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  1. After the WoT fiasco, I'm deciding to look away from the game and instead take a look at other games, specifically this one. I was looking at the ranked battles thread, and it looks like tier 6 is going to be selected for ranked. So, my question. What boats are worth going for at tier 6 for ranked? I know for certain I'm going to be grinding the IJN CAs, USN DDs and KM BBs for a varied group of boats, but are there any tier 6s that are notable? Can we even get a tier 6 ranking @OnboardG1?
  2. Yeah, I had difficulty describing the situation. I knew that it was close to pay 2 win, but wasn't quite. It isn't quite pay-to-play either, as the IS-3 exists, and armor tends to uptier poorly so higher tiers kick the shit out of the 252U and Liberte. I figured that was the best term to use because they are easy tanks to play and win with.
  3. TIL that Casual Purple was actually just a section for drama. (Placing this here to be in the same place as the rest of the drama) So, recent developments in the SirFoch situation/FochGate (not my preferred term since Watergate was very different) lead us to WG EU and WG NA releasing the same statement. Said statement here. (EU site) MORE IMPORTANTLY a statement was released regarding the strong premiums and recent P2W elements. WG Staff: "We will provide answers regarding the questions surrounding World of Tanks becoming P2W and the Premium T8 situation during the Grand Finals. We will make sure that the communication is properly distributed and we're working on an open Q&A for those who won't be joining the Grand Finals." These links and quotes were found courtesy of Baarn on the wotlabs Discord. Here's to the second victory the playerbase has had, first being the Rubicon patch!
  4. I see what you're talking about now and I feel that's a justified opinion, however, I feel like I want to believe that they felt it was offensive, even though it was likely a stunt to censor bad press. They probably weren't concerned about protecting their employees, but I'd like to believe that.
  5. From what I understand of YT copyright strikes, it would be very easy for WG to go after him on youtube. SEGA has done it before, and youtube tends to lean towards developers on if a strike should go through. Now, this doesn't mean WG would be clear on the PR perspective (and SEGA certainly wasn't), but they could still do it.
  6. Your 1st sentence in the second paragraph especially I have trouble understanding because of the grammatical errors. I understand english may not be your main language, however I can't understand you if your sentence doesn't make sense. I'll respond to the latter half of the message that I think I understand. I'm trying to say that WG stated that the video was to be removed on the grounds that it was offensive to WG employees. Now, I don't care if it was. But this is technically what WG declared as the basis for the calling of the removal of the video. Basically, WG's logic behind the removal was that the video was offensive to WG employees. That was what WG said about their own logic and I would assume that a person can explain their logic behind an action, thus why I believe we should trust that WG's grounds for removal of the video was being offensive to WG employees. I think you got confused about what I was trying to communicate, but I'm not sure.
  7. There's literally a thread already open. Go, shoo. I just found it utilizing the (albeit hit-or-miss) search function. But it's there. So go.
  8. So, the common misconception with Jews is that they're greedy and/or stingy. Thus, it's become sort of an insult. Wargaming is greedy, thus why Rollercoaster called them "Jewgaming". To be fair, it's true, WG is greedy and moneygrubbing. Nothing against Jews, just poking them like we wish for all arty players to get cancer. We don't actually want them to get cancer, but since arty is really frustrating, we use the term. TL; DR: Get your panties out of a wad, he was pointing fun at WG being greedy.
  9. It's better to try now than when everyone doesn't care. Now is the single best time to lash out and try and get something to change.
  10. You missed my point, I'm trying to say that, while nobody liked the TD meta or HT meta, neither is healthy. We need to focus on changing WG's direction now, while everyone has their pitchforks and torches in their hands.
  11. It doesn't really matter how much worse the meta is. Neither meta is fun. Nobody wants to fight 5 183's because they get 10 chances to completely destroy a player and nobody wants to fight 5 Mice because it's not fun punching a brick wall that punches back. It doesn't matter how bad it is, somebody is going to call it worse. We need to focus on what's happening now while it's still happening to make WG wet themselves or start taking action.
  12. I frankly don't care what he was doing because Circon doesn't really give a shit either. I'm stating that the reason it was to be removed was for attacking/insulting WG employees. Ph3lan said in some forum post that it was the reason he wanted it removed. I was just trying to be as clear and factual as possible. It also doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things what word you use to describe it.
  13. Just did some quick calcs on that cupola. I got my figures from the world of tanks wiki on how much angles affect effective armor. The wiki states that at 40 degrees, the effective armor of the vehicle goes up by 30% of it's original value. This means that cupola goes from 178mm thick to 231mm. That's a 50/50 pen for the 50 100, Lowe and such vehicles. Check your math before you throw numbers out, because 40 degrees is much more than you think. Nominal armor thickness doesn't mean anything, just look at the IS-3. That Chrysler K was extremely lucky in his engagement or flinging gold, because 200 pen is not going to have a good chance at penning that cupola.
  14. I've noticed that myself, this should be taking place in the Chrysler K thread.
  15. Have you looked up the armor model of the tank? They pulled a KT/JT and decided not to put collision on the MG port.