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  1. Yes, probably before even
  2. Maus is probably the best T10 for winning. HP+Armour means you can lock down lanes really long. With the DPM buff and gun handling buff it will be able to push much better too. the thing that made me quit the Maus 3mark was the fact that the gun acts like you're moving 60kph instead of 20 so while pushing you risk taking damage for low odds of dealing any back before you reached the next chokepoint. I still soloed 70% in a tank I just yoloed around in for 100 games while my TVP did less despite a much higher damage output and engagement impact.
  3. (and the best ones are purple in arty too)
  4. Battleship?
  5. bangme

    fapfapfapfapfap easily the hardest 3 marked I've ever done took a fucking while to push from 91 to 95 907 3MoE session.rar?dl=0 all replays except for one that vb didn't register
  6. fapfapfapfapfap took a fucking while to push from 91 to 95 907 3MoE session.rar?dl=0 all replays except for one that vb didn't register
  7. 7aATJH0.jpg

    907 3Marks man this was so fucking retardedly hard

    1. L0g4in


      But worth it :awyeah: was good sesh

    2. RC_Tank


      that's damn impressive

    3. KittenFixJUDESValsBabyRage


      Nice rigging Kappa


      Gratz cmon :cri: Skäll Kappa

  8. Oh please, the discussion has been had so many times over and over and there's absolutely no proof of any of it. I play all servers, and I can say that short of SEA (which is very different from the rest) they're all pretty much the same. My assist is by far the highest on EU (breaking 1k assist on T8s) on average but T9-10 DPGs are roughly the same. I can hardly feel a difference besides the fact that NA has a bit more clantag stigma but also better team progression which ends up roughly the same. It's honestly retarded to assume that the entire server is worse on a global scale when the only face2face NA has on EU is in the WGL where we've beat you every single time. If you're too shit to comprehend two servers at once, stick with one server :^) My assisted would agree but for anyone that is trying to pull 4K DPG in a tank every game is digging campers out, no matter the server team battles 18k PR on RU
  9. So v30 will be named #MakeQBBlueAgain and will feature an increase in Comet Expecteds high enough to make QBs WN8 blue. There's also things like DPG, MoE rating, WR and avg XP in game that tell more than the flat number of WN8 does anyway, I haven't even looked at my statpage in half a year until today to see what the meme update did to me
  10. down 200 wn8
  11. Nice way of calling yourself a nerd, nerd
  12. There is a difference in the formula though, it's been discussed before but I'm not nerdy enough to remember/dig it up
  13. 113 line is a full line of fun tanks though, you end up with a meta tank that works while the STB is outshined by the Kranvagn in almost every way but DPM now. STB is a horrible grind besides the STA-1 and Type 61 at elite, ugh what a bunch of garbage