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    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    T-10: 33Type 4 Heavy: 31AMX M4 51: 32E75: 31T49: 31T54E1: 30T30: 30T95: 30M46 Patton: 30WT Auf Pz. IV: 30Jagdtiger: 30Mauschen: 30E50: 30Leopard PTA: 30RU251: 30Object 704: 30Object 263: 30T-54 LW: 30T-54: 31 Object 430: 30Object 705: 30Object 257: 30ST-I: 30Tortoise: 30Conqueror: 30 + 1 = 31 If the M4 51 is a better M103, then the Conq is a better M4 51. Just get hull down and farm.Foch: 30AMX 50 120: 30 - 3 = 27 Numerous buffs haven't changed the fact that this tank is a poor man's Emil II.B-C 25t AP: 30AMX 13 90: 30AMX 30: 30Skoda T50: 30Type 61: 27WZ-111G FT: 27 WZ-132A: 30WZ-120: 30WZ-111 1-4: 31 50TP: 30STRV 103-0: 30Emil II: 27 Standard B: 30Object 430 V2: 27 Centurion 7/1: 27Conway: 27M103: 21 VK4502B: 27
  2. FavreFan4ever

    The ARL 44 - Actually Trash

    Yeah, the armor values didn't change but the angle was decreased, nerfing the effective armor but ~20-30mm, IIRC. I'm having a hard time finding specific numbers, though. I think the UFP was 45 degrees and now is closer to 40.
  3. FavreFan4ever

    The ARL 44 - Actually Trash

    The ARL was actually better pre-HD model, which heavily nerfed its hull armor to the current state it is now. 105 with liberal goldspam is highly recommended.
  4. I'm a tomato again after a 3+ month break. Even the KV2 let me down yesterday...

    1. SaintLaurentius


      You were aiming your shots, weren't you?

    2. FavreFan4ever


      @SaintLaurentius I think you're right! My mistake!

  5. FavreFan4ever

    The Minion Consortium Wants You

    Bless 'em, they're trying. Mostly platoons and the like at this point (although I think they'd like to resume some form of organized training), and they're at about 40 active members IIRC.
  6. FavreFan4ever

    Murazor Q&A

    But the frustration when there's 3 arty permastunning you...
  7. FavreFan4ever

    Renault G1 or the G1R and oh my goddess, what have they done...

    Whoopee, you no longer fight tier 8s so there goes 20% of your hp! Let's not forget that you only had 400 do begin with, now anything packing a 100mm or higher has a reasonable chance to oneshot you with a moderately high roll. For reference, you have only 20 more hp than the AMX 40 at tier four, and 280 less than the AMX 12t at tier 6. There's a lack of consistent hp scaling that means that the ELC is seriously at a disadvantage compared to light tanks in other tiers. A hp nerf by itself isn't so bad, but the ELC was heavily nerfed in all three major areas: survivability, mobility, and damage capability. Simply put, it's a shadow of its former self.
  8. FavreFan4ever

    Renault G1 or the G1R and oh my goddess, what have they done...

    @Assassin7 I haven't touched my ELC since the LT rebalance, except for one training room battle. -Mobility has been nerfed (mostly acceleration) -Hp got nerfed (lol it's 320 now, IIRC- say hello to getting oneshot by 122s 100% of the time instead of 50%) -Both guns are weak choices, you either get a 75mm with 129 gold pen and 110 alpha (although you do get a rotating turret) or a nerfed 90mm with even less dpm than before and 120/170 pen. Workable, sure, but it's more like a TD with a LT gun instead of a LT with a TD gun. -You maintain your VR and camo, which is nice, but in return you sacrifice the fun factor that was zooming around the maps, giggling like a 12-yr old. I wish that WG had simply up-tiered the ELC bis and called it a day. Also, if anyone actually knows where to shoot a STRV frontally with a <120mm gun (w/o HEAT), I'd love to know. Hours of staring at tanks.gg has yet to provide more than a couple pixels worth aiming at.
  9. FavreFan4ever

    Renault G1 or the G1R and oh my goddess, what have they done...

    Better players than me can make it work, but I'm loathe to take it out in a corridor meta combined with STRV's that it's 120 can't overmatch. I'll also admit to not being in touch with the competitive landscape, other than seeing posts with 10 Obj. 268V4's per side.
  10. FavreFan4ever

    Renault G1 or the G1R and oh my goddess, what have they done...

    WG just doesn't care about the French line. They've half-assed everything recently, from the 30b "rebalance" to the completely unnecessary (and thus, never played) low-tier medium minibranch. WG wonders why the French tree is so unpopular, while failing to realize that none of the tanks are useful in competitive play. Think about it- the French tree has no tier 6 medium, the 50 100 died with the influx of Defender/Liberte/Patriot, and maybe only the Batchat is useful in tier X battles anymore. I seem to remember reading that WG wanted to introduce a full French medium line, then decided not to because of a "lack of suitable candidates" (while then introducing the M4 Rev shortly thereafter).
  11. Why the heck is valley push on Lakeville so popular now? It's still a low-percentage play, but the majority of the fight seems to happen on that flank now.

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    2. Va1heru


      Easier farm, easier win. Kolni pretty much said it tho. It's where most of the HP is now, town is so far away from cap and the middle is cancer most of the time. It's a shit map anyway so I just go valley and risk the win for more reliable damage

    3. hazzgar


      @simba90 unless it's a full t10 game you are wasting a top tier tank on "distraction" when you should be dealing damage and killing people

    4. simba90


      Don't get me wrong, my suggestion is more about taking advantage of the braindead plays from the pubbies that I am stuck with. I would still prefer a Maus somewhere that it belongs and leave the flexing plays to a tank that can get out again.

  12. FavreFan4ever

    New and Improved Lowe

    I'm thinking of picking this up now that it's on sale in-game. How well does this thing hold up?
  13. I've got just over 11k gold, and the Lowe is looking like a tempting buy. Anything else from the in-game store that I should consider? Tier 8 only at this point, although If I get a tier 8 med I can also afford something like an SU-122-44.

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    2. TAdoo87


      It's one of my favorite tanks, you don't have to convince me. I meant that it is a bit slow. It can be boring for a yolo zulu warriror. 

    3. crapcannon


      This thing shits credits & that's with firing all APCR! With 10 degrees of gun depression it's one serious hull down monster.

      Maybe it's just me but ACE tanker is s bitch to get in this tank! I mean unless you're a purple or running food every game. 

    4. TheTrojanWarrior


      When ever I grind credits the lowe is the first tank of choice. I can go toe to toe with tier 10 heavies sometimes if I have back up. This tank can do anything as long as you don't need to go fast. 

  14. FavreFan4ever

    How to balance the 268-4?

    Make the reverse speed 13kph like the Foch series. Sure, let it push, but drivers beware of overextending. I also think that some kind of frontal weakspot is in order- as many before me have mentioned, even 10s have a hard time penning this absurdity. People are acting like having a weakspot will totally destroy its ability to push, and that's simply not true.
  15. FavreFan4ever

    Obj 430U

    Ideas for rebalancing this tank? I've got one, and while I had a pair of potato games in it I could tell that it wasn't the tank's fault. They're tough to deal with even in 10s, if they're hulldown you're basically screwed.
  16. Game is still imbalanced, but at least it looks stunning. SO. MUCH. EYE CANDY.

    1. Action


      yeah...Wg actually mannaged to polish a turd.

    2. j_galt


      Trees, trees, -  Fuck Me, so many trees

  17. FavreFan4ever

    AMX M4 mle. 45

    Not sure if 105 + goldspam makes up for the many weaknesses the M4 45 has, but it certainly makes it more bearable.
  18. FavreFan4ever

    AMX 50B Fan Club

    Yeah, 50B was my first tier X but I'm afraid to take it out in the current meta.
  19. FavreFan4ever

    French BB Impressions

    Which option is best for the 3rd equipment slot on the Bretange- AA mod, secondaries mod, or accuracy?
  20. @Madner Kami So I've been fighting in a different meta so far? Also, if I'm bad at WoWS, I'm really bad at DD's. I'll need to go back and relearn once I get the hang of basic strategy and tactics. Right now I'm still in the "sail to one end of the map and blap stuff" mindset, which frustrates me to no end because I know that I can do better. Any good youtubers out there for learning the ins and outs of WoWS? I've been watching a few Jingles vids, but most of his replays are of higher tiers and as you've mentioned, it's a different game in some key aspects than the one I'm playing.
  21. Man, I want to fight the DD's you guys are talking about. I'm a returning n00b who is up to tier 5, and I've yet to score any consequential damage against DD's while playing my New York. What is this USN Battleship DD-deleting witchcraft you speak of?
  22. FavreFan4ever

    French BB Impressions

    So how exactly do these missions work? I'm a little confused, but I'm looking to get back into WoWS after not playing for about a year. I just want a Richelieu (eventually). My understanding is that in the containers you get, there is a chance of getting a mission that allows you to grind xp for one of the new French BBs?
  23. The xp cost for the Obj. 705A is just over 160k.

    For reference, that's easily the cheapest tier X (xp-wise) in the game, and it's less than most tier 9s.

    What exactly is WG on?

    1. Darvek


      Probably because it's directly behind two guns and a turret, but that's only going to matter to weirdos who grind it as their first Soviet heavy line. The guns are both found on other tanks.

    2. monjardin


      Yeah. I mentioned that in one of the other threads after the first test server round. The tier 9 grind on that line is super easy. If you have an IS-7, then the guns are unlocked immediately.  

    3. EndlessAgony


      It's on Murazor - a dangerous new russian drug - kinda like krokodyl, except it't for videogames, not for people...

  24. Downloaded the latest WoWS patch, hoping to play French BBS.


    Isn't patch 0.7.1 supposed to come out today?

    1. BiggieD61


      Apparently they are not going to drop until later, patch 7.2 perhaps?  The big draw is that starting Friday, 9 February, you can start collecting up to 25 "French Collection" ( reminds me of "The French Connection" ) crates through two sets of missions spread out over a 1 month period.  There is a chance that a bonus mission will drop that will allow you to grind xp for one of the tier 5, 6 , 7 , or 8 French BB's.  Once you grind out the mission, you get to play that ship.  They are hoping that people will but some containers in the premium shop to up their chances of getting the tier 8 Richilieu ( the mission is only 16k xp to earn it ).

    2. FavreFan4ever


      Thanks for the thorough answer. Only French BBs can get me back into WoWS, so once I have time I might give it a go.

  25. FavreFan4ever

    AMX 13 105: The Budget Batchat

    Played a couple matches on the test server and this might actually be worth the 261k xp cost. Maybe it's just test server pubbies, but I did almost 3k dmg in my first game in it. Pros: -Good gun depression -Decent camo -415m base VR means that you can hit 460+ with a halfway decent crew -Feels like a small Batchat -27s base clip reload is comfortable -Can mount a Vert. Stab (IIRC the French tiers 8 and 9 can too, not sure about the AMX 12t or the 13 75) -Aimtime is less than interclip and I got mine down to around 2.16s -Small size Cons: -Somewhat sluggish (high hp/ton but I'm guessing it's murdered by soft stats) -Turns slowly (like many French high tiers) -Limited clip potential -High bloom even with a Vert stab. I might be grinding this out on my account when it gets released, especially since the 13 90 at tier 9 got a nice pen buff at the expense of clip potential. I can see the French LT's becoming good hit-and-run assassins, and this thing was really fun to play. Besides, LT missions won't do themselves!