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  1. Just buy the Prius.
  2. The spread of a BB means that most of your shots are going to miss anyway. Plus auto-leading.
  3. Who gives a shit though when you've rammed the enemy to death?
  4. In more depressing news
  5. its not about how good or bad it is, its a matter of principle. If it goes on sale, its a sure-fire sign that you should stop investing irl money into the game if you haven't already.
  6. Yeah, badhouse and the TE guys have been saying this since the before the current season thingy.
  7. I'm happy with the baguette sherman thx
  8. WG bringing in sandbox changes, 1 at a time. Never mind the fact that the sandbox changes were generally shitty.
  9. better than making all your posts blue I need to have a shower now.
  10. fuck it, i'm going to shit stir vinneh edit: oh wait he joined wotlabs
  11. laserdisc pls you went full retard. never go full retard
  12. yeah but it also permits shit but not bullshit