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  1. so the new personal will included special camouflage with 3 season (winter/urban/desert). but i am till boring play this game with no update for new personal mission after 260.
  2. woahhh


    skin mod 50b so cool

    much sloppy with foch hull


  3. Back from the dead and not very active in thread. gonna make some videos stuff such as stronghold advance. https://www.youtube.com/user/WkakaJunior/videos
  4. youjo

    type or press F for 6 players i think, those who is broke rules or policy of WG reason threaten to other player,vip, staff and etc's such as blame, harassing and racist.
  5. nope. they just scrap old ui personal mission. since personal mission world of warships more controllable in ui. they decide make another ui for personal mission and it look like better than old. so mission design will be scrap and put into better design and same mission as well.
  6. i bet french armor give like amx 49mle. bounce a lot shoot. that funny french have different armor in specific tank role.
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    1. Marver95


      Somebody already redeemed this, but forgot to comment :'(

  9. M44 heat was able to complete SPG 15. I did SPG mission from stug4 > 260 quite easy to complete than LT mission might stressful. this game will be hard\and quite changes. you wont be able beat top exp in both team. but the dmg is easy to earn only thing is EXP.
  10. IS-3: 22M26 Pershing: 11 T32: 20Object 416: 21 AMX 50 100: 17 Emil I: 6-3 = 3 - play in friend acc. I guess what? it till shit and i cannot find out where the mark shell penetrate over the turret. It does get hit by fckin standard ROUND AP and APCR by several tier 8-10s. I dont find any usefull when in hull down position with effective armor bounce over 270-330mm. total bad 0.1/100UDES 03: 15VK 100.01 (P): 17 Lowe: 24 T26E5/Patriot: 24AMX M4 49/Liberte: 20112: 5Rhm. Skorpion: 18Obj. 252U/Defender: 23Strv S1: 15Lorr. 40t: 22 Chrysler K GF: 17.
  11. S-3: 20M26 Pershing: 17T32: 20Object 416: 21 AMX 50 100: 17 Emil I: 17UDES 03: 20VK 100.01 (P): 17 Lowe: 22T26E5/Patriot: 20AMX M4 49/Liberte: 20112: 14Rhm. Skorpion: 17 Obj. 252U/Defender: 22+1=23 - I like it more different than is6 and is3/3a but little sluggish aim time/accuracy per metreStrv S1: 20 -3 = 17 - bad, HP too small and completely incompetent with other different TDs class.Lorr. 40t: 21Chrysler K GF: 20
  12. hellcat is dying 2k17

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      it died 2k15

    3. ZXrage


      Nah, it got destroyed in 2k14

    4. IanSanJR


      nah, last time population player play hellcat seem drastic drop. so from now i dont see hellcat anymore prob few player 1-3 battles so far i see.

  13. for PMOD, i notice few conflict between single and multiple from single file (pmod.json) there 2 file selected and default one was run multiple.json. to avoid conflict mods by reading 2 file, u need renamed single.json put something blah in the end of singemeh.json (outside pmod folder)(dont renamed inside pmod.json) this reason increasing ping (due mods problem to sync to the server) and connection often interrupt (often showing red indicator)
  14. unresponsive play like fewer lagging and uncomfy play and my turret tank like unanimously turn every direction (thats not where i point for) and bit choppy tank like small distance teleport. every game i play is shit, my shoot a bit misses My internet is FINE...! ISP is FINE...! I play from Australia.
  15. this update seem unconfirm? but leaking information for buffing few tanks and RU staff havent decide their own.