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  1. dealing with the govt always requires jumping thru many hoops
  2. been to Charleston a couple times, but never got down to PP...I need to make that happen the next time I am there. Yorktown looks a lot different than she did in 1945, having been thru 2 conversions...angled flight decks were a post WW2 thing...still, I need to get down there and see they let you wander thru pretty much everything? Or just bridge, flight deck and hanger deck?
  3. got paid, more $ on the way my man
  4. if it wasn't for bad luck...I believe I could do said work, but I'm going to guess you are not in North Carolina, so probably not feasible. I dont get paid until next Monday, but I will send you some quid as soon as that day rolls around, hang in there buddy.
  5. moving sucks, good luck with it
  6. "If they cant find you handsome, they should at least find you handy" Man, the boys are young in that picture for sure.
  7. I prefer All Dressed for sure...they brought those down here last year for a trial run, were a hit, now they are regularly there. Not the same as home, but then neither is the shit they sell as Moosehead or Labatts
  8. Former Maritimer (NB) living in the south. Cheers to maple syrup, and to Black Velvet rye...and a shout out to my teen standby, Molson Canadian. I love mint Arrow bars, sometimes I even find them in the "international" aisle at my local grocery Also french girls....
  9. beer money inbound
  10. seriously, this is still a thing....
  11. best of luck brah, more quid headed your way
  12. wow, glad I decided to grab an Atlanta last night then
  13. Giussano class perhaps? They were pretty fast, about 37 kts, but actually went over 40 on trials...basically a light cruiser...
  14. got paid, $ sent, hang in there
  15. getting purple at picking up chicks has a lot of the same criteria, knowledge of weak spots and playing a significant sample size...and every chick is a new premium tank....but you cant get herpes from tanks, so wrap your tool up bud University was a great time, many more of my buddies from university I am still friends with now, 25 years later, compared to just a couple High School friends. Take some (non life threatening) chances, you are only young once. Got out, do things, hit lots of school organized events...if they suck, you can leave, if not you are experiencing new things and hopefully meeting some new people. I did a lot of growing as a person OUTSIDE of the academic aspect, but remember you are spending a good chunk of money for the academic part, remember your priorities.