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  1. It would be about 7500 calories for a kilogram. You need to burn about 3500 calories to lose a pound. Alesia starts a business:
  2. Today I got ma'amed on the phone which was nice but it was also surprising since I was just speaking normally and this person wouldnt have any idea about the trans thing.
  3. Unfortunately the way colonialism spawns it won't really slow down the european powers. Since once the reach the new world or maybe once they set up a colony they get an event which fills out colonization in one of their provinces. Though you should get a nice +10 trade power from port to the new world if that spawns in Asia.
  4. Also one thing my sister had recommended to me was an app called Bumble. I haven't used it since we were just talking about it last night though you can apparently use it on a BFF setting (at least if you register as a grille, no idea about if you register as a guy) to help find friends in the area. Which will honestly be useful to me since I pretty much have only one friend in Daytona and Im not expecting that relationship to survive the year. You can also use it for dating and apparently it's a lot less hookupy.
  5. It'll take some time, but you'll feel better soon enough. You've cut out a big weight from your life like popping a dislocated joint back into place. It's gonna hurt for a while. I also wouldn't give up on finding anyone at all. Though not trying to immediately find a new boyfriend is probably a good thing. Where exactly do you live? You've said before you live in Seattle. The Seattle metropolitan area has over 3.7 million people in it and the city itself has over 600,000 people in it. Do you live rather far outside of seattle? Like how someone might say I live in Orlando even though I'm more than an outside of Orlando?
  6. Please don't use this technique to deal with hungry fuzzies. We're just hungry, dont crush us.
  7. Trying to get PUs can be a massive pain. Pretty much the only way I get PUs is when I force them by forcing a family member onto a vassals throne (if I happen to be playing a Christian Monarchy) and waiting for a weak heir to show up, max relations, break the vassalization, claim throne, and then truce break.
  8. So I wound up continuing that Hamburg game I started wanting to see how big of a city I could make. I did wind up doing a fair bit of expansion. Also the strengthen government thing is damn amazing with a republican government, especially if you have quick elections you can relelect pretty much constantly and run with real strong leaders. I originally was going to just try doing like a one city challenge and was going to have a little vassal swarm but Denmark was looking scary and I eventually decided to start slowly eating things. The league wars never fired despite protestantism running pretty strong and we actually wound up with a protestant Austria and Lithuania. Reform was crushed pretty quickly basically just being Bohemia and Scotland. Though at one point I realized that all the electors were linked together in two circles and I was tired of having to deal with the HRE crap like unlawful territory and free cities. So with my allies I first smashed brabant (the emperor) and ripped them apart. Then I fired the first war and called in all my allies and shortly afterward I fired the second war and was able to crush the remaining electors and the emperor. One of my allies was occupying two of the electors on me so I peaced them out with full annexation to that ally so I could actually dismantle the HRE. Bye Bye HRE. After this there were basically three relevant states in the HRE being me, Brandenburg, and Austria. I turned myself into glorious puke green Hannover. The remaining little countries in the former HRE didn't survive long as the three of us scrambled to clean things up. I made some vassals and wound up making them a bit too big with new burgundy and Courland and then adding Bavaria to the mix. My relationship with my allies sort of struggled since they all seemed to hate each other and I generally just stuck with Austria and Sweden since I had really high trust with them. My alliance with Brandenburg would break like every 25 years when they declared some stupid war against an Austrian ally. Also somethings got screwed up like the game forgetting to give me my power projection from obliterating Champagne (which would have been enough to increase my development another pip probably) or going to build the Kiel canal, taking my money and not actually starting construction. My allies near the end game were getting really frustrating just constantly declaring wars that at one point while I was preparing for a war they called me in that I savescummed so I could actually get my own offensive operation happening instead of being my ally's attack dogs. My final development in Hamburg was 134. I started to get really aggressive later on between making my new vassals and having to core a lot of extra land that wasn't just what was needed to be able to afford level three advisors that I probably could have pushed myself up to 140 development or the one time I decided to upgrade Stade instead since I was thinking about just doing a properly tall play). Also I screwed up for about 50 years when I switched government types not realizing it didn't have elections (as well as the second one I tried switching to) which knocked my average during that period down to like 8 monarch points from the leader from the like 14 I had been enjoying under the first government type (which represents about like 4-5 development loss)
  9. I was playing an england game for a while and I will hopefully post on that soon but then I wanted to see how big of a single city I could make and decided to get distracted playing hamburg. I got kinda bored around 1550 and started eating some neighbors like lubeck and verden. I got up to around 80 before I just sort of stopped. I had taken pretty much every development reduction thing I could find but still at that point your looking at more than 400 monarch points per point of development. Also the development reduction costs only apply to the 50 base score so the 20% reduction from full economic is only a 10 monarch point development savings. Which is really useful for playing small and tall but really not that helpful for making a super city. Also I realized the strengthening of government for republics is really useful. With hamburg pretty much once you hit the third election you become basically military points neutral and you get a pile of stuff from admin and diplo points. Im probably going to try playing again as Hamburg again though honeslty I could probably just do it with any HRE republic and not be at such risk from denmark though the extra republican tradition you get with hamburg is super useful for that. That should be a pretty quick thing honestly just run through and maybe make the various hansa states into my vassals while I am glorius free city. Then after that I might again do Hamburg but this time playing properly tall to make the glorius state of Hannover (hopefully I can pick up an elector spot so I dont have to leave the HRE). I have quite a soft spot for Hannover since it was my favorite country to play in Victoria II. I know I can do it with bruenswick but bruenswicks ideas are boring and the country is boring. Apparently you have to be a monarchy to become and elector though playing Dithmarschen to get the lessons of hemmingstedt achievement could be cool. They get decent development reduction some nice army bonuses and unrest bonuses and autonomy and at the end get that glorius bonus republican tradition. Also apparently with a policy diplomatic-aristocratic you can get a 0.4 RT boost which just seems kinda silly since there are very few states that could actually use it except like the Netherlands. Maybe stockpile admin points let yourself fall to a dicatorship and then force your RT back to 50 before your leader dies.
  10. Natal females I think is the term you are looking for. Weight loss will be accompanied by reduction in breast mass really for anyone. Though it should also be noted with weight loss tends to come things like exercise. Weight will tend to be lost from everywhere on the body where it will be deposited generally in specific areas. So the fat will still move around to in some amount fill out the breasts. Whether the breasts appear to grow, maintain themselves, of shrink during transition depends on a number of factors. Also transwomen generally won't see as much breast growth as their female relatives and will often not reach full development normally between a tanner scale 3 or 4 depending on when they began hormones and other factors. I was going to post a chart on Tanner scale but decided it would probably be considered nsfw. Alesia seems happy about something
  11. The tea thing I had suggested could only be done one day a week. It would be a good way to still earn a fair bit of money to buy things of save to do it full time. At least from personal experience, print off some fliers and see if you can put them in a local synagogue, I feel like that will be your easiest group of people to find someone who would be interested in something like this. Churches are probably another area you might find more elderly people interested. I'm sure the trans thing is probably a bit of a concern with that but there are liberal churches and most reform and conservative Jews won't give a shit. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Today I went to the endocrinologist for my 6 month appointment. I've lost about 22 pounds down to about 180 pounds which I'm really happy about. Most of my various levels are all back in the normal range from the weight loss which is great. My testosterone is down to 30 from 234 three months ago. My estrogen is still low at 74, so I've been prescribed to increase my daily estrodial to 6mg and won't have to meet with the endocrinologist until January.
  12. Vac and I talked a about a lot of things today this thread being one of those things. First off, though I think this remark was in jest, sucking dick behind a bar terrible idea, don't do it, if you want to go that path, lose like half your weight and go to porn, you're a lot less likely to get assaulted, you'll make more money, and you're much less likely to catch an STD, and it's not illegal. I hope you don't ever have to sink that low though. Now one of the things we talked about for a while is that you have a skill, a rather unique one and seem to have a passion for it. We talked for quite a while how you could exploit that whether owning a bakery or establishing yourself on a base and what sort of start up capital you would need. The way you make tea is not simply a premium item, it's really a hyper-premium item. What you do, it can't easily be done like a starbucks without compromising quality. Your stuff we imagine takes a fair bit of time to actually make. Even like a small bakery would still require a fair amount of starting capital and would require you to work to fast. You could offer a service where you go into a home with your tea and some cookies whatever and serve them tea and cookies. This would primarily target the more elderly population and generally the more wealthy. Really all you need is a car (and you can write off a significant portion of the maintenance of the car on your taxes) and the stuff you already have. I don't know how long something like this would take but you could probably do like three sessions each day at like 11am, 1pm, and 3pm and maybe 5pm if you wanted and charge between 100-300 dollars depending on the time and day and however much things cost you. You wouldnt need a large market at all and could probably sustain this just based on the general area you are in. Your operating costs should be relevantly low mostly just paying for the teas, materials to make your pastries, and of course costs for your car. You could probably make a pretty comfortable living doing that. Estimating 400 dollars a day, five days a week, 50 weeks a year would give you a revenue of about 100k, take away your operating costs and taxes you are probably looking at between 50-65k a year and realistically it wouldn't be difficult to raise that further depending on what the market wants.
  13. I tried logging stuff and it honestly just annoyed me and I was terrible about doing it or really figuring out how much I had actually eaten and actually writing it down. I was basically trying to be around 750 calories per meal and pretty much just two meals per day since for a long time that is all I did, eat two meals per day (since I can't stand breakfast foods). Though it didn't leave well for other snacks and I wasn't doing well actually trying to make sure of the amount I was eating (which admittedly part of the issue being that my acid reflux tended to encourage me to eat to reduce pain) and I would eat at somewhat random times and often didn't do well with sleeping. Instead I've been working the past month or two that I plan out what I'm doing to eat ahead of time instead, for one it lets me plan out what I need to buy for the upcoming week rather than realizing I don't have anything to eat and either have to run out and get or order something or just make whatever I might happen to have on hand, which not only tended to be a lot less healthy but was also more expensive. Ive been using a more set daily routine rather than whenever I wake up and go to sleep and working however many hours during the day and have been pre-planning out my meals to fit with the schedule and knowing ahead of time what I need to actually buy. My meal schedule (time variation just means its somewhere in that range) Breakfast - 8-9 am - 200 cal (normally blueberries and almonds) Lunch - 11 am-12 pm - 500 cal (normally a wrap or soup or something) Afternoon Snack - 3-4 pm - 200 cal (normally an apple and cheese or popcorn) Dinner - 6-8 pm - 500 cal (normally some sort of chicken thing with vegetables) Pickles are also fantastic to include either just as a free snack since it costs almost no calories and contains lots of salt which spiro makes really relevant to us since it makes us want salt and salty food which is normally fatty processed stuffs which are often just empty calories. Also making your own sauces you can more control what goes into things and how they taste at the other end. Wednesday night we do a pizza night so I'll normally have two small slices which comes about to 500 cal. Sunday is basically like a cheat day mostly due to what we normally do on Sundays. I'll try to eat decently but its also a day for a very good meal for Sunday Dinner. If possible I avoid drinking any sugary drinks and avoid drinking caffeine (because it makes me shake and make it hard to sleep and make laser hurt a lot and I might forget when the laser is and hurt myself more (which I've done before)). Also they have a lot of calories which don't really add anything often. Also seriously drink lots of water, a lot of times when we feel hungry we are actually thirsty, drink more water. It'll also make you feel a lot better and more awake. My daily schedule Wake up - 6.30 am Exercise - 7-8 am House Stuff - 8-9 am (basically shower, take care of any things that need to be done like a bit if dusting or cleaning dishes or putting them away or whatever else) Work - 9am-6pm (I work from home for now so I can do this pretty easily and includes things not directly related to business stuff like school work and thesis work (which is also related to my actual work stuff)) "Leisure" - 6-10pm (Normally includes a walk from 6-7 though I've moved that back to 7-8 mostly, time to watch TV, craft stuffs, computer stuffs, reading, dungeons and dragons, language practice etc) Sleep - 10 pm Saturday I normally take a short day ending work stuff around 2. Sunday I don't work at all. There is a lot of diet information and a lot of diet plans all over the place online Alesia. I've been losing about a pound or pound and a half per week maybe a bit more. In total now I'm down now almost 20 lbs. My ankles are already doing quite a bit better and Ive lost a fair bit around my waist and stomach that among things like my underwear and pants being too big is does make my 'boobs' looks relatively larger which is nice (even if they are still super smol)