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  1. There were no homophobic comments whatsoever.
  2. It was "brutal op" for only a short period of time after the release before they pulled it from sale and nerfed it afterwards.
  3. They have nerfed Type 59 a few times atleast, several years ago. Massive mobility and gun nerfs atleast. These were in 8.2 atleast, and they are not the only time it has been nerfed.
  4. T9 and T10 requiring HEAT spam for a T8 tank is ok? Seems legit.
  5. This. Doesn't even need to spam HEAT really if top tier but this tank is just god tier compared to any other T8 Mediums, nothing else comes even close. Being able to pewpewpew and pen anything in the game with that HEAT really helps and the fact that it is invisible behind any bush makes it so good at bullying tomatos. Too bad this corridor meta bullshit has made it a bit less good and with all these new city maps even less but it still is a frickin glorious tank.
  6. Defender is kinda meh if you ask me. Gun is troll, horrible aim time, slow. Only redeeming factor really is the armor but given how long you have to aim, it gives the enemy like 3 chances to aim back when you aim once and they can pen it if they are not braindead.
  7. But KT and KV-4 are supposed to be heavies yet they have no real armor and glaring frontal weakspots even when sidescraping while the Löwe can actually bounce stuff pretty reliably now.
  8. KT is shit, KV4 is shit and Löwe does what they do way better soooooo... yeah.
  9. With the Maus buff and these constant garbage maps they make and the ways they "improve" old maps, every T10 game is like 7+ heavies if you haven't noticed? That is so much fun! Takes so much skill too. I would rather take Waffles and 183s all day long because they are both easy to counter and play against compared to a fucking Maus or 5x IS-7 hiding behind a corner, can't carry enough HEAT in a tank to kill them all... Back when WTF100 and 183s were a thing, people actually played mostly Mediums and it was so much more fun than this current trash meta where you have to play a super heavy to win.
  10. Admitting you suck is a good first step to improvement.
  11. WTE100 or 183 or anything else doesn't come even close to how aids this corridor heavy brawling meta is. Atleast back then skill was a factor and you could play the game in any tank, now the team with most heavies/Maus win every time. Brawling with super heavies doesn't take any brain or skill, just look at the stats of tomatos in Maus/Type 5... WTE100 is probably the worst broken tank in the game ever, so piss easy to counter even a potato could do it.
  12. It says 4.6GHz? Stock is 4.5GHz, no? You can always just reseal the CPU if you break it and get a new one from warranty
  13. Must be a miracle then or you have delidded it looking at other reviews where they reach 71C or thereabouts on stock voltage (~1.05V) and clocks and with AIDA64 upto like 85C wow.
  14. The Mice can even be tomatos and Unicum 50Bs would still lose lol, WG balancing department working as intended. Maus is hard. It really is fucking retarded that everything T10 now revolves around who has the most Mice in the team, regardless of the game mode.
  15. Lol trying to justify WG bad game design, you are pretty potato aren't you? Thanks with no weak spots sure are balanced!