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  1. "great players" and "2k dpg"? lol
  2. This seems more fun than randoms for sure. But then again I only started yesterday and only played 4 games so far. Lowest game was only like 3k damage but with something like 4.8k assisted. Farming all those Type 5 Heavies is so much fun, 113 masterrace.
  3. 11111111111111111111-4 is the best T9 tank in the game hands down really, it can do everything and blab people in the face for 500 while doing that, so fucking glorious. T-10 is worse than 11111111111-4.
  4. Kranvagn is bad cause of awful premium round, even more so with the current meta, awful gun handling and long time between shots. The gun is so frickin troll it's not even funny and 300 HEAT doesn't pen anything really. And the Emil II does all of those even worse.
  5. The T8 is the only decent tank in the line really, the T9 and T10 are trash.
  6. Isn't the answer so obvious here? 113 fyr laif.
  7. Kranvagn is so bad it isn't even funny.
  8. And somehow the MM is still fucked up for T8 when you are bottom tier every game, except when you play arty for some reason and are top tier every game to fuck you over on missions... I swear I can't get T10 games in a T8/T9 arty...
  9. Well Mod 1 is just trash in every way possible so.. yeah.
  10. There were no homophobic comments whatsoever.
  11. It was "brutal op" for only a short period of time after the release before they pulled it from sale and nerfed it afterwards.
  12. They have nerfed Type 59 a few times atleast, several years ago. Massive mobility and gun nerfs atleast. These were in 8.2 atleast, and they are not the only time it has been nerfed.
  13. T9 and T10 requiring HEAT spam for a T8 tank is ok? Seems legit.
  14. This. Doesn't even need to spam HEAT really if top tier but this tank is just god tier compared to any other T8 Mediums, nothing else comes even close. Being able to pewpewpew and pen anything in the game with that HEAT really helps and the fact that it is invisible behind any bush makes it so good at bullying tomatos. Too bad this corridor meta bullshit has made it a bit less good and with all these new city maps even less but it still is a frickin glorious tank.