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  1. @Jaegaer That is all I am after. I love teamwork and executing plans. I think that is what appeals to me so much in WoWs. I ran a couple of Divisions yesterday, and working with a teammate, making decisions together is just too goddam fun . . . because it works. Thanks for the input.
  2. So far, from what I can tell, a Division that is coordinated can dominate. Not because it is like WoT where a supertoon can just smash and roll through pubbies like lava through rice paper, but because the pacing and multiple objectives in WoWs almost demands some type of organization. Especially when you have multiple caps to cover, and working far flanks to keep visibility on a strong flanking attack. At least my impression so far in WoWs is that communication and coordination are key, do I have this wrong? This is not a plea to "carry me Senpai", this is (in my mind) a very different meta, that mandates communication and coordination, and I want to start early and work as a team from the beginning. I am not doing this for stats, I do like winning, that is what matters to me, that is the fun. I am not worried about all the pretty XVM colors here. I see what I think is a game that rewards communication and teamwork, and even on a loss it would be better than what I see now with pubbies just scattering with a few people trying to organize in chat, while all your yolo DD's and CA's evaporate in 3 minutes. The buffer I am looking for is at least having 2 other people I can coordinate with, as I have seen coordinated divisions work very well even when down ships. Am I coming at this wrong?
  3. Awww Wolfie, you just catch me at bad times. I am usually on around 5 a.m. till about 7 a.m. I am usually in bed by 8 p.m. except on weekends. Play at lunch for a short time through the week when home from work.
  4. Well it dropped from 56% to 50%, in two days. I still have a decent WR in my Koenigsberg (It was 66% or better) and Karlshrue, but in the last two days I have lost 7 battles straight (low battle count). Just like WoT it is either feast or famine with team quality. Hoping to buffer myself from this by tooning.
  5. Where would we put out our shingle to "audition" for clans. With the few battles I have, I can see that tooning is critically important to success, and unlike WoT I want to do this right at the start. I was at 65% WR solo, and then the plummet began. Just like WoT I can't carry a team that implodes in the first 3 minutes, need to toon with folks to engage in strategy for winning, not yolo DD's swarming around and dying in a light tank charge . . .
  6. So I just watched a couple reviews on the KoenigB and I accidentally fell into the preferred play style. Due to the long range, and flat arc, I tend to stay out, typically with my rear facing the enemy, this gives you a couple of advantages: 1.) You are narrow, needle narrow, so hitting you is greatly reduced. 2.) While you are steaming away from the enemy from about the 10K to 16K mark, your two rear facing guns just keep laying on withering fire. I have noticed with other German BB's I out range them, and can just keep outside of reach and keep pounding them, also the Hydro Acoustics are pretty good, and if I lay them down within 5Km of a smoke screened DD, I will see them anyway. Also, this thing is a glass cannon, the citadel is easy to rip apart, so I guess my TD play in WoT has worked some dividends here. I like this boat!
  7. Do you use the armor viewer in game? Is it reliable? I get discrete values when I pare down the selections and hover over a color . . . would that work?
  8. Is it just me, or is the Koenigsberg a well rounded cruiser? I seem to do well in it, the guns seem to have better range than any other German ship I play.
  9. So what are the trade offs, pros/cons of say the Japanese BB vs. the German BB line? I seem to do better in BB's, but I like to fancy myself a DD wizard . . . in my own mind.
  10. @BiggieD61 fixed! Thanks for the input.
  11. So I like this game. A lot. I went in tentatively, spent no money whatsoever (other than premium carry over from WoT), and only ground one line (Fascist Boats) based on research, and have no garage slots! German line, DD's, CA's and BB's. Here is what I have learned and why I like this game so much at tier IV so far: 1.) I don't rage, at all. In WoT I still have spittle flying out and sticking on my screen. In WoWs I am chill, I am completely different, I ask questions, I work with my team. 2.) I run no mods. I have no idea if my team is potatoe or uni, I work with the team. In WoT I run XVM without win chance, but still make assumptions and react accordingly. I am going to uninstall XVM in WoT, it is liberating in WoWs to have no preset bias working in regards to your team. 3.) The armor profile on the Kaiser allows you to sail straight at the enemy and eat damage all day due to thick armor on the front turret, citadel etc. Even broadside with the second upgraded hull she is strong, secondaries rage hard, this thing is a damage dealing hellion. Yes I am aware of the German BB reputation. 4.) I run German DD's which are hard to play, but I am now going to buy garage slots and go up the American DD line. 5.) Run German CA's which I like also, but man you have to manage your range and have a plan to run if it gets hot. 6.) Again, it is like there are two SmirkingGerbil's. The WoT Psycho rager, angry almost every match, typing into chat "Are you morons playing by rolling your face on the keyboard or what???". The WoWs Gerbil doesn't say much, asks questions, and just sighs when the occasional teammate baddy shoots me for no damn good reason. 7.) WoWs pace is different, yet teamwork is king. Every match I type "Plan? Group up?" and amazingly it cascades into a group decision. Somebody pinch me, is this for real? Does WoWs have a better community, or all they all burnt on WoT like me and we want the experience to be better? I think this game is going to steal more of my time and gold from WoT, and I am happy about it. Too bad they reversed on the "Gold economy across all games", that sucks.
  12. @Tigeh, @CraBeatOff Also took Calculus 1,2, and 3 (diffy Q) all those years ago, so as rusty as I am, had to go google it. So yeah, regardless of skill gap, narrow, wide, advantage - focus fire wins is my take away. Even if I got my wish to banish terribads to the kiddie pool, I might still end up worse off is what I got out of the wiki article. Guess I just need to be my own force multiplier? Dammit, it is hard to be good.
  13. Yes, that occurred to me, but I would much rather lose due to a hard fought and won match that was a nailbiter, than the steamrolls that ensue due to your E100 hiding behind arty in a corner . . . unless of course due to the skill disparity between a green and teal/purples they would just continue. I have a hard time thinking that would be the outcome (steamrolls), as I have seen a solid green team work well against a green/teal/purple team a few times. However, that could be an outlier also and I would just be putting a nail in my own coffin. It is true as @Tigeh mentions, I do get rolls where I am on the "good" side, and the game is fun, but even those blowouts that benefit me are boring. I guess it is a dream of every gamer to end up in some type of skill bracket were the battles are close and exciting, but the reality is with all the variables in F2P it isn't going to happen. Anyways, everyone has given me good insight, my mindset is better and if today the slide continues so be it. I will knock out my 20K and call it a day.
  14. I play bots in WoWs to relax. No pressure, could care less about my WR as it is meaningless against bots, it is fun, and torping BB's with a full broadside causing them to crack in half makes me giggle. I like your take on the statistics. IF WoT is too mature, what about WoWs? Maybe I just need a new grind, a new game and a fresh outlook, but dammit, I love rolling up in my T-10, bouncing shots, and using that medium like speed to push a flank. Plus, I am a big JP fan, I love that little TD, I run the 88 on it due to RoF, and it is still a blast, as long as you get a team that can tie its own shoes and feed itself you can have fun.