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  1. Yea all the smaller ones don't do unlimited data on the NBN which sucks balls. Hell, Telstra doesn't either but fuck telstra anyway. They're scamming people with the NBN too saying they're 'locked into Telstra' and 'can't go elsewhere'. We were with TPG but they didn't offer a 50/12.5 back then so went with Optus for the same price. Not even achieving close to 50/12.5. Very peeved. Slowed down because copper congestion and inadequate CVC.
  2. Test server is supposed to be out after ASIA get their patch which is 4th of May. Sooo maybe the 5th?
  3. phone or internet? either way their customer service is trash so i avoid it as much as possible by doing shit online for my phone.
  4. on asia server there is no minicampaign planned afaik. This season was extended, then next season starts after a small break and next season has the tier 6 map removed. Apparently resources that would have been designing the campaign have been focusing on Strongholds, advances and the like.
  5. Using UDES as my comparison in siege mode tanks, i go to the train platform usually and hang around there with success. Here is an encounter replay You can also head into the field with some minor success Really though, you're mainly at the mercy of how your team go. If you can win the middle platform though you can get shots into the sides of the heavy brawl and if you win the field you can get the back of heavies. Your positions don't quite help the team too much. If you go to the platform and sit there, you will spot the enemies driving across to the field which is valuable information. You will also deny their mediums that position to shoot into the heavies in town. Then its a choice of going to the field or shooting up the heavies. The 0 line isn't really as important and you can go there later in the game. oh i don't haven't been on sacred valley yet in the udes so i can't really help there but i can tell you what I'd do. In sacred valley, especially that first replay, I'd have gone to the H7 area (i think) that allows you to spot the enemy tanks driving up. Go into siege and shoot across. It would have helped your team gauge how many tanks are there and they might have run or the enemy might have stopped enough for your team to gain an advantage. Sure the siege mode limits the tanks but it doesn't mean they should be played that far back considering you were useless until the enemies were on top of your team already. Also what equipment do you run? I run rammer/binos/net since camo > anything else personally.
  6. I was called a noob, and was pretty much the only person to keep us in the game in the first place. The last 2 tanks were a 1 shot kill.
  7. Luchs for absolute stupidity because its fucking broken as all hell. Leopard for less broken but still broken luchs WITH gun marks.
  8. 2 kamikazes in 2 games, both losses. One on arty and one in arty. Still a win. Kamikaze games are always a win.
  9. The T-54LT had slightly better mobility and much more armour that could bounce things compared to the WZ-132. The 132 had more camo and a better gun in every aspect as well as more base view range. The problem was that the differences in the gun and view range were far too small to outweigh the advantages of bouncing the odd shot and getting to positions slightly faster. In pubs though the WZ-132 will always shit on the T-54LT
  10. Well the WZ-111 was technically a CN server exclusive as well and that made its way over to our servers. Being a tier 10 though, i see it becoming more of a reward. Although I'm sure as hell wouldn't be sad if they put it as a regular tier 10 since it creates an excuse to play more WZ-1111111111111111111 1-4
  11. They've been announcing a new set of missions for ages so this might be the reward. They still have a few reward tanks lined up like the T95/Chieftain.