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  1. I was not questioning his skill or his experience, I am questioning his opinion and judgement on a meta-level. Or in other words: I do not need to be a physicist, to understand that people who are shilling Solar Freaking Roadways are bullshitters.
  2. Afaik WarGaming's API is fucking up over and over again in various ways.
  3. QB having a dissenting view on premiums that unicums which aren't shilling for WG find broken or UP or OP as fuck? Any other totally non-shocking news? Seriously, why is that guy even still relevant?
  4. BB HE is a tool like anything else. There are uses for it and if used right, it will have a great effect. Fires are, in this game-mode, a very useful tool, due to the limited ability to disengage and heal back up, as you are constantly forced to stay close to the enemy, to deny or keep caps.
  5. Exactly. I kinda see the point of using the skill in a dedicated anti-DD-built, but even then you can substitute that captain's skill by player's skill for the most part and throw those 4 points into something that actually increases the skill-ceiling of your ship, instead of raising the skill-floor.
  6. You tried to do the right thing and outflank what you shouldn't engage frontally. On the other end of the game however, sits someone in his Type, who did the right thing and cover a flank that an enemy might use to advance and outflank his team. This is the game and this is life. It is possible to do everything you could do right and still loose.
  7. Not to even mention shell velocity.
  8. I'd just like to add: At about T5 the grind starts. Before, you can pretty much breeze through the ships, so I would suggest to start putting equipment at that point at latest. Dismounting equipment costs 25 gold each, if I recall right, which is considerably more affordable than it is on WoT and as Jaeger said: Rudder shift-mod is pretty much mandatory on any ship you can fit it on and if you want to cheapskate beyond T5, always fit that mod even then.
  9. They'll be released alongside the Chieftain and the Black Prince's top speed- and RoF-buff.
  10. Next year. Maybe.
  11. There are no "damage rolls" in this game.
  12. German BBs are basically the ideal ships to do what a battleship needs to do in this game: Go up there, make yourself a target and drown the enemy in their own oil-leakages, while the rest of the fleet comes along a few kilometers behind you, supporting you with pewpew. US is, for the most part, considerably more stand-off-ish, not helped by their lack of secondaries. People sniping in US battleships is stupid, but, ironically, that is kind of the point of these ships, as they have rather accurate guns by battleship standards and not much else. IJN is generally somewhere in between. They used to be the go-to brawlers, but the germans just outclass them in that role. They are better snipers than germans, they are better brawlers than the US.
  13. It's so annoying, that the cruiser-meta is about to devolve into "Can utilize IFHE or GTFO".
  14. You can always slap on the 122mm gun on the -2, if you want. However, I would advise against it. The 100mm gun is just good enough. The vehicle itself is kind of bland though and suffers mostly from the T8 Medium-syndrome. Camo is decent though.