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  1. If I had my case by my monitor, the fan noise would be more annoying than the lights while gaming. Most of the little things in life that make people happy don't have a point and are completely subjective. I'm going to make an assumption here and may be totally off base, but based on your profile pic and sig, I'd guess you were into fitness. For me, I see no point in people being ripped with arms bigger than their heads and will never understand why they do that, but some people enjoy it. I see no point is some art that just looks like someone threw up, or the canvas was on the floor during a murder, but some people enjoy it. I think anime is the stupidest most pointless thing I have seen, yet some people like it so I don't troll them or judge. To each their own. Guess my point is, why comment negatively on stuff that is completely subjective.
  2. I'm gonna be 40 in about a month. The case with the best airflow where i got mine has a glass side. I accidentally grabbed the cooling fan with red led's so I just made my Asus ROG mobo and gpu red to match the fan since I couldn't turn it off. Not really what I planned on when I bought it, but it does look pretty nice lit up with all my wires ran nicely and mostly hidden. I'm not gonna go buy lighting for inside my case, but when stuff comes with it, why not use it? Only thing I wish I could change on mine is for the front fan lights to be turned off.
  3. RAM is the one thing that doesn't seem to get cheaper when new stuff comes out. The older stuff gets more expensive, i'm guessing due to supplies dwindling. DDR4 is becoming cheaper than DDR3 now. I've never had RAM go bad, at least that I know of, but if you do have one going bad, I recommend getting a new matched set as opposed to mixing and matching.
  4. They are like bigfoot. I've heard about them so many times, yet never seem to find these people.
  5. Not like we are all in the same queue now. When the queue still had a counter on it, 30k people online and only 100-200 in queue tells me there has to be multiple simultaneous queues. The most I ever saw was around 660 and that was the great M60 count in. Just making each queue larger should alleviate any waiting issues.
  6. When I read the article, I kinda laughed at WG using the words MAJOR FIXES to describe changes to MM. Guess that's as close as we will ever get to them admitting they broke it. Also the comment about arty "spoiling the game experience" LOL I just wish it was a 2 per side limit, cus we rarely get more than 3 a side now and those games are usually no fun. After having 18 of 25 games last night complete blowouts because 6-9 heavies on one side with 1 or none on the other, just balancing the teams by tank type should make a HUGE difference and maybe games won't be decided in under 2 minutes constantly. This is probably my favorite part. One thing I could never figure out though, was why they don't just make the whole battle(30 tanks) from queue, and then just shuffle them to balance. Making each team individually and then trying to find one that's similar seems like a much more complicated solution.
  7. As most have said, the only ways to get good XP. blind shots and be lower tier. In your 9, you will never get a 2 tier higher spread which hurts your XP quite a bit. While I agree with moving up with the battle, it won't directly get you extra XP unless you are inside 300m, but the boost in accuracy by being close more than makes up for it.
  8. So after 6 years, less an upgrade or two along the way, I decided to retire my i5 760 rig. 6years stable and strong with a 27% OC(before they made unlocked chips), I got my moneys worth. I was on a tighter budget back then and had to compromise on some things. This time, I decided to go big. Not Titan X or $1600 i7 big, but a huge upgrade for me. Case- Corsair Carbide series Air 540(This thing is huge but psu being in a separate compartment keeps it's heat out of the case and makes hiding wires effortless) Mobo- Asus Maximus IX Hero (Z270 chipset and daul M2 sockets) CPU- i7 7700k [email protected] ghz RAM- 32gb Gskill Aegis DDR4-3000 @ 2933 mhz GPU- Asus GTX 1080 Strix A8G [email protected] mhz, memory OC'd to 11125 mhz Cooling- Coolermaster Hyper 212, 2x140 mm front case fans, and 1x140mm rear fan (a simple water cooling setup in the future can make the chip run stable at 5.2-5.4 ghz) PSU- EVGA 750 GQ(just in case I need a 2nd 1080 one day ) Storage- Samsung 960 EVO M.2 500 gb, 2x WD Black 2 TB HDDs
  9. Definitely seen a stupid heavy or 3 go that way, but for that many morons to land on the same side is truly special(the short bus variety) LOL Good ole Wesley...Be glad he wasn't on your team cus you would have had to see that crap in chat all game. Apparently, no one is ever allowed to have a good game by his logic. LOL Good response as well. I always do the same thing and thank them for thinking I am good. Ha BTW Welcome to the "Reported by Wesley club"
  10. TLDR version. He "knows" you are cheating because he cheated for so long as to be an expert of cheats??? LMAO Somehow pubby logic never ceases to amaze me
  11. Our server pop jumped alot after 9.17 as well. It went up roughly the same percentage as yours while the quality seemed to be inversely exponential to said population. lol Pretty much how I feel. So many games where I just don't have enough time to win my 1st engagement area before most of the team dies. I feel like I need to carry 14 people almost every time and I can barely carry myself. I just suck these days it seems.
  12. I'm shaming myself for throwing one of the few games of my 43% night I had a chance to win. A bulba and friends toon of 2 WZ 111's and a T54 were on my team. I was in my IS7. I led the charge with them supporting and we went full aggro and were doing good. Saw a tank trying to flank us after we cleared one flank and the enemy cap and turned for him thinking it was one of the new tier 8 US tanks and figured I'd kill him real quick, then help finish cleaning up. Turns out it was actually the tier 10 T95.... something. I had a good position with him pinned sideways, but I bounced 2 off his side(LOL RNG) and got wrecked. Everyone got wrecked....Not sure if staying with them would have helped or not, but it couldn't have hurt. All cus I misread the tank list. Too many dam tanks with similar name schemes....
  13. chat ban They have been giving them out for years. They won't ban you from playing over something you said in chat for the most part, but chat bans can be months long for repeat offenders.
  14. Guess they really are serious about cheating after 5 years...... Also shocked it hasn't blown up on the official forums yet. That should be interesting.
  15. This was perfect. I used to get mad, but I respond more like you did now. It seems to get them even more worked up while it just amuses me.