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  1. Crossfader

    Buffed Preferential MM Premium 8s

    Yeah but the game needs those nowadays because its proportionally so much shittier to play. Shorter grind but much worse game vs longer grind while having (more) fun.
  2. Crossfader

    Buffed Preferential MM Premium 8s

    and its slowly making the game worst in the process... WG is so lucky AW and shit the bed, having a monopoly lets you get away with so much shit.
  3. Crossfader

    Buffed Preferential MM Premium 8s

    The cycle of never-ending powercreep is something to behold....
  4. Crossfader

    The WoWS carry and carry Fail Thread

    last season, unless WG does some major changes Literally no more rewards left, i have the Flint/Black and the special Black camo.... so nothing after that. Stalingrad does not interest me and i would have to grind another 7 ranked ones, rather just cut my balls off thank you
  5. Crossfader

    What's keeping this forum solvent?

    very much a reflection of the long and slow decline of WoT... Its still my home page, but i almost only play WoWs these days
  6. tier 8 MM is also broken in WoWs...... Tier 4, 7, 9 & 10 are the only tiers worth playing, which is a shame since their are so many good tier 8 prems, and tier 5 used to be awesome WG need to sort out their MM in both games.
  7. Crossfader

    CV rework revealed

    Playing HE spam Conqueror is too much.... sadly i think WG is trying to down this route and will end up only hurting the game WoWs is a niche game that will never have a massive appeal. Better target it at the ones that will play.
  8. Crossfader

    CV rework revealed

    I also dont think the RTS style is the problem... i think its the hyper micro management that is the problem, they need to go more towards the Total Annihilation/Supreme Commander macro management, i think that would be alot better.
  9. Crossfader

    CV rework revealed

    Something about the video they showed us yesterday was bothering me, but i couldn't put my finger on it till last night... ITS A FUCKING MOBILE GAME. Seriously, you could play this shit on an Iphone. Tilt left and right to dodge AA, tilt forwards and back to start/cancel an attack run, press screen to drop torps/rockets/bombs and you have your special ability on screen... WG has managed to boil down "Carrier" gameplay to the most basic while still being able to say that players have influence. Your down to one squad, no fighters, very little spotting, practically no reason to ever control your carrier. They needed to do something, CV gameplay was a special kind of cancer, but this is just... fucking making it a mobile game, i mean come the fuck on. 2 years of dev time for this shit. I guess when you dont have any real competition you can do pretty much anything. Never got into CV's and dont see myself ever getting into them.
  10. Crossfader

    CV rework revealed

    WG plane simulator 2018.... Like seriously, how was that a CV rework, we never saw a ship in that entire demo, might as well have been world of warplane.
  11. Crossfader

    CV rework revealed

    Combat air patrol, basically they send fighters up to patrol around or at a certain point
  12. So WG unveiled the long awaited CV rework with a special stream. First impressions... meh. It looks interesting, keep in mind literally nothing has been balanced, they just got it working. My main problem is that they moved even further away from playing a "CV" to basically its now WoWp. Its even more micro management, you literally now only manage one squad. I would rather it have been a macro style gameplay, were you stay more focused on your ship, but manage for example: setting up CAP defence for your self and your fleet, build strike groups and tell them how to attack etc etc.
  13. Crossfader

    Nvidia RTX 20XX GPUs