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  1. This patch broke my Burgundy game which made me sad. I had good strong allies with Scandinavia, Bohemia, Ottomans, and Brandenburg and had PUs over Savoy and Russia and had Leichster as a vassal and was finally able to start actually squishing Spain. I didn't even get to have fun with an attack dog Russia because I had just PU'd him.
  2. That could be part of it then. Im taking a total of 4mg per day 2mg in the morning and 2mg in the evening so I don't really notice changes throughout the day.
  3. I sold the BatChat 155 58 because it was a useless piece of trash that was terrible to play and not fun in the slightest. I sold the 121 because I also hated playing it and at the time I was playing a lot of 113 and kept forgetting I had set it as primary so I would scroll back and hit the chinese tank and then accidentally play a game in it so I got rid of it to end that issue.
  4. Swallow. They're annoying little pills, like to get stuck on my tongue as I'm trying to swallow them. At least if the outer layer comes off cause I screw up on my first swallow attempt they are sweet rather than the earwax bitter of the spiro.
  5. This non depressing/defeatist Alesia is an unusual thing. Hopefully it stays a while. Having it act that quickly could just be a placebo effect, it took about a week for the general feeling of grossness to sort of go away and it doesn't come back immediately if I forgot to take my stuff one morning (which I am unfortunately bad at). I had my three month appointment last week with the endocrinologist. She doubled my Spiro to 100mg from 50mg twice a day. She had asked me if I still have to shave and determined that I was still converting and making testosterone though like most girls have to shave their legs and such anyway and I've been told pretty much everywhere that the face stuff wouldn't go away on its own so that sort of confuses me. Anyway when I shaved this week I noticed that there was a sharp drop in body hair, a lot less stuff on my chest and tummy and the stuff that was there had largely turned blondish, my armpits also arent growing nearly as much and the back of my thighs seemed sparser. I have also noticed that I am constantly thirsty and I think the amount of water I have to drink has been making my stomach feel upset though if I don't my mouth just tastes gross. Also the pill is huge and feels like if has gotten stuck a couple times especially with my new valve and is quite a bit larger than whole bites of food which I further break up before swallowing. Though on the bright side it is coated much better than the previous pills so I dont get a mouth full of bitter if I screw up by the slightest amount though each time I go to take my medicince I wind up gagging first which is annoying. I've also had an increase in erections this past week which has been really annoying since they had pretty much gone away. I have had a bit more breast and nipple growth as well and there have been quite a few times when my nipples randomly uninvert for a bit which is interesting. I've also found a decent light sports bra which is quite comfortable which is helpful at reducing discomfort from the shirt sliding around over my chest though the top center of it does come up a bit higher than I would like since a lot of my T-shirts have a V neck and a lot of my polos have that similar V since I don't button all the buttons.
  6. The stun mechanics basically take the crew and reduce the effective skill of the crew right? If so I hope they changed how repair speed works or the arty tracking could be really very painful. Do you know how much the crew is affected?
  7. I'm pretty sure player vehicles both alive and dead are invisible in the spotting system (that they will provide hard cover but no concealment). It might be worth mentioning.
  8. A little bit of a life update. I've been suffering from GERD for pretty much my entire life (basically terrible heartburn). On Tuesday I had a surgery where they placed a magnetic ring around my esophagus to act as the valve I'm missing and keep stomach acid in my stomach as well as repair a hiatal hernia which turned out to be a lot bigger than they thought so they had to make four incisions and put in a dissolvable mesh. Abdominal surgery sucks. Pretty much every movement uses the stomach muscles in some way which was super painful. I needed a huge amount of help to be able to get to the bathroom which took a huge amount of energy that each time would make me nauseous that i would dry heave on the toilet which hurt so much each heave would be a mixture of heaving and screaming. I was kept at the hospital for the day and got released yesterday afternoon and I was feeling a lot better though still pretty terrible. There is some fluid in my lungs which i have to do some breathing exercises to try to get it out as well as having a fever. It hurts quite a bit to breathe deeply. Yesterday I sat down on the toilet to use the bathroom at home and I couldn't get up so my mother had to lift me up which was terrible. We got a seat raiser so that way I can get up off the toilet though I sometimes need my mother to pull up my underwear and pants for me. Sneezing and coughing are super terrible and last night the cat jumped onto my stomach so I pretty much threw her across the room as a reflex. Here's hoping that i don't get post surgery pneumonia and that everything stops hurting soon.
  9. One is your king the other is your heir. The heir does not always have to be the kings child.
  10. You don't even own Shetland. Dishonorabru!
  11. Pretty much anything fast with even the slightest semblance of armor i.e. not a Skorpian (though the next lightest things I play are a 113 and an IS7 (Though going north on the 1 lin in the IS7 is just awful a lot)) I rush up or down the 1 line. Type 4, Maus, or IS4 (fromt he south) I just sort of lumber into the city and take what brawls I can. I just had three games on that map and normally I have no issue with that yolo. I'm not sure if it is becoming more common or if the IS7 is just way too fucking slow to make it work or if I just got unlucky three times.
  12. This hundred years didn't seem as productive. It was a lot of struggling to navigate a mess complicated alliances all over Europe. The papal states got control of the church again and excommunicated me so Milan broke the alliance. I think I picked up Savoy and France as new allies though every time I did that Austria would rival them so I would have to break the alliance with France to keep Austria happy. At one point Milan and France declared war against Savoy which I did actually accept figuring I wouldn't lose any land and I didn't want to take another global trust hit and amazingly we were able to force them back in several major battles defending captured forts despite France's early numerical superiority. I was able to pick up a couple bits of land from Milan, Venice, and Naples. In the war where I went to annex Mantua and a bit more of Spanish Italy I realized I could take chunks of Spain proper and it would spread out my AE so I picked up Grenada for the Fort and Sevilla for the trade port. Less than a week after that war ended the commonwealth invaded pomerania and I got called in again and anhalt, the emperor, called in Spain so I turned right back around and invaded again just this time with more allies. About a month after this was fired the League War which still hasnt actually ended about 15 years later with just England against the Catholic League. For ideas I picked up Admin ideas for the third and Quantity for the fourth idea. I've decided I won't pick up colonization but will probably pick up Expansion for the fifth idea. I will probably pick up some American colonies but I'll just pop one or two provinces in each area and then just yoink the whole territory from Portugal, Spain, or France. Right now I'm allied with France, Commonwealth, Savoy, and Austria. I went to war the with papal states to give a bit of land back to Milan who then apparently rejoined the HRE so I can't easily just go against them since they also have France. They were shortly allied to Provence though as you can see they are dead. My general plans are to slowly keep eating at Spain, Portugal, and the Italian areas. Once I'm done with that I'll turn against France and probably eat up their southern half. At some point during this mess I will have to go against the Ottomans to tank control of the Suez and the Nile Delta to build my route to India; I'll probably light that war by attacking Ragusa which will pull in Hungary and the Ottomans but I should be able to pull in Austria, France, Savoy, and the Commonwealth.
  13. I got sort of bored of Malaya and didn't really want to continue the game right now. I tried a couple with Brandenburg but got frustrated since I didn't really want to play a Prussia game. I wanted to play a republic and eventually settled on trying to play Florence (and took several tries to figure out what the fuck I was doing). I tried a couple games as Novgorod. I don't have rights of man so a russian republic should be feasible. It starts as a republic with a 6 5 5 leader, though he does start at 58 though which is annoying (He died shortly after his second reelection). It controls a center of trade and three provinces. Pretty much all the provinces around it are super rich. You arent the smallest fish but your still a pretty small fish in a huge pond with several massive states around you that like to ally the little nations. That combined with the horrendous aggressive expansion make pretty much any early expansion very difficult to impossible. The papal states pretty much always rivals you so have fun being excommunicated. I allied Mantua, Milan, Austria and Aragon. During the English-French war Provence was pulled in on the side of France and he was Siena's only ally. After about a year after that war I tried to let provence get worn down but they were having none of it though their troops were far away so I took the chance to declare war on Siena and crush their troops and siege them. I still had to deal with Provence who had more troops than I so I picked up a couple mercs tried to siege down their coastal stuff and eventually decided screw this and I sent a sieged their capital while they unsieged Siena. I was able to siege them first and got them out in exchange for all their money and then was able to annex siena. I was able to repay 6 of the 7 loans I had to take with the spoils and then just turned off my forts and slowly recovered. I wanted to take either Lucca, Ferrera or some land from the Papal States though they all have very strong allies Lucca with Austria and Savoy, Ferrera with Hungary, Genoa and Venice and the Papal States with France and Genoa. France started a war with Burgundy (which the papal states didn't get pulled into) though at the time I only had enough favors with Mantua. In two years I would have enough to pull Milan in so I pretty much just sat and waited until I had enough favors making sure France wasn't going to pop in. I declared war with Mantua and Milan called in and went in and managed to wipe 1/3 of his army while the rest were further away. I sieged up most of the papal states except Roma. Milan and Mantua were gettign sieged but my allies wouldnt attach to my stack so I would walk towards the city then back away at the last moment to draw my allies closer before plopping in when I new they would be able to support me to clear their cities. Sieged up Genoa and took war reps and a humiliate; they didnt have a lot of money. I then grabbed Romanga and Urbino, war reps and humiliate. I wanted to take a third province but it would have put me quite a bit above the AE limit. About 15 years later I was ready for my next war against the Papal States though this time they didn't have France but instead had England, Brittany and Genoa though this time I could call in Aragon, Milan, and Mantua. I wasn't expected England to show up with anything and even though they did we stilled rolled over them pretty hard taking more Humiliates and War Reps and the two provinces. In the middle of the war Ferrera declared war on Mantua with thier allies Hungary and Savoy and I declined since I wouldn't be able to handle Hungary (who didn't join, I forgot I could wait a bit before accepting and see who was actually joining) which ended that Alliance. Ferrera didn't have enough troops to really siege Mantua even though they had no troops. A year later of them not moving troops I intervened on behalf of Mantua and sieged up Ferrera hoping to either repair the trust with Mantua or making a seperate piece and grabbing some of Ferrera neither of which happened. Shortly after this the Iberian Wedding fired so I lost Aragon as an ally and couldn't get Castile so I eventually picked up Provence as an ally. Next began the period of endless wars due to Austria. Saxony won the emperorship and this caused Austria to go mental calling me into 3 wars over a period of 5 years. The first couple were super easy though the third was against Venice and her allies. I went in and helped siege up stuff and knock down some armies when I realized that Lucca's allies were in war on my side so they couldn't enter war against me. So I turned around quickly and pounced on Lucca and annexed him in several months. Provence apparently sieged Genoa for me during this time in the big war. Once that was done I declared against Ferrera to grab some of their land and sever them from their stronger allies. I was able to pretty quickly crush them and siege them up but then the big war ended and Austria gave me Genoa so I couldn't take anything from Ferrera and settled for monies, broken alliances, and a humiliate. Mantua took the opportunity and invaded and annexed Ferrera. I got an alliance with France and then got dragged into a couple small wars by Provence and Austria and haven't ever gotten the chance to actually recover my manpower. The truce with Venice just ended so I want to let my aggressive expansion drop a bit and then force vassalize Venice. I also plan to go to war with Genoa which will draw in Switzerland so I can give that one territory back to Milan before I have to rival them and then probably vassalize them and annex them to make Italy. Once I have Venice I will have Crete which I can use to jump to Cyprus and then jump to the Malmuk territory and Alexandria so I can control that area and use it to connect to India. So far my two idea have been Humanist and Offensive. I'm nearing my third and I don't know if I want to pick up Colonization and throw myself across the sea (though honestly I could probably wait for the next group to take it just because of the colonial range and since I don't have the El Dorado DLC exploring is terrible) or if I should just focus on Europe, the Mediterranean and the Indies.
  14. I feel like the easiest and laziest solution would be to make it a two shot autoloader where once shot comes out of each barrel similar to like what they already have with the MTLS.