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  1. Nice. I play far too casually but i hang around plat. My mate is heading up to GM but his internet died for a while and he decayed down to 3000sr lol. Fuck the lootboxes piss me off. My last 5 have had an average of 2 duplicates and I'm only rank 118. Rank 118 after having the game for over 8 months so that should give an indication of how often i play.
  2. Back on topic, Moonbase is winning again. -WG (Paraphrased but none of this is an exaggeration) "I am a bad player, but you are pretty good. Lets say I was in a defender and you were in a TVP VTU. The TVP VTU isn't that great of a tank, but unless i get super lucky, you will kill me in the TVP. See? Balanced." Also -WG "Premium ammo is perfectly fine. You have to pay extra to use it, so its perfectly fine." -WG "We will not be pay to win. We design our premium tanks with balance in mind. The Chrysler K for example if you are in Himmelsdorf, oh wow you're going to have a game but not on open maps like Prokhorovka." Nice meme. They sure did address pay2win during the grand finals.
  3. what actually happened: Plat went through alley into cap on 2000+hp each. 1/3rd of the team tried to fight them (???) A few of us went hill and into enemy cap. Mauschen, 704, 13 105, arty all waiting. Enemy capped out with almost 10k hp advantage.
  4. No more fapping for you. Best time to learn how to be ambidextrous though. Also they guys on TS are really selling tanks to me. Sounds sooooo fun...
  5. Because i can't be assed playing the game anymore, here is a tier 8 prem screenie because I for one enjoy losing 4 of my crew in 2 shots in the first 2 minutes of the game... The only crew member that didn't die was the radioman. Thank god for reusable consumables. Arty can go fucking strangle themselves with their own umbilical chord. XVM sniping fucktard.
  6. Wait. Manic doesn't fit TIM reqs? Jesus christ. Fuck CW experience and not rubbish stats. Lets go for all the pubstars instead.
  7. Played some 9s. Ran into loudwave (literally). Joined loudwave for some 9s. Stopped playing for now. Few hours of prem left so probably not going to play much. GTA Online is more fun.
  8. All loading for me. Cupola is bloody huge and HE pennable (100mm or less). Flat bit on one side of the turret where its ~270 effective. Above the gun is shit with minimum 230mm. Other than that 350+mm effective with over 1k zones Hull is shit except for on the cheeks where you get 280+mm. UFP flat effective is min 200 just above the weld. The weld itself is just over 90mm effective. HAH. 152mm guns overmatch sides.
  9. Well it doesn't matter when all you need is a gun that has HEAT. Also fuck the Maus and Type 5. Maus gun buffs and Type 5 derp gun is just idiotic for the game. Who knew that buffing ALL the stats (bar mobility) on the Maus would make it such a monster. I for one enjoy it when i run into these matchups.
  10. Only reason its worth buying
  11. My grind was pretty easy with the 90mm on that. It has the meme over 3k DPM. you sure enjoy your WZ-132a
  12. If he was 44% that means he's really a 42%er. The gap between stats and actual skill level is slowly getting smaller. He probably was a 46%er.