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  1. It`s the lower and middle-tiers, where IFHE is really a problem. In higher tiers, only DDs and russians have guns that really benefit from it and wierdly enough, nobody plays russian cruisers despite them being powerful as fuck even before IFHA happens.
  2. Imagine stuff like Charioteer, Challenger, Caernarvon and Krupp-Steyr actually hitting what they are aiming for across half the map, while the IS3 fires five times and misses all of them at the same range.Wouldn't that be golden?
  3. It actually does, but in a different way than expected: A penetrating HE-shell deals no splash damage to nearby targets.
  4. If there is anything WG could take out of AW, it is their accuracy-system: Unless you are aimed in, you derp all over the place. A carefully aimed shot though, should hit where the gun is pointing at. This is also the point, where dispersion and gun-accuracy would finally actually get a meaning unlike they do now, where a fully aimed 88/L71 hits about as much and as often, as a KV2 in full hull- and turret-traverse running down a hill. I know this is an exageration, before someone comes along and tries to be smart, but we all know what I am talking about. Outside of gold-ammo, snapshot-accuracy is one of the primary issues armor has in this game and the dominance of russian hover-meds is a prime example of absolute fail-balance in regard to accuracy, which only gets topped by the IS3.
  5. I am struggling with finding good skill-combinations for the german cruisers, in particular the Yorck, Hipper and Eugen. It seems that these three ships in particular, just do not have any skill-builts that emphasize, advance, help or broaden their abilities. The best thing you seem to be able to do is, duct-tape the lack of decent HE with Demo Expert and fiddle with the already mostly uninteresting concealment-factor of the ships. In theory they have decent secondaries, but with any of these three ships, you will want to avoid being in close combat to begin with, despite their theoretical viabilities there. Superintended doesn't really help much, due to the lack of smoke, heal or long range recon in the form of radars (although their hydroes are good, but again, need to be too close for comfort in most cases). IFHE is completely useless as well, Fire Prevention doesn't really help their survivability as their primary "source of death" are battleship-AP-rounds. Anyone got any thoughts? In theory you could stack up survivability traits, but again, does that really help them? I`m at a complete loss here.
  6. It might be the part that starts with p in private message. As for the rest, chatbans are fairly frequent in WoWS. I've had days and weeks where I didn't say anything and the next day, bam, chatbanned, for calling someone a retard. They really want to cut the "toxicity" out of this community, even though the actual source of the toxic behaviour remains untouched.
  7. Not really. They tore down the original sandbox and rebuilt it by leaving half the changes the previous sandbox offered out, while not changing anything about the content they are reintroducing to the "new and improved" sandbox.
  8. I'm glad that camo isn't one of the rather meh camos you get along with the free T6s, but a proper paintjob.
  9. Wait what? The 105s do not benefit from the german's caliber/4-exception? Also, the bonus is conspiculously nerfed to 25% instead of 30%, which means you need a minium caliber of 153mm guns to make it work against 32mm-bows (except for german secondaries that is). There are still plenty of 25mm-zones on many cruisers and some fo the lower and mid-tier battleships, that 120mm guns can penetrate with this skill though. Come to think of that, there is only one type of ship in the entire game, where this skill now allows you to penetrate battleship bows and those are 180mm-armed russian cruisers, as everyone else uses 152s or less. The fuck? I´d like to urge any data-miners that read this thread and post, to check which ships or guns have an exception to the caliber/6-rule.
  10. But seriously, the german DD-line must be the most prenerfed line in the entire game. They had some promise and then got hammered down into near uselessness for reasons I just do not understand.
  11. Cheating? What do you mean? Effective traverse is not the value you see in your garage, but a result of the traverse-stat multipliadded by stock engine power and subtracdivided by used engine power.
  12. If they can hit the bow and that is the thing. At long range they are most likely to hit the largest hitbox you have and the stern and especially the bow have a much smaller area to hit than the (combined) center hitbox. Even taking the reduced fire-damage into account, you finished that sucker much faster with HEAP than regular HE. I am kind of expecting that. Sure, you'll set less fires as somebody wrote earlier, but you will also deal a lot more damage while trying to light a fire that you are eventually going to light up due to the volume of shots you throw at the enemy.
  13. Well, all I can say is, that the fire-fighting skill is a must have now, for every BB-captain. In the grand spanking way of things, sniping is now more effective as well, as a counter-HE measure, since they are more likely to hit super-structure, while having no problem penetrating the bow of your ship up close, because that was totally necessary right? Didn't they try to weaken BB-front armor? Yeah, bravo WG, nice way of sneaking that one in without anyone noticing and complaining unlike last time. If they must break the BB-meta, they have to, sure. But incentivicing BBs to snipe even more, is not the sensible solution. Oh and complaining about it is pointless, really. It is clear that they are going through with these changes no matter what we think of them. That much became clear, when they adressed our concerns regarding radio locationing by renaming the skill.
  14. I somehow doub that they are going to do much about the WZ-132 at all. It was the first of the new-generation T8 scouts and while it is in no way worse than back in the day when it was introduced (ignoring physics and map-changes), it is considered to be on the weaker end of the power-spectrum of the T8 Lights and especially the T54LT powercrept it hard in regard to flanking-firepower, leaving it behind as being the superior scout with all the implications from the map-changes. Same is true for competative play. If you want a superior scout, you are either going 13/90 (assuming you have a competent player) or the WZ and the 13/90 has the advantage in a flanking combat role, due to the autoloader. The RU outpaces all of them (though it takes a bit longer to speed up) and outpummels the opposition via DPM. The 54LT is pretty much good enough in everything and occasionally bounces a round or two in brawls, to be ubiquitous in any team that needs a light tank or multiple, in particular because you do not need a specialist player to make it work reliably. Pretty much the only way in how you would be able to beat the 54LT in the fast flanker role while driving a WZ is, to use the 85 over the 100mm on the WZ and to make that work reliable, you, yet again, need a more skilled player as you still do not have the armor, but the DPM-advantage (not to mention, that you are trading the original feature-trademark of the chinese scouts away, aka alpha). On a sidenote, I find it quite amusing how they give the 132A the feature-trademark of the line back.