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  1. O-Ho Appreciation Thread

    Did you start grinding for the third mark on that tank because it's easy and every Tom, Dick and Harry can have it or because you wanted a challenge and wanted to prove yourself? Fit the 100mm gun and start being a Unicum.
  2. The Indienpanzer has at least better armobwuahahahahahahaha
  3. Did I hear someone say "Chieftain Mk 6"?
  4. The Untold Truth about the Somua SM

    Ha, clickbait title got you? Good, because I'm kinda interested in getting attention to this tank, as there's barely any (read: none) commentary on it around. What's up with the tank? Is it as I suspect, that this tank has barely anything going for or against it, as it's placed in a wierd limbo of meh or uselessness between AMX 50 100 and Lorraine 40t?
  5. AMX 13 90 Fan Club

    Vents boosts both viewrange and camo factor, as well as lowering the initial bloom and giving extra aim time reduction. It may not be as good as an EGLD in pure aimtime reduction, but the other boosts make it superior as a package, imo.
  6. The Official Unofficial 13 57(GF) Lover Masochists' Thread

    Far Cry 5 is unimaginitive shit anyways.
  7. Stay in garage, so WarGaming doesn't have to think about their game-balance too hard.
  8. Another T8 French Premium

    It has armor on par with the Tiger II. It doesn't make it any safer to yolo this tank at all.
  9. French BB Impressions

    In an effort to complete the techtree, I took Turenne out for a few spins yesterday. Goddamnit, I remember low tier battleships being absolutely incapable of hitting anything broadsiding even at close range, but this was just ridiculous. I just could not hit a Friant going alongside and broadsiding me at 4km range for two entire minutes. Just WTF
  10. That promise is silly and can't be kept in the light of the recent changes to high tier tanks and the matchmaking in general. Current regular T8s are in an awkward enough position and if you keep these limited-MM tanks as they are, which are limited in MM because they were incapable of dealing with being a low tier before the buffs to T10s and introduction of new vehicles (or powercreep as it may be called), then they become completely unplayable once WarGaming gets around to buff the regular T8s and 7s to deal with the recent changes more... gracefully. These tanks would get T8 MM in a meta where they are, at the best, playing on the level of regular T7s, if not worse.
  11. Le sigh. I still remember a time, when one of the selling points of the FCM was it's high base penetration. Matchmaking-changes, armor-buffs and superheavy-proliferation are just ruining everything that made tanks have a character.
  12. WoT Encore results!

    So, the 1080 Ti finally arrived: I kind of expected more. Huh. *headscratch* Friend of mine, with a 980 Ti gets 27k. The fuck is slowing the system down... *tinkers*
  13. Due to the curious absence of Aoba from any balance-passes, I am kinda suspecting that they wanted to roll the ship completely into the T5-incarnation and introduce a different T6. Question is: "What would it be?" and I think they kinda dragged their feet and postponed that switch in perpetuity. Given you would want some progression, you could go for the Tone-class, which offers 8 guns and is a "sister-design" to Mogami, structurally similar, but 4 turrets in the front and the rear being relegated for a large hangar, as Tone was intended to be used as a scout-launcher and this is also why they don't really want to make it a techtree ship. Thus, they would need to conjure up some blueprint- or even fantasy-ship, which they do not really want to do either. On a personal level, I would be very unhappy about a removal of Aoba. The ship got quite a prolific service-career both in reality and in my history with WoWS.
  14. Funnily enough. when the Furutaka got the DeFakto-Aoba upgrade, they gave her better stats than Aoba in that regard.
  15. The FCM is stuck in a very wierd position in relation to it's counterparts, both in terms of techtree and premium tanks. It doesn't fit WG`s new stance of "must have T8 premium that handles like the same tier techtree vehicle". You got a fast and meh-ly armored heavy with a medium alpha gun, decent penetration and decent enough gun-stats (handling not so much, but it ain't horrible). The only vehicle this vaguely corresponds to on the french tree, is the AMX M4 45. To be honest, I'd actually expect them to just drop it a tier and call it a day, if it wouldn't completely outperform the M4 45 in that case, though that is down both to how shit the M4 45 is, as well as T7s being in an increasingly stupid position in regard to T8+ vehicles. They really need to stop dragging their feet in regard to balanceing vehicles that are not T8+...