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  1. Legit question: How does one ace the Tetrarch? Seems shit at distance and shit at brawling + tons of M2 Light sealclubbers everywhere.

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    2. EndlessAgony


      M2 Light has been the sealclubbers' choice  for quite some time now. As for acing the Shitbox, good luck. That thing is lung cancer in pixeltonk form. I'd suggest tooning with someone to tank damage for you, running food and spamming gold. Alternatively, super meat-shield abuse sitting behind the team and stealing all dem killz. IIRC kills contribute more to mastery in lower tiers compared to higher tiers due to HP size, but I may be wrong.

      Also play ShitmoredAIDSfare w/ me on Wednesday evening ploxplox :wub:

    3. breeeze


      I even had a game once with 1k+ damage and 8 kills, still no ace... 


      Also why would I ever touch that dead game again? :eww:

    4. EndlessAgony


      I reckon you'll need at least 10 or so with 1k+ damage, maybe even 12+ tbh, I haven't looked at WoTReplays in a while, but back when I still played WoT, all low tier aces were really high kill games, 11, 12, 13, etc. This has to do with the DPM to HP ratio, overall low HP of the tanks which both result in damage being harder to farm, etc. Also, you have to take into account the overal literal randomness of the low tiers with tons of people who have no clue what they are doing and sometimes just score really high by pure dumb luck. This coupled with professional sealclubbers with literally hundreds, if not thousands, of battles and skilled crews push the Ace requirements really high. To be honest, unless you get exceedingly lucky, you may even end up having to play a ton of matches to get the ace. Best bet would be to toon with say Pz. II J and have it tank the damage while you farm, primarily kills, secondarily damage.

      As for returning to AW, to toon with your BFF EndlessAgony, of course :^)

  2. Too bad, all the nice tools are dying...
  3. Because it had much less pen before (190 I think) and WG being WG buffed the AP round without any regard to the HEAT round.
  4. Something to think about:
  5. I think Wargaming must have made a mistake here, this is clearly a stationary tier 4 TD with borked matchmaking, not a tier 6 heavy...
  6. I don't know where you get your numbers from, but that dpg is about 3k WN8 and similar to what I pulled in the T-34/100 and Tiger P. The AC 46 is almost 300 dpg below that for me. As I said, it's not good, but not bottom of the barrel either.
  7. I'm not gonna pretend like this is a good tank, but I really don't think it's as bad as you make it out to be. Speed and camo go a long way, with aggressive play I'm able to keep up in dpg with most average/mediocre tier 7s, definitely nowhere near the bottom of the barrel stuff like the AMX AC 46. I feel like it is pretty strong at poking ridges at medium range and snapping people in the face with that tiny footprint, not something the tier 6 was able to do very well.
  8. More like not trash enough to be a reward tank...
  9. Couldn't give half a shit about how historical they are, anything that is somewhat believable is fine with me, but I'm still curious.
  10. Well, I'm not gonna hold 3k+ but my point still stands
  11. No idea what you're talking about
  12. Finally some non-pedo marks, 2nd t8 mark and 1st non-clicker t9 mark
  13. So I assume they are all fake? Like, completely made up with no base in reality?
  14. Holy shitballs this tank is retarded
  15. Is MM weight still a thing though? I would've expected them to just discard the entire concept of it with the changes since there are fixed tier distributions and matched numbers of SPG, LT and TD.