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  1. Those are probably the best ones to have. You do need at least Art of War and Common Sense. Also Paradox normally makes things a bit cheaper during the seasonal sales vs their random sales.
  2. Glad to hear you are doing well! They do that. I find drinking water when emotions are doing things lets me control them. Starlight Mints also work really well for me though I may have just conditioned myself for them to have that effect starting as a distraction and then being calming since I take them during stressful situations like tests and laser and getting blood drawn.
  3. I didn't know I could do that. The saves look like they might be intact. I'll have to look at how to do that.
  4. Is this a legitimate thing or is wargaming and some people pulling a fast one?
  5. The game updated on me apparently a ruined my Austria game and my India game.
  6. Playing France for a world conquest and not even going for the Big Blue Blob achievement? For shame!
  7. One thing I really like to do is make a few permanent vassals (Byzantium is a common one for me) and force my family on the throne and once they don't have an heir max relations, claim throne, trucebreak and secure the throne to get a PU over them. You can expand PUs a lot more than you can as a vassal and they have much better militaries and make much more useful allies than allies since allies tend to suck and never join offensive wars.
  8. Austria (or really whatever stste you can get to take over the HRE) is probably going to be the easiest. The vassal swarm you can make is ridiculous and you integrate them all for free at the end. Though when you make new vassals you will have to make sure they are in the HRE (normally by taking a single province coring it and adding it to the HRE though you may need to extend the HRE proper land in weird snakey ways). The tough part with the HRE is during the start of the reformation as that can make or break you and even if it is not as bad a reformation it can be a serious struggle to beat it. I would suggest not shutting down internal wars until after you have or have destroyed all the centers of reformation. Religious ideas is helpful here. Late game is definately when the conquests shine especially thanks to nationalism and the admin efficiency bonuses. The ottomans have a much easier time coring land directly than Austria does.
  9. I started a vijayanagar game into hindustan (not bharat, whatever version I have hinduism is terrible the god selection options arent there so its just -1 revolt risk for true faith and heretics. Even judaism is better in the game). The Ottomans doing pretty much that terrifies me. I have about ten percent more development than they do and they can field literally twice the army I can. My saving grace was the mingsplosion that happened for the first time in my last dozen or so campaigns so Ill have a lot of chinese land I can gobble up. I need to somehow grab Ottowa, Cape Town, and London for the achievement (Canton as well but that wont be hard). I do hate that I cant make my permanent super vassals. I jusy want to force my vassals into PUs so their military actually functions. At somepoint Ill go ahead and make a full post for my Austria game and this game and maybe my poland game as well. @dualmaster333 what achievments are you going for this run?
  10. Hai Signy. (also vac/CiD says Hi but can't post from phone)
  11. Bun apparently graduated from the police academy. Congrats Bun!
  12. My vassal swarm got bigger and I'm now generating 0.95 Imperial Authority a month and I think that's pretty much the limit without releasing a lot of vassals in my proper lands. I had a large war with spain, portugal, khmer, sunda, and tidore. I white peaced tidore since I was lazy and they weren't cobelligerent. I took a nice chunk of western khmer, took about half of continental spain and took half of continental portugal as well as the western half of Australia and the rest of the Caribbean. I also warred with Russia and Buryatia and ate most of them which has made Kazan into a really ugly shaped country. Last thing I did was war with Great Britain. I took the Faroe and Orkney islands and sent them back to Norway (and finally destroying Scotland) as well as almost all of ireland except a single province and all of their remaining Australasian territory. Next thing on my list is Ming which is going to be a rough war. I want to remove them from India to get the India raj achievement and I'll probably remove them from Xianxing and Burma though I probably wont take much else. During that I'll probably distract myself and my colonies a bit with some fun eating Canada, Wichita, and Mexico. After than I'm going to turn back to Bengal and probably do a double war against them to finish them off and secure India.
  13. I forgot about trade companies. I don't have wealth of nations so they've never come into play for me. Apparently there are 15 different trade company regions. I've heard about them before and an earlier version I had had trade company regions marked out in India but they didn't actually do anything.
  14. They didn't. Though colonial nations, vassals in the HRE after passing revoke the privlidgia, and I think protectorates don't count towards this. Also how the fuck do you have 25 merchants?