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  1. Unreal Tournament or BF2142
  2. Wow just wow. Time to ditch WOT for good. [insert bragging rights of I told you AW so 2 years ago but did you listen?]
  3. Done and sharing kreygasm
  4. >score tied at 12-12

    >watching 3 artas per side duke it out

    I gotta admit it was fun.  WG should totally do a 15v15 arta exclusive mode:trump:

  5. >3rd pilsen in 6 games


    >another pilsen 3 games later

    >more desertions

    i love these gameus interruptus:doge:

  6. The amount of mods is too damn high. Make Vanilla great again
  7. Perhaps we can emulate the Star Trek universe that has no monetary system, meatbags just work for fun. How are we suppose to trade with the Vulcans for their techs and logic? Here's a ton of fun bruh.
  8. nice diaper
  9. 1980s World to China: you cant go on like this, you autistic commie, tear down your wall now China: k 2000s World to China: Join WTO right now we wanna squeeze you dry China: k...ROR
  10. Thats the biggest ammount of zeros funs ive seen in a high tier match >left-facing not right-facing pogchamp
  11. >7GB update >muh capped data plan Is arta still enjoying that 30-40% bonus xps for doing nothing?
  12. >mfw i found out WutFace is not Red Forman