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  1. I did TD-8.4 in the Dicker Max. The SU-100 isn’t a bad choice either.
  2. Object 260 turret also has a relatively weak gun mantlet (~250 IIRC) in addition to the overmatch roof. It’s fast in a straight line, but it turns like an IS-7. The Chinese heavies both traverse half again faster. So, you can get to positions with the mediums, but you’re just an IS-7 with a shittier turret, less alpha and much less HP once you get there. I still like playing it (badly) though.
  3. Should I buy the Sheridan or AMX 50b at 15% off? I won't have time to grind the credits for both.

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    2. kreigermann


      I found the emil1 was pretty comfy in tier 8. The gun is derpy sure but it can bully the hell out of T6-8.  I hunted for a lot of tracking shots in t10 matches. 

      I just bought the kran, looking forward to trying it out. 

    3. monjardin


      The Emil I is the king of going valley on Lakeville. :disco:

    4. kreigermann
  4. For HT-15, just get a Maus. For MT-15, get a rabbit's foot.
  5. What's everyone going to do with their extra female crew member?

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    2. Epic


      I got 1 german 1 french and 4 unclaimed females... just waiting for a job... Im pretty much out of lines to grind, and still got the original crew for most tanks I might buy back.

    3. Errants


      Well, hell... Dunno? I've strong crews in most lines, too many Swedish people... Should I grab a Polish Commander? Or, mebbe start grabbing a lady from each nation?

    4. monjardin


      Allowing the genders to mix does open up a lot more possibilities!

  6. No announcement on NA yet... Edit: Same announcement on NA today.
  7. You little shits with your laser beams and autoaim cheats. LMFAO You can't hit shots like that with autoaim. You have to lock the turret and ease out after aiming down first. Afterwards, he says Crab probably wasn't cheating, but who knows about that BULBA guy? Haha
  8. Did you not have the mission active or did the bug cause you not to get it?
  9. "To retrieve a committed order, the mission should be completed with honors. Thus, the player receives the Order back and can use it again."
  10. I sold the Ru251 since I wasn't enjoying it enough to grind out all 289k XP needed for the tier 10 that I'd probably never buy. Then I put the 4 skill female crew in the Hwk12. Holy shit, is that thing mobile?! And 410m view range at tier 8. Yes, please! Blaspheme warning: It may be more fun to run for shits and giggles than the T49. Is the LTTB now this mobile as well?
  11. You should definitely get the crew members for previously skipped branches since your orders are applied the the 15th mission retroactively. They very clearly stated that you get your orders back if you complete a mission with honors. I haven't followed this controversy. Are they requiring the entire branch to be completed with honors and not just the skipped mission?
  12. I had the Luchs sitting in my garage. So, I tried it out half a dozen times with the autocannon. Let me just say that it isn't in my garage anymore. I like the Pz III J better at tier 4. It has better mobility and the same single-shot gun.
  13. I feel like I completely missed the window on this tank being enjoyable. It's not necessarily bad, but the WZ-111 1-5 and Super Conqueror completely shit on it. I feel really restricted on where I can go with the Object 260 because the worse gun depression, turret armor, DPM and HP mean you can get absolutely wrecked in short order if you run into one of those tanks without a lot of backup. Even running away is hard because the tank traverse seems even worse than an IS-7 (as opposed to the 113 or WZ-111 1-5 that turn more like an E 50). I do love the straight-line speed, gun handling and decent armor, but it feels like much more of a support tank than the IS-8/T-10 style of play that I was hoping to get. On the plus side, I earn credits and bonds playing. I also think I'll enjoy it more once I'm used to the gun depression and positioning. The ability to flex so rapidly (> 50 kph) with that amount of armor is a blast. I've also had some fun games where the speed let me completely deny normally good positions to the other team (e.g. beat the fast TD's to the castle on Erlenberg so they can't get behind the sniping hill). Edit: It figures I'd have a streak of really good games right after I came in here to bitch. I think that I really just needed to get used to -5 gun depression again. I've been playing too many comfy tanks.
  14. @Liberty75 It was not my intent to personally attack you, and I definitely didn't get offended by your arguments in any way. We just have a subjective difference of opinion in the topic. I have a personal preference for single tier matches (i.e. 15 tier 10 tanks on each side). If you don't like those sorts of matchups, then the new MM is probably less enjoyable for you. I'll agree to disagree.