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  1. Those requirements are stupidly low :/
  2. Am looking to trade in the well worn T34 for a different T8 premium. I never drive it anymore even though i still find it adequate. 

    My choices are the AMX M4 49, Mod1, 112 and a few of the newer tech tree prems like the mutz and patton kr.

    I already have both wedges, Rev, 34-3 and IS-6 (lol) in the tech tree. 

  3. My highlight still has to be us trying to 2v1 the RU-251. I EVEN rammed it and we still couldn't kill it 660x2 is only 1340 after all. That ram only did about 35 damage so we were short 25
  4. Ezz is always up for the 2nd one. I rammed another ELC even while on more HP and died without the ram kill though Its like the 13 90 v Maus but with the EVEN, its v literally everything.
  5. T92 doesn't have the same "lol im still not lit" factor as the ELC EVEN. Also doesn't get the 660 spike which means its more consistent in doing damage but it feels a crap tonne more tedious in comparison.
  6. With a prem account, it sharts credits since you don't really need your gun. Plus the only reason to fire APCR is at moving targets at range since the AP velocity is trash but ideally you don't need to since sides and rear of things are fine with AP. I run food to and it clears the cost of food + gold shells for all games I've played.
  7. I just roll around in the ELC EVEN and end up with earning over a mil creds
  8. WG firmly stating that the Defender will "likely probably almost definitely" be on sale this month in ASIA server depsite the pants on head stupidity that comes with the tank and the fact that tier 8 CW is still a thing. 

    Good for balance, good for game, da!

    Have so much fun playing your tier 6s, 7s and 8s.

    1. lavawing


      Time to take my 2-marked Chrysler out for a drive

    2. sundanceHelix


      time to get ready my wallet for incoming hole

  9. If you're trying to 1v1 an LT that is not <660 hp, you're doing it wrong, are bad and should feel bad. Common sense stuff really. You have an autoloader so your engagements have to be dictated by your terms and given how fragile the even 90 is, it must always be dictated by you or you will get punished. Fortunately its freakishly small enough to be able to maneuver itself to be able to dictate its own terms most of the time. A T92 is not small enough nor does it have the 660 spike that makes the even unique.
  10. Oh man, the camo is great. You can be 250m away from another LT and still not be lit while in the open. In a bush, once they start getting to 130m away, you should probably hightail it outta there if you haven't already. Generally though you can tell when to run away since you have a good 30 seconds to react before they get to you. The gun is more for assassinating isolated things or semi-isolated things and spreading shots opportunistically which is really possible in it since you're freaking tiny and no one expects you to appear. They tend to miss you too as they try to autoaim.
  11. I could benefit a lot from this. The amount of times i play lights and not realise i can jump off this crest and take damage is too damn much
  12. Oh god, I bought one a few days ago, and its so small that it can get away with so much. You can get to places without getting lit because its smaller than the terrain, then pop up in a bush 300m away from the enemy and still not be seen. Watching them get confused when they get lit is hilarious, and then watching them get confused when they think they are unlit and get shot is even better. Its ability to dodge is also amazing, but my absolute favourite thing is getting yourself beside some tall heavies and watching them try to depress their gun to shoot you.
  13. 'bollocks' is censored in official forums. Shit still isn't
  14. Tier 10 Balance by R.Pubbie with <4k games and under 46% winrate.

    AKA why the Superconq totally needs a buff and the E5 is better than the Superconq.

    (i put it in a spoiler to not kill the status updates)




    come on that is not big .its only one shoot. decrease it by one shoot and its the same. =D

    do you not know? UK Heavy tanks got their ammo rack easily damage by a single shoot on their lower plate or sides.

    -better tank traverse -better turret traverse = better tank traverse and better turret traverse can help in changing targets quickly,shooting MT or LT that is spinning around you(if you know how to use it) and it also can help greatly in adjusting on the battlefield.

    -Smaller lower plate -Harder upper plate=  harder upper plate more chance to block and deflect premium bullets and smaller lower plate harder to hit.(check and see how small its lower plate is)


    what big is the difference of DPM between IS-4 and super conqueror.


     374 DMG is not even a single shoot came from s.conq and t10e5 would deal 400.


    i think You should understand what you are talking about before you start talking. 

    and what planet did you came from that 374 dmg is big? we are not talking about a tier V tank its X.


    Big words: You should understand what you are talking about before you start talking. 


    do you think your cool? no your are not. you are just are thinking you are too smart.

    i would not be blunt on you if you didn't put that last line.


    I know this tank is below mediocre but not on its are insisting that 374 dpm is big.

    (WG will buff it if needed)


    Atleast Fix Your Behavior First? =D

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      And he still has literally none of the tanks he talks about.



    3. Archaic_One


      but QB said so in a video dammit, it MUST be true

    4. hazzgar


      I love his logic which basically says that if you can't park your tank sideways and if your tank isn't immune to flanking it has bad armor. JESUS. How is weak side turret armor a big problem? 

  15. I might kit out the T49 when i get around to getting one
  16. The only time the TV is on Free to air television is at work, so I'm usually on my phone for the 15mins. Oh, right, forgot about the Cricket. I watch that on Free to air too, but unlike Channel 7, Channel Nien are pretty good with their ads, we actually get to watch (almost) every ball.
  17. He didn't do 0 damage, he did damage to you.
  18. THIS WEEK "Please. Leave. The. Table. This is unacceptable" IN AN EPISODE OF MKR YOU CAN'T MISS *Gasp* *Video of (fake) shocked people* SOMEONE. GETS. THROWN OUT OF THE TABLE. TONIGHTS EPISODE OF MKR, DON'T MISS IT.
  19. Ahhh Channel 7. Its fun having a side of Tennis with my Ads. Oh, he's already 40-love in the set after that ad break. Niice.
  20. I found a 100% bot the other day. The movements were super precise (hull movement and turret movement). It was cycling between 2 positions until it died. I need to get on my PC and put up a replay of it.
  21. Oh god, I do that with the UDES and find it hilarious. Must... resist...