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  1. The tier 7 is by far the lowest point in the branch, imo. The AT15 is faster, has a wide gun arc, high depression and actually workable armor.
  2. I'm glad to see, that we are not actually disagreeing, because phrased like that, I concur.
  3. 2km DPM ain't bad for a current T8 light, really, it's pretty much middle of the line. The penetration is absolute boss as well. This could actually be a good sniping light. Question is, how does the camo hold up? Right now, it would compare to the M41 GF, which has abysmal camo. If this tank has similar camo, I would already deem it superior.
  4. ^Suiting avatar for the given situation you got there.
  5. Autoaim only aims vaguely for that spot, if you are centerlined towards the enemy. You are doing something horribly wrong to begin with, if you do that.
  6. It will be replaced and everyone who has one at the time of the changing, will get his account reset.
  7. Mostly, yes.
  8. I don't see the problem that people have with the M103. It was a good heavium before they buffed the turret. It only got better since then.
  9. The gun-weakspot ain't as bad as it seems at first, for two reasons: 1) People will almost always try to hit your cupola, even in the most awkward of situations. You could figuratively show your arse to them and they'll still try to gun for the cupola. 2) You can wave your gun around when the enemy is about to shoot. The traverse is fairly fast and you are going to aim in so fast, that it doesn't really matter. I like driving it. It could be a bit faster, but it has a decent engine grunt, similar to the Black Prince. What I find worst, besides everyone sniping way too accurately even from longest ranges and gold ammo in general is, the running costs. It suffers from the same issue the Centurion I and current Caern suffer from in that regard: The standard shells are absurdly expensive for the damage you do. Some time ago that was kind of justified, given the 20 pounder was a fairly accurate gun even at longest ranges and had relatively high standard penetration, but since the introduction of quite a number of vehicles that have similar penetration, higher alpha and higher premium penetration on top of it and still costing less per damage, the price per shell is just bullshit.
  10. Engine fire-chance is largely irrelevant. The vast majority of fires are caused by fuel-tank breaches.
  11. Which is ridiculous in a meta, where E100s, Mäuse and Type 5s, city-maps and corridors are a prominent thing. "Hey, we don't want you to snipe, we want you to go balls deep in a straight line towards the enemy on city maps against tanks that can oneshot you, while you bounce even at core range more often than not!". How does that strike anyone as reasonable, balanced or even benefitial to the overall gameplay and enjoyment of the game? All it does, is obsolete an entire class from the game, outside of some specialized needs that most of the times, mediums can take just as well (CW and SH spotting). I begin to see, why they wanted to nerf the BatChat so badly, because that tank in particular (though russian mediums are close enough as well, though they get buffed instead of course) encroaches on and occupies a considerable part of that already-way-too-small-to-begin-with niche.
  12. @#!$%! Thanks for that info.