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  1. The STRV-103B looks ridiculous, and I can't say I enjoy fighting them. High base pen, insane camo, dpm, accuracy, and mobility. Armor that trolls the majority of tier X guns...

    Worth the grind?

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    2. Megumin


      Tier8-10 are...hard to play without good positioning awareness. Armor wise, anywhere other than the gun and heat shield is auto pen for HEAT and high caliber gun. 

    3. leggasiini


      tier 8 is autopen to everything

      tier 9 autopen to 122 and heat

      tier 10 UFP resists heat, autopen for 152, lfp auropen for 122

    4. FavreFan4ever


      The tier X is weird, not many things are packing 121mm+. All the NATO meds are 105s, NATO HT's are 120mm, and RU meds are 100mm guns. That means that not much besides other tier X TD's and an E100 can autopen you. Overmatch mechanics are... weird.