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  1. “It All Makes Sense” Says Traumatised Tamworth Merino
  2. Oh No! It looks like somebody used the dark power of maths!
  3. Team damage system as it is currently isn't too bad, just needs to be adjusted for the autocannons. Slight variation for amusement value. Instead of banning do the WoWS thing where team damage is reflected and also leave them blue so that you can shoot them if they start blocking. Also make it so shooting blues resets battle buddies and/or gives you a "traitors punished" stat.
  4. Don't forget that Malcolm Turnbull was president of OzEmail then shitted up the NBN for us. Claiming to owning or running a business doesn't have much to do with actual competence in the field that the menials doing the work have to deal with.
  5. I got sick of clan wars for the following reasons The clan I was in could be a bit deluded as to their overall skill level, resulting in much angst General in-clan drama Sitting around for 30+ minutes while the strat is gone over, only to either have nobody turn up, some BS tier 1 stalling or people/callers ignoring the strat Towards the end, the somewhat obvious cheats being used and the whining from other clan members about said cheats It stopped being fun, so I couldn't be arsed any more. I've always figured clan wars should be end game content with end game tanks. It's really not that hard to get to tier 10 and you can still get some competitive reward play out of Strongholds and tournaments.
  6. I've pretty much stopped playing, seeing if some enthusiasm comes back at some point. Been playing Warthunder tanks instead and not really caring too much about how well I do #Play4Fun
  7. For digital goods, there is very little cost difference in supplying them to Australia vs some other country. Companies then put up artificial barriers to keep their margins high. They benefit from globalisation while denying the same benefits to consumers.
  8. Looks like a routing issue. Internode are still pinging at normal levels -
  9. Reading the page, it looks more like you need to buy a package to unlock the missions first. The packages say they give you some tokens. The missions say "Requires 1 token" So yes, for ~$140 US you can earn 350 GP per day for a month.
  10. Witcher 3 is easily a better game overall, but Skyrim has a shitton more mods. Might have to start paying for the Skyrim mods soon though.
  11. He's nearly hit 28,000 Maus games....
  12. Orc murder simulator.
  13. Warhammer Total War is also pretty good and 66% off. Warhammer II is out in a few months though it is more of a standalone expansion than an entirely separate game.
  14. So I take it the bullshit tanks are getting the T-22 treatment?
  15. Maus makes the last HT mission trivial these days