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  1. So, how is gun handling on Rhm Panzerwagen? Because I can forgive a LOT if the gun handling is good enough... which is why I HATE my WZ-120 (grinding out the 121 to buy on an ontrack just for collector reasons, especially as 430U is about to obsolete it) for its derpiness + crap gundep, mostly the gundep. (If you're going to have that bad gun handling, and the armour isn't E75 tier or better in resilience...). Rhm gundep is good enough, so what about the handling? Snapshots? Because IIRC the RU 251 was supposedly pretty sweet in those... (read: played against them enough back in the RU 251 = Tier 8 days) Though since LTs are underpowered in general I mostly just keep them parked these days... If the SP I C had commensurate gun handling to the pre-armour-buff T-54's 201 pen gun (which used to have jesus gun handling) and at least 1600 nominal DPM, OR equal DPM/shell velocity/handling to the Type 62, I would have almost no complaints about it whatsoever because then it could actually peek ridges, flank or even SNIPE effectively.
  2. I got the memo already thanks. However, I should remind you though that "Balanced" and "only vaguely tolerable when kitted out properly" are not within shouting distance of each other. So the premise that the SP I C is underpowered still holds. An IS-3 or 110 or 50 100 without the correct undemountable equipment is still playable if bleh. Light tanks without equipment are worse than bleh (except, say, the Type 62, first couple times I took that out were unequipped and it was just bleh instead of worse). Since SP I C remains on the poor side of bleh even with the correct equipment (the shell velocity and OMFGWTF base gun handling which can't completely be overcome by a Vstab...), then I think it reasonable to describe it as underpowered. Um... T71 DA would like a word
  3. Wait, I thought LT nerfs were intended to make them more passive? Huh, WG lied, again, no surprise there. No rammer? Well I guess the DPS is so shit that helping it doesn't help anyhow. I've always gone BIA, 6th, and then whatever else, so I should just crew grind for a while in low tier prem LTs until I get 6th going, also makes creds along the way and avoids too much RAGE. I'll buy equipment on the next 50% off equipment sale and see how that goes. Thanks for the advice. ...Still think the tank is shit though. The DPM and lack of spike is just monstrously inadequate for an unagile paper bag.
  4. binocs/camo net/toolbox because I'm a cheap-ass on anything below Tier 9 or prems (e.g. my Type 62 has vents/optics/rammer or vstab/optics/rammer, I forget), but the binocs and camo net are kind of required regardless for passive scouting. "No passive scout may do great wrong if he places his vehicle within a bush with binocs and camo net"--Not Nelson I rely in my own awareness and intuition instead of 6th sense up to about early Tier 9 or so on basically every line, because I go for BIA first to make all my crews more interchangeable when required (e.g. nab radioman from one line that doesn't use it at least for that tier and shove it in another that does use it). The habit has not been too nasty in the past and made me more careful and attentive of maps in general than playing with a lightbulb does... until the SP I C. Ye gods the SP I C... if I had had any idea how bad it was I would have pulled the crew from my Leo 1 to grind up the German LT line, because med crews are easy to train with my large stable of premium medium tanks. Well, don't feel like spending any gold and the tank is so crap regardless that pulling the crew wouldn't save it either... My metric for "underpowered" is such that "3+ skill crew makes it vaguely tolerable" just confirms it as underpowered. I don't think this is a metric most players share.
  5. EDIT: Thanks to the commenters, I acknowledge that I'm not exactly using the right equipment/crew loadout (read: listened to WG comments on LT changes and thought passive scouting was the intended role) and rather behind the times on the meta due to about 10 month break from WoT before late 2017. However, IS-3, 110, or the like are all reasonably playable without the right equipment and a stock 100% crew. Light tanks in general aren't, but SP I C still falls far short of the bar of "would be bleh with right gear and crew" that the other Tier 7 LTs at least meet if not roflstomp all over (cough T71 DA cough). This feels, and has felt since I started playing it (October 2017), like more of a garbage scow than the reputation of the new DoYlist FREEmium (Doylist perspective explains why the DoY is so bad compared to KGV) in Warships. I did not expect that I would ever wish I'd just ground out the AwfulPanther back in the day... Has anyone got any advice for SP I C play beyond "act like a Hellcat with shit shell velocity, no Jesus APCR, and worse reload a tier up"? I have had exactly one decent match in it when the stars aligned, but even that involved no damage dealing and just pure scouting. In greater detail... As far as I understand, a vehicle has several criteria that make it useful: Firepower, Mobility, Effective Armour, Information Control (Vision/Camo + present maps). These combine to make several emergent properties like the ability to keep a gun firing effectively on targets, and the ability to flank effectively. The problem I have with the SP I C is that it appears to have exactly none of these properties that make a vehicle good or even reasonable to the filthy unwashed masses (i.e. not 3x platooned unicums firing full sprem ammo, though IIRC it's HEAT and might actually be worse in many applications for this thing). Firepower 158/210/45 penetration, 6.67 RPM, 240 alpha, 2.2 aim time, 0.36/100m... the hard stats are tolerable if it had Type 62 levels of gun handling. The problem is that if the upper front plate was much flatter I'd probably manage to shoot myself turning at full speed on flat ground. The gun handling is cancer for a paper bag light tank. The DPS is a sad joke next to the likes of the Type 62 at the same tier. The turret traverses 44 deg/sec, which would be OK if the tracks did not, on paper, do the same thing, which makes keeping the gun on target impossible during a turn, and if the gun handling was less abysmal. The reload is also pure AWFUL for a light tank. The gun depression of -10 would be quite good if it had the turret armour and reverse speed combo to leverage it without getting snapshot to pieces because you actually have to stop and aim if you want to have any reliable accuracy. Anyone who'd like to play a TD with this thing had better hope their targets don't move for about 1 full second after you fully aim in (read: the enemy hangs out in the open and sits still with their side/ass to you for 5 seconds at least due to fuckoff bloom killing your aim time), due to the shell velocity and your armour meaning you have to fire at very long ranges. And even then you have a good chance of missing if it's an enemy LT because of the range, or he moved/died because other TDs fired on him and their shells got there before yours. Mobility Top speed of 58 kph is unexceptional, and reverse of 22 kph for a light tank is also unexceptional. Both speeds are almost AMX-40 level impossible to achieve and bleed monumentally in a turn. Traverse rate of 44 degrees per second makes keeping gun on target impossible. Acceleration is AWFUL for something of its weight and supposed engine power. Effective Armour The devs may have forgotten that arty is now highly accurate and the SP I C lacks the mobility to escape that shell already on its way once 6th sense lights up. Also, the armour is enough to get auto-penned by anything it sees unless someone troll tooned with a Pz 1 C or something... which would STILL pen. The paper bag nature combined with gun handling and bleh camo makes peekaboom unviable even versus other LTs. It also gets rammed to death by anything bigger than an ELC with trivial ease. A 13 75 or T71 DA can probably leeroy a full health SP I C to death comfortably. I've never seen it happen to me, but it's a gut feeling of dread. Information The camo feels quite bleh even with binocs and camo net, at least compared to Soviet Mediums/Lights and even Chinese. And getting the hell out of a passive spotting bush once you are at serious risk of or being lit up is far too slow in acceleration to avoid the 2-3 TD shells pre-aimed in that general region (e.g. Prokhorovka 1-line bushes). Active scouting is outright suicide with autopen everywhere (though I once ate a T30 shot to the tracks without getting tracked somehow) CONCLUSION? Can't kill enemies effectively due to gun handling, mobility and armour mix... Can't scout actively, or passively... CAN distract enemy team with Free XP pinata. Unfortunately, it does not last long enough as a pinata to matter. I rate it 0/10 overall with my current tankery know-how. More tank-fu is needed to not negative stat pad with this. ...or it needs a whole shitload of buffs, starting with taking the loader out back and shooting him for sabotage for taking over 6 seconds to load a 90mm shell when the Chinese peasant recruit suffering from childhood malnutrition can load an 85mm shell in 5.5 seconds on the Type 62 BEFORE the help of the gun rammer and vents. Alternatively, due to the huge XP slog to the Tier 8, this is intended to be a Free XP sink that surpasses even the infamous AMX M4 45. I liked the pre-buff (i.e. pre T10 LTs) MT-25 more than this thing, and the fact that they both changed the MM and buffed it should tell you how garbage the MT-25 was back then. So, any advice other than "Bush camp in general whenever possible, pray your teams can carry your weight, and hope to start as Redshire south team where you can sit in that bush between the 3 trees on southeast end of center ridge and spot enemies sniping along the hill to your northeast"? (El Halluf south team can also do some damage against enemies rushing across the gap, which is an easier shot from south to north than from east to west, but the low pen is a problem against the fast heavies sides these days)
  6. He talks about smashing keyboards and mice many times, and is super salty over a short loss streak that by sheer large number of games would arise with anyone. I am speaking of my observations of people who claim to be good throwing tantrums and then being snobbish toward anyone else who gets even remotely irritated and always tell people to "git gud" whenever people complain (see old KV-1S whine threads and the number of "git gud" fake-blues and fake-unis from there). Tantrums are disgusting.
  7. Not everyone learns as fast as you do. Feel good about that plz. On the other hand, not everyone (e.g. not you for example) understands the concept of the looking-glass self.
  8. I saw this on official forums recently: Apparently it is socially acceptable among "good" players to smash keyboards and mice just because of their own screw-ups in a video game... oh, and let's not forget intentional drowning... instead of gritting their teeth and doing better in the subsequent matches. (and yes, this is after hearing quite enough claims of similar rage from other good players around this forum) No one is a genius from day one in WoT. How did they get good? They buckled down and learned. They didn't get angry, throw a tantrum and destroy property, and then rage quit. Since when was it socially acceptable for "good" players, after getting better than the average grunt who keeps the MM going and the target range full, to throw tantrums just because things didn't go well briefly for them?Besides the pleasures of hypocrisy, of course. The way I see it is: Lose a few games? So be it, there are many more matches to be played and many more things to learn, randomly getting losing streaks is beyond normal (ever seen randomly generated dice rolls? Streaks of even numbers, or hell streaks of say 1 and 2 (if you are a 2/3 win player), are a lot more common than you might expect). It is... extra ordinary (no, really, since apparently actually buckling down and improving instead of throwing a tantrum is common among all tiers of players, actually remaining calm and learning is truly extraordinary). Lose your head and go berserk just because of a few losses where you spent nothing besides leisure time? Pathetic, almost more pathetic than botters, pah! Please communicate your opinions, and vote in the poll.
  9. Mild exaggeration. If you discount the sub-clans though I probably came remarkably close to the actual number.
  10. Give the man a cookie! He gets my (and everyone else not in a top 5 clan)'s problem with WG CW! Those first two lines are GREAT. Upvoted! That's a hilarious way of putting it at the end there too. EDIT: Okay, yeah, exaggerated, how many clans was it? 30? 40? Okay, so let's not count the sub-clans. I know there was a REL_3 and REL_A, and RDDTV... 10 mega-clans basically?
  11. I was under the impression that it was dominated by sub-clans of the big names? Hmm... guess I haven't looked at CW in too long, because of the reputation of the big clans dominating everything. Kind of like how Warplanes died due to (for those of us who never played a flight sim before the mechanics were no issue) flights, who drove everyone away and no one bothered to look back. The flights argued too that they were definitely not bad for that game. Now, back on topic, unless I'm very much wrong, I was one of the highest stat-wise players in my clan by a long shot (out of the main participants in CW as of half a year ago). That might be part of why my clan isn't dominating, because we aren't very good overall. However, we are still friends and have fun playing the game and occasionally a few laughs in clan chat. Upvoted to counteract the aristocracy avalanche you can expect as soon as they take their sights off this upstart. Yeah, I agree with you... wait a second. You have dark purple WN8 and blue recent win rate. Have you been farming damage lately in lieu of winning?
  12. Then I will say it flat out: The only reason top clans can band together and get so many rewards when so many other clans are raring to get a slice of the pie is because of WoT's challenger tournament system making the final match for a province 15v15. If it was in multiple teams, i.e. 15v15v15v15 in the case of 3 challengers and 1 defender, innumerable smaller, less professional clans, resentful of the diplo-based gold farming of top clans, would ally together to zerg rush you at every single province with massively overwhelming forces, with (most likely) agreements among themselves about who would take which particular province (read: who gets to cap the defender base), and even occasional backstabbings would be done with the knowledge of "KILL THE LANDLORDS FIRST". In other words, the vast majority of players with clans they know won't stand up in a 15v15 fight against a big name clan, who can afford to basically hire (with gold) the best players, do not bother to challenge you to not waste time and energy. But they still LOATHE you. Screaming about how the peasants are all shit and them putting time and money into the game still doesn't mean they should have some chance to get certain tanks (and we all know we don't, due to the big clans' monopoly on CW, Object 260 on the other hand appeased the mob a lot) does not make you look superior, it makes you look like someone we'd all love to jump on and tear limb from limb with our teeth if the game didn't insist on only the top challenger team facing the defender. Clan Wars would be almost ridiculously dynamic if battles could even have 4 teams in them. the only things slowing things down even slightly would be "war exhaustion", and if there are large borders with "wilderness" i.e. where EVERYONE not landed can invade from, well, strong clans would still be better off overall, but I guarantee you that they will still be hard-pressed to fend off the vengeful mob of coalitions that would constantly siege your remaining few provinces from every possible direction. ...I think I almost went into Europa Universalis 4 jargon there. Keeping the peasants (filler, fodder, whatever you want to call them) vaguely settled is crucial to keeping the game stable and allowing the top clans to keep farming gold and having good times. Making the T-22SR OPmobile CW-exclusive does not help with that, and don't forget... AW is basically live now, you have good reason to make the peasants think they can in fact reach the OPmobile with enough time and effort (and a healthy dose of luck). Be glad, be very glad, that WG favours the landlords enough to make the final fights in CW 15v15 instead of four-way or something, but be wary, of the resentment festering under the surface, now with some measure of an outlet in escape to AW (not saying that it's better there, but the grass always looks greener on the other side). WG cannot afford any more resentment now that AW has come out and challenged it basically face to face. Ranting about how everyone else just sucks and that you should get everything doesn't help persuade us underdogs to stay with WoT, and when you have the first ripple in the pond, it spreads, even if it is based on a lie. Ahem, hopefully that sounds almost revolutionary/delusional enough that it fits your mental image of me. However, the point remains that WG at least likely thinks it cannot afford MORE exclusive and OP vehicles (please note that Type 59 is still apparently OP to many, but M60, 72.01 and 907 are not apparently so) and shouting that you have to have it just because you are more special than the peasants just pisses everyone without enough time chunks to allocate for CW every single week off, to no benefit or result whatsoever. If this becomes a CW tank, you can be guaranteed nerfs to make it not heinously obviously OP, just to appease the masses. What does that mean for everyone here? Cease yelling for it to be a CW reward and want it to be IM instead, because guess who gets the best IM tanks? SKILLED PLAYERS! Would you rather both prove skill and get to drive an OP tank or prove skill and get an average tank? Answer should be OBVIOUS.
  13. I can agree with this point here. Upvoted for managing to say something in a less condescending way than the other guys
  14. That attitude is far more cancerous than entitlement EDIT: but whatever, I think we all know the skill cap placed by general mentality, e.g. "The point of the game is to do as much damage as possible to the enemy while not getting shot." versus "The point of the game is to do the most damage possible to the enemy team while keeping as much DPM alive as possible on my team." Unfortunately, eating occasional shots for pubbies works out less often than I would strictly like. Unfortunately, that's something that I can't be bothered to train for since I play to have a good time instead of trying to go beyond simple min-maxing. This does not mean some guys lording it over the rest of us doesn't piss everyone else off. Yes, you're great at the game, we're not, now shut the hell up and stop saying "NO ONLY I CAN HAZ YOU ALL GO FUCK YOURSELVES" in a thread that won't affect policy anyhow.
  15. Looks quite good in present meta. Will consider grinding this line...