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  1. To be honest, I can't see it working at all as a part time server that you have to actually select when you log in.
  2. Cable appears to be at least partially fixed BTW. Ping times have dropped significantly - 180 to 104. Probably waiting for the routing to catch up. For the Aus server, maybe they are planning on it being just an instance server. eg everybody still connects to Asia, but after MM has done it's thing it also picks the best server for the match based on average ping.
  3. says no.
  4. Wonder why they are letting people transfer again. Seems a little odd.
  5. If you have locked on to a target, the turrets/sights will keep their horizontal position relative to the target regardless of their movement. ie If you aim a boat length in front, you will keep aiming a boat length in front even if the target speeds up / slows down / whatever. There also was an auto-leading mod. Theoretically banned and disabled but I imagine you can still download it plenty of places.
  6. Ping for boats is not real ping. They only time latency one way, while every other service times both ways. Most people can't tell the difference so they think it's awesome.
  7. Not particularly accurately that I can see, especially when you consider full XP for hero medals on the losing side.
  8. Also they let you have more missions active when you have premium.
  9. Yeah they seem to be shifting to an approved mods list rather than a free for all. Of course it won't help against the injectors but I guess it's still something.
  10. Even though I often fail in it, I used to like the tier 5? Russian DD. AP on those guns gives some of the cruisers looking for an easy kill a nasty surprise.
  11. Survey is a bit bullshit. If vote is no, then we will block any SSM bills in parliament. If vote is yes, we will think about allowing a SSM bill then have a conscience vote.
  12. “It All Makes Sense” Says Traumatised Tamworth Merino
  13. Oh No! It looks like somebody used the dark power of maths!
  14. Team damage system as it is currently isn't too bad, just needs to be adjusted for the autocannons. Slight variation for amusement value. Instead of banning do the WoWS thing where team damage is reflected and also leave them blue so that you can shoot them if they start blocking. Also make it so shooting blues resets battle buddies and/or gives you a "traitors punished" stat.
  15. Don't forget that Malcolm Turnbull was president of OzEmail then shitted up the NBN for us. Claiming to owning or running a business doesn't have much to do with actual competence in the field that the menials doing the work have to deal with.