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  1. Is ... ?
  2. Nothing to discuss there, it's true. The simple fact of the matter is, that the 13/57 has a lot better camo value than the 13/57(GF).
  3. Type 4 is in the same strange spot that the O-Ni is. Your derp doesn't yet have the RoF that it gets on the O-Ho and thus you are lacking behind or you take the decidedly mediocre regular gun, that can work, but is not good enough to be notably better than the derp.
  4. KwaZulu or the Zulu Kingdom flag? I don't think either is in the game-files.
  5. What about ?
  6. Just had my first Grand Battles. Was happy to see a new map. Realized that there are a ton of camping spots right at the spawn, as I lost all health in my STB within the timespan of 3 seconds when I approached the enemy flag, because TDs camped their base. Yet another map wasted with camping spots at the spawn. Well done WarGaming, you seriously try hard to make me completely disinterested in your game. *slowclap*
  7. Why would you want to hope that? The game lost the final piece of good will, when they went full WoT-clown.
  8. Two words. Japanese. Heavies.
  9. Nevermind, not quite sure what I was trying to say in this post myself anymore. (Why is there no delete function?)
  10. Hmno. It's a bit counter-intuitive and it's something I need to remind myself often as well: The gun a tank carries is a much better indicator for where it performs best, both in game and to some degree in reality, at least in WW2. Have a look at Tiger, TIger II and Panther. They are snipers, despite their relatively tough armor. Same is true for Tortoise. Not only does the armor work best when the enemy has to try to snipe the weakspots, but it also has an extremely accurate gun, so you don't need to get close to reliably hit and reliably hit weakspots and penetrate. You literally have no reason to get into close combat and that is even before considering how the Tortoise has no turret and thus, despite it's arc, limited close-range compatibility.
  11. Sometimes? In my experience this is the primary reason for a good team loosing against a bad team. You can not predict stupid by trying to do the intelligent thing.
  12. It's confirmed by WarGaming on Reddit.
  13. Spam HE till burn, then spam AP. Invest SP into something that is actually useful.
  14. This sentence no verb. I suppose you want to ask whether the bonuses stack towards torpedo detection? They do.
  15. Pearl River. Oh I miss that one so much.
  16. HESH isn't your regular stock HE that relies on splash damage. HESH relies on penetration. @Hally: Yeah, I agree. At first I used a few regular HESH shells in case I find a target that doesn't need the 210 penetration of the premium HESH, but soon realized that the ammo counter of the Charioteer is just too small, to divide the load that way. It should be all APDS and premium-HESH, imo.
  17. The primary threat to you are player-manned enemy planes. What is going to be more effective at winning a game? A plane that is good at fighting AI-targets or a plane that is good at both fighting player-and AI-targets?
  18. Stop trying too hard. Pick a DD, cap two bases or cap one and reset another several times and you are done. Alternatively, pick a Sims, cap once and be done. The moment one stops hunting for a goal, is the moment where one starts to play better.
  19. Yes.
  20. The first shot that connected in the new and improved Caernarvon felt so good for many reasons, but one in particular: I'm having fun playing the game again. All it took was putting the Caern to where it was supposed to be in the first place. And that shot.
  21. You get a set for free on the tank that was rewarded from the mission-set. You can also buy it for any tank of the same nation. Say you got the StuG IV, you get a set for free on the StuGIV and you can buy it for every german tank.
  22. Well, first we nerf artillery into the ground rebalance artillery, so it can't dig out stationary tanks in the rear reliably. Then we implement a different kind of artillery to dig out the stationary tanks in the rear reliably, while further incentivising to bombard closer, more agressive tanks with the original artillery. Logic, motherfucker! Seriously though, I am completely fine with how artillery currently is (more or less, just a few axes to grind with specific arties, but that is a different theme). Changing the artillery into sort of a debuffer was an alright idea, though I'd still have prefered to simply make artillery more accurate at long ranges and less accurate at short ranges. But giving every tank high gun-depression is just cheap balancing, instead of thoughtful. First and foremost, hulldown ridging is traditionally a NATO-forte and a weakness for the Warsaw-pact tanks, while brawling is more of a soviet thing than NATO's. I liked that and I don't generally mind tanks that are outliers or mixing and matching in between. But just giving everyone high enough depression is just... bleh.
  23. Sorry, that I can't suck as good as your mom