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  1. Purchased:
    'Object 430' successfully purchased. Spent credits:  6,100,000.

    Smooth grind thanks to 2x weekend and boosters...

  2. Just got my eGPU to work in Bootcamp - playing World of Tanks for the first on in max.HD settings...what a gorgeous game!

  3. 6 months of WoT abstinence and I barely recognize anyone in-game anymore. Shout-out to everyone who registered before 2013!

    Everyone else - enjoy this pristine game, forged by streams of salt, tears and whale money. Happy 2018!

  4. F
  5. Came home late, ready to play some Ranked Battles. CEASEFIRE???? 5-8pm ET???? WTF

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    2. graukatze


      Yeah. They should allow roaming with this mode so you can have matches 24/7.

    3. SaintLaurentius


      The gamemode is still in beta, so they are still testing waters here. Hopefully they'll make the window to play the game mode wider....

    4. DirtyACE7


      If they want to make player involvement limited, then fine, let them play for 3 or 4 hours per day (or whatever the limit is) but make the mode available 24/7 so that you can log in and play your 10 battles per day in increments if you need to because of your schedule.

  6. I wonder how much this tank improved is because of the gun or the new MM - being in tier 9 battles half the time with most tanks being tier 8 and 7 is borderline seal clubbing. Can this be separated (i.e. winrate in tier 9 vs in tier 10)?
  7. Who would have predicted that LTs could ever become OP? LMAO when my stats drop once WN8 gets readjusted...

  8. 7 weeks ago, I went cold turkey from Tanks, and I still have no desire to return. Were the last 5 years and $2k spent just a bad dream?

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  9. And then you repair again... you have plenty of med/repair kits per game. And only 3 arty per game makes them sit and wait in the queue hopefully long enough that the numbers will drop overall.
  10. If that means tier 12 battles are back - nice!
  11. Silly retarded Nazi clans...HA_88...

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    2. graukatze


      Hitler, Adolf. 88 is HH is Heil Hitler. You are apparently not a German ;-)

    3. hallo1994
    4. graukatze


      It's 'Fick dich du Arschloch'. 

  13. Read Luna's post, switched the gun and I am not disappointed. German Shredder machine.
  14. Sweet buffed Steyr-Waffen :-) What a difference!