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  1. "spamming reports of 'sarcasm'" Holy fuck this is amazing.
  2. Unfortunately for the asia server, it was the peak of the VN rigging.
  3. I have now been infected with AIDS, Ebola and have about 7 different types of cancer after reading this post. 6c47cf0b15.png

    What the fuck? 

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    2. Fulcrous


      Trying to use moderate words to spund intelligent xd.

    3. MacusFlash


      That guy has 100% single player game mentality. 

    4. DirtyACE7


      Jesus! I'd say you got a whole plethora of 1800's diseases.

  4. I use this one all the time. Its funny watching people get confused. Also naming and shaming Laserdisc for blaming good players on not being good enough. Its a team game so obviously we should shoulder the burden of all 14 teammates. We should obviously be doing all the damage in the entire game because we are 'good'. Can't complain and call out bad players for being bad because it ruins the safe-space that is team-chat. NO INSULTS ALLOWED. NO CALLING OUT LEMONS FOR BEING LEMONS.
  5. Puush is a much better host. well it used to be before they bundled it with stuff but i have the original installer still
  6. I should start posting the specials i see here but my PC has stupid gyazo and gyazo sucks.
  7. Have missions activated. Play game. Surprise at mission completion and enjoy the rewards OR Run out of prem, play for mission. OR Need a bit more free exp, play for mission A few of them aren't that hard even in the 260 set.
  8. That name sounds familiar
  9. The T-55A is a pretty tank and should exist in your garage for its looks. Don't bring it out often because there is no point.
  10. The 55A is also slower
  11. You get 7 for one of them, I think it was a Defender medal or something. Also has anyone else been noticed by other players? 2 or 3 times now I've has a player randomly go "Oh, its you again/ you're finally on my team" or something along those lines while playing.
  12. Premium account, depending on if i feel like it, a personal reserve as well. I generally run whatever i find fun and don't spam too much gold in, like the T-34-3 and M4 Rev currently. I really really like 390 alpha mediums. I rarely do need to grind credits though since i earn credits playing tier 9s and can also earn credits or at the very least break even playing tier 10. I have a Defender and T26E5 but I don't really find those tanks fun so I don't bring them out unless I'm doing doubles on all my premiums while grinding credits. I find that a good way for me to earn credits too with a booster, and usually settle back to the first 2 that I enjoy when I've run through most of my premiums.
  13. I wonder how many times I'll need to use the meme on the official forums
  14. Maus meta, WZ-111 1-5a and SuperConq meta. Mediums still fun. Fuck arty. Tier 8 is shit unless you buy yourself some very well balanced tanks like the totally not OP Lorraine 40t back at tier 8 where it was OP before, but now even better because 4 shot clip. Obj252U well balanced premium tier 9 with super good MM. (insert new tier 8 prem here) because its better than tech tree tank. Tier 9 is best tier to play, tier 10 is 2nd best. T-54 got a buffed turret and old good gun is derpy, old bad gun is not derpy. WG is gud @ balance. Oh, and most light tanks suck dick. They are fun to drive around in however. 13 90 is best french LT by far, WZ-132 is best china LT (got derpier) and accuracy is for noobs. Type 64 is OP as fuck too.