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  1. Shit balancing. The 263 gets extra alpha because it's a TD. The same reasoning why 122s deal more damage than 120s or 90mms are innately more powerful than 88mms for some reason or why 150s are absurdly more powerful than 128s. The underlying reason being... LOOK BEHIND YOU, A THREE-HEADED MONKEY!
  2. If something isn't immediatly successful, they tend to discard or forget it and if something appears to be successful, even if only on the surface, they jump at the chance like hungry lions and overdo it. It's their company-culture and a lack of level-headedness.
  3. Every good player uses a Maus over a Type 5 for very good reasons. Type 5s are lol to drive, but they are decidedly underwhelming tanks, especially if compared to Maus. And FYI. You do not "deal 500 damage to E3 cupola". At best you deal less than 500 by splashing through the turret roof. Cupolas are spiked by spaced armor from the viewing portsand no HE ever is going to penetrate or deal that amount of damage there.
  4. Simple. The Rubiconification of the game continues, subtley, but steadily. In terms of pure gun performance, the BatChat was already fairly close to the general specs laid out back then, so nerfing it won't be that obvious. Sooner or later they will nerf the other mediums, reasoning that they are that much better than the BatChat in terms of gun-performance.
  5. No news on EU yet *sadface*
  6. People still use Mauses over Type 5s in organized plays. As long as the Maus remains as it is, any nerf to Type 5 is pointless, if not stupid.
  7. I kinda suspect they want to go down on it, like the camos in WoWS. Instead of fitting a camo-scheme, you will get a model-makeup and can switch between 131 and 217 by selecting the according "camo". Alternatively, they are part of a PvE-mode.
  8. They "tested" the playerbase's tolerance with the most recent premium tanks released and it blew up badly. However, i think the community is generally at the same level that I recently arrived at, apathy. We just do not care anymore and are, at best, playing the game out of habit at this point. I can't even remember the last time I grinded a tank or even went for randoms when I wasn't waiting for a CW-battle to pop up. The game already lost a huge majority of it's long term players (in particular the upper tiers) and it ain't getting better with this.
  9. Exactly. As long as the "Serb Bureau"-invented tanks have a basis in reality, they are fine, even if they never existed or or weren't even considered (to our knowledge). An FV 215b 120 is perfectly fine. An E50 or an E50M as an extrapolation on a vague project that would likely have resulted in an E50 is absolutely legit. Same with the jap superheavies. They are ahistorical, but plans and thoughts are documented and existed and while some tanks in that line are pure Serb-work, they fit the line and design-thought. It would be the same if they threw the 105mm gun onto the Caernarvon, the tank would have been perfectly capable of carrying the gun in reality, as practically anything that could mount the 20 pounder, was able to mount the 105, not in the least supported by the Centurion, with basically the exact same turret mounting that very gun (please WG, DO, NOW) or throwing the Centurion-turret on the Black Prince, which was considered and physically possible (the game is ready and waiting for a 20 pounder BP). On the other end of the spectrum, you have these tanks, which have no basis in reality, which are not needed to fit gaps in a lineup and which do not even have the slightest root in reality. Some of the tanks we have in game, have silly weights considering the amount of armor they carry. Just think about the old Löwe, which had worse armor than a Tiger II, had about the same dimensions, yet somehow weighted almost 20 tons more for some esotheric reason and no benefit whatsoever. And now you look at a ~35t vehicle, that moves like a Comet, has the armor of a Mäuschen and the engine power of a T5 tank. What? This isn't a sensible aproxmiation, it serves no purpose, it's pure and utter gimmick. This just should not happen, at all and if it had to happen, then please, make it a dedicated game-mode or at least have the fucking brain, to balance it in a way that is not a complete wank resulting in tanks that are outperforming the OP premiums that the most recent shitstorm was about.
  10. I find any of the german T6+ DDs so far, are kinda hard to describe in terms of how to play them successfully. They are a great many things and then are the exact opposite a minute later, due to changing circumstances. They have tremendous firepower, but lack DPM. They have great torpedoes, but lack volume or RoF of tubes. They have hydros, but utterly suck at engaging other DDs. They are fast, yet do not want to be the first. They have staying power, but are incredibly fragile. They are stealthy, but hard to miss. In general, I guess, they are the most hybrid of any of the hybridized ships we currently have in the game, both horizontally and vertically. Like a battleship, they are mostly about their AP and staying power. Like cruisers, you are incredibly good at punching upwards in the food chain. Like DDs, they are sneaky and can go places fast. They got powerful torpedoes, like the IJN DDs, but are not torpedo-boats, like the russian and USN DDs. They got powerful main artillery, like the russians and USN DDs, yet suck at slugging things out, like IJN DDs. Many words, to say a few things: They are good at a lot of things and they are bad at a lot of things. But I needed to get that out of the system...Thusly, to answer your question: Use your torpedoes, generally, in an area denial or defensive role. They are fast, they have a high payload, they are almost guaranteed to leave a flooding, they have good range and they are sneaky as fuck. Use them to drop them into smokescreens or throw them at enemies that are trying to engage your fleet and coming towards you. Your guns suck at engaging DDs, but they are ridiculously good at fucking BBs and cruisers. For BBs, two salvoes usually result in one or two fires, then switch to AP and bombard the superstructure and any less armored part of the hull. For cruisers, just drop the AP into their sides and only use HE once they wisened up and are bow-tanking you. As for the Z-23 in particular, I think the key to success is, to use the 150s. You gain a gun and "free" IFHE in comparison with other DDs. Your HE-DPM increases by about 8%, helping in fighting DDs and the increased fire-chance is substantial and important in fighting capital ships. Your AP-DPM goes down, but you gain better penetration, less bounces and more of the ever important (for these ships) alpha. Going for the 128-AFT-route is a trap, imo. Unlike other destroyers, you are a huge target and you are incredibly susceptable to battleship-AP, so sniping does not increase your chances of survival, quite the opposite in fact. Your smoke doesn't last long, so make sure you have an exit-strategy, but do not be afraid of using it offensively. Your good camo and high speed generally allows you to get out easily, once the smoke starts dissipating. As I am writing this, I realize that I am driving my german DDs a lot like I drive my Furutaka and Aoba. Sneak about, ambush, drop a fire at maximum range, vanish from sight and avoid prolonged exchanges of fire like the devil avoids holy water. As for dealing with radar, do the same that any sane DD-captain should do. Voice your distaste for that broken OP mechanic on the forums and make sure to make it a point in every survey you take.
  11. It's amazing, what proxy-nerfing can do to a (premium-)tank. Sure, the CDC was overhyped a bit back in the day, but just as Foch points out: "212 pen used to be the shizz" (paraphrased). Nowadays? Worth nothing. Which makes it worse all the more, if you consider how many of the french and british tanks were made somewhat meh in most stats, just because they had high penetration.
  12. DeGrasse was released on EU today, wierdly without much or really any fanfare. I got myself into one, as I am a ship-whore and I like it. It's nimble like the british CLs, the guns are well behaved, especially in terms of grouping, the fast torpedoes give the ship quite some bite even at longer ranges and it turns on a dime. What hit me completely by surprise is, that the main battery of 3x3 152mm guns count as dual-purpose, with 25 DPS @ 5km. Together with the 3x2 100m, the ship has a total DPS of 45 DPS @ 5km. This isn't quite Cleveland-levels of nasty, especially since the short-range AA is rather anemic, but paired with a good captain, this ship offers some aerial bite as well. It also is fairly good at hunting DDs and in general, you got a capable tool for every target.
  13. Removing manual attacks would be stupid though, as they offer a tactical layer, for example torping angry smokes (noone ever expects a carrier doing that, but that is exactly what carriers are there for, among other things; all the more hilarious if the sunk smoker calls hax) or punishing still-standing targets really hard. They just need to reign in the superiorty of manual drops against automatic drops, by simply increasing the arming time of air-dropped torpedoes, for example. There's no need to make rocket-science out of carrier-balancing.
  14. None, really, as Crossfader pointed out. The T5 and 6 don't see many targets that need IFHE and Yorck and up have either 210s or 203s, which do not need IFHE to penetrate the more difficult targets, outside of some rare cases. Still, it's a buff and anything is welcome for the german heavy cruisers, plus it makes things more uniform for the line, now only the DDs need free IFHE *evilgrin*