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  1. Thank Brother/Mate WotLabs for saying condolences. @PityFool , @CheekiBreeki_ , @1m9j9s3 , @ZXrage , @Va1heru , @DirtyACE7 , @MAJEST1C , @Medjed , @IgnobleDemise I dont know how to describe. He was born 1929 and pretty struggle his own past until now. Like ww2 under dutch and japan era and come out massacre/genocide civilization under Suharto Era. He may live happily in heaven. My grandma passed away since 2014 then my grandpa now 2017.
  2. Too early my grandpa have passed away today. I was hoping to make some food stuff. He did surgery using pacemaker heart last 2 weeks ago.





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    2. ZXrage


      Sorry to hear that, mate :feelsbad:

    3. Va1heru
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      My condolences to you and your family :(


  3. Update 17/3/2017 Added Object IS4 in MOE album and list
  4. I would go pub/random games. At least should win the game and u get more XP than losing the game. Try earn dmg or kill or cap or spotting dmg its best way earn more XP.
  5. wtf is CSA? that G100 much better slightly. They did youtuber versus every clanu EU. GG polish clan after 3XR
  6. pls no comment about comparison equipment...! I can see their transparent system. Thx I dont want disturbing my mind. I am old asian player more than like senior player.
  7. are u firing both round?
  8. It should be 4k+ dmg combine. U know lah fighting like Tier 9 tank. O252u Ya i prefer GLD to reduce aim time and dispersion. VSTB is retarded and longer reduce aim time and troll accuracy. I dont want this for heavy and why heavy would like shoot on the move by using vstb. since when did u finish? what time u play?
  9. Lowe: 10+1 = 11 i see some people know how to bouncing armor lowe. This lowe aint weak than old one, GG wargamming. T26E5: 32-3 = 29 play little bit this is shit tank ever. i thought it better than T32 and it doesnt like fckin T32. It combination tank with pershing and T32 is more weirdoes.
  10. fuck arty tank...! annoying clicker and hate being focuses... Peace~
  11. Update 5/3/2017 Added Object 252u in MOE album and list
  12. Well GG NA Server That was insane matches
  13. then what next? retake senpai clan? renamed Sundere SHOJO and Senpai