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  1. You try, whereupon you hit his gun, do almost no damage because you hit the external module so far up ahead, that it only splashes into the upper frontal plate. He finishes his reload and proceeds to facerape you, while you enjoy your 3 minute reload.
  2. You run BIA mostly because of the boost to literally everything. It's a skill that not only enhances the basic crew skills, but also synergizes with actual crew skills. It enhances Repair, it enhances Camouflage, it beats Recon in terms of view range bonus (Situational Awareness in and of itself is superior to BIA in regard to absolute view range bonus, but I'd still advice BIA over Situational, due to the bonus to Camouflage you get). BIA is not really worth a whole lot, before you get either Camouflage or Repairs (depending on the vehicle in question).
  3. Mission setups and limited availability in terms of time lead to terrible results for matchmaking and player behaviour. I'm hardly surprised.
  4. You get about 28% better horsepower per ton from the engine (plus the module health, plus lower fire chance), which also improves your turret traverse by proxy, beyond all the obvious implications regarding mobility. You technically could skip it, but I wouldn't suggest doing so. That is assuming you actually play the tank and not just skip it via FreeXP.
  5. He's just DLing porn in the background, like a real man.
  6. I hope you are the patient type of guy, because currently they just want to create as many incentives to play T10 as possible. P.S.: Purchased it myself today. Gud tenk in terms of a heavium. Decent speed and armor, snapshots like nobody's business. Like it. It's a bit large and the side armor is meh though, plus it could use a few more hitpoints. TL;DR: *what lavawing said*
  7. Simple and mind-blowing in context (because we often complain about them not doing exactly that): They listen to their customers. Have a look at how premium tanks developed recently. Generally premiums were weaker than same-tier counter-parts or at least quirky and harder-to-do-good-in. It's debateable why (I'd argue that all you need to have a look at, is the release of some reward and premium vehicles like the IS5, IS3A, T95/Chieftain and 121B and the backlash they got hit with), but suddenly they all get better and this culminated in the 252 and Chrysler K. Tanks that are not only easily competative with same tier tech-tree tanks, but in some cases outright better than their tech-tree counter-parts. People got crazy and up in arms about the pay-to-win aspects of this and WarGaming does indeed scale back the effectiveness of the new premiums. Along that development, there's a second thread slowly being sown into the fabric of balance. They want to give every line and nation a premium tank that corresponds with the gamestyle and crew-layout of the line, but they can't make it as good or better as the same-tier tech-tree counter-part or people will crucify them. Along comes the curious case of the VK 168. A tank that is literally exactly the same as the tech-tree counterpart (seriously, open up and compare VK 100 and VK 168, they are almost identical in everything). They can't make the gun less effective, as the gun's handling is already fairly atrocious, the penetration is (another thread being here, but that is another theme) already in line with the general gist of the tier, lowering the DPM would make the tank a laughing stock. They lower it's mobility and people go crazy about it, because it results in a tank that is absolute ass-garbage and would be the least mobile vehicle in the entire history of the game (including a pre-buff T95 with a damage engine) and they already figured out that people draw a line at 20km sub 10hp/t, so they can't do that either. So what's left to fiddle with? Armor. The vehicle has already weaker overall armor than the VK 100 and they can't risk lowering the overall armor even further, lest they end up with a vehicle that is completely useless when it comes to premium ammo and tier-progression, so what do they end up with, while the 252-riots and complaints about lack of weakspots are a prominent theme? Yes, let's bring weakspots back. Now granted, the timeline doesn't exactly fit, as for example the stupidly low mobilty and armor weakspots were both present in the vehicle for a long time during it's development-phase, but the general gist of the entire affair is very obvious imo. It's less a question of what happened first, but more a result of several threads developing in parallel and interacting with each other.
  8. That was actually perfectly fine in context of them removing similar weakspots from other tanks. If they hadn't done that, this tank would be a wierd outlier both game-mechanically and in terms of effectivity. I personally feel that, many of the problems we have today, are a result of guns becoming too accurate. Think back to the time, when they made guns more likely to hit center-reticle and german tanks in particular had all these holes in their amor. Lower plate, MG-port, driver's hatch (if applicable), turret-cheeks, commander's cupola or hatch. They were kind of in a bad place before they changed the sigma-dispersion, but range and everyone's limited ability of snapshotting allowed them to work at least somewhat, especially since they themselves had guns that allowed them to work more reliable at range. Suddenly it wasn't an issue to hit these spots at any range and while snap-shooting and everything armored just completely fell apart, leaving only wedges and sloping as an effective means of armor which, let's face it, only allowed one branch of tanks to actually tank (not exactly helped by the proliferation of premium ammo and just generally hitting stuff at any range with the high penetration rounds). There's the curious case of the VK 4502 B, which examplifies that development more than anything else in the game, imo. It literally could not do what they wanted it to do, unless they removed all the weakspots and overbuffed the armor. So, tanks like the Chrysler K and, imo, even the 252U are a logical result of the current mechanics of the game, just as much as the current superheavy-craze. Overbuffed and weakspot-free armor is the only way to make armor relevant with the current mechanics of the game. You literally can not have a superheavy with reliably-to-hit weakspots. You can either have weakspots or great accuracy on all tanks, if you have both, it instantly obsoletes an entire part of the game.
  9. Your ability to be a good player is both a direct result of your physical and your mental abilities. They might want your stats, but those wouldn't exist if you were a vegetable playing one-handed.
  10. A tank that sacrifices that much for armor, shouldn't get "penned a lot". This tank has the same problems that the Churchills have and the only thing going for it is the alpha.
  11. Peasent. Overclock your computer and you can totally legitimatly and with zero photoshopping have as good a computer as I can haz
  12. Yup. The one sexy tank in the line and it gets the boot...
  13. My ePeen is so small... 3 monitor setup with one showing just the desktop, one having an active Firefox with 7 tabs (the top one being a 1080p YouTube-video on pause). I only once noticed a slight hickup, when the tank drove into the water, killed the shitbarn and some random stuff exploded in the water, but even that was miles apart from the loading lag I currently get from spotting a tank. Got great confidence of running this without any issues (especially considering that there's a new computer coming my way in about three weeks).
  14. has the updated numbers by now, dunno for how long. The engine sports 1600 horses now, which leads to a slightly higher power-to-weight-ratio than the VK 100, though the way stock engine-power over equipped engine-power works out, I think the VK 100 is still more mobile. And this is really all this vehicle is: A VK 100 whose turret is further forward and which is riddled with weakspots. On a technical level I would want one, but it completely fails to deliver. It has the exact same stats as the VK 100, except getting 5° gun elevation less and three prominent and borderline unhideable weakspots: 150 cupola, 140 machine gun port and weak lower plate that can't be angled away unless you expose the drive wheel weakspot. They just recently buffed the AT-series, which were similarly weakspot-riddled, but even those were better armored than the VK 168's weakspots. Sad, really sad.
  15. Afaik they upped the horsepower considerably, like 50-75% more. Can't remember where I read it, so this remains without citation.
  16. 110

    What`s a KV4? That thing was considered trash already, back when the 110 was released...
  17. 110

    It's interesting how far a tank can fall, thanks to powercreep. Back when it was new, it was roughly on par with the IS-3. Traded a little bit of effective armor for slightly better mobility and better DPM. It wasn't quite as powerful as the IS3, but it had it's merit. The IS3 stayed around for all that time, got a few smaller buffs here and there. The 110 vanished from the lineups and is universally reviled. Quite interesting.
  18. Haven't seen many used in CW yet and those that were used, didn't have a great effect. TDs are generally used to punish someone hard for poking or punishing an assault along a lane with little to no cover. In the first case, the Badger just fails to deliver and in the second case, a smart enemy is avoiding a long lane of attack or finds a way to cover the distance quick in which case the Badger does better, but still fails, because it relies on the enemy having a prolonged exposure. Once you entangled a Badger in CQC, it's game over, like with almost every TD. In an assault role the lower plate is a tremendous liability, which, combined with the comparatively low hitpoints and speed, makes it inferior to most heavies and pretty much all mediums. About it's abilities in CQC, we do not really need to talk, I think. I don't see it having a large impact on CW in general. Peak-damage is really important for the most part and if you want DPM over alpha, you will almost always want the platform to be highly mobile.
  19. Most of them are fairly mobile though, the Tiger P however, not at all and it doesn't bring anything to the table to offset this sluggish behaviour.
  20. I expect a 40%+ with a decked out crew and paint.
  21. Very good camo can make up for low view range.
  22. Now that you mention it, yeah. The picture is labelled wrong, it is a T37. Good spotting, I was only making a google-search for "M41 Walker Bulldog" and picked the first picture that had both men and tank in it.