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  1. Good morning, Wotlabbers, how do you do?

    I have a tale to tell to you

    One day, I saw an ad that claimed

    The Szechuan Sauce was back today!

    I crawled downstairs to tell the news

    "Mum! Grab your purse and get your shoes!"

    The tangy sauce was back for me

    From my favorite show, Rick and Morty

    I tasted tendies, such crispy treats

    And sauce I knew I had to eat

    My mummy walked right out the door

    Not to New Dad's or to the store

    But Mickey D's for tasty chicks

    A box of nugs and sauce to dip

    My tum-tum gurgled and it tossed

    For tangy Rick and Morty sauce

    I waited in my Big Boy Chair

    Fedora perched upon my hair

    I gave myself a tummy rub

    While repeating "Wubba Lubba Dub"

    My mum returned, bearing bad news

    The sauce was gone! I've been abused!

    The line for sauce was out the door?

    I can't believe this fucking whore

    That sauce was brought back just for me

    So I let out a mighty REEEEEEEEE

    I hurl and spray my pee and poo

    Like the funny monkeys in the zoo

    My mummy's covered, my mummy cries

    That's what she gets for bringing no fries

    I shake my body in wrathful dance

    And pull down my leaky big boy pants

    Year-old cakes of filth and stench

    Will sate my hate for this rotten wench

    The deed is over, Mummy flees

    But still I wait without tendies

    My tummy gurgles, my tummy moans

    But no tendies wait, I am alone

    For this great sin, I blame the crowds

    Who swarmed the stores till they sold out

    Due to their lust, due to their greed

    This boy has no tendies to eat

    What fucking fools, their low IQs

    Have caused them to behave so rude

    The moral, dears, of this tale of loss,

    Never forget my Szechuan Sauce.

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    2. orzel286


      Roses are red

      Violets are blue

      I watch hentai

      And so should you. :neko:

    3. HowitzerBlitzer


      Great things only die from popularity. Just another victim of those from minecraft, mlp, fnaf, and such finding a new thing to fanboy over.

    4. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Don't watch it, just tired of the meme sauce.

  2. I have been listening to this all day. Its such a good set, great tanking music


    1. hall0


      is there any reason why this guy has a bucket on his head? 

    2. Hokum15


      Pretty good, though I was expecting him to bust into this at the beginning...


  3. I vote for the Darth Maul re-skin too The Mountain comes in a close second for me as well.
  4. FYI, RedBull is streaming the Austin City Limits festival on Twitch, Chilli Peppers should be on later. 


  5. How cool are you? You will become shirtless Bruce Willis with a shoulder holster cool with one of these bad boys, total panty dropper.
  6. My experience with arty players


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    2. TheChang


      When xvm was used for PR...

    3. flare_phoenix


      1 hour ago, Fabunil said:

      What does this fall under?


      reported for team damage








    4. TheMarine0341


      @Fabunil wotgasm. Thats what it is

  7. Anyone know how to break out of a funk? My gameplay has deteriorated and I would like some tips how to get better and be more consistent.

    1. Kolni


      Keep trying, I've had a slump for a while now (struggling a bit with just doing 4k dpg instead of the normal where that is below average) and just recently been getting out of it. Alternately take a break and come back with fresh eyes, there isn't much to do when learning in a game like this is such a long process

    2. Assassin7


      When im on tilt I usually find I play too passive and camp too much, so to break out of it I grab my T-54, and just consiously make sure I yolo swag as hard as possible every game till im out of it. Like, play super mega hyper aggressive. 


      Your tilt may be different though.

    3. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      @Assassin7 Thats my normal gameplay tho, I just have not been able to make it work as of late.

      @Kolni Thats the thing, I never got to the point where I could consistently break through to 3.5-4k dpgs. I still have a ton left to learn but in the moment I am not putting my knowledge to use if you get my drift. 

  8. Why can't we do what Circon has advocated for and move to 5/10 1 tier spread?
  9. Still better than the broken t8 premiums they have been pushing, I would rather them focus on some historical projects instead.
  10. When someone gives you reputation for a post you made 6 months ago

    Image result for not bad gif

    1. Tedster59


      I think I +1'd a several year old CR/D post recently.  was worth.

  11. Considering T8 premiums are almost de-facto tier 9s I fucking doubt it.