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  1. I know I'm driving a squishy French tank (the AMX 50B). So why does every 55%er spam gold ammo at me, and why do I get so salty when they do?

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    2. FavreFan4ever


      I know :P 

      I still have the Bathtub somewhere in my garage, and the first shot is always prem ammo because 330 > 300 and early damage is important.

    3. Errants


      If I can afford it, between running other tanks, premium account, and good play... why not spam SPrem?  There are several tanks in which they go from shit to tolerable, or decent to OP... so why not give yourself that advantage?

    4. BlackAdder


      Never drove (although few games) 50B with AP, it’s just not viable. APCR is good overall round and with superheavy meta it suits 50B just fine.


      Also! Speed of APCR is greater and thus shooting fast tanks is easier. 


  2. Since I'm not at the point of being talented enough to 3-mark anything, I'll probably drop for vents in the next few days. Thanks to all for your feedback and advice!
  3. With the changes to this tank in respects to accuracy and shell velocity, is it worth to drop optics for vents to squeeze out as much dpm as possible and partially negate the accuracy nerf?
  4. @monjardin Glad to hear that it's probably operator error on my part. I think I play a little too aggressively (which is weird considering I play a lot of French tanks).
  5. I think the 301er is still better tier for tier than the 30B. 248 pen is simply more competitive at tier 9 than tier 10. IMO it has the pre 9.20 French TD syndrome: a tank with weaknesses that directly contradict its strengths. It has: -good top speed (countered by sluggish acceleration and poor turning radius) -High dpm and 390 alpha (countered by low pen and a combination of poor accuracy and slow shell velocity) -little usable armor (despite the turret buff) So you have the choice of playing a paper med in close where your dpm can (potentially) be used, or sniping from afar and bouncing/missing most of your shots. They should've left the tank alone, IMO. The dpm is almost useless and there are few situations in which the tank truly shines.
  6. Researched:AMX 13 105 researched. Undistributed experience spent: 261,000. Free Experience spent: 0.

    Not a tank I'll buy until it gets buffed, but it's one step closer to the French technical engineer badge.

  7. Purchased:
    'FV215b' successfully purchased. Spent credits:  6,100,000.

    Super Conq will be mine!


  8. Worth the grind, even with a post-nerf 4502B? Looks decent but I already have the Maus so another German superheavy isn't high on my list of tanks. 4502B is in the garage with a decent crew, but I lack the will to play it more. The Pz. kfw. VII is less than 200k xp though...
  9. For those of you who run XVM, are there players with many thousands of battles, who have red WN8 and have a 56% (or higher) WR?

    Random pub is unable to provide evidence of this and wants me to.

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    2. Private_Miros


      Hami was like that because he only played Tank Platoons. Which meant high WR, but almost no damage compared to randoms.

    3. hall0


      Nope he didn`t play Platoons. He played Kompanie Battles and CW. Kompanie only with his 13-90 as scout and very often kamikaze scout.

    4. Private_Miros


      Of course, I meant TC's. I've been out of WoT for so long I'm forgetting names...

  10. Man, can I have that account please? All the prems I've ever wanted (and many I don't), along with XVM camo for life.
  11. Unwanted and unasked for.
  12. /French TD line /thread
  13. Which tank were you driving in that battle? Foch?