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  1. been using more than 1.5 years like this. coat skin is peel off due hand sweating. probably made in white plastic.
  2. i used SS sense raw silver. This it good have control panel for custom dpi and effective accelerate mouse. I bought another one SS rival 95 it basic and like use to be cheap + comfort. i haven't try new sensei and rival 700.
  3. whats up with you? did u really busy?
  4. dont go mahou. they have overload many purpl/blue come over to mahou. well they have too much activity. u should try out different clan like vilin, youjos, r7, otter. whatever clans. many activities it kill ur schedule and real tired.
  5. memes map? i am sure wg make jokes map while they are boring to debug /fixing their game.

    I can finally die...

    Thank you wargaming took us so long to see this realistic.

    1. Errants


      Wow, those are fucking gorgeous.

    2. Hellsfog


      Visually great but also the terrain has been substantially changed.

    3. Fulcrous


      Glad to see they wasted time on mere visuals rather than fixing the game.

  7. okay they revert FV4202 armor?
  8. i will go for chinese heavies since is7 is not being popularity for clan wars but some of russ med. it might cool if you have prem tier8 russ med. yes, they added female voices for entire nation and if i correctly they havent add some other nation. if ur female havent 1 set for your vehicles, just do the mission until u completed then get ur last female crews. i just wonder if wargaming add other personal mission after obj260 there will be random tier like t4-10 rare tank. they havent get any plan to implement.
  9. currently i use galaxy S6 and i gonna wait galaxy S10 or whatever. im till like galaxy with NFC fitur they can check balance card via apps just tap on the back phone. but sadly iphone doesnt have one. those S8 cool fitur like no home button and only touch screen. i dont use iphone (reason i fear like phobia electrocute when charging phone and side iphone feel like metal sometimes fake or real. but depend those made in china using concept from california.)
  10. ohh private stats. I switched via link. i went discord how i suppose to talk to. but im not sure discord is accurate sound/speaker than ts3? this patch clan size can be max 100?
  11. for fun clan?
  12. i havent play wows last 1.5 years ago. i heard new clan system give you profit and decreases bills cost. it sound like much better. not sure how to get oil.
  13. so the new personal will included special camouflage with 3 season (winter/urban/desert). but i am till boring play this game with no update for new personal mission after 260.