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  1. If only there were a mod around to fix it. As for the engine boost, it's just manifesting Russians YOLO'ing even faster than normal on the test server.
  2. LOL. That does sound like rear-turret overload. I will say that the 705A looks fantastic with that gun barrel wrap.
  3. The armor is usable. The DPM, gun handling and mobility aren't bad. It can side-scrape like a boss with an extremely tiny cupola. It's just not bad at playing corridors at tier 8. The 705's have potato gun handling with below average penetration and low DPM. They are hull down beasts, but the lower plates are week and it's possible to over-match the turret roofs with some elevation. It's not that they are really bad. They just don't demand rushing past the tier 8 in my humble opinion. Other opinions could vary, and I wouldn't argue. I for one am going to proceed with grinding out the last 100k XP on the Object 430 before the patch and not worry about the rear-turret line. My only dilemma is whether or not to train a new crew for the 257 and keep the T-10. I'm leaning towards keeping the T-10 and training a new crew because the mobility and gun handling of the T-10 make it appreciably different than the 257.
  4. I actually feel like the IS-M is the best of the 3 tier-for-tier. It's better than a KV-4 at KV-4 things.
  5. It is weird how the 430U is a better 121, but the 430 is an incredibly gimped WZ-120. I imagine that the 430 and 257 will be changed before release.
  6. The Object 430U is fun. The armor works and the derpiness is manageable up close. The slow rear-turreted heavy line is slow and rear-turreted. It's not my cup of tea. The tier 9 and 10 will probably call for a lot of gold spam for the same reasons the IS-7 does. The rounded corners of the IS-M upper front plate can be problematic when side-scrapping. The turret roof of the 705 can be over-matched unlike the IS-7. The line seems decently balanced overall. The real story of the patch though, is the Object 257. It's just better than the T-10 and WZ-111 1-4. It feels like a tier 10. I also don't know of any other tank that simply cannot be tracked and damaged at the same time from any (reasonable) angle.
  7. One nice thing about the Object 705 grind is that you get all the guns unlocked from the Object 257 and IS-7. All you need is the turret, tracks and engine.
  8. The Object 257 side armor is absolutely nuts. It's 140 mm thick and angled like a T-22. A side drive wheel shot does no damage: FFS. This is also no damage. Edit: Those are screenshots from Circon's stream. I disavow all knowledge of that gun pen/armor thickness mod thingy. This is a no-damage ricochet:
  9. Did anyone notice this in the 9.22 changes? So, they give people a Type 59 for Christmas and then give the T-54 mod 1 over 40% more power-to-weight than it. LOL
  10. Wow! That's an easy decision (if it stays that way).
  11. I'm downloading it now while I get some work done. I want to try out the 430U, but I'll take a look at the 705s and report back. I'm definitely not going to bother with the TDs. Edit:
  12. Aside from the T92 light tank, I've yet to feel like dropping vstab works for me in any tank. The T92 and T-100 have such an amazing combination of camo and small size that they really work as pure scouts. The Sheridan is bigger than a lot of heavy tanks and the camo is worst in class. So, it's all about maximizing damage dealing, and minimizing gun dispersion (with vstab) is a big part that. It's the same with the Fatton. Yes, the turret is pretty good now, but you still don't want to give people time to aim. Overall, the armor isn't good enough to hold a position like a heavy in many cases. So, again, it's all about efficiently dealing damage (hence vstab). With all that said, I'm still total shit in the Sheridan, and it's been collecting dust recently. At least I took @CraBeatOff's advice and didn't buy a Leo 1 too!
  13. I don't remember having to do that much damage. Did that change with the order business?
  14. If orders roll over from the 260, then we may see them much sooner this time around.
  15. Same alpha as a tier 9 NATO medium, but with bad accuracy? That doesn't sound appealing.