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  1. The same tanks that trump the KV5 currently, are still going to trump it after these changes. All these changes accomplish is, that the KV5 becomes better at stomping lower tiers, which is quite possibly the one thing that nobody whatsoever needs at this point in the game's balance cycle.
  2. It's good. Not overtly sturdy, but good.
  3. Madner Kami

    Rheinmetall Panzerwagen

    The Rhm is a light tank that occupies a niche currently not needed in the game. It's a long range sniper support scout. It's fast, probably the fastest of the T10 lights, has a highly accurate and high penetration gun with decent alpha, but meh DPM. It's ability to hit anything on the move is non-existant and the camo of the tank, while nothing to sneer at, just does not allow it to get to advanced positions and make effective use of it's most important asset, it's gun, at the same time.
  4. Madner Kami

    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    See above. What you think is right and good, doesn't necessarily work out for them. They can make money without you. Can you play Tanks without them? The game doesn't need a lot of maintenance, so it can run for a long time with minimal investment before folding and assuming that a diversified company like WarGaming thinks ahead for a long time, is an intrinsical error. They have no legacy to uphold, unlike some companies, so lack even the most basic form of obligation to it's customers. If they're gone, the people in charge will already be elsewhere.
  5. Madner Kami

    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    You are assuming that their messure of success is the same as yours. You want a balanced game that you enjoy. They want your money. Those are two very different goals that may align, but don't have to.
  6. Madner Kami

    Murazor Q&A

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around why the generally squishier and more defensively oriented NATO-tanks universally get the worse gun soft- and accuracy-stats (except final accuracy, which is of limited value for various reasons), while the much more sturdy and offensively oriented WP-tanks get the godlike soft-stats they have.
  7. Madner Kami

    The Untold Truth about the Somua SM

    Ha, clickbait title got you? Good, because I'm kinda interested in getting attention to this tank, as there's barely any (read: none) commentary on it around. What's up with the tank? Is it as I suspect, that this tank has barely anything going for or against it, as it's placed in a wierd limbo of meh or uselessness between AMX 50 100 and Lorraine 40t?
  8. Madner Kami

    Murazor Q&A

    Stunning became useless the moment they decided to make the medic consumable reusable. The one moment where a blob-stun is useful is instantly negated by everyone just healing the stun.
  9. Madner Kami

    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    I'd like to take this tool, give him a tea-spoon and then pit him in an arena against a fully plated knight on a plated horse. Once he manages to defeat said knight with the spoon, he can go back to his job as he may have learned a valueable lesson. If not, he gets a soup-spoon, but has to face a horse archer this time around.
  10. Need to be able to reliably penetrate tanks that rely on their heavy armor as a raison d'etre.
  11. So, out of shere boredom I decided to complete a few low tier tanks with that nagging green button underneath them and I began with the french medium line leading to the G1R, because I still had the H35 since ages immemorial. H35 offers a smooth experience. A bit slow, armor works out with the special matchmaking, guns are decent like all low tier french guns, well almost all but more to that in a few sentences. Same for the S35, except a problem of that entire branch already creeps up: Nothing of importance carries over. The S35 has no engines, no radios and no guns pre-researched and is possibly the worst offender in that particular regard, but at least the stock-gun is still workable, with liberal application of premium ammo and with just 265 XP for the first gun upgrade, you can get there even without using gold or suffering all too much, but the line's problem already gets in your face. Once fully upgraded, the tank is actually pretty decent. Armor still works out if top tier, the guns are not exactly punchy but penetrate well and offer good stats in most regards, though the tank is having trouble getting to top speed, but it gets there, eventually. Still a reasonably good experience to play, especially if you know how to reverse side-scrape. Then comes the SARL42. Your armor is entirely worthless now. The engine and radios carry over from the S35 and your mobility is thus similar to the S35. It's a bit sluggish, but not painful and having 710m radio range, while not really doing much for you, certainly doesn't hurt. But here are the guns. The 47mm SA37 is a bit of a schizophrenic gun, just like on the B1-line, where it's the primary reason that the B1 has limited matchmaking. It's a powerful gun when top tier, but it gets problematic when you are mid tier (T5 match) and entirely useless when being low tier (T6 match). You are faced with two choices. Go for the 75mm and turret upgrade or go for the alternative 47mm SA37 amélioré gun. It's faster to research the first 75mm and the turret, but that is a trap. The 47mm amélioré is the gun to go for on this tank and although it offers no premium ammo choice, the base 106 penetration are more than reasonable enough unless you face OIs. The second 75mm is certainly an alternative, but it's much like the 75mm on the russian T-34. The lower caliber gun is just that much better if you know what you are doing. The grind on this tank overall isn't smooth, although 2400 XP are easy to make with premium account and good play, but a new player might already hit something like a wall here. But a little bit of persistence should be required of new players, imo and the tank works thanks to it's excellent 47mm gun under the same conditions where the T-34 one tier up does. The alck of a premium shell is a bit of a bummer if you are lowtier, but hey, you'll get oneshot most of the time anyways, by anything that has the armor to hold up against you. But here comes the deal-breaker of the branch, probably the worst deal-breaker in the game, if you ask me: G1 Renault. The tank isn't slow, but too slow for a medium and since none of the engines carry over... You're fucked from the get go, but it gets worse. The tank shares the top engine of the G1 BDR and what costs you 1950XP on the G1B, costs you 3650 XP on the G1R. You might think, that this isn't such a big deal, given the G1B is a heavy and the G1R is a medium, but they both weight almost the same when maxed out and the G1B has a better hp/t ratio stock... Well, so you have to grind more to get the best out of your limited mobility, so at least the gun is good enough, right? Wrong. You are stuck with the crap 75mm from the SARL42, as you have to research the turret to mount the better 75mm gun. Well, "better". The gun is crap. It offers 100mm penetration on regular ammo and 129 penetration on your premium ammo, which is about as much as the regular penetration of every other 75mm gun on tier 5. Yes, it is that garbage. But it gets worse. To fit that gun, you have to trade in your reasonably armored and highly sloped turret, for a barn made of octagonally aligned wood. So not just is the "top gun" crap, you also have to grind XP with an even shittier gun and have to lessen the abilities of your tank to get that minor upgrade. "But it has a third gun!", I hear you say. Yes, yes it does, but the gun is crap as well. It's a 105mm howitzer that is comparable to all the other T5-equipable howitzer in most every regard, except that it has the worst rate of fire of all the T5 howitzers. Plus you have to grind the turret with the complete garbage gun, to then grind the XP with a slightly less garbage gun but a much worser turret to fit that gun that is garbage as well. Funtimes ensue for everyone coming into this line and in particular completely new players. Oh but it gets worse. You don't believe me? Well, you know what carriers over to the ARL44, once you somehow managed to get through the 35k XP-grind to the ARL44 without quitting the game? Engines? Nope, though at least the top engine gets reused on the ARL V39, as that is totally something people should be looking forward to, when they join the game. Radios? Nope, not one, not to any tank in the entire tree. But certainly one of the guns, right? Nope, not one either. So after having gone through all that, you are faced with a completely and literally entirely stock ARL44. A T6 heavy with a shitty looking stock turret, bad stock mobility, bad stock radio and a 76mm gun from T5 medium tanks. Superawesomefuntimes. So what exactly were they thinking when they brought in that line? It connects to nothing and is a bad choice in terms of playability. A completely new player coming into the game and going along that route because s/he doesn't know any better has certainly a high chance of leaving the game in frustration at either the T5 or the T6. Lowtier balancing overall is something that needs dire looking at. I know balancing is off the whack across all tiers, but the game is clearly having trouble getting new blood into the community and retaining these new players, but how the fuck on Earth, are people supposed to stay, when they are presented with lemons like this? Seriously, WTF?!
  12. Madner Kami

    VK 72.01 (K) Failowe Appreciation Thread

    That was already done and the armor changes were apparently completely scrapped, despite what the patchnotes say:
  13. Madner Kami

    O-Ho Appreciation Thread

    There you go! Congrats and well done! Glad my unskilled attempt of motivating you worked out
  14. Madner Kami

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    It really is, as if there are two different teams designing and balancing tanks. What once was a running gag, is terrible reality.
  15. Madner Kami

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    I wouldn't call it "potential". It's a polish Defender.
  16. Madner Kami

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    A myriad of complete retards plays the Type 5. Noone but the most devout lovers of the Leopard play the Leopard. Do the math.
  17. Madner Kami

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    With the tracks extending that far forward and being that high and thus acting as spaced armor, the increasingly flat frontal armor when angling, shouldn't be much of a problem.
  18. Madner Kami

    O-Ho Appreciation Thread

    Did you start grinding for the third mark on that tank because it's easy and every Tom, Dick and Harry can have it or because you wanted a challenge and wanted to prove yourself? Fit the 100mm gun and start being a Unicum.
  19. The Indienpanzer has at least better armobwuahahahahahahaha
  20. Did I hear someone say "Chieftain Mk 6"?
  21. Madner Kami

    AMX 13 90 Fan Club

    Vents boosts both viewrange and camo factor, as well as lowering the initial bloom and giving extra aim time reduction. It may not be as good as an EGLD in pure aimtime reduction, but the other boosts make it superior as a package, imo.
  22. Madner Kami

    The Official Unofficial 13 57(GF) Lover Masochists' Thread

    Far Cry 5 is unimaginitive shit anyways.
  23. Stay in garage, so WarGaming doesn't have to think about their game-balance too hard.
  24. Madner Kami

    Another T8 French Premium

    It has armor on par with the Tiger II. It doesn't make it any safer to yolo this tank at all.
  25. Madner Kami

    French BB Impressions

    In an effort to complete the techtree, I took Turenne out for a few spins yesterday. Goddamnit, I remember low tier battleships being absolutely incapable of hitting anything broadsiding even at close range, but this was just ridiculous. I just could not hit a Friant going alongside and broadsiding me at 4km range for two entire minutes. Just WTF