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  1. I've done HT-15.4 and TD-15.4 with honors, but MT-15.4 without honors (damn that low ammo on the Batchat). Are you saying that is need to skip MT-15.4 even though it's completed (without honors) to get the tank? Another question I have is this, if you have a tank via HHHHX, then do you get 4 orders back if you retroactively complete the 5th mission set without honors or are they all locked until you have HHHHH?
  2. Ways to unlock a tank where X, C and H refer to level 15 missions not completed, completed without honors and completed with honors, respectively: H H H H X / 0 orders C C C C C / 0 orders H C C C C / 1 orders H H C C C / 2 orders H H H C C / 3 orders H H H H C / 4 orders H H H H H / 5 orders Now, sum up your combinations per the table above for each tank to get your total number of orders. For every multiple of 4 that you have, you can skip a 15.X mission. This is my status as an example: Stug: H H H H H / 5 orders T28: H H H H H / 5 orders T-55: H H H H X / 0 orders 260: H H C X X / 2 orders Total: 12 orders Therefore, I can spend 8 orders to finish the SPG-15.4 and LT-15.4 to get a 260 and the last 4 orders to get the 5th girl crew member from the T-55a set on patch day. Let me caveat all of that with what I perceive as the consensus on how people think this will work. WG could do something entirely different and I would not be surprised.
  3. I could write a script to build that table, but it would be very large. There's 7 ways to get a tank: 4 completions with honors for 0 orders or 5 completions with 0 to 5 honors for 0 to 5 orders respectively. Once you get to the 260, you could have any number of orders between 0 and 15. Then, there are several options between completing 260 missions with or without honors and skipping some number of missions. The quickest path on the 260 branch would be to have every proceeding 15 mission done with honors. Then you could skip 4 branches entirely by only completing a single branch with honors 15 + 1 = 16 = 4 * 4). I may make some tables later.
  4. You've had two years to flaunt your tank. I had that light two tanks a tier higher on fire mission active for over three months alone. You either played an obscene amount of games or got really lucky. Likewise, I remember tracking my attempts at one of the LT-15 missions before they let your own damage count. I had 100 straight corridor maps without Prok or Mali. I finally completed it the first time that I drew Prok. What im getting at is that a lot of the missions that block people are not skill-based. So, why are you butt hurt about letting more people win the lottery?
  5. @Stiglic I have 5 orders from Stug and T28 each then. With HT/TD honors and MT no honors, I'll just be able to use 8 of the 10 orders on LT-15.4 and SPG-15.4 to get the 260 on patch day?!
  6. That seems to often be the case for mediums (e.g. E50, M46, Skoda, T-10). It's not that the tier 10 is bad; tier 9 is just pref MM without the shit guns and power gap of a tier 8 pref.
  7. @SmyleeRage was absolutely killing it in this thing on stream yesterday (4,384 average damage over 47 games). The raw DPM looked ridiculous. The drawbacks that @FavreFan4ever listed are probably necessary for some balance when in the hands of top players. The penetration and shell velocity are not a big deal when well positioned. Also, easily permatracking people with 390 alpha is just sick.
  8. LOL. SPG-15.4 is now do 4,000 damage and 3,500 assisted damage and be top XP. I'm still kicking myself for not getting in done in the HEAT-44 where all you had to do was 3k damage in a tier 8 match.
  9. Yes. That's nuts. Also, some of the missions actually got harder.
  10. Does this mean that they intend to make the secondary conditions harder for the final missions?!
  11. No. Reusable in that you can go back an complete unfinished missions to free up the orders.
  12. That seems more WG-like, but what's the end result and why? Is it just to make it easier to get the extra crew member?
  13. Could you not get the next 3 from completing Object 260 missions (e.g. HT, TD & MT)?