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  1. Madner Kami

    So what's planned for the game?

    Wait, people still play this?
  2. They've convinced themselves, that their failing is in fact a proof of their superiorty. The game is rigged against them, thus they loose and the game wouldn't be rigged against them if they were a bad player, so they must be good. To walk away from that would mean acknowledging what a giant fuckup one is to one's own ego.
  3. Shit usually comes in the form of a pile, it is rare to see shit on it's own.
  4. Madner Kami

    The Official T30 Club of Epic Wreckage

    With the current mechanics, dispersion means next to nothing. It's all about the hidden blooom values.
  5. Until about a year ago, I loved playing light tanks and scouted a lot. I had a phase where I barely played the game in randoms for about a year and now am back doing randoms a lot, trying to do what I thought I was good at. The results were rather mixed and today something hit me like a brick, when playing the HD'd Fisherman's Bay specifically. Is it just me or did a lot of the bushes shift from forward positions where they can be used to scout early or from positions where you can use them to crouch towards the enemy, to rear positions where they are completely useless for scouts but tremendously useful for TDs? And it seems to be the same for a number of maps: Active scouting seems to be the only form of scouting still viable at all. What's your impression?
  6. Two arms, two legs, quite possibly a single head full of knowledge about secondary armament.
  7. Hehehehehe (o.-)b
  8. Madner Kami

    T26E5 Patriot - The new Freedom on the Block

    You got the Koala Centurion already on NA? Fuck me, why is not released in the EU yet?
  9. Is russian, da? Not OP. Historically accurate! Nastrovje. Seriously though, I am currently operating under the impression, that the russians as a whole are suffering from some sort of national inferiority complex, thanks to the setbacks they suffered through various historical events, liek wars and civil wars and failing leadership and are just overcompensating it collectively, which finds it's expression in stuff like this. One would think that comfortable gun-handling is a sort of NATO-tank thing in general, given how much NATO-nations tend to have an eye on creature comfort in their tanks, as opposed to the sardine cans the russians tend to build en masse, but hey. Why shouldn't the tanks that are generally designed to be more mobile in even the roughest infrastructure-lacking terrains and, who on top of that, are designed to not cost a lot and be easy to maintain at the cost of creature comfort, not also be the tanks that have the best armor and gun handling? Makes perfect sense, that sniper-oriented tanks, who are generally less mobile, larger and designed to be hulldowners as opposed to brawlers, get ifnerior gun handling, because the crew can actually move in the fucking tank, I suppose. Let them aim every shot even at 50m for half an hour and then give the L7, which is used by so many NATO-meds in the game, also the tendency to drop it's shells everywhere except center reticle for good measure (hello Charioteer). *rants*
  10. 5A and 277 are close enough to each other, to be interchangeable if you ask me. The 113 is just inferior to the 5A.
  11. Um, can anyone who got this tank, please make a drag race with a BatChat? How far apart is their mobility in gaming reality, outside of the obvious hp/t and top speed differences?
  12. Touching any of these before thinking long and hard about the T10 balancing and where they want it to be, won't leave the game in a good state. The tops need to be cut before you should think about the 2nd places. People already foresee, that while the nerfs for the 268v4 are going to tone it down, that they won't be enough and if you've been in the CWs this campaign, you know what things were like. It's 268 or GTFO with, depending on the map, 2 IS7s or 2 SConqs and maybe a light or a handful of mediums for specific maps. Everything is a support tank to that probably biggest balancing fuckup in WoT-history (that is, before 279 and 726 become a reality, which I hope they realize, they should not touch with a ten foot pole) and things were bad enough with the Type 5 and Maus already. And this is so incredibly tiresome. That this hasn't boiled over into the T10 random meta is a wonder on the scale of Jesus returning. As for mirror match-making, WarGaming failed to implement their finer classification system for some reason. Their rebalancing of some tanks has clearly helped in masking that very issue, as even those tanks that were, for example, pure support heavies, suddenly can act like heavies and trade damage despite being a completely different tank in makeup than, say, an IS3. However the fact, that their rebalancing effort somehow managed to fall asleep between T9 and T8 still leaves a lot of tanks in the dust. Think of the Panthers, which are a cross-breed somewhere between heavies, mediums and TDs in necessary playstyle, even though they can't keep up in terms of armor, mobility and gunnery with almost anything. Yet a Panther II gets matched against a P44 Pantera, a tank that out-DPMs, outruns and, argueably, outarmors the Panther, despite not actually being a hybrid like the Panther, but a pure-breed medium with a semi-autoloader. Granted, part of that is down to the map design (and fuck me sideways, Province got a lot better, but an 850m map of which easily 90% are nothing but a giant death-bowl that nobody can use in any ways even late into the game, just has no goddamn fucking place in this game; much less even on T8+), but it isn't just that. Question is, do you really want more team-homogeny? Isn't this exactly the reason why we ended up with the 3-5-7 joykiller?
  13. Madner Kami

    Panther II - Top Gun Comparo and Questions

    What throws me off about Panther II is, how much worse it is tier for tier than the Panther I. Much less mobile, armor even more useless, pretty much the same gun parameters except getting 20 penetration more at the cost of both shots per minute and DPM on top of it. Panther I isn't exactly known to be a vehicle that is easy to handle or capable (though I somehow sport a 69% solo-winrate in mine with a DPG that is barely above the tank's health ) already and this tank just gets that much worse.
  14. Madner Kami

    The P.43 Bis, 240 alpha ? Yes please !

    Prepare some freeXP for the ter, otherwise you're going to rip your hair out.
  15. Madner Kami

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    To be honest, I refuse to believe that the balancing departement in and of itself is at blame. I'd rather put the blame at the corporate heads (including the licksplittling lackey they put at the head of the balancing departement), who laid out the roadmap for catering to tomatoes and potatoes and thus decided to make (super)heavy tanks and corridor meta increasingly a thing, as well as shit-balanced premiums.