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  1. Honeslty with the time constraits, not knowing if the gameplay is any good, having to respect nearly every ship/captain, the convoluted way you get the OP tier X soviet BB/CL (get 3 flags, not team based, its on individual battles, quick victories dont count ??). Its just a giant cluster fuck that seems like it was designed by a government commity that tried to make it the worse most complicated way possible. When they annouced the Stalingrad, i actually considered looking for a competitive clan... but now i might just wait it out, plus i dont want to spend like 3k gold respecing 6 or 7 captains
  2. I would tell you to wait till WG gets there heads out of their collective asses and do something about CV's. They have been promising a magical rework for more then a year. CV's are in a very bad spot right now (balance is completely out of wack, all premium CV's are better then tech tree ones, tech tree USN CV's might as well not exist). I dont play them simply because i cannot stand the buggy, slow and downright broken UI, plus the fact that WG basically fucked them over by not including them in CW, makes me happy i never even bothered going past tier 6 with CV's
  3. I find WTR sorta bad, since like WN8 it is very very easy to pad, just play any USN DD from tier 5-7 and do 40K dmg, watch your number shoot up.
  4. Also, dont forget that you will have to respec captains/ships for clam wars since no CV's means a completely different build. Thats gonna cost quite a bit of gold I remembers those, it was fun watching them try oh so hard... never knew why they removed them, seems like WG has been catering to the glue eater for awhile i have seen quite a few videos/comments on how removing CV's will "help" DD's flank... they clearly never played ranked, let alone comp. Seriously, last ranked seasons past ranked 5, every game had one RPF ship, makes flanking a complete waste of time, such a shit skill to have added to the game, makes any sort of risky play impossible.

    1. DirtyACE7


      Wow! Just wow! Let's deliberately maim our own game for no real reason at all!

      WG's decision making obviously includes at least 25% RNG.

  6. Decided to form a clan,named it War Boys, cause ingame name is Immortan, so it fits. Mainly for the bonuses of the base seeing that clam wars is sort of a joke, so if you want casual non potato clan for bonuses occasional divs and maybe some trolling around in clam war (7 rented shima, 20km torp meta) Have at the minimum a tier 8, preferably a 10, 52% W/R would be great, glue eating connoisseur need not apply
  7. pretty gud cruiser.. 300 more exp then the best on winning team, plox curry harder
  8. MONGQUEROR you mean
  9. was there ever any doubt that they were going to fuck it up, just look at WoT
  10. Nurgle Benson
  11. run away, a Samsung phone
  12. rage sold KGV... i can stand the weak armor, bad AP, shit firing angle, shit AA that gets destroyed super fast, but what tilts me off the face of the earth is inaccurate guns. If i predict and lead the target perfectly, i dont want RNG to decide if i get to do damage. Right after selling it, i played a game in the Amagi, first salvo, 17km away i delete an Atlanta sailing in a strait line.... dam that felt good, actual guns with accuracy and good AP, amazing.
  13. KGV has 25mm decks and side, which none of the other BB's at tier 7 have, heck even some cruisers have a thicker deck. Sure its broadside armor is good, but the turrets very very weak. Fighting anything with 15inch + guns without taking damage is nearly impossible, since they overmatch NEARLY the entire ship. Not being able to tank even a bit, having god awful firing angles, bad AA (all the dps is very short range), shit AP and relying on fire RNG to do damage is not a great combo and a shit way to design a ship. I really hate what WG has done to the bristish BB line. Bastard child between a cruiser and a BB that only seems to get gud at tier 9. Strong belt with below the waterline citadel means its kinda pointless, at close range most guns at this tier will get through anyways (Scharn may not apply), not that it matters since they wont hit the citadel, since its so low. With 25mm all round they just need to hit you, sure you can bait shot on your side, but the upper part is also 25mm, so with dispersion they will most likely still get pens
  14. ok re-read it, i thought it was implied that i was referring to tier 7 BB's, not all ships ingame i shall issue a new statement " the KGV is the weakest tier 7 BB in the game... never played anything quite this bad for a tier 7 BB"