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  1. Oh please. I remember when you wanted to join SHOJO, and the salt that emanated from you afterwards after you were apparently denied. Was I even there for that? I don't remember, but it looks like the grudge remains nonetheless. We aren't :^)
  2. Still burning bright :^)
  3. At least you can make use of the shojo discord for something :^)
  4. Come make anime great again :^)
  5. Yuri is too pure to be considered hentai, baka!
  6. New anime studio. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't :^)
  7. Question the source material then, because it's just as far out.
  8. The AGK anime was lackluster at best, imho. Fucked up too much to be redeemable. As for Youjo Senki, I said it seemed alright so far. There's plenty of time for it to go downhill. Don't mind it too much tho.
  9. Youjo Senki is pretty nice so far.
  10. Check here for current reqs.
  11. We're back in business friends <3
  12. W-what are you implying?! This is false! SEBASTIAN I'M COMING FOR YOU.