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  1. A Siberian player: "Sir, I regret to inform you that I very much can Even, but this tank certainly cannot Even"
  2. No armour and that DPM burns my eyes. Minimum 3200 single-shot DPM and 2500 autoloader needed to be tolerable with that turret face armour and the even worse TURRET SLOWER THAN HULL WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. EDIT: Downvoters these days have no idea of how haggling works it seems. Unreasonable initial demands have been standard since the first barter of how many of your goats for how many of my sheep...
  3. Waffentrager auf panzer iv - Which gun?

    I should correct my earlier post. The gun is great until mounted on this thing. Then it is a heap of shit because it is not possible to leverage it in any way other than bush camping, and the current maps only let you do that when you've already lost. There are a few ways to leverage a gun like this: 1) Sufficient Speed. If you can go at LT speeds, then you can close in and shoot even fi it's a scattergun in handling. 2) Gun Depression/Handling along with adequate mobility or armour to actually use it without being shot to pieces. 3) Enough Armour i.e. T95/Tort The WTF-4 has none of the above and is seriously making me consider giving up on a grind for the first time in my time in WoT. It was tolerable two years ago but now... ahahahahaha... 263 trashes it in every way possibly relevant.
  4. 40mm autobounce UFP AND LFP, comrade! Impenetrable to NATO (except TDs) but nothing to glorious Soviet 122!
  5. Spahpanzer SP I C

    Just tried an early arty run on Stalingrad, because everywhere else was full or suicidal for a slow autopen paper box. Missed first shot due to cancer gun handling even with vstab, then got run down and rammed-shot by the tier 7 French arty (he didn't splash himself to death despite me shooting him in response), who then continued to push me and casually flipped me over onto my side before I could get a second shot in on him. Then his buddies finally caught up and killed me. I would put a replay here but WoT-Record is only accepting replays from Version 9.21, and the file is 736 KB instead of under 501 KB like this website requires. I don't give a wooden nickle about the semantics of whether or not I should have used repair kit on tracks or whatever. when artillery can run down a light tank (sure, he hit me like 0.5 seconds after I hit a junk pile, but he was closing the range so fast it was quite obvious who was going to win that contest) just because the latter is weaving evasively on rough ground (speed bleed), it's time to give up playing the light tank in question, so I went "ahahaha no fuck this" and didn't bother repairing anything so that I could leave the match sooner. Armour: AUTOPEN EVERYWHERE, 0/10 Gun: Shooting on the move does not exist, shell velocity is a joke, alpha/spike is bleh, turret does not exceed hull traverse. 0/10 Mobility: Gets run down and rammed, shot, and flipped by French arty before you can reload twice. 1/10 Size: Tall enough to be shot by French arty which has literally 0 gun depression. 1/10 Overall rating: FUN (short for FUCK YOU NOW) tank.
  6. Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?

    I am currently embarrassed to live on the same planet and possibly be reproductively compatible with the members of WG's balancing team. ... ...Wait a second. Does this mean a certain historical person who had an obsession with Russians as a race was a time traveller who snapped after playing too many Russian-developed games? (And then forgot these reasons because Parkinson's)
  7. T-44 undervalued

    My sarcasm appears to not have been understood. "Tier 8s get shat on by Tier 10s, so the Tier 10s have the high ground... and can lol 2 shot or 1 shot you" more succinct for you? I found the T-44 the best generalist Tier 8 med even before the turret buffs. Now? It's bad cause of 3-5-7 MM and the tier gaps being even bigger than four years ago.
  8. T-44 undervalued

    A 268V4 with full repair + BIA + clutch braking + etc. crew, large repair kit as one of his consumables, and a rock covering one of his sides which he can use to scrape you off. EDIT: or a 183 (the one with actual front armour) with premium HESH loaded aimed down onto your upper front plate.
  9. Isn't PVP in AW now standardized to 5v5? That's what I last heard... i.e. vision control actually exists, if you get flanked it's your own fault, etc.?
  10. Waffentrager auf panzer iv - Which gun?

    Only works on flat ground, and the time it takes to get anywhere, turn around, and then poke (for example, Arctic Region southeast corner) is enough for a heavy to blap you twice while you're still doing the spin, presuming your guys are not sufficiently in his face. And relocating to the next blapping point is also cancer due to having to turn 180 degrees, travel, and turn 180 degrees AGAIN with a turret traverse slower than hull (sure, you can keep it pointed in right relative direction with right mouse, but what if something comes up along the way? Or try pushing over a hill without lol rushing/overinvesting. The crap depression and glacial reverse speed plus no armour around gun level will get you every damned time regardless of forward or reverse unless you, well, "just run in" which is only doable in the finishing phases of a match.
  11. 113

    Prefering long and lithe Chinese to squat short Russian I suppose?
  12. 113

    Why would you run this thing when the 430U exists???
  13. Waffentrager auf panzer iv - Which gun?

    The gun is great. The platform is utter shit thanks to the shit reverse speed for the armour (i.e. autopen except the gun which might bounce enemy shots--bounced a T30 with my gun once) And the camo is just about useless in current map designs. If you seek to win instead of farm damage you're basically on the attack all the time with no gun depression, no armour, and no turret traverse, ugh.
  14. Ahem. Fatboy would like a word. Can survive an Anti Matter Artillery shell from a Mavor even when the shield is down. And the shield can absorb two such hits before going down. (the Mavor fires a shell something like 8 meters across) Sarcasm aside, yeah, catering to the lowest common denominator is a stupid design decision when the lowest denominator notices this and feels insulted. There's a reason CoD prospered, and that was because it let skill do enough that every idiot could pretend he was skilled. WoT is too blatant about catering to the mentally thick, heavy, slow lot.
  15. Rating the Premium Tanks (Tiers 5 through 8)

    How is Matilda IV not NONONONONO?