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  1. I learned about it when I was resetting an account and they never asked for confirmation but reset it out of thin air when I was still selling tanks on it. That's when they said that they can offer a one time rollback or something like that, just like acc reset is "one time only" but I did it twice on same acc already lol
  2. They can also reset the account back to any given date you want so no problem there either.
  3. W8 always was the crappy one, just like Vista. Both were obsolete from the beginning really.
  4. Well that is one thing AMD succeeded at if nothing else, making Intel bring out something new for a change Instead of bringing the same old with extra 100MHz per generation.
  5. Wrong. Ever since Skylake (I think it was), RAM speeds have actually made a difference to some extent, a noticable difference.
  6. Well this is as simple as I can put it anymore: Intel > AMD. The ">" means Intel is better than AMD. Unless only thing you do is rendering and nothing else.
  7. Where are these tests that show that Ryzen has better 1% frames than 8700K does? That seems very unlikely to me. Only reason Ryzen seems "better" at higher res is like you said, they are GPU limited at 4K so every CPU has nearly identical performance at 4K. At 1440p or lower the CPU does make a difference. I have had my 1440p display for almost 4 years now, bought my QNIX on November 2013.
  8. Just facts on my end, nothing to do with fanbois here atleast. I have used everything in the past and continue to do so, whatever offers the most value for money at any given time I upgrade. And if one was to upgrade right now, the 1700X and 1800X make very little sense when 8700K exists. The facts state that only thing a 1800X is faster than 8700K at is rendering, which I have said before, how is that "not objective"? You can go look throught the multiple reviews online yourself even, it's not like they are a secret or anything. And even that difference is like few % at most. 1700X+Cheapest mobo seems to be 30€ cheaper than 8700K+cheapest mobo, I would think the 8700K is definitely worht that extra 30€.
  9. Oh look, the guy who doesn't realize only thing AMD is better at is rendering? Barely... Oops!
  10. This point is so stupid everytime someone tries to make it. Did you know that you can ALSO overclock that 1800X? Surprise! It is faster than your 1700, AGAIN. Yes, both are wasted money, get the 8700K cause it costs the same as 1700X but is faster at everything and 1800X is just overpriced as fuck right now.
  11. Btw nice Chevelle, if that is actually yours. Got a -68 Satellite myself.
  12. You were dumb enough to put your password in the wrong place or dumb enough to install something stupid on your PC. There is no such thing as getting your account "hacked", it's always your own fault somehow if this happens.
  13. Rendering seems to be the only thing the 1800X can beat the 8700K at, but it's also more expensive too. That is really the only thing it is faster at. So we should really be comparing 1700X to the 8700K which is around the same price but also slower at hmm.. everything? In gaming there is pretty much nothing that Ryzen wins at, nothing. No matter what resolution you play on, higher resolution only seems to narrow the gap because you are more limited by current GPUs at stuff like 4K than you are by CPUs. And streaming like I said earlier according to this atleast: