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  1. Anybody at Philly Codefest?

    1. Tarski


      Yeah, loads of people are. 

  2. Uhh... nope. I don't touch sound at all.
  3. SSD is get, boot time is loss.

    Like, wow. :bigdoge:

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    2. Cunicularius


      I got a Crucial MX300, M.2 1/2 tb 

    3. Daezara


      Crucial is a good choice!

      MX300 series in M.2 form factor is nothing special or faster than the usual 2.5" SSDs, but it does reduce the space / cables needed.

      ^ Depends on Mobo aswell, Z97 mobos don't even support NVME M.2 SSDs, so no point in getting those ultra fast things anyway if you are still running that.

    4. Cunicularius


      I have Z170, ended up getting a pcie adapter card

  4. So trying to operate vehicles in Squad effectively is depressing. Imagine that when you queue into wot a random pubby is in control of your turret or hull.

    That's how well it goes...

    Maybe I should try making a steam group or something. 

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    2. SmirkingGerbil


      I missed you once this week. I will be getting on soon. I was trying to find a noob server to get my feet wet and see how much Project Reality carried over. Most servers require 3 people and a Squad leader for vehicles to become operational. Was hoping to find an empty one to tool around in.

    3. Cunicularius


      @SmirkingGerbil Why don't you just go in the firing range if you want to fuck around?

      And don't bother looking for a noob server, sort by ping and take whatever spots available. 

    4. SmirkingGerbil


      Did, have been. Yeah, I am at that point, to just jump on one. I hate being the FNG though, but it has to happen at some point.


  5. Yeah, the SP atleast is pretty cool.
  6. I unistalled this game just yesterday. I just can't pretend that I enjoy this game anymore. Its not that its a bad game, its just that there's too much to learn, and its not the sort of game I'm good at. I'm not particularly good at high mobility, twitch reliant games. My aims not bad, but, it'll never quite be there. I'm far better at more "realistic" games. Medium to slow paced games with unforgiving damage models that stress a good eye, premeditated action, focus, etc. I can rack up kills in Insurgency and Squad, I enjoy it. In Titanfall I'm only good with certain weapons and playstyles and it kind of bums me out.
  7. Such an enjoyable game.
  8. dunno add me
  9. Game plays just fine, devs are very active... what's the problem? I'm enjoying myself.
  10. Add me, m8
  11. Ok, fine, is still that I in particular enjoy for the aforementioned reason, which is interesting because I'm a picky player who is often unable to find a game still functioning that fully satisfies my desires.
  12. bluh bluh, is still gud gaem =3=
  13. Whats wrong with that? What would you even prefer? If its any consolation, its more like late 1990s, early 2000s qwq Yeah, dat sucks :c