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  1. Relic Gaming Community

    We're still recruiting for a dead game so if you are interested stop on by.
  2. Relic Gaming Community

    Maybe not but it's still better than the other options like this out there.AW is DOA on NA and WT:GF isn't much better.
  3. Relic Gaming Community

    Yeah for the most part. However a little birdie has told me that WGNA is wanting to bring CW's closer to what 1.0 was so we'll see. Problem is no significant gold income, then they suspended tournaments to include the CTA's which a lot of clans did for gold all makes for a bad turn of events.
  4. Relic Gaming Community

    maybe. although with the server merge it makes it seem like there are 25-30k during primetime. LMAO
  5. Relic Gaming Community

    not bumped since July and only 4 down? talk about dead forum. that or dead game
  6. Relic Gaming Community

    Don't blow your top playing solo or in a small clan. Join the Relic community today.....
  7. Relic Gaming Community

    Lonely tank....Don't be a lonely tanker. If your stats meet our requirements for ANY division of Relic give us a look and hop into our TS<
  8. Relic Gaming Community

    ranked battles are cancer. Either you get a very competent team or you get the team of campers that just wait to die.
  9. Relic Gaming Community

    Wish there were more pics of captured vehicles out there.....
  10. Relic Gaming Community

    Dealing with insurance companies sucks
  11. Relic Gaming Community

    Rumors of no campaign are a bit disappointing which sucks balls. Guess we can look forward to Ranked battles tomorrow and then be accused of having WG cater to the top clans/players in another way.....
  12. Relic Gaming Community

    Getting old sucks. that is all