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  1. @Birkovic - why tier 7? Typical composition and skills of boats, and captains due to MM? I did get a Belfast, which can dish out some serious damage, but I seem to overextend, or not push out when needed. Hard boat to balance based on team actions. I have the Yorck, which I like as well as the Koenigsberg, but again, my WR suffers; however, I do more average damage (yet miserable as an average) than the Hipper or Belfast. Had some good games this a.m. with Clemson, Nicholas, Farragut, and Koenigsberg . . . reluctant to venture up further, even though I like the Yorck as much as the Koengisberg.
  2. Power ground to the Hipper, win rate tanked, etc. Realized I was making the same mistake in WoT (early on this time), fled back to the Koenigsberg with my 14 skill captain, and stick around tier 4/5 with American DD's and run my Koenigsberg as my go to boat at tier 5. WR/damage etc. are slowly drifting back up after tanking horribly with the Hipper. TLDR; Koenigsberg.
  3. I remember being a DINK (Dual income, no kids), when my wife and I graduated from college. Boats, cars, property on salt water access canals in South West Fl. Camping on remote islands that shitter tourists couldn't get to. On plane in 3 feet of water, watching rental boats try to mimic my high tide burn and plow into an oyster bar Defining our respective careers, making lifelong friends we still stay in touch with 20+ years later, and then our children, the best things in our life. Still heavy into long distance racing, a big focus of my life now outside of this game. Yeah, go live, good luck, have fun. Games will be here when you slow down a bit.
  4. So I started doing everything wrong in WoWs just like in WoT, put the brakes on hard this weekend. Power ground up to the Hipper, because if the Koengisberg was so awesome, the Hipper is even awesomer right? Ahhhh no. Got smashed, WR plummeted, damage plummeted, frustration rose. Took some time out, got back to basics, took that 13 skill captain, plopped him back in the Koenigsberg, and I am sticking around tier 4 and 5. Damage came back up, average experience came back up, and WR started to level off and even climb a bit. Happier, and doing better. I realize now, all the knowledge I have in WoT that allows me to recognize what I am up against at tiers 8 and 9 is non existant in WoWs, I have no business at tiers 7 or higher. Gonna learn and get better at lower tiers first. Phew!
  5. Ummm, I liked Garbad. Controversial or no, at least he made me think hard about my line of reasoning on some things.
  6. Well, other than the Prometheus reference, I have worked with "Vision CEO's" and CEO's that can go down on the shop floor of any factory, walk into a booth, and take over for the technician for the line and make product. I get what you are saying, but in my experience, there are quite a few CEO's that are very hands on, but not intrusive. Their are CEO's that are hands on and destructive, because they think they know better than anyone else, and CEO's that say "here is my vision, make it happen". Fortunately for my last 30 years, I mainly get aligned with the first type.
  7. My new CEO is plugged in hard, he is the reason we are doing better and have had a good turnaround. If you are in a meeting with him, and you throw out a budgetary number, or a line item cost, you better damn well be right, because if you are not, he will rip you to shreds with facts, about the financials. The guy is a freaking West Point grad, that served in the 10th Mountain division, came back from Afghanistan and got a degree in Chemical Engineering from MIT so he could prove his shit to the engineers who think they know how to run a company and develop a product. You are categorizing an entire group of people, along several industries, and at least in my mind:
  8. Did they ever, or will they add a "cockpit" flight mode, as if you are flying from the cockpit? I am a hardcore flight sim user (DCS Eagle Dynamics), and War Thunder let me fly a plane proper. I refuse to fly a plane in arcade mode - you might as well be playing 3D asteriods . . . ewwwwww. Just a personal preference. If they added this flight mode, I might play it more, of course it would need to support a head tracking system so I can look around naturally.
  9. Funny you say that, a Koenigsburg wandered into my 11K gun range on my Yorck, two salvo's of AP, and two cits, limps away with about 10% health. I never let my Koenigs get within 10K of anyone unless I am in a wolfpack.
  10. Up to the Yorck now. Took captain from the Koenigsburg, to the Nurnberg (gawd what a horrible cruiser, sold it), and moved said captain to Yorck. Almost on 11 skills. I am kitting the Yorck as an anti-DD boat, as I don't get many carriers for an AA kit so far. Very nice guns, very nice range, but I tend to kite the ally DD's, and if they get into a knife fight with other DD's get close, pop Hydro, and pound those little enemy DD's with HE. So far, seems to work well. Otherwise I kite the back, and salvo after salvo of HE into enemy BB's and CA/CL's.
  11. Done . . . will wonder by and see if I am twisted enough to fit in.
  12. I like to drink red Wine, or Dark Beer (Guinness Stout) while playing. Once I am properly buzzed, I like to shout "Release me from the rails like a Hellfire Missile!!!" and yolo into enemy artillery with my type 64. Will this behavior be tolerated?
  13. LOL, WG promises = Satellites - awesome, best meme ever!!! Someone make one Interesting news though, thanks for the update.
  14. Can I rage and challenge you to a 1v1 so I can try to prove man manhood Epeen-e-ness?
  15. Don't mind longer queue times, if it ends up creating matches like WoWs, besides if it gets to "last gasp", it will change the MM setup anyway. I am cautiously optimistic.