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  1. I've been lurking on these forums for years and it has only just occurred to me that you are that Madner.

    1. Madner Kami

      Madner Kami

      There can be only one ;)

  2. The vague historicity of the game flew out of the window, when they buffed the Maus recently. At this point, anything is game.
  3. That would be unplayable, unless they buff those torpers beyond belief.
  4. Spree is a river in Germany. Spee is a laundry detergent, but also the Admiral and the ship About Defensive Fire consumable: Remember how they teased mew weapon-systems? See how they listed the AA-rockets in their teaser-sheet? The Defensive Fire might not be what it seems like on the surface.
  5. Based on timing, Eugen could not have done that, because at the time of Hood's explosion, Eugen was fucking Prince of Wales. Also, Hood pretty much exploded when a salvo of Bismarck hit it at the location of the following explosion and while it is not entirely unlikely that an earlier ammunition-fire caused by an explosive shell from Eugen was not as thoroughly extinguished as reported, it is unlikely the cause.
  6. I very much doubt it is down to the air defense. At that tier, BBs long have learned, that cruisers aren't going to stick around with them and why are cruisers often not sticking with their BBs in the lower and mid-tier region? Because it is incredibly boring, pointless and unrewarding, to play AA-defense for someone else or the team, while your own guns start to rust due to lack of usage. The high AA-capabilities of hightier ships may add to that, but imo they mainly add to a lack of CVs to begin with. And I just realized, I haven't reacted to the thread-topic yet: WarShips.Today tells me, that I am pretty darn good at cruising: My personal opinion is, that I am a solid all-rounder and my overall winrates back that up: The class I personally think I am the worst at, are probably carriers. I used to be pretty good in Beta, but I didn't follow it up after official release and my skills have clearly atrophied.
  7. Heathens. -proud member of the Mikasa Society on EU
  8. Click it.
  9. What's the problem with the remark? Hood was scheduled for a refit, but a little thing called war happened and the refit had to be pushed back. Irony ensues though, considerung that part of the refit was strengthening the deck armor...
  10. I hope the marketing-department remembers and creates a reverse german battleship trailer for Hood. That was probably one of the best trailers made by WG and it deserves to be alluded to whenever there's a chance for it.
  11. Power projection is the issue. If you have excessive ranges and the accuracy or volume of fire to utilize said range, then people will use it to their advantage or what they percieve as their advantage. A good start to ending the camp-fest is homogenizing the max ranges over all cruiser- and battleship-calibers and finding a sensible (in relation to map-size) maximum range. Obviously, this mainly is targeted at battleships, as they are the anchor around which the whole fleet revolves, but also, paradoxically, the ships with the longest ranges
  12. It isn't silly at all. All it needs is for the few guys who make the new designations up, to know and use that word. The staff-officer or admiral who signs the sheet, probably didn't read it or didn't care or didn't notice or used the word himself, which is not even unlikely, since it apparently was a frequently used word at the time, even if it was only broadly used for maybe ~20 years. The comments on Mirian-Webster give plenty of examples of uses during that time.Seriously, words come and go all the time, in every language. Plenty of english words made it into the german language in the last 20 to 30 years, just because the US-culture is so dominant to us. Some will stay, many will go away again. One of the most commonly used words in modern day english, isn't even a native english word, but was imported: The.
  13. The tank is a magnet for T10-fights on city-maps for some reason. Best example is Paris. I've seen that map a total of 10, maybe 15 times since it was released. I got it 6 times in the two days I own and have driven this tank, with Pilsen being just as prevalent.
  14. Sims definitly earns mad XP. Cap a base and deal 20k damage and you are almost guaranteed to get top XP in a loosing team. Get 30k and you'll be top in a winning team.