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  1. Two level 5 and one level 4 decoration and the Traditional Christmas camo is mine. Too bad I'm practically out of missions.

    This begs the question: as a slightly above-average f2p player (who has been active throughout the holiday ops), was it realistic for me to be able to get even one set of camo? I've completed most of the missions and I'm unlikely to even complete one set.

    I understand that WG needs to make money, but given the amount of time I've put in I'm surprised that I haven't been able to complete even one set, let alone multiple.

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    2. hiipanda


      I didn't buy a any crates and got the soviet set unlocked. I probably went through the least efficient method to get them and wasn't trying to get one until step 3.

      Steps i took:

      1.  Crated 5 random tier 5 ornaments of any nation. This cost me only 480 shards and the only goal was to get to tier 10 festive levels, since I had given up getting a festive camo early on.  2.4k shards spent at minimum during this phase. Can't remember how many soviet I received.

      2. Went for specific tier 5 ornaments of any nation to reach tier 10 festive rating. 6,720 shards spent at minimum, but it was higher due to 1-2 repeats.

      3 Got some random tier 5 ornaments from the crates. I think i got 1-2 soviet ornaments this way. After  this point i had about 3-5 tier 5 ornaments of each nation with five in the soviet collection.

      4.Purchased 3 random tier 5 soviet ornaments for 960 shards each. Went soviet since i had the most tier 4/5 ornaments in that collection. Got unlucky and got 1 repeat, but breaking saved me some shards instead of buying the 2 for 1440 shards.

      5. Bought the remaining  6 ornaments at tier 5 for specific ornaments. I think i got 5-6 repeats at this point. 6+6 ornaments at 1,440 shards= 17k shards

      6. bought the missing tier 2-4 ornaments for a couple thousand shards

      Minimum shards spent if buying specific ornaments for a specific nations at tier 5=18.7k shards

      I spend 28k shards total on tier 5 ornaments including the repeats.

    3. FavreFan4ever


      Well, I'm down to a roll of the dice at this point. I've got no more than three chances and I need two level 5 ornaments (of which there are 4 of in the Traditional set). Unable (and unwilling) to purchase crates at this point. Wish me luck, boys!

    4. hazzgar


      @hiipanda Remember there is a ton of luck involved. I still need 4 ornaments and the generator keeps giving me copies.