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  1. Honestly, I think your rambling thought doesn't really warrant much merit, but there are some valid and extremely invalid points, so I'll address those instead of the obvious no-brainer points. 7. In my experience following videogames, from recently-made titles going all the way back to really old titles, every developer plays their game. It may not be during their free time, but they do playtest while at work. I just have a feeling that WG envisions a different idea what the game should play like (and thus wants to force players to play that way, which doesn't work). 8. I actually think this point is the best reason for the lack of success of WoT in America. Since Americans have this idea of "pulling themself up by their bootstraps" instead of simply buying power (which the Chinese don't seem to mind interestingly). 10. This is COMPLETELY unnecessary and really kind of a shitty point. I play TF2, a 10 year old game. They are balancing weapons with competitive players' opinions in mind. The top 1% are necessary in order to foster development of gameplay skill (LIKE WOTLABS HAS DONE) and then see how it unfolds in the competitive scene. You can also turn to other places to see where the 1% has taken the game to whole new levels like SSB: Melee or Counter-Strike. I'd also like to note the whole argument detailing the competitive format. That is extremely important as I noticed this in comp TF2 as well. Since it's teams of 6v6 but pubs are 12v12, players feel pressured out because it's unfamiliar, as opposed to DotA or LoL or even CS where pub and comp team format is the same. Everything else in your post is a no-brainer (make sure to have good map design, make sure to have good tank balance) and honestly isn't worth talking about.
  2. Well, I can say that America fought wars with air/seapower. If you look at WW1 and 2, we (Americans) had to cross oceans to deploy tanks which was a considerable amount more effort compared to say, Russia or Germany. It's also no secret that Russia is more nationalistic/militaristic which contributes to having more knowledge of their current/previous arsenal. The arcade tank-shooter market also simply doesn't exist in America due to its fascination with FPS games. I think it would also be hard for an America-made tank shooter to catch on simply because 1. It's not FPS but it's a shooter? 2. Wtf are these things, never seen anything like this, looks lame, not buying it. However, I would like to see a North America made tank game if only to see how well it does.
  3. Don't quit on the Mahan. Especially if you haven't unlocked the second set of torpedoes. The upgraded torpedoes turn it into a completely different boat. If you have and still struggle with it, I dunno what to say as it plays similarly to the Farragut.
  4. Honestly, I don't feel like developing a formula for WoWs would be worth the while. The game has a fraction of the playerbase that WoT has and the WoWs scene is much more casual than WoT. I simply don't see a need for developing such a metric when the game's playerbase simply doesn't want it. I also don't feel like the game is competitive either, with its closest counterpart being CS:GO. Too many random outcomes like shell dispersion and stray citadel hits and overpens when it should be pens however the consumables are awesome and serve as a great way to change the game flow which I would like to see in more games.
  5. Razer laptops may be good, but they're overpriced to high hell. You simply don't pay for what you get. Not in the cheap object sense, but you're basically pulling an Apple and paying out the ass for the Razer branding.
  6. BREAKING NEWS: WG offering free Captain respec from Oct. 18 to 23. At least for NA. Cheer up and respec your shit so CV captains rejoice!
  7. I never understood the logic of taking control away from the player in any videogame. No player wants to be handicapped or otherwise handcuffed from using tools. I get the whole "training wheels" thing, but autodrop is still available even when you get to tier 6. This method of curbing seal clubbing not only handicaps experienced players, but new players as well.
  8. As a whole, I understand the whole scouting thing. Fara's guide on CVs is very good with the whole high tier meta/gameplay. However, he makes very little content on low tier ships (for good reason). I just struggle incredibly against Bogue and have resorted to simply playing the Zuiho in the coop/bot battles out of frustration of playing against AS Bogue.
  9. I'm totally serious, my stats in IJN CVs suck, but more importantly, how do I get better? I've reached the Zuiho and fighting Bogue in general is quite difficult. AS Bogue feels like I'm sticking an electric sander up my ass. I find that the fighters tend to lose, even when sitting over friendly AA. Should I find ships with notably strong AA? I also have trouble dealing damage, but I hear that improves upon reaching tier 6. I usually just wind up flying my planes around, being unable to do anything. I try and watch some of Farazelleth's CV stuff (EU CV guy, also KotS CV player) but I find it hard to do the really cool baiting of strafes and counter-strafes when I can't strafe. Is there anyone who can help me out? P.S. Playing skycancer is non-negotiable. I want to be good at everything, because the concept of a "main" in an MMO is pretty dumb.
  10. Well, looking at your stats at face value, I would say nothing is wrong. You seem to be improving perfectly normally (you tend to slow down as you go up in color ratings, which is logical because it gets even harder to squeeze even more out of the tanks and your positioning as opposed to earlier learning which is easier). However, you came here for advice on getting better, which is fairly easy to provide. Since you're dark green, generally you have a very solid hold of basic mechanics such as spotting, sidescraping, etc. I noticed you also have an unusually low number of games (<10k is relatively new at this point in the game's lifespan). This means you probably don't understand maps and positioning and firing angles. This kind of thing comes with time. Your stats & game count are pretty similar to mine around when I had that number of games. I can definitely say that I needed work on firing angles and spotting locations. Basically, you've mastered the basics, now you're getting into the nitpick territory (albeit, these nitpicks matter) and I can definitely recommend a few things to accelerate this learning. 1. Watch purple streamers. They use firing angles and spotting locations you may not have known were any good and generally teach you more on what positions are important to hold when enemy tanks are in certain positions. I recommend the people on the sidebar on the main page of WoTLabs. I also recommend Zeven even though he's already on the sidebar. He usually will explain his thought process while playing and he is also timely in a response if you ask him a question about what he's doing at the time. 2. This link to a page on microspots. You thought your play couldn't improve more? You thought you knew all the good positions? Think again. This thread is seriously great if you're a "bookwork" kind of person (which I am and enjoy reading wikis for information on things). 3. Do a few unconventional things every so often. Stick your neck out and ask "Did I enter a superior position or did the enemies play poorly while I was in an average/bad position?". This kind of stuff is kinesthetic/action oriented if you're that kind of person. TL; DR- Stick to your guns and keep chugging. This kind of thing cannot be read in a book or wiki. Improvement at this point comes from playing time and attention to detail (such as minimap awareness on where tanks are relative to a firing position, where to defend or gang up on certain tanks).
  11. I'd imagine probably: 1 Conqueror (alternatively Montana if they want mebbeh, but Conq is still better dealing with HE) 2. Gearing and/or Z-52. Long smoke or smoke + hydro or both so you can chain smoke while still having hydro. 3. 4-5 CAs. I'm placing bets on Moskva being mandatory. You can also choose to throw in an assortment of Minotaur (radar+hydro spec, so everything is covered), Hindy (hydro, also can survive outside of smokescreen) and Des Moines (long radar if needed). I simply can't see any other ship being used because of lack of teamplay (HIV, Khaba, Shima) or can't deal with being spotted/HE spammed (Des Moines, Minotaur/G.K., Yammy).
  12. As Rodrigo said, don't get close in the Fuso. Also, don't show broadside or you'll find yourself in an upskirt collection in somebody's citadel folder (don't broadside while lit up, you die from citadel). If you can't penetrate belt armor, aim a little above it, the closer you get to the deck, the weaker most BB's armor is (most BBs have a thinner region of armor above the belt that's still on the side). Also, know your armor thicknesses and overmatch rules. If someone goes bow-in towards you (trying to be clever, usually BBs) memorize the thickness of the armor at the bow vs your gun caliber, you may be able to overmatch straight through their bow. Also, overmatch rules differ in this game from WoT, it's 14.3x instead of 3x. So, compare the armor thickness x14.3 to gun caliber. I think you know the rest.
  13. No need to grind. WG will provide 3 different tier X botes if you've played a match in a tier 8-10 bote. This means you can just buy a Derpitz and go on your way to tomfoolery. Great idea right?
  14. Well, I'm not here to debate CVs nature on the game, however they're in the game and even in competitive. It's simply illogical and shows that WG is not willing to follow a successful format.
  15. The real kicker is no CVs. I can't see this being a real "clan wars" considering that it's so far removed from the established comp scene. I can see why they limited CVs, but isn't that logically the point of clan wars? Whichever clan has better players will win, thus, the better CV player will triumph over the worse CV player?