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  1. Who gives a shit though when you've rammed the enemy to death?
  2. In more depressing news
  3. (Unvalidated) RHM soft stat changes - Turret rotation bloom from 0.115 to 0.096; - Bloom on the move from 0.173 to 0.134; - Bloom on traverse from 0.173 to 0.134; Also american LT change Bulldog has no autoloader anymore.
  4. its not about how good or bad it is, its a matter of principle. If it goes on sale, its a sure-fire sign that you should stop investing irl money into the game if you haven't already.
  5. Yeah, badhouse and the TE guys have been saying this since the before the current season thingy.
  6. I'm happy with the baguette sherman thx
  7. WG bringing in sandbox changes, 1 at a time. Never mind the fact that the sandbox changes were generally shitty.
  8. better than making all your posts blue I need to have a shower now.
  9. fuck it, i'm going to shit stir vinneh edit: oh wait he joined wotlabs
  10. laserdisc pls you went full retard. never go full retard
  11. yeah but it also permits shit but not bullshit
  12. god dammit siggy you forum arsehole
  13. PBKAC = Forums. The only goal of PBKAC as a clan is to transcend the forums itself into a higher plane of shitposting existence.
  14. super heavy baguettes* They couldn't bring them before though because 1-4 years probably would have been too soon. Might have rushed the release on that. Its fine to bring the defender though, that one was given enough time to be balanced correctly.
  15. Its turret is bloody hilarious, but the gun is trash-tier. Lag doesn't affect missing fully aimed shots at the side of stationary targets. Or bouncing a T-10 UFP from above. Its like a tier 9 LT at times. Thanks to NBN, I'm back to lagging whenever someone in the house starts streaming because COPPER!! My net speed has been slowly dropping too because Optus, CVC Pricing and the dickheads that wanted to support Foxtel more. Wow, the only person that shit talks from PBKAC now is Ezz. Everyone else has moved.
  16. Don't worry, it only took them over 5 years to almost bring the french single shot heavy line into the game.
  17. RIP Ferrari, 2017-2017


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      I really don’t like Alonso, but guy had such a good start and is clipped like last fool. Could have been very good race for him especially with half race on wet/damp track. Shame.

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      Giedo banter. 


  18. I thought you got the reward for the mission you skipped but not the honors reward. i.e. you technically complete the last mission, so you get your female crew and whatever they call that other thing that isn't an order but not the extra order because that is an honors reward. we could still be saying exactly the same thing here though.
  19. inactivity. In other news, holy fuck does the AMX 30 prot suffer from french gun syndrome. It hits 1/2 its shots and 1/2 the shots that hit actually pen.
  20. So, basically, do all the xx-15 missions before with honours and do MT-15 with honours on the 260 set and get yourself a 260.
  21. They specifically say it does carry.
  22. I almost came back this weekend to grind out the Batchat AP but the sharked cable ruined any chance of it
  23. At its worst, you'll be as close as you are now to the 260. At its best you can potentially skip a couple missions. Complete all the StuG missions and you have 5 to play with. Complete all the HTC missions and you have 10. If you missed 1 of the xx-15 missions in the HTC, you still have 5. 5 orders (1 set all complete with honours) means you can skip 1 xx-15 mission. 10 orders (2 sets complete with honours) means you can skip 3 xx-15 missions if you complete the other 2 with honours. 15 orders (3 sets complete with honours) means you can skip 4 xx-15 missions if you complete 1 with honours.