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  1. Aigle isn't very good... i really want to like it, but even with an 18 point captain she just isn't very good... playing the Fushun right after makes it feel like a meh tier 5 (Fushun is kinda OP and alot of fun, best reward ship from the DoY marathon) I hope the other French DD's have better guns, i never thought i would miss the "fast" USN 5" shells with there great flight time.
  2. wait till you get the tier X cruiser railguns... or insane DPM There is a reason why high tier DD's are both the most rewarding and frustrating ships to play. Make one mistake and it can be game over, but if you play it right its that much more satisfying. Flamuu has an excellent series of replay analyst, were he critiques other players game, all of them are average and he points out what you should and should not do, check those out (generally from tier 6 to 10) Also, prepare yourself mentally for tiers 5 & 6, they are the absolute worse, tier 5 especially. They have reverse pref MM, basically -1/+2 and getting downtiered is pretty rare. Tier 6 is also bad, but you tend to get more middle of the pack matches and tier 6's deal better in general with high tiers. also, one of the important factors in the full pen damage of the tier 8+ USN BB's is the plunging fire they get, especially the NC. Its means the shells drops down in the DD and have time to fuse instead of passing through it.
  3. just take a moment to think about how ridiculous that is...
  4. Got killed in 4 salvoes by a Missouri yesterday in Khaba... only ever got to 9km from him (close but not suicidal and not for long). I love the khaba, but if a BB knows how to aim and can actively focus you, you are fucked (50mm armor means you cant give broadside and angling is also extremely risky). Khaba is only good because 90% of the player base can aim for shit. Go play it vs bots... its becomes the worse ship in the game. Worse case of BB AP on DD's ever experienced was a Missouri (again) one salvoeing my Kidd from 12.5km away.... Its kinda pathetic that my greatest counter when i play DD's isnt other DD's, cruiser or radar but fucking BB's shooting AP........ so much for the whole rock/paper/scissors. I know they wont release the Asashio with the 20km deepwater torps, but fuck me sideways I wouldn't play the shit out of that just to farm BB tears, revenge for there broken AP. The Khaba is only "broken" when you cant focus it... 1 v 1 in any tier 10 BB, unless he has god tier fire RNG any decent player should shit on a Khaba. Seriously once you play it, it loses that "its super OP" appeal
  5. fun and engaged, detonates full HP by splash from a Benson 5 inch HE shell
  6. they have about 42% of standard displacement in armor, more of less the same as Bismarck/Iowa
  7. sunday looks to have been rough in WoWs, good thing i just played Subnautica
  8. You can either get them from the ingame containers or buy containers to get them. They are rewarded has personal missions, with the tier 5 needing 10k base exp to get, the others need more exp, they go up in increments. The ships for now are considered premium ships so you can use any french captain in them, when 7.2 drops they become like normal ships, but you keep them
  9. Mutsu can do that... poor paper Des
  10. Bandkanon 1 It had an exceptionally high rate of fire, being able to fire 14 shells in 45 seconds.[1] With one round already loaded in the gun beside the two seven-round clips in the magazine, the rate of fire rose to official world record of 15 rounds in 45 seconds. Oh and i might be too cynical and pessimistic, but i would bet that half this shit wont ever get done and the other half will take twice as long, i mean Havoc, are they for real, that was first talked about like a good 3 years ago, if not more...........................
  11. yeah i got that with the Roon, something like 34% W/R even though i had my highest avg dmg for cruisers at the time.
  12. You know that its like, super OP, like along with the Iron Duke the best tier V BB. Anyways, anyone knows how long it takes till they give out the ranked rewards, i want to go burn down BB's in my new Flint.