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  1. @Politx_Killer You are probably flagged as a known troublemaker. WG is quite willing to break their own guidelines for that.
  2. Clearly it's because it costs 2500 gold, which is your "better stats please" payment to Wargaming
  3. I always wonder why people bother making up bullshit about how great they are IRL on the internet. It's always clearly bullshit, nobody is falling for it.
  4. I figure that if Wargaming did put in some sort of rigged matchmaking it probably wouldn't work. @Ezz Online shopping for pressies rather than working. Still early enough to get anything delivered that's already in Aus.
  5. That sounds like it would have been the server replay system that they appear to have quietly dropped. Simply do what WarThunder does. After the battle there is a link to download the server replay, which includes data/POV from all clients in the match. Handy for working out how the fuck somebody managed to kill you / dodge a shot / etc. Obviously won't show any local client mods, but might give hints if there is weird aiming or map pinging.
  6. Have they censored the word "you" in general chat or is that guy trying to get around some sort of anti-youtube linking?
  7. Not surprised. It all started falling apart from a bit after the start of SEA Clan Wars when the better players started breaking off into sponsored groups. Slow decline since then.
  8. Got my first hackusation in WarThunder last night. Guess it means I'm getting better Also (since I'm still in it) PANZA is a known cheating group. Interesting since AFAIK I'm the only one in that group that still plays.
  9. I was expecting the wait times and shitters, they aren't region specific. It was a bit of inconsistent ping combined with the game just feeling a bit slow and soulless.
  10. Updated WoT and played 3 games on the new server. Shouldn't have bothered.
  11. For those wondering about the new server and what effect it might have, the addresses for the 3 WoT Asia servers are (Singapore) (Hong Kong) (Sydney) Currently I'm getting 243 / 135 / 24. If they moved the main server to Hong Kong I wouldn't be upset though I would have to actually log in to the game.
  12. To be honest, I can't see it working at all as a part time server that you have to actually select when you log in.
  13. Cable appears to be at least partially fixed BTW. Ping times have dropped significantly - 180 to 104. Probably waiting for the routing to catch up. For the Aus server, maybe they are planning on it being just an instance server. eg everybody still connects to Asia, but after MM has done it's thing it also picks the best server for the match based on average ping.
  14. says no.
  15. Wonder why they are letting people transfer again. Seems a little odd.