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  1. Strangely... relevant.
  2. Doesn't matter when you're better than other tier 6 mediums and even heavies.
  3. Turns out there was only 1 tier 8 in that battle
  4. Hahaha what a retarded way to look at player performance. If they do that, just pad. They're asking for it. A clan with proper vetting will look at WN8 first to see if the player is worth looking into, then they'd see what tanks they play and how well they go in 10s. Then either accept, decline or platoon to judge how they play first hand. Win rate should be a higher priority anyway since low winrate high wn8 means selfish play and like fuck are you going to stay in any decent clan when you throw away CW games by playing selfishly.
  5. You guys are missing the best bit, direct from Wargaming! (shamelessly stolen)
  6. It gets 28 base camo value or something. Best in game. edit: 29.6 apparently
  7. This would be interesting, but with those settings, you'd need good upload speeds but the NBN isn't good enough for that. *sad laugh*
  8. Immigration is increasing our GDP, but its money laundering that's propping up housing. Gotta spend that dirty Chinese Yuan somewhere. Our laws are lax and the prices keep rising, so better place than any. Not helped by the "Fuck you, got mine" generation, adding to their investment portfolio. Also, good news, everyone?
  9. Pad any outlier in any tier and class. ggez WN8.
  10. Its true, gun is derpy as fuck, but like the WZ-120, its so much fun blapping things full speed on the move for 400. Plus, unlike the french and american bullshit guns, it does tend to go towards the enemy tank instead of veer away from it some games. Its very temperamental. Some games you will hit all the weakspots you shoot at even if you don't aim, then some games the gun decides to fuck you every which way and go for tracks for 0 damage or outright miss. Its part of the charm, makes you appreciate those mega games when the gun just works.
  11. Gun is shit, platform is meh. Emphasis on the gun being shit. Its fucking horrible.
  12. Don't forget about the T-44 ltwt, with the best camo values in game! Should probably make a separate thread for that but meh. T8 Pay2win wars. Now with the final nail in T8, a CW viable tier 8 LT.
  13. No. The tier 9 WZ LT is an abomination and no one asked for it. The tier 8 is better.
  14. For me it ended up something like this 2k is nailing most basic skills and knowing generally where to go and knowing that you can run away and push 2.5k is knowing where to go in most matchmaking situations and knowing where you can run away or push. 3k is the above, but maximising those positions and being aware enough to run away or knowing when to push where and when to be aggressive. Then its incremental improvements in positioning and aggressiveness. A bit oversimplified, but in general, being able to judge when to be passive, aggressive or to run as well as where to position yourself are the main differentials between the skill levels. 4k is when you're an even better judge of the above. My playstyle ended up more aggressive with the jump from 2k to 2.5k and onwards. My recents pretty much dropped when I spammed tier 8 prems for creds to maximise my credit income before my prem ran out. Don't play on tilt, that's bad. Also, protip. Statpad in tier 9. Its the most fun you'll have in the game nowadays.