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  1. Flamu is a CC not a ST... not sure about getting it for free in campaign, i think it might be just a camo.
  2. Amagi turtleback is pretty dank is close range
  3. instead of making a better version of WoT, argued with Obsidian for them to make a carbon copy of WoT with modern tanks. Instead of something different that could have been better, we got a hot steaming mess. You are always going to be second best to the original if you go for the exact same thing.
  4. yes 19 points right now im running a balanced 1-2-2-2 with stealth, AFT, HP, Demo xprt and AdreRush... wondering if i drop stealth/AdreRush and go for extra heal plus BFT
  5. With the Khaba getting nerfed tomorrow with a pretty decent rudder shift time of 11.1 seconds this are my stats, 15 games played (not alot, only recently got it) only 2nd ship that i have 100k average on, feels balanced (87% solo W/R kek). Important thing to note is the K/D ratio, which is nill, cause i haven't died yet.... After nerf, will it be better to run full gunboat, no stealth and heal or just the same as now but just adjust to the longer rudder shift, im debating whether to change my build, any thoughts
  6. yeah kinda OP now, only thing the Bis has got is better AA and hydro... Des Moins deck to 30mm, praise the freedom
  7. they can, just look at WoWs and the removal of stealth firing, that affected alot of premiums, but since it was an "overall change to the mechanic" they didn't really have any problems doing it
  8. I did once, in my blyska. I had torps away that were going to hit, was set on fire, did not repair and died, which took away enough points to make the match last long enough for my torps to hit, we won 30 seconds later.
  9. WG seems to not only hate French lights, but French cruisers also also some tier X lights now have 390m view range... IS-7 has 400m
  10. that was me
  11. i fought against you tonight, standard battle both your DD's tried to cap, went back to cap killed them, ended with 40k dmg... standard battle, so fucking good
  12. I went stealth on the Fr-de-Gr, being able to pop in and out of stealth is too powerful to give up at higher tier. Play is just too passive to justify 2ndary builds past tier 8.
  13. thats the point, they complaint about being bad.....
  14. only 51knots though... here come the straight line BB complaints
  15. turns corner, 2 DD plus radar cruiser.....