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  1. Yeah, once Obsidian was booted I jumped ship. After I knew wanted a slice of WG's pie, I knew that the game wasn't going to take off. I'm surprised it's existed thus far, with most MMOs failing within the first year of launch (AW has had its so called "soft launch" for a little over a year now). But I'm never going back. As much as I love the improved graphics and amazing tank models (not necessarily 100% accurate, but they look great) combined with real stuff that you can actually go see, I'd rather play a game that's established.
  2. 1. no wireless mice 2. nothing you don't want. Remember, you will likely use only 1 mouse whenever you use your PC (unless you want to plug in a different one depending on the game). It needs to be comfortable. I use a Zowie FK1. I like the 5 button arrangement because it's minimal (I play a lot of FPS games, less MMOs, so I need less binds and better focus) it also is lightweight and (I'm right handed so it hardly matters) provides for both left handed and right handed gamers. It also has adjustable DPI if you want it (I use the lowest setting because of how I play TF2).
  3. Arty can still kill crew members. I had a crew member die on the test server, however you can just as easily heal him back into existence. I can't remember if it completely consumed the medkit though.
  4. Yeah, I've seen these thoughts elsewhere, and I noticed that while playing. I ran w/out superheavy spall liner and honestly the tank just doesn't care about arty even without it. Unless you're landing in Prok with 3 arty, this tank just absolutely shits on everything. Tbh, these superheavy changes were needed, but notice how they weren't tested in a common test. They just threw the patch in and said "Hah, Maus can't be OP because it's slow!".
  5. This tank looks like hot garbage, can't clip anything (even light tanks in its own tier, all it needs is 1 more shot on the tank really), accompanied by the worst tank traverse, worst hp/t ratio (outside of WZ-132-1, but that tank has a good reason for it, 200mm turret armor). Overall, this tank will do nothing that the BC25t can't already do, outside of spotting slightly better, but it doesn't really matter since the BC can just chase this tank down and kill it, whereas this thing can't, and probably can't run away in time. I may be slightly biased since I hated the 13 90. Just a little.
  6. Played this thing on test, holy shit you have to be dumber than a box of rocks to get less than 3k dmg in this thing. Combined with the ability to push nearly any situation, this thing is just retardedly strong. The only time it's ever in trouble is in a cap race
  7. I dunno about anyone else, but I'm pretty heckin' excited for this tank. One of the few premium frenchies that still inherent autoloader madness upon becoming premium? Sounds like a great trainer for my BC (however, I doubt the tank's camo is going to be any great shakes).
  8. Thinking about buying back the M5 Stuart for the memes and then playing it up to 100 games. I remember playing the tank with the 75mm howitzer pop gun and it sucked then, I wonder how much it sucks now?

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    2. Sgt. Pepper

      Sgt. Pepper

      Yeah, the M2 Light gets the 37mm M5, the M5 Stuart gets the 37mm M6, but the 37mm M6 is far better than the 37mm M5. Doesn't change that the tank needs standard mm, but WG gonna be garbage anyway.

      Edit: wrote on mobile, just noticed my fuck up now that I'm at my PC, the M5 gun is pretty crappy compared to the M6 gun, even for M5 Stuart standards.

    3. Assassin7


      it probably will get standard MM when the tier 10 lights come out. 

      well, it should by rights

    4. Sgt. Pepper

      Sgt. Pepper

      By rights, it either needs completely butchered and re-gunned (such as the planning of the guns you research and the pentration/gun handling/DPM values) or given standard matchmaking and moderate buffs to gun handling and penetration (also, being able to not blow your whole magazine upon firing once would be nice too).

  9. Yeah, I can sing my praises of the mini-Panther (VK 3002 M) but this tank really just doesn't work. You can have as much view range as you want, but all the solid cover means that you're spotting tanks at 360m and the Panther doesn't exactly have great camo. Additionally, it's slower than the mini-Panther and slightly larger, with no increased armor for the tier, which makes you a big xp pinata. I can still average my own HP in damage, but the tank is just a chore to get your damage out, because, even when top tier, you don't have the armor or alpha to really put the pressure on people. The biggest thing that would also fix the tank would be to simply give it better gun handling, because the Comet completely outclasses the Panther (mostly because Vstab and its APCR rounds).
  10. Anyone mind throwing me some help with this tank? I average about 2.6k dmg which is lower than my CAX and middling for my tier Xs. I got 1 mark in it but still feel like I'm doing bad. I only average 1 shot of dmg more than the 50 120 (which I hated but 2 marked during the grind) which is kind of silly considering how much better the 50 B is compared to the 50 120 (during the neck brace era of -6/+6). I think a lot of it comes from not knowing where to go on maps.
  11. I actually haven't played it (I played it before the Japanese HTs got released) but I mean, I still liked it. I've though about buying it back, but I still need to get the Grille 15.
  12. I mean, you still get ~210mm of armor on the LFP which is enough to fend off tier 7 HTs (TDs don't count since I haven't seen a decent tier 7 TD w/ full MM outside of the 122-44 which mounts the D-25t). I'd say its biggest weakness is damage output. The pen is a little low, with unexceptional handling on the gun makes for a tank that isn't exactly great at pushing (I still loved it though).
  13. I don't really want this thread to be about the Switch (I haven't seen any of those problems while I've played, but that doesn't mean they don't exist) and just so you know, BotW is still available on the Wii U (which undoubtedly will go down in price) and another alternative is to wait 1-4 months for BotW to be playable on the CEMU Wii U emulator. Also, don't let that video put you off buying a Switch this Christmas. Wait a few months, and see if the issues are resolved (they will, I don't know any company that would let those issues pass by, except maybe the dead pixel issue). Also, BotW thread. Not Switch thread.
  14. Well, that's not to say you won't be able to play games period. From what I understand, you won't be able to play games online/use online functionality. You will still be able to play Breath of the Wild for the Switch offline, but I dunno if you can patch the game (they released a patch for the game yesterday already I think). Here is a link to their online service. It reminds me a lot of the way the Xbox service is, but only time will tell what happens whenever the "free trial" ends.
  15. I will say, the frame drops have been frequent. You'll get at least 1 frame drop per hour for 5 seconds, more depending on where you stand/how you long you stand in one spot in the world. I dunno about the LCD display w/ the dead pixels, but I haven't seen that on the Switches I've gotten my hands on. Be aware, Nintendo has gotten ahold of the sweet allure of paid internet services. You/your kids won't be able to play online without a monthly fee akin to Xbox Live or Playstation's fee. Also, here is a link to the list of games Nintendo is offering on the switch right now if you're looking for a catalog.