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  1. Oh gosh, you're right. I didn't realize I had selected Snapshot on the gunner/Mentor on the Commander. I can't remember when I sold the Tiger initially but with those crew skills I must've been right around 47% lol
  2. I was the Tiger H, not the Defender. It's a pretty ghetto crew though, I'll admit. I don't play German tanks a lot.
  3. Gotta love it when a "friendly" WZ-131 decides that you're blocking him repeatedly (I wasn't) so he shoots you and takes your ammorack. I really could've used the 250hp and that repair kit later...

  4. http://imgur.com/OChpHft TFW a 47%er does HT 15.3 in a tier 8 game. How did WG think that this tank was a good idea? It's easily a tier 9 without any buffs.
  5. WoT is practically unplayable right now. Want to shoot your gun? Lag spike. Want to move your tank? Lag spike. Want to turn your turret? Lag spike!

    It sure isn't on my end, I'm getting 100+fps and around 40 ping with an Ethernet cable.

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    2. TohtoriP


      Yea, my gun shoots but shells go nowhere. It just can´t all be RNG.

    3. Sovereign_M


      I saw your name, and I thought i'd leave this here.

      Your welcome. 


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    4. juhaas


      Yea, for a while I thought there was something wrong with my internet. Shit's twitching all over the place.

  6. Will we get to play the new French cruisers on the WoWS public test? It's been a while since I've participated in the public test so I can't remember if they'll be available in later versions of the test.

  7. The STRV-103B looks ridiculous, and I can't say I enjoy fighting them. High base pen, insane camo, dpm, accuracy, and mobility. Armor that trolls the majority of tier X guns...

    Worth the grind?

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    2. Megumin


      Tier8-10 are...hard to play without good positioning awareness. Armor wise, anywhere other than the gun and heat shield is auto pen for HEAT and high caliber gun. 

    3. leggasiini


      tier 8 is autopen to everything

      tier 9 autopen to 122 and heat

      tier 10 UFP resists heat, autopen for 152, lfp auropen for 122

    4. FavreFan4ever


      The tier X is weird, not many things are packing 121mm+. All the NATO meds are 105s, NATO HT's are 120mm, and RU meds are 100mm guns. That means that not much besides other tier X TD's and an E100 can autopen you. Overmatch mechanics are... weird.

  8. IDK, I think the Foch is better at dealing damage simply due to its better ROF and gun handling. You're stuck with less AP pen than some tier 9 meds (lolwut WG) but I've been told that the APCR round is pretty good. Be prepared to bleed credits though, you only hit for 400 alpha which isn't great for a TD. IMO all this thing needs is a pen buff (265-270ish) and maybe a slight armor buff to make the police bar less of a weakspot (shrink hitbox), side armor to the pre-nerf 50mm and it might be competitive.
  9. Yep, it gets bad by tier X. Really bad.

    "The further up the French TD line you go, the bigger and badder you get!"

    -WG garage promo for Foch 155 on track


    1. zapyoug


      Hey, they aren't lying

      The higher tiers are indeed bigger targets and even worse tanks :drunk:

  10. TFW your hopes for winning a match fall squarely on the shoulders of a player from TanTan's clan, [T-GOD]....

    1. Assassin7


      i know one or two friends that joined TGOD purely for the memes, and they're good at the game, so yeah

    2. FavreFan4ever


      This guy wasn't, but surprisingly he did enough to win. 

  11. Any ETA for 6.3?
  12. Time to reinstall WoWS! Sexy blue French ships, here I come!
  13. @canadiantrex context please? Right now it looks like you just PM'd him after battle being a dick
  14. I guess I meant that current LT's are balanced to never be top tier, so something like an ELC wouldn't need any drastic changes if moved to tier 6 and given +/-2 MM. It's certainly simpler than trying to rebalance almost every LT in the game in one patch... WG is making a lot of work for themselves where it isn't needed.
  15. Somewhat surprised that the FCM was removed before the Black Bulldog. It's not great, but it certainly can influence a match more than a LT...