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  1. Dont forget that WoWs recently has had a new PvE gamemode added, which turned out to be quite popular, maybe WoT is going to try PvE historical battles ?
  2. Literally making shit up at this point, like full on bullshit, not even from obscure prototypes or "what if" projects
  3. HYPE TRAIN IS GO Seriously, its probably a few years of, but i cant remember being hyped like this, the Prime trilogy is one of the best ever made, with the original Prime being the best video game i have ever played (pretty sure it is also the video game i have the most play through's of)
  4. In Soviet Russia, chat reads YOU
  5. well at least she has 14-13" of belt over that citadel.
  6. uhhhh, no, those are the ones that need it the most, IFHE is best on 150-155mm guns because it crosses the 32mm barrier, which means alot more dmg on BB's. Its on 203mm guns that its not rally important. Plus tier 5/6 is uptiered alot, so free IFHE is very good
  7. basically free IFHE, intead of pen being 1/6 of the caliber size, its now 1/4 starting at tier 4 so 150mm used to pen 24mm or armor now it goes through 37mm. Same thing with the 203mm guns, although it does not change much for them, but they can now pen 50mm, which is good for some tier X BB's plus Khaba/Moskva
  8. literally fired Obsidian because they thought AW was not enough of a WoT clone... guess they are fixing that now Dont see myself ever playing again
  9. I find her meh, guns are too derpy for me, and the AA is a gimmick, seriously, i have been de-AA'd (0 anti left ont the ship... at tier7) completely playing the Hood. I would get rid of the Def AA and give her the Warspite turrets, same shell speed/rotation/accuracy
  10. So you want to play Warships on the weekend, GO FUCK YOURSELF


    1. Hellsfog


      okay. let me point out that if I could fuck myself, I wouldn't be doing anything else other than making myself breakfast and smoking the occasional cig.

  11. its stupid, and kinda greedy (premium accounts should have that removed), but if you cycle 3 ships in PvE you should never feel it, so.... not great, but at least its not 24 hours/ till the next day
  12. anyone have a better K/D Khaba is balance, all solo play
  13. unlocked the Minotaur today, 4th tier X CL, seems pretty good, shame tier X is shit to play