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  1. its not to the ability to SF that bothers me that much, its that the DD/CL bloom is going to be much larger, which means you will be spotted more and longer, which inevitably will result in more damage taken.
  2. The nerf to DD's continue. Its never a big one, not even a direct one, its millimeter by millimeter, taken individually they seem fine. Stealth fire, bah do we really need it, RPF, turns out not so bad, more and more radar cruisers, well thats just a smoke counter, BB's and DD's with radar, well thats just there "unique" thing, german BB's with great secondaries and hydro, "national flavor". IJN torp nerf, well there was to much spam, IJN reshuffle, well the guns are nerfed, the tier 8 is worse, new german DD's well, the are kinda shit.... on and on, just look at CV's. You realize that with 80% of game with 10 BB, 5 each side, WG truly does want world of battleships. people using a tool available to them is not a crutch, being dependent on it is, but knowing when to use it to be the most effective is what differentiates good and bad players.
  3. if i take the top 5 most played of every type i do play (no CV's) then its DD's, CL followed by BB's and its only going to get easier post 6.3
  4. 2nd spec CV meta confirmed
  5. nope, none at all... i have 20 flags, i used Military contributor flag on my premiums and Alpha flag on normal ships. I got my first jolly roger this season, i only use it on my tier 5 premiums, just because they dont really make $ or exp.
  6. shame i never got to try her... only time someone ever said something good about the german DD's
  7. Okhotnik is very worth, most fun ship in the game

    1. How_Terrible


      This is good to know.

  8. DE is now 2% more fire chance after the skill point reshuffle
  9. how does Kiev have 13% fire chance, starting with only 8% ?
  10. fuck rank 2 was a bitch to get through
  11. I have the Missouri, bad tier is is irrelevant. Still a shame, they were very nice ships. At least WoWs isnt going the WoT route and releasing OP tier 8 premiums