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  1. Quit necroing the forum
  2. When I was playing, I found that the best time to play was in the middle of a weekday. At least in the amx1357 and pref 8s, I consistently got top tier and the teams were reasonably consistent.
  3. AMX 13 57 > AMX 13 57 (GF) discus
  4. Do you want a kitty?
  5. lmao if id known that youjo cmd was full of such fucking cocksuckers, id have just passed 8v|

    1. flare_phoenix


      It's ok cuni, you're in a better place now :)

    2. Raj


      play with the spergs get sperged.

    3. Methos
  6. @_Dia Hi~ Sorry I misd u c':


    1. #NightWolf5628


      fukn faeries double poasting :rage::rage::rage: 

  7. @_Assad

    u shud join the chatwhores

    also gib them the ts link

  8. Is mentoring and tape study dead?
    Not that I really need a mentor, just that I've always had some flaws I never quite worked out, which will probably be more prevalent than ever after a 6 month break, and it'd be nice to work through them quicker. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cunicularius


      @SkittlesOfSteeI dats a gud idea

      @SaintLaurentius but are u up to the task ( `³´)

      cant tell cause stats are gone 8v(


    3. SaintLaurentius


      I really don't audition. Either I'm good enough or not and that's for you to decide. 


    4. Cunicularius



      i dont know why but i always assumed that u wudnt b that gud... because of your avatar 6_6

      but yeah, i guess since both u and kolni and active here i can just post in replay review


  9. Fucking get ahead of the curb, quit now Here: as oposed to wot, this game has actually improved with time
  10. >lower acc >buff armor guess all this garbage for the past long while is a good indication that this game will never rise out of its rut.
  11. rip discord

    1. Spartan96
    2. Cunicularius


      discord went down for at least half hour other day

  12. Do not get the 113. Its just not a fun tank... useful sure, but a pain in the ass to pub in. I'd get an E5, that thing was already perfect before they gave it a titanium cupola.
  13. One step closer to the trap dream, everything's finally all shaved up and smooth! ^w^