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  1. CDC can definitely keep up with the FV but I would still give it the edge because 300 more dpm. The gun that is, not the tank.
  2. After playing some more games in it it seems like the first impression was a lie. It still gets penned in every possible angle into the turret and it still has the worst t8 medium gun in the game by a huge margin. Pointless tank
  3. I picked up the (wireless!) G602 for 29€ some time ago and I really enjoy it, can't notice a different to my previous cable mice and it fixes my issue of the cable always breaking. You might find better stuff with your budget though. And no fancy RGB rainbows.
  4. I wouldn't say it's the same, its pretty strong when using gun depression, the cheeks go up to 240-250. Quite impressive that it's such a bad tank that its still not good after 4 buffs, they really needed to either keep the original turret buff or give the gun some love like they did with the Cents. Also realizing again how stupidly expensive the shells are, 11k ammo cost in a 2k game...
  5. Mostly, yes. The mobility buff is most noticeable for sure, turret only works against lower tiers unless using a decent amount of gun depression. Its definitely better than before, but I still wouldn't call it good with that derpy gun, no dpm and unreliable turret.
  6. Good luck getting people to join when there is no tank reward
  7. No idea what they were thinking here. Even with the buffs it was always worse than the Cent I / Primo Victoria. Way worse turret against high pen especially with the top part only being 220 on flat ground vs. autobounce on the primo, less dpm, less hp and less viewrange. If this is OP, then they couldn't have released the Primo...
  8. The new T10 british TD has arrived on supertest, and to the surprise of nobody, it's an improved version of the Tortoise Terrain resistance: 1.8/2/3 (I'm a bit skeptic since those are the exact same as the 183) Camo: 24.2%/14.5% Armor: I'm not actually sure if the front part is 235 or 178
  9. Nope, exactly what I meant to say. The megagrinders are kicked out of R1 as well as the good players that only grinded as much as absolutely needed. So in the end all thats left is the good player megagrinders. There just won't be space anymore in R1 for people that aren't in that category, I'm calling it right now, feel free to quote me on that if I end up being wrong. And before people tell me how good players shouldn't be getting R1 in one game, that was never the point, there is a huge difference between one game and 2 hours every day for an entire month. Who came up with the idea of resetting people to 0 every single week anyway? Just make people grind up once, then slowly decay their ranks if they stop playing so they dont just chill up there for free, reset fully once every couple months at most.
  10. You describe exactly what was wrong before, even average players could reach very high ranks purely by spamming games. That issue got fixed. But it will at the same time kill the mode, less people play, the amount of chevrons added to the pool is orders of magnitude lower than before all while the cutoff is at the same amount of points. The amount of people in the 10% will be a lot lower, so in the end it all goes to the best players that also grinded their ass off everyday, which is not the point of a ranked mode.
  11. Don't see how the derpy one could ever be viable. The crap gun handling just completely eats up the dpm advantage.
  12. Legit question: How does one ace the Tetrarch? Seems shit at distance and shit at brawling + tons of M2 Light sealclubbers everywhere.

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    2. EndlessAgony


      M2 Light has been the sealclubbers' choice  for quite some time now. As for acing the Shitbox, good luck. That thing is lung cancer in pixeltonk form. I'd suggest tooning with someone to tank damage for you, running food and spamming gold. Alternatively, super meat-shield abuse sitting behind the team and stealing all dem killz. IIRC kills contribute more to mastery in lower tiers compared to higher tiers due to HP size, but I may be wrong.

      Also play ShitmoredAIDSfare w/ me on Wednesday evening ploxplox :wub:

    3. breeeze


      I even had a game once with 1k+ damage and 8 kills, still no ace... 


      Also why would I ever touch that dead game again? :eww:

    4. EndlessAgony


      I reckon you'll need at least 10 or so with 1k+ damage, maybe even 12+ tbh, I haven't looked at WoTReplays in a while, but back when I still played WoT, all low tier aces were really high kill games, 11, 12, 13, etc. This has to do with the DPM to HP ratio, overall low HP of the tanks which both result in damage being harder to farm, etc. Also, you have to take into account the overal literal randomness of the low tiers with tons of people who have no clue what they are doing and sometimes just score really high by pure dumb luck. This coupled with professional sealclubbers with literally hundreds, if not thousands, of battles and skilled crews push the Ace requirements really high. To be honest, unless you get exceedingly lucky, you may even end up having to play a ton of matches to get the ace. Best bet would be to toon with say Pz. II J and have it tank the damage while you farm, primarily kills, secondarily damage.

      As for returning to AW, to toon with your BFF EndlessAgony, of course :^)

  13. Too bad, all the nice tools are dying...
  14. Because it had much less pen before (190 I think) and WG being WG buffed the AP round without any regard to the HEAT round.
  15. Something to think about: