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  1. I would suggest playing in a way, that doesn't upset your team-mates in the first place.
  2. Oh dear, the automated AP-bomb drop is completely useless, because the auto-drop does not take the free-fall time into account, that (german?) AP-bombs have (not sure if Enterprise's AP-bombs have that kind of delay). You will always miss a moving target, unless you do a manual drop. Fighters are alright, but spend their ammo fairly fast in strafes. The ship is ridiculously pidgeon-holed, due to the inability to mix and match AP- and HE-bombers and the complete lack of torpedoes, I do need to point out though, that the HE bombs are fairly effective, due to the low dispersion and drop pattern (a circle - which also helps with decreasing loitering times, as you can attack without setup). The secondaries are hilarious, though they are pretty much only firing to the starbord side, but that didn't keep my Zeppelin from slugging it out against two DDs that thought I was an easy prey. Not yet, Kameraden, not yet! All in all, I would advise against purchasing it, as long as WG has not changed the loadout or given us the ability to mix and match our own loadouts, because it basically is a US carrier with a weaker AS-component and improved HE-bombing (it seems to set fires like nobody's business and having three dive bomber squads helps with applying damage). It looks good, though
  3. He was considerably more of a politician, than a wartime-general (though both is never really mutually exclusive). However, these traits allowed for Japan to become what it is. Without MacArthur pretending to be a shadow-king over there, Japan would have been a rural state again and in all honesty, if you need someone to oversee a theatre of war like the pacific, then you would want a MacArthur. Besides, there's one thing often overlooked and that is totally bogus about the "Captain sinks with his ship"-mentality often displayed or expected of commanding officers and I will quote from the Wiki: Good officers and already "worked-in" command staffs, are ridiculously valueable. Any officer that decides to "go down with the ship", harms his country in more ways than the loss of the ship or even an entire army could do. Grunts and tanks are replacable, good commanders are rare.
  4. It's about as sturdy as it used to be, before they HD'd the tank, maybe a bit more, because the turret's cheeks are considerably thicker than they used to be. It's not T29-levels of lol-thick, but good enough to risk poking, aiming, shooting, vanishing without much worry.
  5. Mikasa will remain the only pre-dreadnought in the game for the foreseeable future and no dreadnought, super-dreadnought or post-dreadnought had a tumblehome hull, due to the hull-form being rather allergic to taking damage, which is kind of shit for a ship, that is intended to survive enemy barrages and especially torpedoes. Though it would certainly be a sight to behold, given how "Age of Sail"-remeniscient these ships are... (Charles Martel, first sister of above's Masséna) As for french battleships as a whole, I still kind of expect them late this year. though I am getting increasingly uncertain of that. If the UK BBs work out, the french have a good chance of appearing this year, if not, then don't expect them before next year.
  6. Which are inferior to the regular Kongo.
  7. No, it does not. On the contrary, your statements constantly read like "but muh superheavies!!!!11" an this is the whole issue. Momentarily, we have a superheavy-meta, where map-pool, map-design and even game-design (in terms of balance at the very least), caters to slow fat bricks that annihilate everything in front of them, while being mostly untouchable except by other superfat superslow fuck-bricks. Argueing, that one should look at the playability of superheavies when the discussion is about tanks that do not work on confined spaces, are reliant on support-fire from their team, absolutely can not stand their ground but need to work with their mobility and can not even penetrate said superheavy from the rear reliably, is cynical at best. I agree that all sides need to be pleased and I think you are smart enough to not actually argue that point, but you can not look at the king on the hill and argue, that he needs help, when everything at the foot of the hill is a smoldering ruin..
  8. Map rotation is a problem but forcing confined maps on fast paper-tanks only because some slow superheavy-players can't have both speed and impenetrable armor is stupid. I for once own a few lights and paper-mediums and like to play them from time to time. If maps stay as confined as they are I will probably stop.
  9. Yes, as there is a factor modifying the traverse rates based on whatever engine you have fitted and the stock engine of the vehicle. However, raw horsepower per ton still considerably influences your ability to accelerate and your climbing speed. The Strv 81 is notably more mobile than the Centurion and for a turret-tanking mountain-goat ridge-line peeker, this is a huge factor.
  10. I didn't realize, that the Strv 81 actually gets better shell velocity. 1300 verus 1020 on regular ammo and 1400 versus 1200something on premium. LOL On a slightly related note: While comparing the Cent I and the Strv 81 on I noticed that the Caern has less HP than the Cent. Huh.
  11. I rather welcome them changing their stance on that particular issue. Giving the players choices is good in general. The problem that the 155 Mogami presented wasn't a problem of choice, it was first and foremost an issue of balancing and, argueabley, an issue of game-design. In terms of balance, the 155s didn't have any disadvantages compared to the 203s, while the 203s were worse in several key areas. In terms of game-design, there is the inherent issue of high volume of fire (high amount of guns or rate of fire) beating high alpha and, generally, high fire chance and even high accuracy.
  12. It currently overperforms *bursts into laughter* You mean... Actually being able to do what they are supposed to do? Scouting? *gasp* What a revolting thought!
  13. The Cent I will still lack access to the 900HP engine ;P
  14. The The KJPz can run with the lights and even outpaces some of them. Can UDES, too? Thing is, this tank is really a hybrid between light tanks and TDs. As such, they should give it some quirks, maybe give it moving camo? Or just buff the viewrange to be on par with same-tier light tanks, if you do not want to deal with quirks. Comparing the L7 with above stats to the 90mm, the L7 is flat out better. You may not win the DPM-race, but ~200DPM less or getting the unique perks of the 90mm isn't even a consideration, really. Overall, the tank could do with a higher DPM, substantially if it's just the 90mm. Keeping current DPM with the L7 would already be quite good actually.