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  1. Yes, I still play WoT every now and again, and it is like a descent into hell, salty wise. I stay much calmer and play with a better state of mind in Boats.
  2. Yessir Also to all other posters, without going @shitcrazy and quoting everyone. This is why I love WoT Labs. Good insight, some different takes on my position, and a few angles to consider on why WoWs official forums are they way they are. @CompanionCav Picked up on plunging fire pretty quick, I love hammering on island huggers who think they can camp and peek-a-boo shoot in safety. In general based on my limited play. German boats, too flat of an arc to do this. Some Murican boats you can tag island huggers on all but the tallest islands. Japanese (i.e. Furutaka), laugh while they try to figure out how the hell they are getting hit. The D' Aosta will do this also when your spotter plane is up. @Archaic_One Just cuz you make me laugh. Holy crap! forgive all the edits. In hotel, crazy weekend. Olympic Triathlon Sat, driving afterwards, night out with my son, who graduates from college today . . . long weekend. Oh yeah, one more thing. I too saw Gasai post, and based on my feel for the forums at that time, I said nary a word, or maybe something very neutral and bland. Can't remember, point being, I was thinking "Let these nubs get cozy with this Weeboo, and then watch the shit hit the fan later when they try to extricate themselves from it" LOL.
  3. Well, after the tongue lashing, I didn't dare post my analogy of how passive light tank play in WoT, so that pubbies will shoot stuff, has a direct comparison in WoWs. My Nicholas DD has concealment researched and can spot all day for the team and allow them to shoot in relative safety, while not exposing myself to direct enemy fire (unless spotted by planes). I picked this up quickly and intuitively from my type of play style in my Type-64. Passive bush camping, spotting and target designation. Also, in my D' Aosta when launch I my spotter, the aiming view is very similar to the Battle Assistant view with Arty, so that aiming and shooting model was easy for me to adapt to. But yeah, I didn't mention either, because it was tiresome even thinking about rebutting those boat elitist. I still feel though that WoT has directly assisted me in boats, and I am a better player because of it. I think they are really cutting off a segment of players by being snotty.
  4. So, I made some comments, offering up how WoT taught me things as to how to approach WoWs in a sane manner and be a better player. Some forum members immediately poo pooed on my comparisons, and made it clear that WoT was Persona non Grata, it came off as elitist. My impression was "be gone you dirty WoT peasant" then a few replies kinda sorta tangentially adding some tacit admission that some of the things I mentioned had merit. But my point is, I immediately felt as though some folks view us WoT converts new boat enthusiasts as dirty peasants beneath their beautiful unsullied game. I hate to break it to them, but more WoT folks are eying WoWs, and we will bring all that is good and bad about WoT with us, justified, warranted or baseless it will happen. Just kind of irked me, I made the point that you would think a WoT convert trying to get better due to experience in the other game is a good thing . . . which didn't go over well for a couple of folks. My sin was a direct comparison (I believe) of battle count vs. the notion of a seal clubber. I disagreed with a guy calling the OP a seal clubber at 1400 battles and trying to get better at tier 4 and 5. My comparison included the viewpoint that you aren't even a Seal Clubber in WoT till you get up around 10K battles and are consistently below average tier 5 "ish". Really, all it did was fuel my desire to be even better at Boats than my haphazard career path in WoT ended up being. /Semi rant, woe is me, hurt feelz/ off. Is this the right sub-forum? Still grappling with where to put this???
  5. Small increment. Hope things are better.
  6. Currently in the Element contest going on in WoWs, you earn "currency" that you can spend towards items in the premiums/gift shop. Like camo, flags, and the Kamikazi R. They are like doubloons, but not. But you can spend them on certain items in the shop. Hopefully, that is what is meant for 9.19.
  7. I am seeing more arty than ever before, 2 to 3 every match, but I haven't played much so I hope you are right. What few I did play, arty was running around raining shells constantly and shotgunning low tier lights. My few games makes me think arty is worse than ever, but as I mentioned, I hope you are right and my few games was an anomaly.
  8. When I neared the end of the paragraph, it sounded like a function, and a vague impression of an algebraic formula materialized in my mind . . . lol.
  9. +1 for using the word "Hubris". WoT has become a cesspool for a variety of reasons. Bad players, Bots, Sado Masochists, Trolls, Lag spikes, Yolo Bads, Kids being babysat by WoT instead of parenting, Meth Addicts, etc. Outside of crappy MM which is also a real problem anymore, many of the aforementioned reasons are why you keep seeing people drown.
  10. Read that the Hipper and Eugen might be getting a buff. Still working the lower tiers, stats coming up. Koenigsberg is still my go to boat, but I am starting to cotton to American DD's. Really like the Farragut. Also picked up the Yubari, and I kite and dish out laser accurate damage with it, which is similar to the KB in play style. Still have trouble with my Hipper and Yorck solo, but when I division with them I fare better. TLDR: Running tiers 4 and 5 mostly, getting better. Hipper might be getting some love, and I still really want to be good in that boat.
  11. Oh, I have engaged with Gasai quite a bit over time. At first with a bit of admiration and cautious curiosity, then with increasing astonishment over his in your face Nazism and White Supremacy master race crap, moving to outright anger, and then cooling to a removed/aloof stance of "You need to change your ways kiddo". He goes out of his way to make it clear that he would rather play alone. FYI - logged into WoT after a month off. Lost 5 high tier games in a row. Bads sitting in back, 40%ers yoloing in E100s, and chat full of salt. Logged off, played WoWs, felt better.
  12. Yeah, and that thread ended just like most of his. Devolves into "I am the best" with cartoon points of emphasis, and then a lock. I left WoT to get away from shit like that. Fortunately he should be a non entity in WoWs. As others pointed out, no E-25 to hide in with Radar and Hydro around.
  13. @Birkovic - why tier 7? Typical composition and skills of boats, and captains due to MM? I did get a Belfast, which can dish out some serious damage, but I seem to overextend, or not push out when needed. Hard boat to balance based on team actions. I have the Yorck, which I like as well as the Koenigsberg, but again, my WR suffers; however, I do more average damage (yet miserable as an average) than the Hipper or Belfast. Had some good games this a.m. with Clemson, Nicholas, Farragut, and Koenigsberg . . . reluctant to venture up further, even though I like the Yorck as much as the Koengisberg.
  14. Power ground to the Hipper, win rate tanked, etc. Realized I was making the same mistake in WoT (early on this time), fled back to the Koenigsberg with my 14 skill captain, and stick around tier 4/5 with American DD's and run my Koenigsberg as my go to boat at tier 5. WR/damage etc. are slowly drifting back up after tanking horribly with the Hipper. TLDR; Koenigsberg.
  15. I remember being a DINK (Dual income, no kids), when my wife and I graduated from college. Boats, cars, property on salt water access canals in South West Fl. Camping on remote islands that shitter tourists couldn't get to. On plane in 3 feet of water, watching rental boats try to mimic my high tide burn and plow into an oyster bar Defining our respective careers, making lifelong friends we still stay in touch with 20+ years later, and then our children, the best things in our life. Still heavy into long distance racing, a big focus of my life now outside of this game. Yeah, go live, good luck, have fun. Games will be here when you slow down a bit.