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  1. Wargaming Decoration Gatcha, ASIA edition. Craft same Tier 5 decoration 5 times in a row, run out of shards to craft more, Can't finish 2nd decoration collection because i didn't get any decorations in my lootboxes. 

    Fucking. Stupid. Sleighs. 

  2. Its WG and its a soviet tank, so they'll probably give the gun the conquerer treatment and give it insane DPM and accuracy.
  3. Doesn't matter when you are >445m away
  4. Why are we assuming the waffle will get spotted early in the game? Don't they all just sit in the red line?
  5. Why? They cloned a model and fiddled with stats. Dumped in some sweeteners, and sold it. Not exactly much effort or money invested.
  6. Paint it blue.
  7. So i got myself a T-100LT. My god its so funny. So very very funny.
  8. My highest base is over 1900 how is this tank not OP
  9. Sigh, triggering sir brit is too easy. Can we have someone else to trigger?
  10. Threads PYRO has closed: 0 Threads Germi has closed: 3 Who wields the power over the mods?
  11. rip my PC. Looks like when I upgrade it will have to be CPU, GPU, PSU and SSD. FML Now that brings up the question, what CPU? reading through it, looks like the spectre fixes are causing the performance drop so does that mean older AMD cards are rip too?