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  1. Move lights 1 tier up??? They have the same MM range.... No changes necessary beyond that
  2. If you aren't running a lot of HESH on the 7/1 you are playing it wrong. Nothing is more enjoyable than getting 2k damage in 5 shots.
  3. 8 slots, 4 tanks to buy, 1 tank to sell. 6 tanks I may potentially buy, 3 i might sell, 2 i might rebuy. 83 tanks i own, 6 rentals i store crew in.
  4. was busy tanking my stats back to teal. On another note, ground out some nice creds playing pref 5s. I enjoyed topping my team on losses where the team throws games away against a single LeFH arty. Wouldn't have been so difficult but ASIA server is experiencing some monstrously bad server lag in the night time ever since the KR merger.
  5. I did it in the JPE dw mission made me teal. And the lag, oh god that lag made it bloody impossible to play well.
  6. By gad that thread is golden. Good job WG, mining the salt once again.
  7. No, Korea merger has seen an increase in arty. Pretty sure it was called before the merger that we would see an increase in clickers when the korea merger happens.
  8. HD maps are revisions of existing ones + HD. Two birds with one stone sort of thing. Whether or not the rebalanced maps are good or not is another thing entirely.
  9. -Blitz mode. Interesting. Very interesting. Viable kinda. -Low tier rebalance. I agree. Would much prefer a limited MM lower tier queue with a low tier complete rebalance with better guns and more hp. Low tier meta is weird. -old maps!!!!!! -HD MAPS!! yay. -MAP AWARE MM!!!! Liking those little changes which are going to make the game more fun and seems they're looking into fixing lower tiers among other things and are open to ideas.