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  1. I expect a 40%+ with a decked out crew and paint.
  2. Very good camo can make up for low view range.
  3. Now that you mention it, yeah. The picture is labelled wrong, it is a T37. Good spotting, I was only making a google-search for "M41 Walker Bulldog" and picked the first picture that had both men and tank in it.
  4. Is russian. Is balanced, comrade.
  5. That terrain is soft terrain, the T92 has no problem with soft terrain. It's the base traverse rate that is at fault.
  6. You did read the description, right? "Ein Berlin". "One Berlin". The meaning being "A United Berlin". Fits perfectly for their description of a tank that was used by protesters during the protests for Reunification at the end of the Cold War. It's literally in the description, it was used as a battering ram to tear down the wall, which was dividing the western (US, british and french) and eastern (soviet) part of the city. "Mauerbrecher". "Wallbreaker". All completely ficticious, of course.
  7. No idea why, but I had the Löwe as 2k DPM in mind. "All" the armored tanks? Yes, I do. It was almost exclusively the germans and they were double-fucked because of frontal engine fires. It was terrible.
  8. It's debateable whether frontal weakspots should be 100% penetratable by literally everything in it's tier, on a vehicle that has no other qualities other than it's armor. Granted though, mentioning the Löwe, I maybe overestimating the weakness of these weakspots, but the Löwe is a lot faster and has a better DPM to Alpha ratio. I dunno, this just looks meh.
  9. It's funny as fuck though and nicely tailored to the "camo" theme. Credit, where credit is due.
  10. Not as far as I can tell. The tank is riddled with weakspots, is slow as fuck, has no engine power and no DPM. There is literally nothing good about it. It is the only tank that still has the machine-gun bulge not just as a distinct part of the collision model, but also a giant and practically unmissile weakspot in the armor. I do not know what they want to achieve with this vehicle. It has all the flaws of the british heavy TDs and doesn't even get anything as compensation, they, at least, have DPM and camo, compared to this monstrosity.
  11. Truth be told, the Type 5 would be completely useless in the superheavy meta without the extra damage from premium shells. Not justifying it, just pointing it out.
  12. See that's the funny thing about scouts. Your job is precisely not to be the first tank ahead all the time. Everyone who demands that their scouts do that, ultimately does not understand the mechanics of the game. A scout is, thanks to WarGaming's infinite wisdom, never going to burn through the camo of a bushcamping TD, unless that TD fires and guess what the TD, that has a high enough combined camo value to force you into it's viewrange, is going to fire at, if you are trying to scout it out headon... The real job of scouts is having an eye on enemy movement/deployment and opening up vision lanes where the team has none and, consequentially, spot bushcamping TDs by going around them, to negate the bush in front of them. That WarGaming is so desperately trying to force light tanks into close combat range is a good sign that they do not understand the mechanics of their game either.
  13. You underestimate how large these others tanks actually are. While the ELC Even is positively tiny by tank-standards, it still is literally man-sized. The Bulldog T37, for example, is almost 2 "man-sizes" in height by comparison.
  14. For the average player? Absolutely not. For people who are good at scouting, absolutely yes. Be honest about your abilities as a player when thinking about whether you are a good, low-pen scout player or not though, because it's the worst way to spend your money if you are not.
  15. He didn't buy one when it was available.