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  1. Just save Soviet tier X heavies and I will be happy.
  2. Already feels like 2014 all over again. Here's hoping those old media vampires don't take the bait this time. Last thing we need is the normie populace automatically associating the WoT community (minus Yuno Gasai) with Hitler.
  3. As I have said on the reddits before; that statement was written for Kotaku so WG was likely attempting to agenda pander to get them on their side. Which to be fair has worked in the past. Not that it will help WG much really, the progressive community doesn't particularly get on with Russia and Co. Plus TotalBiscuit, Jingles and Jim have a bigger audience anyways.
  4. The dispersion really doesn't make any sense. The dispersion on the move/tank traverse is so much worse then the roomba and the T28 Proto and they have larger caliber guns and aren't really moving about like the Charioteer would. Sure it has better turret traverse dispersion, but you get a tank like the Charioteer because you want to be mobile. And if they want the Conway and Shitbarn to be played more, then can start by giving them the Centurion speed buff and putting that Rolls-Royce Griffon in the FV4005.
  5. jt88

    I can't see them giving the Jagdtiger 88 a bigger gun. It wouldn't be the same tank anymore and the name sort of implies that there would be an 88. If they really want to buff the gun simply giving it better shells to fire like they did with the 90mm on the T26E4 would be sufficient. The mobility could be remedied with a faster track traverse, better ground resistances and maybe the VK 45.02 A's top engine if that isn't good enough. Honestly I think similar mobility buffs could be applied to the Tiger II. Obviously they shouldn't be as mobile as the VK 45.02 A, but they should be a lot more nimble considering the level of armour they have, even if it were to be buffed a bit.
  6. So this Osu thing relies on reflexes and timing? I don't think my old man reactions will serve me well enough to play this weeb clicky clicky game.
  7. I spend gold on camo for my keepers. I also buy lots of Union Flags for pretty much every tank I have and 'God Save the Queen' inscriptions when I can. I always use the purple beetroot desert camo on every British tank in my garage.
  8. Enough Wehraboos think the E-79 is real already, so they could add it in the game tomorrow claiming it is historical and probably get away with it.
  9. I've been lurking on these forums for years and it has only just occurred to me that you are that Madner.

    1. Madner Kami

      Madner Kami

      There can be only one ;)

  10. I would have no problem with a Girls Und Panzer Panzer IV as that is just a re-skin of an existing tank, but adding flat out video game tanks is just taking the piss. Might as well add the E-100 Krokodile and Flakpanzer Maus at this rate. At least those tanks are pretending to be historical.
  11. Alright mate. PM me when the Jihad begins. Cheers!
  12. Please tell us more Caliph Lazero so that when the time comes we can aid you in the construction of your North American Unicum Caliphate. I want to hear about your qualifications as a military commander and a crash course on your rhetoric. Educate me.
  13. You sure showed that ally Valentine who's boss, comrade.
  14. You British are "lucky".


  15. Prokhorovaka tier 10 encounter game in South spawn. Farm the hill and eventually die to a Batchat pushing 1 line. Team dies slowly and painfully. Kill me.