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  1. Ok, I'm in love with the AMX M4 54. Small sample size, but I prefer the 130mm (gud alpha, low gold pen)

    Comfortable mobility for something that has good armor, good when facehugging, decent gun handling for a gun that hits for 560. DPM is low but overmatching STRVs and hitting for 560 is worth it.

    1. DirtyACE7


      We haven't platooned in a while comrade :)

    2. FavreFan4ever


      I'm aware, the month of November has been incredibly busy for me. I'll be on a bit over Thanksgiving break and then once finals are done mid-December I'll be back on a more consistent basis.

      Hope you like platooning 8s :serb: - that AMX 65t won't grind itself :P  

  2. I haven't been paying much attention to this with other new lines, but the xp reqs for the 2nd French HT line seem ridiculously low in the test server.

    62.5k for the AMX 65t (researched from the AMX M4 45)

    151k for the AMX M4 541

    182k for the AMX M4 54

    I honestly expected a moneygrab, do these values tend to change between test and release?

    1. hazzgar


      Maybe the modules are stupid expensive

    2. FavreFan4ever


      Nope, right around average values for the tank, although the AMX M4 54 doesn't come elite. 65k for the top (130mm) gun.

    3. DHP


      i've never seen xp changes from test to live. 

  3. Any idea what the expected xp costs for the new tier 8 will be? I'm at about 88k on the M4 45, but I suspect it will be much higher so WG can capitalize off those who convert free xp w/ gold...
  4. I've been saying for years that I wanted the lost French HT's, like the FCM F1 and the Char 2C.

    WG: :serb::serb::serb:



    1. Fabunil


      If you listen very closely you can hear @leggasiini mastrubating in the distance...

    2. leggasiini



      Atleast im getting muh steroid Libertes probably next patch :^)

  5. Mle 48 was frustrating because 1k hp at tier 8 was less than LTs got. You couldn't trade at all, and you sacrificed a lot for a measly 400 alpha.
  6. What are some goals I can set myself as a n00b in WoWS? Do my hp in a battle? 50% WR? How can I better measure my impact on a match?

    1. How_Terrible


      There is no greater way to measure your own impact then by winning.

  7. 27 hp/ton? Sign me up!
  8. The best part (IMO) is that both the tier 9 and 10 can overmatch STRVs!
  9. I ground out around 80k xp a year or two ago when this line was teased (for the umpteenth time), hoping I won't have to buy it back. It's not bad, but it's a tier 7 HT that isn't a Tiger or a T29.
  10. Hey, we're getting (some) of the second French HT line! Huzzah!
  11. INB4 WG absolutely neuters the Foch B. (Knowing WG it loses a shell, accuracy/bloom nerfs, and overall clip reload nerf). As a Foch B/155 owner, here's me spitballing a rebalance idea. Make up a gun for the Foch B, between 120mm and 155mm. IDC, really, but let it overmatch the STRVs. Change to 3 shells x 550 dmg, buff pen to ~280/350 (AP/APCR), and increase inter-clip to 2.75s or 3s. Buff reverse speed (insert overdone French joke here, but seriously it's abysmal at 13kph). Please for the love of God buff the terrain resistance some. Maybe knock a second or two off the overall clip speed. It will still crap all over tier 8s, but the clip output is reduced. The pen is better so it can better deal with the superheavy meta without pressing '2'. Maybe nerf accuracy to .33/.34 to discourage (but still make viable) long-range sniping.
  12. If WG wants to make LT's actually have a role, how about giving the 13 90 more than a 380m VR? I'm tired of getting outspotted with camo paint, a full camo crew, and a VR setup (which still can't reach 445 w/o food).

    1. rojo180


      complaining about 13 90


      Only the best tier 9 LT

    2. Assassin7



      I dont properly scout with it. I just doot doot around the map pissing everyone on the enemy team off while cackling with glee to myself. 

  13. The Foch B is really balanced poorly right now. It's USELESS against STRVs (hello, 120mm gun) and superheavies while being totally OP against anything it can pen. I'd like to see it lose a shell in exchange for 275 AP pen and maybe 340 APCR pen. 257/325 is trash in the current meta.
  14. Not to mention a higher VR...
  15. I know I'm driving a squishy French tank (the AMX 50B). So why does every 55%er spam gold ammo at me, and why do I get so salty when they do?

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. FavreFan4ever


      I know :P 

      I still have the Bathtub somewhere in my garage, and the first shot is always prem ammo because 330 > 300 and early damage is important.

    3. Errants


      If I can afford it, between running other tanks, premium account, and good play... why not spam SPrem?  There are several tanks in which they go from shit to tolerable, or decent to OP... so why not give yourself that advantage?

    4. BlackAdder


      Never drove (although few games) 50B with AP, it’s just not viable. APCR is good overall round and with superheavy meta it suits 50B just fine.


      Also! Speed of APCR is greater and thus shooting fast tanks is easier.