jp - nobody believe's it's just my initials...
  9. stewiejp

    War Bonds Calculation for tier X

    It is the same - couldn't find that info written anywhere in patch notes but last night and tonight the earning of bonds in all Tier 10 games were the same as what was said above.
  10. cos stealing all his damage makes me a dog...
  11. Naming and Shaming myself for playing arty.... now I never have to again unless they re introduce new missions
  12. Yes the infrastructure is the same but if the ISP does not purchase enough bandwidth from NBN then speeds are definitely affected as they throttle customers to limit the amount used. A friend of mine works for an ISP which has started doing this some time ago when they merged were taken over by TPG and he tells me the customer complaints have gone through the roof. I imagine distance from the exchange (just like with ADSL) could be a factor as well as the type of NBN installed (Fibre to the Home, Node or HSC - unfortunately this option is not up to the customer). As a customer, however you do have rights and if the ISP is not living up to their end of the bargain, then you are not obliged to continue to do business with them, regardless if you are on a 2 year contract or whatever. The Telecommunications Ombudsman is fantastic in this regard - even though the projected speeds have the preface "up to" before their advertised speeds, it is reasonable to expect a certain level of service especially if you are paying for it. Fear not - when it works well it is awesome!
  13. I guess it depends on the area. I went the 100/40 plan when NBN became available in my area in May and I check the speedtest reasonably often - and it's generally 97-98/37-39. Can't complain about that but there are horror stories out there. People I know have successfully stopped paying their bill while waiting for better results.
  14. hope you have your drinking pants on - Jimmy's a machine... whatever you do, no matter how tempting his offer can be - don't take off your pants. Trust me on this. On an unrelated note - I'll be in Brisbane around Sept 20th for about 5 nights, last time I caught up with WoT players up there I don't know what happened but the next morning I woke up with a broken tooth and a Mike Tyson tattoo on my face - lucky it came out in the wash... How the fuck that tiger got into my hotel room I will never know.
  15. That's gold lads, go easy on him though he's just a kid...