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  1. Crossfader

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    oh the new tier X polish Hvy tank.. oh its tier 8, of course
  2. Someone at WG pointed out to the devs thats it looked like a light tanks with the first stat that they gave it, so they nerfed it to this, cause you know, the "lights have to be bad at tier X" clause everyone working there has to sign.
  3. Crossfader

    Winning is now more RNG based than ever?

    I know those arent the full stats, but still... thats really, really bad.
  4. Crossfader

    Armored Loot Box Warfare

    oh... did not know there was 2 of them
  5. Crossfader

    Armored Loot Box Warfare

    i think thats a good record to have, 2 fuck ups and 1 restart in 3 days.... impressive, most impressive also homophobic and anti-immigrant (in the worse kind). There was a comment of his on some Discord a while back where he wanted to deport gays/immigrants.
  6. Thats what happens when you spend more time/money making the game look good instead of being enjoyable to play. They applied a nice gold plating to a rotting corpse. and called it a day. I would rather play a WoT that looked like it was in 2011 that had most of the issues fixed then what we have now. I have been "voting" with my wallet by not playing for more then a year.... I thought 1.0 might have actually brought me in, but making a game pretty while making the gameplay actively worse!!! nah fuck off. At least WoWs is still got my interest, but that all WG has left for me.
  7. yeah, mid tiers (5&6) got fucked over by the new MM more then anything.
  8. Crossfader

    The WoWS carry and carry Fail Thread

    And the MM gods smiled down and said... "take ye my son" and i ventured forth, with many a torpedo hits
  9. "finished" grinding the Hsienyang with 40k exp and i have to say it is by far the worse tier 8 USN DD, worse then then Benson by far and both premium DD's. I have also never been up tiered that much in a tier 8, like holly hell. First game in the Chungmu, 129k damage in tier X, with only the torps research.... its feels good to be back in a good DD. not really, some for sure, but the Montana is the go to BB for tournaments/ clans wars... Amagi and NC are still the best tier 8 BB's for ranked and in general, Des Memes is still very strong, Zao was nerfed several times but is still very good. I think some tiers have suffered more (rip 5&6) then old ships. Gearing is still the best all round DD (rip shima) and Midway recently got buffs to stupid face roll levels.
  10. Crossfader

    The actual Q&A about the 268v4

    no but they buy premium time/premium tanks to be able to fire more gold ammo... its a soft pay-2-win in which WG can go around saying the game is "free to win" cause you can get the ammo with credits. It has been getting worse and worse with the super heavy meta and removal of weak spot on tanks and with new tanks released with bad standard ammo pen/inaccurate guns. These design choices aren't random, they have been pushed to make more money or just to keep the same amount of money coming in
  11. Crossfader

    The actual Q&A about the 268v4

    They make tanks OP at launch to make money, plain and simple... they dont need data, they dont need time to analyze it, they know its OP, they just want people to spend money to rush dont that line, play the OP flavor of the month. Eventually they will nerf it, only to buff another random tank to make that one the OP flavor of the month... As for gold and the "rebalance".... bullshit, they have been dangling that promise for years, remember sandbox, it was suppose to fix everything, and then we got the super heavy no weak spot meta.
  12. Aigle isn't very good... i really want to like it, but even with an 18 point captain she just isn't very good... playing the Fushun right after makes it feel like a meh tier 5 (Fushun is kinda OP and alot of fun, best reward ship from the DoY marathon) I hope the other French DD's have better guns, i never thought i would miss the "fast" USN 5" shells with there great flight time.
  13. wait till you get the tier X cruiser railguns... or insane DPM There is a reason why high tier DD's are both the most rewarding and frustrating ships to play. Make one mistake and it can be game over, but if you play it right its that much more satisfying. Flamuu has an excellent series of replay analyst, were he critiques other players game, all of them are average and he points out what you should and should not do, check those out (generally from tier 6 to 10) Also, prepare yourself mentally for tiers 5 & 6, they are the absolute worse, tier 5 especially. They have reverse pref MM, basically -1/+2 and getting downtiered is pretty rare. Tier 6 is also bad, but you tend to get more middle of the pack matches and tier 6's deal better in general with high tiers. also, one of the important factors in the full pen damage of the tier 8+ USN BB's is the plunging fire they get, especially the NC. Its means the shells drops down in the DD and have time to fuse instead of passing through it.
  14. just take a moment to think about how ridiculous that is...
  15. Crossfader

    Red in Life