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  1. But tier 9 is objectively the best tier right now and the Juan Juan Juan Juan Juan Juan Four is still one of the best tier 9 heavies. If anything it should be a sarcastic "Oh no, i have to keep grinding this thing? WHAT A SHAME...!" I wonder if it will get its reload nerfed and gun dep nerfed to -5. It should make it a fair bit more balanced than it is now.
  2. The difference is that the old Foch was much more fun to play and you can kill 2 tier 8s with your 3400 clip while they usually miss the shot at your cupolas because you've given them no time to react and they'd miss because old accuracy sigma. Also the problem with the Maus is that you can't do much unless you're directly beside it and hit the bits above the track or get behind it. But then it'll take you 50000 years to kill it and by then, the Maus will just run you over. Different kinds of helpless, but at least the old foch involved a very swift death so you can go on with your life. At least now it takes a good 10 seconds or so to find cover before you explode instead of 3.
  3. Soo it'll be a slightly worse old Foch 155 because it can't 2 shot tier 8s?
  4. Because then it will become obvious that the tank is flat out better than the Patriot in every single way bar the turret slightly. Just imagine a 240 alpha Nameless with better dpm than a patriot. Why would you buy a patriot?
  5. Eh, Win10 is perfectly fine. The desktop mode is still very good and you just need to do the File Explorer = Computer trick. Just make sure you get Win10 Pro. I have a 2 in 1 and I've never used it in tablet mode. Its good for a surface pro though. The best thing about it though is the quick boot times. The worse thing is the start menu, but just use the search and it's probably quicker. Compatibility can be a pain in the ass when using old games and legacy software but that's far inbetween. Plus I have a few other computers with win7 at home. The boot time on my PC though. Holy fuck. Damn HDD. Win7 doesn't help it either, ubuntu loads like a dream. oh, forgot about the multiple desktop thing. Game crashed? Taking too long to open up task manager? Just open it on another desktop
  6. fuck.
  7. Holy fuck. It took this long for WG to remove the unnecessary HP and gun buffs. About damn time. The idiot's whose idea it was to buff everything about the Maus at once should have been fired a long time ago.
  8. i haven't bothered looking for the fucks i give.
  9. The problem with the derp gun isn't that it's OP or UP, its that it is inherently broken. Much like arty
  10. EU shitters must be literally devoid of life then
  11. Maybe if you weren't afk on teamspeak...
  12. WG couldn't have picked a better time to start stirring up shit With the anime tanks out on the ASIA server and the changes in the next few patches now, all the money i could have spent on tanks has been funnelled to Valve. All hail Lord Gaben.
  13. Yeah the new dlc looks like it runs concurrent with the main storyline. Hopefully its really easy to delay the advent calendar with the new hunters or whatever they're called. I'll be waiting for a sale anyway so I'm in no rush to get it.
  14. so much salt. werk for tem. You can get frustrated, just don't get pissy at the player for targeting you when its obvious you're going to impact his team more than anyone else at that point. Blame the mechanic, not the player.... unless the dickwad tries to justify that its skillful. anyway, blacklist away. My list has stagnated since my battlecount has too.
  15. Hasn't stopped the introduction of the Defender and Chrysler K.
  16. Keep covering your ears. It still doesn't make playing arty skillful.
  17. Fuck off, just because they can click better than 75% of other clickers doesn't make them any better of a player. Of course you would have no fucking idea because you're too busy sitting in the back of the map jerking off.
  18. Stop pretending its skillful sitting at the back of the map clicking 20 times.
  19. The latest DLC looks pretty good honestly, it seems a bit bigger than the others.
  20. I really need to become a patron
  21. I'll see if i can get it next week i guess
  22. Unfortunately i already bought XCom 2 with all the dlc a fair whiles back when it was on sale So very worth it though.
  23. Yeah, I dislike the supposed 7/70 format, the tier 8 or 2 tier 9s make for exciting picks and variations in strats, but i guess nerfing the batchat to the ground would achieve the same effect in theory, although in practice it probably just means how many Maus' would be used.