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  1. i would love if players could have and upgrade their own shipyard and dock facilities, sort of like Armored Warfare had (has ?). That would be nice new content, a new grind, for not to much work on the dev part.
  2. they are getting desperate
  3. mostly, WG is now desperate for content
  4. ugghh , sometimes, didnt even know, just thought we were downvoting stuff we didnt like and upvoting stuff we did i suck at this
  5. 16.535" not 15" (got to be precise, they are german) Yamato: 21 Montana: 21Großer Kurfürst : 21Zao: 20 Des Moines: 17Hindenberg: 21 +1 = 22Moskva: 20 Henri IV: 17 -3 = 14Minotaur: 20Shimakaze: 21 Gearing: 20Z-52: 18Grozovoi: 20 Khabarovsk: 21 -1 = 20Hakuryu: 20 Midway: 8 Henri seems to suffer from stealth fire Zao syndrome, IE, stays at the back and only fires HE, great for farming damage off BB's, terrible for winning games. Seriously, thats all they did all weekend for the french event, always last alive, near top exp, never did anything to help win. Even if the Khaba is still great, no long range torps does take away a great deal of flexibility Just got Hindy, what a great cruiser, HE spam is good, AP spam is good, manual AA is great and hydro is dank, probably the most flexible one at tier X, got do long range and close range, good AA cover, can push in with hydro and torps.
  6. Tiger 2/KV 4 looking great these days
  7. the tier 6-8 arent to bad, they cant somewhat fight in the open without getting deleted and while they have good DPM, it isnt to crazy. The tier 9-10 are real smoke whores, basically unable to fight in the open, its either in smoke or behind cover or you die. Its fun, but very limiting and while they have insane DPM, even a DD can angle and make your damage drop to near nothing. I really dont get why WG went full retard at the last 2 tiers when the last 3 were great
  8. its actually pretty decent. Its not for new players, and is utter garbage till tier 6, but afterwards is quite fun, even if i think there design is inherently broken. Leander is my favorite in this seasons ranked
  9. the entire RN CL line is stupid... very bad game design (read that last bit in Trumps voice). They are either completely OP in the right situation or terrible and die right away when badly positioned. Its not as bad up to tier 8, but 9&10 go full retard with this. Minotaur is either melting face and fucking everything up, or gets one shot from a BB 20km away... Judging by how the development of the RN BB's is going, I would put my money in that they are going to completely, and i mean royally fuck up that line, just like the CL are, its going to be a gimmick shit fest that is going to be terrible. Problem with balancing ship lines around gimmicks is that they are going to run out of combos to add together... cant wait till Russian BB's have hydro, smoke, radar, Def AA and torps (but like only one torp per side that deals 40k damage, just to make it more gimmicky).
  11. Dont know, after the rumored smoke changes i put on hold all purchases....
  12. Leander best/most viable cruiser confirmed, rank 5 boys
  13. Very good stealth, excellent plunging fire, they really fuck up cruisers with it, getting magic citadels, great AA. Accuracy is pretty dam good, if you slot the acc mod. North Carolina is a bow on monster that can bully anything, with accurate guns, sub 12km stealth and has the same long range AA as both the tier IX and X with only slightly less AA on mid and short (which matters alot less for any competent CV captain) I personally stopped at the North Carolina (still have her) because the Montana just seemed boring (Grosser is a better 4*3 BB in my opinion) to me and I have the Missouri, which is just a better Iowa.
  14. Im comparing Des to my other tier X cruisers, (Zao, Mino and Moskva) and she is by far the one that is affected by map/team comp. She can be brutal in the right position, but is so dependent on maps and game modes (fuck standard battles) its a gamble everytime you hit battle. With the other 3, i dont really care about it as much, because they all have strengths which make them viable on any map/gamemode (range for Moskva, stealth+range on Zao and smoke+stealth on Mino) If i had to pick a cruiser without knowing map/mode, i would never take the Des.
  15. belfast IJN CL line is one of the best RN line is good starting from tier 6, but requires experience and very good situational experience. USN line is good, although i feel the Des is not really viable in solo play at the moment (far too map and team comp dependent) French line is boring AF, long range HE spammers that arent as good as the IJN ones Soviet CL are good but somewhat unequal, requiring captain respects German line is questionable, the konigsberg is great but suffers from MM, Nurnberg, even after the buffs is a free exp piniata for any BB, and the rest are sorta meh, dont know about the Hindenburg, but german BB's are much much better