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  1. Oh. I probably had between 5-10k battles.
  2. now that's a damn shame. BOO WG GIVE MORE NUMBERS! Also how to make WNEzz an official stat?
  3. they probably called it the best. Because that is wrong, the Type is still the best.
  4. trees cut: 35805
  5. Tier 6 was pretty decent but its one of the shittier tier 6s having been neglected by WG. Its a decent support medium but the meta isn't good for support meds. Gun handles pretty good at the very least. Skipable but its not terrible so its also playable. Tier 7 is useless in tier 9, kinda ok maybe in tier 8 and a beast in tier 7. Its gigantic and doesn't really have armour but the 3 shot autoloader makes it quite fun to play honestly. Free exp modules on that but play it since it is rather unique. Its also not as slow as a building although it looks like one. Does some decent enough speed and is at the very least, mobile.
  6. (Dis)Honorable mention to -AKA- retard autoloaders who won the hill in sacred valley? (whatever that snowy map was called) and then refused to go back to base while it was in the middle of being overrun with 4 tanks holding them off until those 4 tanks died. And also blocking me from continuing onwards to kill a 220hp tank and getting me shot twice, then failing to clip out anything... Winning is hard.
  7. Well in my last game i had 1 go under the bridge in mountain pass from south spawn and die in the first minute doing 640 damage. A JPE follow him afterwards and do 900 damage with 2 kills while he was down there and then another 900 after he was the last tank alive and in their base.... Both Korean of course. And at least one of the 2 arty that drowned themselves after doing 0 damage were korean. As well as at least 1 of the other 3 tier 10s that did less than my 132 (E100 did 2.1k on the bridge. Grille did 800 then died. No idea where because he was in a stupid spot. Batchat did 540 before dying... Of course there were plenty of other examples in the 3 other games prior which contributed extremely to the loss but that was enough for me.
  8. Time to have that break in tanks. Fuck me korean server transferees are absolute fucking retards.
  9. Move lights 1 tier up??? They have the same MM range.... No changes necessary beyond that