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  1. Yes.
  2. The first shot that connected in the new and improved Caernarvon felt so good for many reasons, but one in particular: I'm having fun playing the game again. All it took was putting the Caern to where it was supposed to be in the first place. And that shot.
  3. You get a set for free on the tank that was rewarded from the mission-set. You can also buy it for any tank of the same nation. Say you got the StuG IV, you get a set for free on the StuGIV and you can buy it for every german tank.
  4. Well, first we nerf artillery into the ground rebalance artillery, so it can't dig out stationary tanks in the rear reliably. Then we implement a different kind of artillery to dig out the stationary tanks in the rear reliably, while further incentivising to bombard closer, more agressive tanks with the original artillery. Logic, motherfucker! Seriously though, I am completely fine with how artillery currently is (more or less, just a few axes to grind with specific arties, but that is a different theme). Changing the artillery into sort of a debuffer was an alright idea, though I'd still have prefered to simply make artillery more accurate at long ranges and less accurate at short ranges. But giving every tank high gun-depression is just cheap balancing, instead of thoughtful. First and foremost, hulldown ridging is traditionally a NATO-forte and a weakness for the Warsaw-pact tanks, while brawling is more of a soviet thing than NATO's. I liked that and I don't generally mind tanks that are outliers or mixing and matching in between. But just giving everyone high enough depression is just... bleh.
  5. Sorry, that I can't suck as good as your mom
  6. Make sure you respawn before you can not respawn anymore (the squall line). You do not want to fight the last meters with a plane that has damaged components and is left on so low health, that someone coughing at you kills you.
  7. So you want the art-departement to... I guess paint a new matchmaking system? Dude, seriously. Remarks like that make you look stupid.
  8. Is there any way to track how long the average battle is server-wide nowadays? And how this number compares to the same statistic one year ago or two or more? Everything feels like a fucking lop-sided avalanche match nowadays, that's over after barely more than three minutes and it's really getting on my teets.
  9. Because most people do not have >60Hz monitors? Not to even think about most people not even having more than 60FPS to begin with? Also, thanks for reminding me. I knew I forgot to add something to my end-of-the-year-shopping-spree-list.
  10. Certainly worth having a second (or third?) look at it, though there are still some kinks that need to be hammered out. For example, the manual flight controls are borderline useless (outside of rolling ahead of an anticipated turn), due to the plane insisting on following the mouse-cursor even when you give manual input. Doing even a clean loop, an Immelman or, heaven forbid, "advanced" aerobatics like a climbing spiral, a simple hammerhead or whatever the defensive inside loop with applied rudder is called (I keep forgetting that one) is impossible, without also hitting the "free-camera"-button.
  11. Oh WarGaming
  12. What do you mean with the 5A-comment?
  13. This is something that is so important, that it should be noted more often. Carrier-play is mostly a question of situational awareness and micromanagement. Both can not be tought, but must be learned the hard way. Both can be helped by choosing the proper viewpoint though. Remember that you can command your planes around both in the primary window, on your minimap and on the (fully zoomed out) overhead map. I found that many Streamers tend to almost purely play from the perspective of the overhead map and only zoom in for strafes and drops. This "technique" can help tremendously with keeping an eye on the overall situation and not loosing yourself in details at the same time.
  14. Completely missed Himmelsdorf having a harbour now -.-