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  1. MagicalFlyingFox

    Tracking team WN8 over a series of matches

    >Be me >Be in surrounded by 5 other tanks that are lit >Get unspotted >Arty still tries to shoot me
  2. MagicalFlyingFox

    Dear Flying Elite

    Leave it up. I love my bi-annual DoPeY shitposts. He just can't stay away.
  3. MagicalFlyingFox

    SEA CW is ded

    Au Contraire, DoPeY. I was actually playing the clam wartz then, and not tier 6.
  4. This all started because he got pissy at bridgy(?) for TKing him even though it was Poli that put him out of his misery.
  5. MagicalFlyingFox

    O-I: Derp 2.0 - The Derpening

    Repairs is always important. 6th sense is still useful to know where tanks are in more open maps. Repairs is extremely important when arty tracks you in the open. It means you don't need to use your repair kit on your tracks after you poke because that's what you do a lot of because you can.
  6. MagicalFlyingFox

    O-I: Derp 2.0 - The Derpening

    O-Ni is a much more comfortable machine because its a fair bit quicker (compared to an O-I) and the tits are symmetrical and are directly in front so you can reliably put your gun down besides them. The O-Ho has asymmetrical tits which makes it near impossible to point your gun down on the left hand side. If you want to remain angled and point your gun down, do it on the right hand side. Its clunky as fuck if you need gun depression. Also, why derp guns are bad for the game: Not featured in screencap: Conq hit for 514 with HE.
  7. RUN are known to bot their accounts then play them to not get as XVM sniping and also so they don't have to grind tanks and creds for tourneys. This has been a thing forever. Still salty how they ruined an ANZ tourney by participating when the cable was sharked, mainly because they are HK based. Also they are pretty shitty.
  8. MagicalFlyingFox

    Buffed Preferential MM Premium 8s

    I would rather old WTF E100 than bobject. At least I could HE the WTF and ruin his day.
  9. If you want to name and shame players on the ASIA server, feel free to post on the ASIA server thread. Its probably more relevant than naming and shaming ASIA players on a predominately NA player frequented thread.
  10. I'll be honest. Most of my time on PBKAC TS has been doing nothing, watching anime or playing games that are not World of Tanks.
  11. Different strokes for different folks. I for one enjoy clicking too much.
  12. I guess drastic measures must be taken if you want to quit this hellhole for good.
  13. TFW people on WoT Reddit offer up the Panther 8.8 and CDC as viable tier 8 premiums. 

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      @lavawing not really, most Autistic people are extremely logically and mathematically bright, just lack social skills and can have sensory overload basically. 

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      @Assassin7 I don't include high-functioning autism when I use the term, I tend to refer to the bottom end of the spectrum where they are indeed developmentally, mentally disabled.