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  1. Game is still imbalanced, but at least it looks stunning. SO. MUCH. EYE CANDY.

    1. Action


      yeah...Wg actually mannaged to polish a turd.

    2. j_galt


      Trees, trees, -  Fuck Me, so many trees

  2. AMX M4 mle. 45

    Not sure if 105 + goldspam makes up for the many weaknesses the M4 45 has, but it certainly makes it more bearable.
  3. AMX 50B Fan Club

    Yeah, 50B was my first tier X but I'm afraid to take it out in the current meta.
  4. French BB Impressions

    Which option is best for the 3rd equipment slot on the Bretange- AA mod, secondaries mod, or accuracy?
  5. @Madner Kami So I've been fighting in a different meta so far? Also, if I'm bad at WoWS, I'm really bad at DD's. I'll need to go back and relearn once I get the hang of basic strategy and tactics. Right now I'm still in the "sail to one end of the map and blap stuff" mindset, which frustrates me to no end because I know that I can do better. Any good youtubers out there for learning the ins and outs of WoWS? I've been watching a few Jingles vids, but most of his replays are of higher tiers and as you've mentioned, it's a different game in some key aspects than the one I'm playing.
  6. Man, I want to fight the DD's you guys are talking about. I'm a returning n00b who is up to tier 5, and I've yet to score any consequential damage against DD's while playing my New York. What is this USN Battleship DD-deleting witchcraft you speak of?
  7. French BB Impressions

    So how exactly do these missions work? I'm a little confused, but I'm looking to get back into WoWS after not playing for about a year. I just want a Richelieu (eventually). My understanding is that in the containers you get, there is a chance of getting a mission that allows you to grind xp for one of the new French BBs?
  8. The xp cost for the Obj. 705A is just over 160k.

    For reference, that's easily the cheapest tier X (xp-wise) in the game, and it's less than most tier 9s.

    What exactly is WG on?

    1. Darvek


      Probably because it's directly behind two guns and a turret, but that's only going to matter to weirdos who grind it as their first Soviet heavy line. The guns are both found on other tanks.

    2. monjardin


      Yeah. I mentioned that in one of the other threads after the first test server round. The tier 9 grind on that line is super easy. If you have an IS-7, then the guns are unlocked immediately.  

    3. EndlessAgony


      It's on Murazor - a dangerous new russian drug - kinda like krokodyl, except it't for videogames, not for people...

  9. Downloaded the latest WoWS patch, hoping to play French BBS.


    Isn't patch 0.7.1 supposed to come out today?

    1. BiggieD61


      Apparently they are not going to drop until later, patch 7.2 perhaps?  The big draw is that starting Friday, 9 February, you can start collecting up to 25 "French Collection" ( reminds me of "The French Connection" ) crates through two sets of missions spread out over a 1 month period.  There is a chance that a bonus mission will drop that will allow you to grind xp for one of the tier 5, 6 , 7 , or 8 French BB's.  Once you grind out the mission, you get to play that ship.  They are hoping that people will but some containers in the premium shop to up their chances of getting the tier 8 Richilieu ( the mission is only 16k xp to earn it ).

    2. FavreFan4ever


      Thanks for the thorough answer. Only French BBs can get me back into WoWS, so once I have time I might give it a go.

  10. AMX 65t "appreciation" thread

    Engine + top tracks boost the speed a little, enough so that instead of arriving to the fight 45s late you're only 30s late. Not a huge change to a below-average tank, but the improvement is noticeable, if not spectacular.
  11. Am I the only one who wishes that, like the 215b and the Foch 155, WG were to let use keep the current version of the Obj. 430 if we have it in the garage?

    I personally ground out this line long before the changes were announced, and the tank I'm getting in patch 9.22 isn't the one I wanted when I began the grind.

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      i like the 430 myself at tier 10, and the tier 9 ver. on the test server is trash

    2. FavreFan4ever


      It's the change in gameplay from fast, brawly dpm machine to sluggish boomstick quasi-heavy that has me disappointed. I like driving faster tanks (a side-effect of my love for French vehicles) so the prospect of a reasonably mobile medium not named the Obj. 140 appealed to me.

    3. MAJEST1C


      Yeah, I enjoyed 430 as a dpm machine

  12. AMX M4 mle. 45

    105mm (esp. with gold) is the way to go. With the 90mm you're just a slow, gimped Tiger H without the dpm or gun handling. With 300/330 alpha you can at least trade semi-reliably.
  13. AMX 13 105: The Budget Batchat

    What's your loadout? Vents + IOptics, + Sit. Aware + Recon + BIA? I'm interested in this tank but I don't like running food.
  14. AMX 13 105: The Budget Batchat

    What's your loadout? Vents + IOptics, + Sit. Aware + Recon + BIA? I'm interested in this tank but I don't like running food.
  15. LOL WG actually buffed the 705A's frontal hull armor/pen. Guess it's not stronk enough.

    Object 705A

    • Changed the 152 mm M-51 gun’s UBK551O shell penetration from 310 to 317 mm
    • Slightly improved frontal hull armor
    1. Tman450


      They buffed the UFP from 170 to 175. And buffed the 268 V4's LFP from 290 to 300. WTF are they smoking?