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  1. Why e100 so shit for ranked battle? unworthy german steel.


    everything i see a bunch of

    meds - 140, 62a, 907, bc25t, leo1, e50m, tvp.

    heavies - maus, ty5, e5, fv251b, is7, 113, kran, pz7

    TDs - e4, e3, 183, strv.

    SPG shitlords - 261, t92, bc58, cgc, g100.


    LT - few i see T100lt, wz132a, rhm

    1. HemanathanRX7


      Because low DPM tanks suck in ranked for farming damage, and atleast those tds can camp at the back and farm kills for easy top 3. Everyone is using premium ammo in ranked, so it makes e100 armor useless, but maus has OP gun and armor even against premium ammo.

  2. i guess acc 268 till irrelevant. that i didnt like it and it feel worse that jpe then grille 268 > jpe > grille. effective acc by distance. run food, vent, gld, bia till shit and i am not sure wtf this shoot full aim literally not hitting right spot. stat tank is failure and i cannot find true stat behind transparent.
  3. how many times did they buff 268 entire this patch? that acc should be like 0.40 stats is lying...!
  4. try again i set it private and now unlisted but i dont want post in public.
  5. that twitch automatically delete video in last 30days Here i post my latest video for updating pmod. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7YbUMzxK_A&feature=youtu.be
  6. what is wargaming? im really old... are they fighting about need more prem tanks?
  7. youjo

    oh really.... short story u have. i didnt full have drink to enjoy this...
  8. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/140997859 watch my step - its not very hard there 2 way to do like sela is modify them and set true in one by one OR copy file from sela mods into new pmod 9.18 only json file. it should not be problem at all. testing in battle training/training room.
  9. yes u can compare with sela old mods with pmod. i think sela was using few mods function prob 5-8 item from pmod. u cant put old pmod into new 9.18. cuz they have slightly different added wotmod file. other stuff json file is remain same with old one and it can be found in config file. that mod is discontinued from long time ago. (locastan) but i did use that one for 6 months and i dont use it anymore because wot already have one in vanila client and it slight better in dmg hit list, ammo type receive, last dmg hit
  10. ya he did, he dont want us asking sela to play wot. same with me it little bit boring play tenk.... he is really tired or bored play tenk more than 4 years from 2011 or 2012? beta wot. if you want his mod for full set, it can be found from RU forum unless u have chrome with translate function Pmod - for login, server reticle, default zoom, shadow remove(FPS), etc http://forum.worldoftanks.ru/index.php?/topic/1172523-0917-pmod-пакет-с-пряниками-13122016-0917-24-0/ for session stats - same with sela and me, i used time spent mod http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/588679-0918-mod-time-spent-session-statistics-in-battle-results-statistics-by-tanks-by-maps-and-more-multilingual/#topmost rest contour icon tank list - u can find it through google search. its not very hard, simply easy true/false and editing number when u read what is function mods for.
  11. Thank Brother/Mate WotLabs for saying condolences. @PityFool , @CheekiBreeki_ , @1m9j9s3 , @ZXrage , @Va1heru , @DirtyACE7 , @MAJEST1C , @Medjed , @IgnobleDemise I dont know how to describe. He was born 1929 and pretty struggle his own past until now. Like ww2 under dutch and japan era and come out massacre/genocide civilization under Suharto Era. He may live happily in heaven. My grandma passed away since 2014 then my grandpa now 2017.
  12. Too early my grandpa have passed away today. I was hoping to make some food stuff. He did surgery using pacemaker heart last 2 weeks ago.





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    2. ZXrage


      Sorry to hear that, mate :feelsbad:

    3. Va1heru
    4. DirtyACE7


      My condolences to you and your family :(


  13. Update 17/3/2017 Added Object IS4 in MOE album and list
  14. I would go pub/random games. At least should win the game and u get more XP than losing the game. Try earn dmg or kill or cap or spotting dmg its best way earn more XP.