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  1. Alright mate. PM me when the Jihad begins. Cheers!
  2. Please tell us more Caliph Lazero so that when the time comes we can aid you in the construction of your North American Unicum Caliphate. I want to hear about your qualifications as a military commander and a crash course on your rhetoric. Educate me.
  3. You sure showed that ally Valentine who's boss, comrade.
  4. You British are "lucky".


  5. Prokhorovaka tier 10 encounter game in South spawn. Farm the hill and eventually die to a Batchat pushing 1 line. Team dies slowly and painfully. Kill me.
  6. I think he just means that the only tank under the designation FV215b was the tank that we know in game as the FV215b 183. It was just the FV200 series Universal Tank project's answer to a method of fielding the 183mm gun. The FV200 series tank for carrying the 120mm L1 gun was FV214, the Conqueror, and the tank for carrying the 20 Pounder was the second iteration of FV221, the Caernarvon Mk II. Each designation number refers to a vehicle with a very specific purpose and FV215b's job was to carry the 183mm.
  7. This one was enough to make me actually post something on this forum.