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  1. Oh goddess, no! Instead of the current Rubicon Light, we'd get the full Rubicon.
  2. The Fochgate is directly tied to the Circonflexesgate, as far as I can tell. WG is apparently absurdly protective of The Big VK himself (Viktor Kisly) and his family by extend, in fact so much so, that this is a borderline personality cult. Circonflexes had a small rant about map-design and when talking about Highway, he made a reference to how VK's son sneezing into a cloth and some map-designer using that as a basis for developing Highway. This comment got Circonflexes removed from the CC-program, on the grounds of having insulted VK's family and pretty much in the same moment, Foch also had his rant. I am fairly convinced, that the later wouldn't have happened without the former (not to mention that this is still a silly reason to fire a CC about).
  3. Thing is, the AMX CDA 105 isn't really shit. Sure, the current stats are somewhat lacking and the vehicle needs a few buffs here and there (ground resistance and RoF, holy shit those ground resistances), but beyond that, everything hints at a solid vehicle that just is not OP as the retarded shit released recently.
  4. In the T5-7 region it was almost 300 BBs on EU. Barely any DDs in the games I had and at the most, 4 cruisers. I had loads of fun in my carrier.
  5. Every artillery likes low armored targets. The key difference between (almost) any arty and french artillery is, is that any other arty also deals decent damage and supression against heavily armored targets. The french got really shafted by the arty changes, with the 155/58 being by far the most useless T10-artillery in the game and it's not only down to the damage against heavy armor, but also stun duration, splash and, in case of the 155/58, reload. The only ones worse on certain tiers, are the british.
  6. It's kinda baffling, really. They did their very best to force lights into a scouting-focused role by nerfing their guns and view range (lol @ scouting without base view range), but they somehow, retardedly, managed to take the one tank-configuration out of the game, that made a tank an almost pure scouting and counter-scouting vehicle and by doing that, ironically buffed the combat capacities of the 59-16 against non-scouts. It's mind-blowing.
  7. So it's a light cruiser that has better AP than the ships that are supposed to be good at APing and also able to break the tank of the ships that are supposedly tanky. I'm sure the 27mm bow-armor on the T8+ german CAs will compensate nicely for that. Fuck me, why are they so conservative with Yorck, Hipper and Eugen? Sometimes it's as if there are two different balancing-teams doing that job their, each with their own specific ships that the other team does not touch.
  8. I think you need to guide him through the entire way, otherwise he'll just lick the gun or something.
  9. There's quite a difference in the performance against battleship-guns between the german and (to some extend) the russian DDs, compared to the US and IJN-DDs. You will feel this reduced fuse-time and it will really hurt.
  10. Oh dear, all the senseless crybabying fucks all of us over.
  11. Huh? What new shell mechanic?
  12. Clarification: Bloom-modificators are tied to the suspension (for hull traverse and hull-movement) or the turret (turret traverse, d'uh). Thus I percieve these hidden stats as part of the chassis, not the gun itself. Besides that, the Conway has actually pretty damn good turret-traverse bloom. Where it completely falls apart is any sort of hull-movement and this the entire crux of the vehicle. You have no armor, you have no camo, you have no positional flexibility (very limited gun-depression and elevation), so you are automatically forced to move a whole lot more than your tank's properties actually make sense and, thanks to the lack of positional flexibility, often overexpose yourself. The funny thing is, that the brits have three vehicles on tier 9, that try to do the exact same thing, namely Conqueror, Tortoise and Conway. All three fit the exact same gun (and it is a good gun, even for a TD, as what it lacks in alpha, it offers in accuracy, shell velocity and sheer brutal DPM). Tortoise has top DPM and armor to make the gun work and while lacking a turret, it has positional flexibility as the gun has a wide arc and darn good gun-depression. Conqueror has decent enough armor, decent mobility and some positional flexibility, so gets the least DPM, but still is no slouch in that regard and it also sports the, by far, best soft stats. Now the Conway is stuck with the mobility-trope and sacrifcies the armor of the Tortoise, but retains the brutal DPM. Wierdly though, it has less armor than the Conqueror, but is just barely more mobile than the Conq for some reason (red flag #1; a problem the entire Centurion-lineup was fighting with and the Conway inherited it from there). Although the Conway gets the fully-traversable turret, it still has way less positional flexibility than either Conq or Tortoise (red flag #2). And to add insult to injury, it also has the worst soft stats out of the three, so it's increased mobility (compared to the Tortoise, which has just slightly better soft stats), really screws it over badly (red flag #3). As it stands, the Tortoise does the brutal DPM-submission way better, as it can aford to keep the gun singing even and especially outside of camo-cover and when it comes to the flanking DPMer role, the Conqueror is basically just as fast and is able to stand the ground much better still, not to even talk about snapshooting, at the cost of about 900 DPM, a trade any sane mind would take instantly. Fixing the Conway means lowering the soft-stats to be somewhere between Tortoise and Conq, as well as making it more mobile than the Conq and giving it more positional flexibility, as increasing the armor isn't something that would make the vehicle stand out between it's peers. Adressing just any one of these factors, leads to an underwhelming tank.
  13. The Conway's gun ain't at fault at all. Put it onto a more mobile and more sturdy vehicle and it is a great gun and package. Oh wait, they did that and called it Conqueror.
  14. While true, this doesn't change the fact that pretty much everyone absolutely saw the 155s on the Mogami as the go-to-weapon, in a time where there was no IFHE. IFHE just makes it more reliable, but is not a necessity.
  15. How Perth and Albert end up with a C, is beyond me. Albert in particular is the single strongest ship in tier and gives the Nikolai a run for it's money. Admittedly, the accuracy is a bit derpy and the turret traverse a PITA, but with a bit of thinking ahead and planning, you can roll up entire flanks even when bottom tier. Perth is a bit peculiar, but the moving smoke is just hilariously abusable. It's almost like a Belfast, except with torpedoes. Also, running Perth without having the Jaws-theme running in the background, should be a crime demanding capital punishment. Albert is easily A-tier, Perth B+ or A-