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  1. getting purple at picking up chicks has a lot of the same criteria, knowledge of weak spots and playing a significant sample size...and every chick is a new premium tank....but you cant get herpes from tanks, so wrap your tool up bud University was a great time, many more of my buddies from university I am still friends with now, 25 years later, compared to just a couple High School friends. Take some (non life threatening) chances, you are only young once. Got out, do things, hit lots of school organized events...if they suck, you can leave, if not you are experiencing new things and hopefully meeting some new people. I did a lot of growing as a person OUTSIDE of the academic aspect, but remember you are spending a good chunk of money for the academic part, remember your priorities.
  2. and they are streaming together now too
  3. Shout out to Cheeki for tooning with me, sorry I didnt have much time yesterday, but I appreciate it none the less.
  4. Much is kinda bad for me, I have to run an errand after work and my daughter's concert is tonight, but I can probably get on by 430pm EST or so
  5. I've been at this quite a long time and I just seem to have plateaued. I can identify immediately that one of my problems is marksmanship, too many games with 15 shots fired, 10 hits 7 pens type of stuff. I suck at reading line ups and predicting where I will see which tanks for the most part. Definitely appreciate any help I could get and I'm willing to put some monies up there on an hourly basis if I can find someone that really clicks with being able to teach me. I've taken lessons from guys like Smylee, Valacchio and other unicums, but it has been quite a while. But I had trouble really being able to put their information to use. It you are not easily frustrated playing with scrubs, and wanna possibly make a little beer money, gimme a shout please. IGN is 'capt_jay' (not a dash) I am usually on most days 4-7pm EST, but I can try and be flexible schedule wise, but I also have clan activity commitments as well
  6. and the T25 will be the thanks, not going out of my way to get it
  7. is it just me or is the formatting pure shit on the OP now?
  8. seems an odd term as trade implies the exchange of things... How do you gauge the other flank and its chances for falling and when? I mean, I can look and see we have 4 green tanks and they have 4 red...but are you guys holding down the ALT key and checking the HP remaining and factoring that into the decision of how that battle is going? Or just basing it on the probably based on the tanks opposing each other? Or some other method? I know just comparing numbers is a crap method, cause I look and we have 4 and they have 2, and then i look again and we have 2 and they have 2... Things seem to change really fast these days, we go from being down 1 tank to suddenly being down 5 in the space of 90 seconds...that I think tells me I need to be checking the mini map more frequently...
  9. So I suck at trading, are we considering a safe trade to be doing damage and not taking any in return? Or taking 240 to do 390? Or something else?
  10. just a note, MIT/MM is still in business and still recruiting... I've seen a few FADED guys in pubs the last week or two...
  11. there are several good youtubers to watch from the fellas over @ RUST Notser, Flamu, Aeroon. I think Notser is a bit more 'noob friendly' I find playing ships is a lot like driving a really slow tank in WoT, you have to be thinking several minutes ahead in order to be in the correct position. BBs are probably good to start with, but they are slow to respond to helm changes and esp at low tiers very slow. But they have the biggest HP pool...and most people play them like snipers, trying to use their long range to avoid taking damage. This big hp pool makes them targets of aircraft of course, so you have to keep an eye on inbound aircraft and be prepared to turn into torps. Devour these forums, there is much good stuff here...
  12. Our TS is, so come on over
  13. so the holidays are over and hopefully one of your new year's resolutions was to get even better at tanks, come check out M--M!
  14. the bigger the better does not really apply to me, but I prefer the kind where you grab'm in your hand and there is still some poking over the edge of your hand to suckle...but I like big asses too, I would definitely classify myself as somewhat of a chubby chaser, though the girl I have been dating the last...10 years does not fit that mold and I perfectly happy, though I do wish the sweater puppets were a little larger...(B cup)