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  1. capt-jay

    How to support the WoTLabs Forum

    due to declining financial situation, I have had to pull my Patreon pledges, sorry
  2. capt-jay

    Absence and going forward

    Ahhh, life after university, congrats. Good luck, hope the reno turns out the way you hoped, it will most likely improve your state of mind. Thanks for the place to hang out
  3. capt-jay

    T-72M1 NVA (Tamiya)

    the paint job/shading is excellent!
  4. Gasai is a shitter than thinks he is good at the game cause he has purple stats after playing about 20k games in the E 25
  5. capt-jay

    Life is hard (Solono needs assistance)

    found out friend has been diagnosed with MDS and is going to need nearly $250k to cover expenses not covered by insurance, so I am afraid I am going to have to curtail my donations and funnel that cash to him...
  6. capt-jay

    Life is hard (Solono needs assistance)

    dealing with the govt always requires jumping thru many hoops
  7. capt-jay

    Patriot's Point Charleston SC

    been to Charleston a couple times, but never got down to PP...I need to make that happen the next time I am there. Yorktown looks a lot different than she did in 1945, having been thru 2 conversions...angled flight decks were a post WW2 thing...still, I need to get down there and see they let you wander thru pretty much everything? Or just bridge, flight deck and hanger deck?
  8. capt-jay

    Life is hard (Solono needs assistance)

    got paid, more $ on the way my man
  9. capt-jay

    Life is hard (Solono needs assistance)

    if it wasn't for bad luck...I believe I could do said work, but I'm going to guess you are not in North Carolina, so probably not feasible. I dont get paid until next Monday, but I will send you some quid as soon as that day rolls around, hang in there buddy.
  10. capt-jay

    Canadian thread eh

    "If they cant find you handsome, they should at least find you handy" Man, the boys are young in that picture for sure.
  11. capt-jay

    Canadian thread eh

    I prefer All Dressed for sure...they brought those down here last year for a trial run, were a hit, now they are regularly there. Not the same as home, but then neither is the shit they sell as Moosehead or Labatts
  12. capt-jay

    Canadian thread eh

    Former Maritimer (NB) living in the south. Cheers to maple syrup, and to Black Velvet rye...and a shout out to my teen standby, Molson Canadian. I love mint Arrow bars, sometimes I even find them in the "international" aisle at my local grocery Also french girls....
  13. capt-jay

    The Minion Consortium Wants You

    seriously, this is still a thing....
  14. capt-jay

    Life is hard (Solono needs assistance)

    best of luck brah, more quid headed your way