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  1. I've only played it a couple times since its update, but I agree. The update was definitely kind to it.
  2. Wish I had one as well. I'd really like to have a better tier 8 trainer for my Chinese line MTs...
  3. I prefer/use Corsair M65 series gaming mice. Good heft/feel, very smooth, fit my hand well, and has buttons in the right places... You can find them for about $40 on Amazon and other places as well.
  4. I like the mod that locks the shift to zoom at 2x so you never get TOO close in...
  5. Have you seen much usage of the T32 with the 90mm spamming gold in skirmish/tourney play?
  6. Thanks for the hard work, as always! Overall went up like 12 or so for me. Glad we know where the new LTs stand to boot....
  7. I'm still wondering why people are running the GLD on the T49. From the tests I have seen + my own experience, GLD doesn't do much on any tank, especially over what else could be mounted to ensure better flexibility and survivability.
  8. Thank you for all that you do Never. Seriously, I truly enjoy the site and the features of wotlabs.net. Absolutely first rate!
  9. Nice. I had a match where I shot all 15 tanks last week (5 kills), but it was a damn draw as I ran out of ammo and the last tank standing was an ST-I that literally camped base all game then drove across the field to cap when I killed the two arty. I had three HE rounds left, and all I did was reset him until his time to capture was greater than the game time
  10. I honestly think someone typoed the data input numbers on the standard AP round (or at least I hope they did). Maybe they'll give it a little buff.
  11. Honestly, the M41 is vastly superior to the T49. That's just my take on it. Yes in the right hands/map/tem composition the T49 can rule, but the M41 can handle any map, any team and pretty much any situation at all times.
  12. It definitely makes good money due to standard ammo being APCR.
  13. What's wrong with the T21? I tend to like it....
  14. Thank God for that, eh?
  15. No it won't. That comes from shedding blood on the battlefield! It really comes down to learning from mistakes and watching others/videos, as well as listening to advice, which most of us already know (for the most part)....