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  1. @SmyleeRage Thank you for the excellent explanation! If @CarbonWard says it, then it's usually right. I just didn't understand why.
  2. Aren't most of the encounter maps actually more favorable towards light tanks? Mali, Prok, Erlenberg, Murovanka, Lakeville...
  3. Thanks for the video. I love the original T71, but haven't played it since the model change. I may buy it back and sell the Bulldog. As an aside, you should work on suppressing the "uhs" when you speak. It's distracting from the content that you are providing.
  4. The T110E3 has 390 meters of view range. That's really good for a TD post-nerf. Run optics and spot for yourself. You should be up front anyway.
  5. I missed out on M44/HEAT too. I recently started playing again and just have MT-15, TD-15 and SPG-15 left. I'm not even going to try SPG-15 until it's the last one left.
  6. There are no statistics tied directly to personal missions. The closest you could do is mine replays that would qualify. For example, look at which TD's most commonly do 8k damage with 5 kills. Edit: Annecdotally, it looks like the WZ-111 5A is absolutely dominating the top damage spots on WoTReplays.
  7. Very true. Idiot is a relative term in this context.
  8. The T95E2 and 59-Patton were almost identical on release. Now the 59-Patton is slated to receive the second buff in a row and the T95E2 gets nothing. Same exact gun (also shared with the T69 IIRC) with a 20% difference in penetration?
  9. With the IS-7, you have to find some idiots kind enough to repeatedly shoot your turret while hull down. It's doable, but the Maus is easy mode. Plus it has a lot more HP to work with than an IS-7. Edit: Sorry, I'm was thinking of the wrong mission (HT-15). The 3x blocked has always been VKB or bust. The Maus has too many hit points for that one.
  10. I'm thinking about playing tanks for the first time in 3 months. Have I missed anything?

    1. PityFool


      Arty is getting nerfed(?) possibly removed, but unlikely

  11. Can we get a vote on how many people think "Dead Pixel" when they see [DPIX] versus what I think?
  12. Are you talking about the issue with the 3rd person zoom getting stuck? If so, then try typing in chat. That was fixing it for most people.
  13. That's a classic, and it's still a fun game 23 years later.