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  1. Madner Kami

    T-50-2 Returns

    They were eventually nerfed or changed though. The only thing they ever did to the IS3 was, to buff it's frontal armor and still it isn't even remotely as popular as it was back in the day. And the real stinger is, that the vast majority of tanks are still in the exact same place where they were, before the IS3 got buffed, to this day.
  2. Madner Kami

    T-50-2 Returns

    Remember how kinda our only major complaint was, that the IS3 is too powerful and artillery too RNGy? Well, they buffed the IS3 since then...
  3. Madner Kami

    T-64 MBT=New Premium Light Tank? (Object 432)

    They have so much balancing-debt by this point in time, that it doesn't really matter whether this tank gets released with an 85, 100 or even a 150mm QF gun with an autoreloader or whether it's good or shit or anything in between in any other regard. But hey, the Match-Maker will finally get the functionality that they insisted it had since release, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary, within 6 months of development time.
  4. Welcome to the Rubicon Version of World of Tanks.
  5. Yes, it's worth it to keep the captain along with your grind. A good baseline captain has at least 3 points and most ships reach a reasonable peek with 10 points, with a few ships really needing a 14 point captain to shine. The one you can afford, to be honest. Assuming you have a premium account and assuming you are a decent player, you can expect to be able to pay for premium consumables and camo easily and still have excess money in the 50k per battle region. This only gets better with according camos and flags, reaching about 100k per battle excess if you do well.
  6. Madner Kami

    T-64 MBT=New Premium Light Tank? (Object 432)

    Murazor was not the only stupid motherfucker in that department? I'm shocked, I tell ya. Who could have forseen that of all things?
  7. Madner Kami

    T-34/100: All the 'Meh'

    Can't be that bad, if I can do that without platooning in it: Don't ask me how, it just makes no kind of sense.
  8. No worries, I am actually glad other people notice this kind of reality-satire as well.
  9. The last part of my sentence is important: not dominating [...] as much as they used to.
  10. No, you have to click exactly on the target that you want to autoaim at. We had a mod though, that allowed you to do that back in the past. It was decleared illegal by WarGaming. And where spotting would matter, you have one or several TDs sitting in myriads of bushes, that you can only spot when you get within 50m, or would be able to spot from say 300m away if you had viewranges in excess of 700m. Heavies don't dominate the meta enough yet, so let's find something that makes them even more prominent. Oh and let's test it on a russian premium heavy first, because russian heavies in particular are not dominating the heavy meta as much as they used to. Yach, I don't know. For every good change they bring, they introduce a myriad of bad decissions. It's not as overtly stupid as Rubicon or the influx of M4 49, Chrysler, Rhm Skorpion and 252, but it's stupid nonetheless. I don't have a hard time with pointing what constantly dissuades me from playing the game anymore. Between having limited time in my reallife and being confronted with stuff like this and possible hidden alterations to aiming efficiency (yesyes, tinfoil, but it's hard to argue with consistently stupidly good RNG and MM when you haven't played a while versus getting stupidly bad RNG and MM whenever you play for any length of time), playing Warships and even Warplanes or, really, any other game is just so much more entertaining and relaxing and thus worth of my limited time.
  11. Madner Kami

    So are none of you people actually playing Polish tanks?

    A sign of the decline of the playerbase.
  12. Madner Kami

    The ARL 44 - Actually Trash

    Nevermind, it was the F3 they buffed specifically, not the DCA45.
  13. Madner Kami

    The ARL 44 - Actually Trash

    The recent buffs to the 90mm make it something to be worth considered.
  14. Madner Kami

    CV rework revealed

    Counterplay to carriers are AA and carrier air superiorty by your own team's carrier. One has the problem of being a binary thing thanks to their AA damage mechanics (something they could change) and the other has the problem of player-skill-disparity, something they just can not change feasibly and that is entirely a problem of the playerbase. Neither is fixed by playing a World of Warplanes minigame in World of Warships and practically removing an entire subset of counterplay (air superiority) while they are at it. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't mind that they want to involve the carrier-player more with his ship-attacks and I kinda think that this can solve the do or die alpha striking that carriers tend to force to have any success in a carrier at all (hello fuxxed AA-mechanics), but they are doing a huge disservice to everyone by essentially removing the air superiority and large chunks of the recon gameplay and practically solely forcing carriers to be damage dealers.
  15. Madner Kami

    CV rework revealed

    Thank you. Also, I checked the Twitch-stream about the Carrier rework and found MrConway playing a Yamato and Worcester. Thank you very much, WarGaming. Your dedication to fixing the carriers is nicely reflected by this. At least the devpost on Facebook is up already: Blegh. If I want to play Warplanes, I play Warplanes. Blegh. Just blegh. The AA changes, I can get behind, but the CAG-changes are just blegh.