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  1. Unless CV cough cough new skillway plus like 3 enemy German BB's/any tier 10 cruisers without DeFAA or on cooldown
  2. Weekend after patch, were you can do 318k damage, my highest yet, and still lose because your team cant help but throw
  3. I liked the chapy when i played it, but that was back when stealth fire was a thing,and the chapy was rather good at it (helped alot in the shit high tier open maps). Right now its a Kutuzov with radar and no smoke, with slightly better stealth, terrible turning circle, worse torps, worse AA and worse range... I would still rate the Kutuzov better even if it didnt have smoke. WG should have buffed the chapy after the stealth fire nerf, one of the few ship to actually be hit hard by its removal (poor poor Blyska...)
  4. only good thing is I didnt buy the Prinz potato, i got 3, yes 3 from the Xmas loot boxes (one Pinz + 22k gold) I also dont rate any silver tier 8 CL to be very good (have yet to play Charles, at Algerie right now), and only the Kutuzov to be good regardless of MM... kinda sad to see really, even the Atago doesn't see much play these days
  5. can we all agree that the Prinz Eugen is fucking terrible... tried playing it twice tonight, fucking stupid idea, i dont know why that ship + Hipper are still in the game as is, god awful I got citadel'd by a Pensacola, and i was so angel'd that only my front guns could fire... like why even bother, NO armor, NO DPM, terrible turret layout and bad concealment. Edit: watched replay, got screenshots... amazing bullshit, even the Pensacola player could not believe it and he had an Alpha flag, so its not some potato steam player
  6. ... Yamato would like a word with you, she would also like to add overmatch to that word
  7. clanwars is vastly different then randoms, i have have 0 idea what the meta is for clans wars, dont play them myself, so i cant really comment on that
  8. thats why its the worse on every server, "well rounded" aka being shit at everything oh and the maneuverability is fucking godawful for what its bring to the battle
  9. So i got the Montana today with some free exp that i have been collecting since about 2 months.... HOLY shit what a shit ship... how is this a tier X, feels more like 9.5. I strait up prefer the Missouri in tier X MM then that fat slob, the Missouri is just better and much more useful with its radar. Your concealment is worse, handling is is worse then Yamato, armor is shit, turret angle are shit, you hardly get any AA buffs from going 9 - 10 (slightly increase in DPS and range, big fucking woop). All that for 33% more guns, but in order to use them you have to give alot of broadside. Hell, I would probably rather be in an NC with tier X MM. To think this thing had a raised citadel, my god, by far the worse tier X BB, even the Monquere is better, if just as shit to play. Yamato and Grosser just walk all over the Montana, it isnt even close.
  10. yeah but torps are great for yolo charges and when storms hit, then they are very useful and, like psyco said, if your a half decent player, hydro on BB isnt that big of a deal, while torps arent amazing either having that deterrent against being rushed is great. Honestly both are super situational, but since the smoke nerf, a big plus for hydro on bismarck was taken away, since you cant realy sit in smoke with hydro up anymore (was very strong in plats).
  11. Tirpizt is one of the best and most fun premium, especially if you have a secondary Bismarck captain.
  12. GUD BUFF first and only good secondaries on USN BB's, I was only running aft + flag, no manual secondaries 6.8km range, 6.6sec reload, 6% fire chance. I would say they are as accurate or more then tirpitz/bismarck secondaries. First game post patch
  13. last years Halloween event in WoWs was a test for PvE and this year it was a test for new consumables, so I would bet that they wont have waste all that time to add multi turrets some for 1 game mode that lasted 3-4 weeks.
  14. Patch day nope, im done
  15. problem is if they are speced for CW, then in randoms they become shit, so you kinda lock them out for the duration... they need to have some special dual mode for CW, same ships, same captain points but completely different build