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  1. You missed the part where I said, that you dodge GZ I's AP bombers by driving in a straight line, right? That was no joke. Montana going straight forward at max speed does remove a large portion of the bomb's potential hits, not to even talk about potential damage. The "angling" you "can't" do against carriers, are called speed-alterations and maneuvering. In other words, to have a really effective drop, your target must be brain-dead, because you need a manual drop. Oh and try avoiding damage against ship-artillery by staying close to other ships. Staying in a group is ridiculously effective against air attacks. Ignoring that option and pretending you don't have anything to defend against an air attack is ludicrous. Um, no. AA-defense is absurdly effective at the higher tiers and it only gets worse with the recent additions and changes to the game. You can not keep a lot of targets spotted, if there's anything around that has AA. Part of why GZ is so shit is, precisely because it can not spot reliably. No, I couldn't. The 32k is a best-case scenario for attacking a US battleship with AP bombs. He was alone, had clearly no AA-spec going on and didn't even evade effectively. I hit him where it hurts him the most with a manual drop. That is just how AP bombs work. Any more effective than that, and I would have to target german battleships or certain ships with an exposed citadel or german-like deck armor. There are barely any CVs being played at all in this game. You can not adress this issue by trumpeting on how CVs are broken and OP, obviously. Plus, the lack of CVs is upsetting the entire meta in the game. First you had torpedo-soup, then you had smoke-meta and in the background always brewing along, the BB-meta. Every larger change in the game's mechanics in the recent year is a direct result of the lack of CVs in the game. It's laughable to even think of how deep water torpedoes, AP bombs and drop delays are going to solve any of this.
  2. Why we can't have nice things: He was alone, I sent 15 AP dive bombers his way, about 10 make it to the drop, 3 more die on the way back, 7 bombs hit, dealing ~32k damage. At the same time a single volley fired off from one of our battleships, adds about 30k damage more and he starts to cry. I need anywhere between 3 and 5 minutes to get the next drop on him for another 30k damage, while any of our battleships could do the same Every. 30. Seconds. But it's the carrier that is broken and needs nerfing. Perfect example of why carriers are in the sorry state they are in. P.S.: The drop delay on GZ Test I's AP bombers is still stupid. Just going in a straight line at 30+knots allows you to "dodge" part of the drop.
  3. You can't balance for stupid and since when exactly are unpredicatble loadouts a problem for any competative online game? Are you kidding me? By the same reasoning, you'd need to remove stock loadouts in Tanks, gear in WoW and you'd have to set card decks for the myriads of Hearthstone-knockoffs out there. That's the worst arguement I've seen in a while.
  4. I'm beginning to wonder what would happen, if every carrier gets a "max planes in the air"- and "max squads in the air"-limit attached, while the player freely decides the composition, instead of the current fixed loadouts.
  5. The worst part about the Chief/T95 isn't the T95, it's the Chief, due to how WoT-mechanics work. The best combination would be the T95/Chief. As for the CaernAX, I love it already. It's basically the vehicle as I envisioned it, before they came up with the current Caern. Obviously the current Caern is that much better in many regards, but this is good enough, as throwing the 32 pounder or even the L7 at this tank would move it to a wierd position in relation to the tech-tree. This is good premium-vehicle balance. The tank is an instant-buy for me as it is, even though I never liked the visual combination of the Caern's hull and the CAX's turret.
  6. Some things just can not be explained by rational means, like my performance-differences in Hipper and Eugen: (All PvP) (Solo) Thus, the explanation is easy: Someone at WG is fucking with you and has cranked the RNG-bullshittery factor of your account, when playing Hindenburg, up to eleven. But seriously though, there's only so much that numbers can tell you. Just having high damage does not mean, that you were at the right spot at the right time. All it says is, that you managed to shoot and hit enemy ships. Winning is not just doing good damage, it's just as much about hitting the right ships and physically moving to places to block them off for the enemy, encourage them to turn away or broadside for your team and the subtle art of getting your team to do what they need to do.
  7. Is ... ?
  8. Nothing to discuss there, it's true. The simple fact of the matter is, that the 13/57 has a lot better camo value than the 13/57(GF).
  9. Type 4 is in the same strange spot that the O-Ni is. Your derp doesn't yet have the RoF that it gets on the O-Ho and thus you are lacking behind or you take the decidedly mediocre regular gun, that can work, but is not good enough to be notably better than the derp.
  10. KwaZulu or the Zulu Kingdom flag? I don't think either is in the game-files.
  11. What about ?
  12. Why would you want to hope that? The game lost the final piece of good will, when they went full WoT-clown.
  13. Two words. Japanese. Heavies.
  14. Nevermind, not quite sure what I was trying to say in this post myself anymore. (Why is there no delete function?)
  15. Hmno. It's a bit counter-intuitive and it's something I need to remind myself often as well: The gun a tank carries is a much better indicator for where it performs best, both in game and to some degree in reality, at least in WW2. Have a look at Tiger, TIger II and Panther. They are snipers, despite their relatively tough armor. Same is true for Tortoise. Not only does the armor work best when the enemy has to try to snipe the weakspots, but it also has an extremely accurate gun, so you don't need to get close to reliably hit and reliably hit weakspots and penetrate. You literally have no reason to get into close combat and that is even before considering how the Tortoise has no turret and thus, despite it's arc, limited close-range compatibility.