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  1. Type 59 needs more buffs.


    1. monjardin


      Wow! I just realized how shit the rest of my team was except for the VK 30.02 M that followed me for the whole match. He was a really good wingman.


  2. monjardin

    XM551 Sheridan - Tubby Leopard

    It's been a while since I've gone derping. I just mounted the BFG on the Sheridan for the first time, and I was rewarded with this gem in the first outing. The joy of this 1-shot on a full HP camping Charioteer at ~300 m while zipping along at 60 kph is hard to put into words. Nuked a clicker and got some French TD butt in the corner afterwards.
  3. I just played two randoms for the first time since February. I load in a good 10-20 seconds after the start now. Is an SSD an absolute requirement for 1.0+, or do I have something misconfigured?!


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    2. 8_Hussars


      I had a similar issue (ended up HD cratered) but a good defrag or even just the Wot sound folder, can do wonders.  Turning off the sound works as well because WG have some significant inefficienties built into the sound programming.

    3. Bavor
    4. monjardin


      Thanks, @Bavor! That’s good to know. 

      Of course, I ended up buying an SSD anyway and the ridiculous load times vanished. 

  4. It's a T110E3 without the frontal LFP weakspots that can run down mediums. It also has one of the fastest reverse speeds in the entire game, a 12 degree gun arc to each side with 293 mm of AP penetration and 650 alpha. What could go wrong? The Object 268 version 4 goes 55 kph forward and 22 kph backwards with a power-to-weight ratio of 20. For comparison, the Object 140 goes 55 kph forward and 20 kph backwards with a power-to-weight ratio of 16.11. The LFP is 300 mm, the superstructure is 260 mm at a decent angle and the tiny cupola is 250 mm. The only thing that could be considered a frontal weakspot is the 100 mm UFP, but it's angled like a Strv. So, you'd have to shoot down on it (or use HEAT) to avoid a ricochet. The roof is 55 mm. So, only a FV or JPE with AP is going to overmatch it. The only thing good I have to say about it is that the whole huge rear is only 45 mm and it does turn like a slug. Chode$tars rejoice! Just be careful not to misjudge to absurd reverse speed when seeking butts. derp lyfe 4eveh
  5. Haven’t played since February. Stopped by to see if the 268v4 has been nerfed yet. I see they are going to take pref-MM away from my tanks. See you again in 3 months. 


  6. monjardin

    Object 260 - Light at the end of the mission tunnel

    I’m guessing that you don’t have a WZ-111 1-5?
  7. monjardin

    Waffentrager auf panzer iv - Which gun?

    Once upon a time, there were trade-offs used to balance tanks. The Waffle IV and the Jagdtiger have a stupendously good gun. So, it shouldn't also have great armored AND great mobility. That road leads to brokeness...cough...Object 268 version 4...cough.
  8. monjardin

    Waffentrager auf panzer iv - Which gun?

    The low reverse speed is completely mitigating by poking backwards with the rear turret.
  9. monjardin

    Waffentrager auf panzer iv - Which gun?

    The mobility is very much improved with the lighter 150, but the 128 is perhaps the best gun in the entire game.
  10. Speaking of the IS-5, why did they give the Defender better accuracy? I keep hearing people complain about the gun handling, but I’m finding it much better than the IS-5. WG...
  11. monjardin

    Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?

    Fuck this tank. My hull-down IS-7 got abused by one of these abominations slinging HEAT straight through the turret face while I missed the tiny as fuck cupola. It's fucking bullshit.
  12. Is the Defender supposed to be for sale today (on NA)?

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      they are just cock teasing all the pubbies, it will be up at some point.

      and then the farming will begin

    2. monjardin


      LOL. WG went and changed the date on a month old announcement today. Now it says the 23rd. It still said the 22nd when I posted this. 

    3. monjardin


      Now the ad is up with “Buy Now” buttons that give 404 errors. It’s like laying off a bunch of people makes things hard or something.

  13. Necros are promoted here. Think of this as a friendly reminder to abstain from watching 11A_D streams.
  14. monjardin

    Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?

    I find the T110E3 pretty easy to pen frontally in the open BECAUSE IT'S SO SLOW. This thing is moving so damn quick that you can't hit the weak spots. I agree with @PlanetaryGenocide, nerf the armor or the mobility, but not both. Nerfing both would totally kill the tank. On the other hand, that would make it just as useful as the original Object 268. So, that's exactly what I expect to happen.
  15. monjardin

    Ranked Battles Tank Choices

    I was thinking of the original ranked battles thread. See this post and the one below it.
  16. monjardin

    Ranked Battles Tank Choices

    Wasn't there just a post on this, or was it a status update? I recall that @dualmaster333 recommended beefy high alpha heavies. The argument being that people are good enough to pen you reliably. So, big alpha and HP pools help ensure that you get out enough damage for chevrons. That advice seems very sound to me. Personally, I've had the best luck using the WZ-111 5A, but I don't have a Type 5 or a VK 72.01 and I'm not bringing an E100 turret face into a gold slinging shit show. I'd initial started playing a few ranked battles in the Object 430U, but I'm getting much better consistency with the higher alpha and HP of the 5A. That would seem to anecdotally back up @dualmaster333's opinion.
  17. monjardin

    Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?

    I'd be happy if it played like the pre-HD JP2 at tier 10: mobile, good gun and great hull down armor, but get penned all day if you're sitting out in the open. @GehakteMolen is probably right, and they'll nerf the engine power instead.
  18. It's the "marksOnGun" field in the "achievements" associative array from the "vehicle achievements" API request. It's not spelled out in the documentation, but I'm seeing it in test requests.
  19. monjardin

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    I just opened this thread because I was going to put a bounty out for a 268v4 GIF, but there was already one waiting for me. @PlanetaryGenocide delivers yet again! It's 75 tons!? Yes. I wholeheartedly agree. Frick those thangs straight to heck!
  20. The Hwk 12 is so much fun to play. I just wish I could win more often with it. :(


  21. monjardin

    Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    Nicely done! The requirements for the 430U are nuts.
  22. monjardin

    Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?

    Is the Object 268v4 the best tier 10 heavium right now? The IS-7, WZ-111 5A, 113, Object 430U and Object 268v4 all arguably play the fast heavy role. The TD is the only one out of that list that I don't have, and I regret not grinding out that line every time I run into one of them in one of the other tanks. It's the fastest, heaviest (OMG the rams!!!), biggest alpha, best penetration with middle of the pack DPM and crazy armor. Any guesses on how they'll nerf this thing? I'm trying to figure out if I want to grind one or not. I'd rather play my tanks that I already have, but it's so broken to play on the test server...
  23. Coupon Clipping Simulator 2k18


    3,660,000 credits were saved in the making of this screenshot.

    Happy Chinese New Year!