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  1. rip discord

    1. Spartan96
    2. Cunicularius


      discord went down for at least half hour other day

  2. Do not get the 113. Its just not a fun tank... useful sure, but a pain in the ass to pub in. I'd get an E5, that thing was already perfect before they gave it a titanium cupola.
  3. One step closer to the trap dream, everything's finally all shaved up and smooth! ^w^

  4. Stellaris > Tanks

    1. Epic


      Im more into EU4, but certainly feel the same vibe!

  5. Good luck.
  6. Hahaha, seeing these statuses complaining about arty, I know I made the right decision leaving wot uninstalled. 

    1. Grister


      If enough people continue to complain, hopefully WG will follow through and remove it.

    2. Cunicularius


      So then why is there still arty

    3. Grister


      Because the patch has only been out for two days. Wargaming said if the stun mechanics are negatively received that they will remove arty. 



  7. So what do you guys play now?
  8. Anyone know if that frontline mode will have arty?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MAJEST1C
    3. nabucodonsor


      Yes but i did not really feel it. The map is so big and there are so many players that it is hard for them to focus on you. Also there are not so many. I got hit by arty twice in my entire session.

    4. leggasiini


      Yeah arty seems pointless af. They cant hit you from other side of map. Their max range is 1400m so yea

  9. Jesus Christ
  10. I think you forgot something kind of, um, like, important? Its the whole reason arty ruins the game, you spend the match cowering from an omnipresent sky fist. Even if it never manages to land a hit, you still spend the match in a game of twister with the cover that's available. That hasn't changed at all, in fact its role has been cemented, reinforced. You as the player have even less control, the degenerate has more, as well as a new mechanic with which to torture you. They made arty even worse. Fuck this game.
  11. Won't be reinstalling anytime soon, I suppose.
  12. Decided to play a game

    Back to being dead

  13. Anybody at Philly Codefest?

    1. Tarski


      Yeah, loads of people are. 

  14. Uhh... nope. I don't touch sound at all.