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  1. Lethul

    Medium top tier play

    Im playing reasonably well at the moment. My stats have gone down a fair bit after missions started mainly due to playing tanks I dont like. Im usually about 2.4k wn8 recent. Right now my by far biggest weakness as a primary medium player is top tier games (3-5-7). When playing I try to be aggresive but is almost always punished for it. Either I have a monster game but more often than not shit games and one of the first to die. I can go from a 10k combined signle tier battle to 1k combined 3-5-7 battle in 5 minutes. I honestly think I have better numbers in every way in 5/10 or single tier MM. How do you play mediums (Patton/140/430U/BC25) when top tier? Do I need to be aggresive?
  2. Lethul

    Caernarvon Action X Premium

    To be fair you have cherry picked the one mission that is way easier to just farm XP.
  3. Lethul

    Am I the only one that likes 3/5/7?

    I like 3/5/7 tbh. Only problem with the template is T8 MM when grinding weak T8s. (T6 seems kinda crap aswell but the time spent at T6 is low)
  4. In general it feels like t8+ 90mm needs a small alpha buff. T8 meds are in a shit position with 240 alpha.
  5. Lethul

    Arty Stun Mitigation Skill

    Do you think we should remove the repair skill because repair kits / toolbox exists?
  6. Lethul

    The hidden gem, Obj. 430 II

    Time for someone to change the "gem" part of the thread name to turd? 430v2 was my favorite t9, now I can't stand playing it.
  7. Lethul

    Obj 430U

    This is going to be a right pita to 3mark isn't it? My MoE mod states 4600 combined for Mark 1...
  8. Lethul

    Fine... T-10 appreciation thread

    Really like the T-10, IS-7 soon unlocked. Will I be dissapointed?
  9. Is there different MM for different tanks of same tier? I know about weighting... Im trying to kill a heavy tank +1 tier with a TD. I cant be anything else than top tier with Udes. Then when I splashed some cash I play patriot and always T10. Is this something that exists or just "bad luck" with Udes?
  10. For the first time in my WoT carrer I have started doing some ammo rack kills, and at the same time every time I get hit my ammo rack is damaged. Has there been a universal ammo rack nerf or am I just luck and playing worse?
  11. Nice one, he actually makes the depression work in the east part. I have totally given up the east to go middle now days as I don't get any shots off at all on the east. Was informative
  12. 3 skill crew for russki meds, Camo, BIA, Repair ?
  13. If you have any epic game play with a Russian T10 med on Overlord I would LOVE to see that.
  14. Is this the reason why the wotlabs channel ingame is always so empty?
  15. Lethul

    T49 American Tier 8 LT- Discussion

    So, should I move on from the Bulldog to the T49? For pure fun-factor. Starting to not play the Bulldog as much now days and closing in on the Ru251 for the Missions.